Saturday, October 10, 2009

In Frame: MCA in Dilemma

The party delegates have spoken. Both leaders, Ong Tee Keat and Chua Soi Lek, were rejected by the delegates.
Ong lost a vote of no-confidence by a mere 14 votes. Chua was reinstated as a member of MCA but did not manage to retain his deputy president position.

Ong was rejected because his leadership style has upset a number of delegates. He was seen as arrogant and aloof. A number of delegates complained that Ong did not use the proper process to deal with Chua's sexual scandal. Chua was not seen as a desirable choice to take over the party too.

However, a vote of no-confidence is not a vote for the removal of the president but it should be enough to trigger a resignation of a leader who has lost the vote. Ong is expected to step down from the party leadership.

MCA is facing a serious leadership crisis at the moment. None of the leaders appear to be ready to take over the party leadership. The party leadership is already seen as weak and meek when facing UMNO in the coalition.

The exit of Ong Tee Keat and Chua Soi Lek will further weaken its leadership.

It is best for the party to call for a fresh election. The outcome of MCA EGM is a tragedy.


Anonymous said...

I think it is better for MCA to close shop. Distribute the 2B RM asset among the members.

Anonymous said...

If only someone in mca puts the community interest first then today's chinese didn't have to remigrate in mass to another land after coming from china.Except for the first mca president who did have his community at heart,the rest should seek their own conscience and ask for forgiveness from the community for leading mca downfall and the community bullied by others.But it's too late already,sigh.

Anonymous said...

whether mca exist is irrelevance.past 60 yrs done nothing much to shout at. it serves only the elites. chinese is still the 2nd class if not 3rd clss let's look forward to pr for better prospects.

marcus63 said...

kkp, the outcome of the egm is a tragedy for mca, but good for pr.
looking at the 50/50 split in the voting, the party is split right down the middle. unless a great leader in the mold of shih huang ti emerges, this party is ripe for a political takeover. at best, it carries on its life like the malacca sultanate by paying protection $$ to a super power, and its office bearers continue to cari makan. at worst, it becomes an eunuch to the superpower in bn, umno. in fact, the outcome of this egm was heavily influenced by umno & its atm, so i guess the final enslavement is a foregone conclusion.
watch for some good rats to abandon ship as the political takeover evolves over time. happy fishing, pr.

Lin Chor Mah said...

Goodbye, MCA. You no longer represent the Chinese community. And good riddance.

Anonymous said...

MCA should stop being a political party and become an NGO to champion for justice for the rakyat. It should be a politically neutral NGO which should whack any incumbent that is not behaving regardless of whether it is BN or PR. It has the potential to be a very strong NGO instead of being a lame duck political party.

Anonymous said...

For me,

MCA sold our rights...

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


It was either one or both
Now both are cooked in the broth
When both wanted to go for broke
Both are now treated as 'crooks'

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 101009
Sat. 10th Oct. 2009.

Anonymous said...

i am not so concerned about mca as i am about pkfz.

now, whiter pkfz investigations???


Anonymous said...

The downfall of MCA is caused by the leaders of the party playing dirty politics. They were peeping Tom now talking about moral standard.If there is no CSL sex DVD there is MCA still in existence. The members exchange the party for the DVD they enjoy seeing so much. They are idiots to the whole world from becoming running dogs for UMNO. It is too late to talk about saving or redeveloping the party now. You play with fire and consequently, burn yourselves. Do not blame others but look at yourselves and the years of looking over your shoulders. Do not have to talk about leadership when you do not need to have one anymore. Perhaps a liquidator is more important now to look after the distribution of assets, which can disappear into somebody's pocket.

Anonymous said...

let's form a new chinese party called ACM if...if...the new indian
gang can be blessed by pm !

Voice of the Oppressed, Suppressed said...

