Monday, October 19, 2009

BN Perak Government Maybe Legal But Not Moral

Prime Minister Najib Razak told Perak folk today to accept that Barisan Nasional’s (BN) takeover of the state government earlier this year was done according to the law.

“I hope the people will accept that the due process of law has taken place in Perak; from the formation of the government and then back to the process in court."

“We will not do anything against the provisions of the law. We will follow the rules."

“The starting point was then they stole one of our ADUNs. So, they played the game actually, it was not us,” he said.

Najib's attempt to justify the Perak power grab casts doubt over his ability to understand the change this country needs and his ability to deliver it through his leadership in UMNO.

Perak power grab may have been endorsed by the courts but this does not mean that the process cannot be subjected to a full scrutiny by those who are well-versed with the constitutional process.

At best, the court's verdict is inconclusive. There were legal opinions which suggested that the court may have erred by ruling against the legality of the duly elected chief minister and assembly speaker. Some have questioned the use of public institutions e.g. the police, the state secretariat etc. to interfere with the legislature.

Another glaring flaw in Najib's assertion is the opinion of voters of the three constituencies where their elected representative had defected. Did the assemblymen seek a conclusive agreement from the voters? No. These voters would have welcomed the idea of being able to vote on their assemblymen's decision to defect.

Hence, should Perakians accept the BN government in Perak as legal? Najib should hold a referendum (direct state elections) if he wants to find out.

What is legal may not be moral and democratic e.g. the ISA, the OSA, the NEP, the Printing and Publication Act etc.

In the case of Perak, what is legal may not be democratic. The BN government is not a popularly elected government.

On who started the defection game is not the main issue now. It could have been Anwar and PR but it was BN which stole the government from the people.

It does not take a wrong to justify another. Najib was quick to ask his partner, MCA, to be moral in the party's next course of action. It is an advice for himself to ponder too.

Rhetoric apart, Najib should do better than this. This is why I have called for the people to measure the sincerity of politicians to initiative and implement change. Is Najib sincere enough to walk his talk?

The best way to prove is to call for a fresh state general election in Perak.


agchang said...

Thanks. Well said

Anonymous said...

it is only 'legal' bcos the 'umno courts' said so.

it was/is NOT legal. period.


katdog said...

The Perak state grab was illegal but 'legalized' by the courts through a series of laughable sham judgments.

And this is not the first time that the Malaysian courts have made a complete joke of the justice system. Recall Anwar's sodomy I case? The original charges stated the incident occurred at an apartment that didn't even exist at that time. Realizing their mistake, the prosecutors were allowed to change the charges halfway through the court case. What a joke!

Lingam's brokering the appointments of judges? The AG decided there was insufficient evidence to pursue the case.

Altantuya's murder where the judge declared that he was satisfied and convinced that there were no other parties involved except the two police officers? Now why would two police officers assassinate someone they never even knew whom they just referred to as that 'perempuan cina '? Of course there's other parties involved!

Anonymous said...

These two five-year old kindergarten boys were at a standoff. "You touch me and see", the other touched his sleeve, then when the the teacher pulled them apart, "he touched me first what".

Mr Najib Tun Razak, you forgot you are supposed to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia?

Pray, Malaysia, pray.

Anonymous said...

How can a person who talks cock , walk the talk? Because he will be walking on smoke and not solid convictions!

We judge a person by his actions and not by his spin & rhetorics.

Sorry to say this but majority of Perakians can see through the smoke screen.

Perakian said...

The fact is that the 3 'frogs' are of questionable personality(2 under corruption charge and 1 bcos not happy with the party bcos she cannot get a better car).Ya,legally you rule the state by a simple majority.But I said you have abused the law to your always accused your opponents of abusing the law,but what about you in this case Mr.PM?

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


If you go to certain 'unfair' country
Victory is often gained by back door entry
You'll never win any game with marker
Against the game's arbitrary rule maker

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 191009
Mon. 19th Oct. 2009.

Anonymous said...

The whole episode is there for you and me to see !

I must say that no matter how we talk until the cows come home, there is a slim chance of having a fresh election !

Pakatan Rakyat elected rep. do your work and I am very sure that the next GE, PR will win more seats !

BN fellas, your days are ticking and don't try to put up a mask anymore. We can see and don't tell us that you are righteous !

Anonymous said...

Yes call for a fresh poll. Then that is truly the legal government and 1Malaysia because it is the people's government. Not one negotiated, manipulated and immorrally grabbed by the current government and worse the Sultan's partial involvment!

KANNEH!!! said...

What do you expect?....

Isa's money politics!

Najib: It's only a technical
issue.Nothing wrong.

Rohaizat's CBT!

Muhyudin: Aiya, this is like
traffic summons only.

So, these were the replied by our top two government servants.

What do you expect?

Anonymous said...

I thought Njb says "Rakyat Diutamakan" please dissolve the assembly & let the locals decide for the State Governance. Not the tainted COURT, not the bullish Cop & especially not UMNO Corrupt. Rakyat Dikecualikan.

BTW, people are PAID RM30.00 to attend the 1M'sia speech yesterday nite & I have to PAY RM300 to buy seat to listen to Opposition leaders speaches.

Anyway..all the stadium spectators are out for show & are all BN component party members & associates, all over the States. But local dont attend.

Sweet Sour PAMeLO!!

Anonymous said...

morals ? ...who cares !

telur dua said...

What law? Law of the jungle?

Anonymous said...

60,000 were present & it seems they
were transported there & rewarded with rm30 each laa !!
60,000 x 30 = 1,800,000.00 wow !

Anonymous said...

going by your moral standard, why don't you write or rather enlighten the rakyat more with what Pakatan Rakyat had planned to do after GE 2008 and insisted rakyat to believe that it is perfectly moral and legal. I am sure you have better quality than a camellion.

Anonymous said...

BN Perak Government is...
Legally, right.
Morally, wrong.
Politically, wrong.

2 wrongs, 1 right.
Still a wrong.

It would be nice to see who has the right to govern the country in the coming GE.

Let's exercise our right!

Kenji said...

Please let us have fresh election in perak....if not don't talk about 1malaysia... if there isn't any wrong doing then let the people of perak decide.... come on...fresh a true 1malaysia...if not then is easy said then done.... we perakian are mature and not what is right or wrong.. we are not easy lupah...

Anonymous said...

Law?? Only their law..!
Moral?? Where got.....????

How is it that we, the rakyat, can so easily see their wrong doing & yet its "technical" to their crap...???????

RPK & Datuk Anwar ought to be let off the hook also......!!!
Bloody hell...!

Anonymous said...

The present Perak govt is both immoral and illegal. The courts legalised the illegal govt with the help of 3 frogs, the royals, and all who wanted to see the downfall of the PKR govt. The rights of the people does not matter. What matters is that BN is the govt of the day, by hook or by crook. So now the people are told to accept the govt of the day. This is 1Malaysia, BN First, Action Now........hahahahah

Immoral & Illegal

Anonymous said...

I think you seriously need to tidy up your grammar or typos!

Anonymous said...

1. How can it be legal when the three frogs pre-signed resignation?
2. How can it be legal when they forcefully remove Siva the Speaker using the police?
3. How can it be legal they allow the police into the assembly? Whoever did it has no authority and has violated the law and should be charged.
4. How can it be legal when the illegal speaker breached the rule for keeping his legal practice? In fact this should be relevant because he is not legal.

So how can it be legal?

Anonymous said...

China and india immigrant is illegal and immoral!