It's a shame that the "C" in MCA means Chinese. This party has sold it's community for the advancement of personal interest.
It's a tragedy for MCA but not for the Chinese, a hardy race that can survive on any conditions.
MCA serves UMNO, nothing more.

wong said...

chua did it.he didnt go down alone.he brought the whole party along to coffee

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat should quit ..............and all his gang as promised.....

Greenbug said...

PM says UMNO willing to help MCA work out the mess. Is it going to be another Tun Ghaffar Baba as Interim President to work out the mess as was previously? That was a shame to the Chinese community. It just might happen again...

MCA(Malaysian Care Association) said...

Since it is a 50:50(almost)decision, so it is best for both OTK & CSL) to go and let the members choose their new leaders(hopefully the new team can command the majority vote of the members, otherwise MCA will foreever in trouble).But what the people is interested is the PKFZ scandal-how will be the outcome since OTK will be out of the scene.

giam2020 said...

A sad day for MCA.Looks that the
rich and corrupt had a hand in the
manipulation of the votes ( so called 3rd force)MCA should change and open up the voting to all
MCA member to better reflect the
democratic process.

Anonymous said...

OTK has NOT lost by 2/3 laa ?

Anonymous said...

Truly, MCA cannot go on to represent the chinese anymore their past presidents and group of elites had sold off chinese rights for a few bucks into their pockets.THE ONLY OPTION IS BE AN NGO to really work to care for your own community and regain the respects.Hopefully, this can help to stop the mass migration out as we all know.

Anonymous said...

By bidding good bye to the good leader Ong Tee Keat, MCA can also bid good bye in the next general election. It is very obvious that vested interest and external hand has tilted the balance.
It is most unfortunate that the EGM has to end this way.
Though I am not a MCA member, I appreciate Ong Tee Keat very much.

MCA is as good as irrelevant anymore given the type of members they have who chose to vote with heart than head.
So long MCA.

Anonymous said...

A big THANK YOU to CSL for helping to dump this nosy mca president who dared to probe the PKFZ scandal knowing very well who are the real powers behind it.Now we can all sleep better with the PKFZ matter laid to rest without any more busybody probing it.Bravo CSL !Bravo!

ajoyly said...
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Anonymous said...

' ...ok now , OTK & PKFZ scandal must be silented !'

ajoyly said...

The ouster of both Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat, president and Dato Choi Soi Lek, deputy president indicates the majority of MCA party members wanted someone who is untainted to lead the party. This is a good sign because it shows that it is serious in its aim to clean the party. And to be in line with the wishes of the grassroot.

There is a saying that when the leadership is right, it is moving in tandem with the aspiration of the people. Politic is the art of the possible and as long as political leaders listened to the people, their decision cannot be wrong. Whether MCA have experienced leaders should not be an issue, the question is whether the leader elected has the qualities to be able to lead the party.

And in this regard it must be a person who is farsighted, accomodating but not to the point that it must sacrifice the party's objectives and aims in so far as it relates to its position in BN. A party's objectives is sacrosact. It is the reason for its existence.

No doubt MCA has got a lot of fresh leaders and anyone of them can become the next president of the MCA as long as they have the right qualities.

Anonymous said...

OTK "must" resign as promised. CSL "must" dissapear as as wanted...!

As an outsider of all politics, I can tell you OTK is very arrogant & always "use" MCA as a toy...!

"Look at me, I'm such a good boy to bring out the biggest scandle (PKFZ) of all....!"

CSL is so tainted that whenever one looks at him, one visualizes his other "deeds"....!!

The MCA delegates "HAVE" voted & "HAVE" decided that these 2 goons are not worth it..!!

For sure one might not resign & give a "I'm still wanted" or "Respect the wishes of a higher power" speech.

The other might stay on to topple some other...!!!

Be my "GUESS".......!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it takes a lot of guts to open up the PKFZ scandal knowing full well the size of the scam and obviously the people behind.I give my 2 cents worth to OTK on this.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


After the occurrence of a tragedy
Is there ever any suitable remedy
For what is much more than comedy
When people get drunk even without brandy

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 151009
Thur. 15th Oct. 2009.