Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Is Najib Better Than Abdullah? NO!

Penang CM Lim Guan Eng said PM Najib is better than his predecessor Abdullah Badawi. I say NO.

Not when the PM was trying to hard (again) to justify his party's choice of a tainted former leader, Isa Samad.

Defending Barisan Nasional's decision to field Isa Samad for the Bagan Pinang state by-election, Najib said the former has already paid his dues.

Ex-MCA leader Chua Soi Lek would readily welcome Najib's statement. Why not? Most of BN component parties will soon be led by expired, tainted or immoral personalities.

Who said Malaysia is a dull, boring and conservative Muslim majority country? We go after beer sales, beer drinking models and other menial and petty things just to show how holy we are? But let the bigger issues go unchecked?

Is Dr Ridhuan Tee going to speak up against the candidacy of Isa Samad? Can he give us a lecture on how unIslamic it is?

Najib added: "The question here is whether he deserved a second chance or not."

"In our system, even a criminal gets a second chance and can contest the post after serving his or her punishment."

He should have told Nordin Mat Top this before the latter was killed by the Indonesian military offensive. Yeah, as long as Nordin repented he too can be made a state assemblyman or a member of parliament.

Najib's hypocrisy should have been extended to ex-CPM members such as Chin Peng too.

With such a twisted logic and sense of righteousness, what can we expect from Najib and his 1Malaysia slogan?


Nothing will be achieved too at the end of his tenure.

Malaysia may find itself lagging behind Vietnam soon. So, stop laughing at our poorer neighbours.


Anonymous said...

Both also 1/2 kati 8 tahil.Elected thru seniority and family tradition.Their Credibility is incredibility=zero unmasked.

Nothing to compare ,talk or shout about.
Regarding LGE comments may be there is some hidden agenda in it.
He is trying to give that SSS (syok sendiri syndrome)


Shanker said...

I've always maintained a believe that Najib, is all about special effects and PR....nothing much of substance. His economic pronouncements haven't really brought any substantive impact to the market, and his attitude towards social reform - if any - have been nothing more than lip service and camera opp moments, esp for his wife la... Najib is in office by virtue of his hereditary position, and also the fact that the UMNO warloads needed a new poster boy after the failure of Rip Van Winkle. For more of my thoughts on Najib, pls look up http://www.malaysiakini.com/letters/113388.

Anonymous said...

You're right Khoo.

When a PM justify the selection of a confirmed corrupter to be a people's representative, it says tons and tons of not only his own values but that of his political party as well.The saddest of all would be those voters who support such values by voting for such candidate/s.

Any wonder why the country is in the shit that it is?

Anonymous said...

Yes he is a better Prime Minister not for the country but for corrupters, scoundrels, cheaters, deceitors etc etc. Why??? As can be seen in the Perak grab he use and entice elected person who are on corruption charges or like Hee whose husband has a mountain of debts. Then he ok people who are guilty of money politics to be Chief Minister, a disbarred lawyer who misappropriates RM 161,000/= to stand for election and now some one guilty of money politics.

The most despicable is when he say that those guilty on money politics are guilty of ethic and not corruption. This way he is the most corruptible PM of all time

Anonymous said...

Our current PM has no credibility at all. He also does not have the ability and flair to be PM. He is there is firstly because of his father and also there is practically not even one person is fit to be running the country. At this rate in 10 - 15 years we will be below countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand to mention a few. God save Bolehland.

Real Man said...

Yes,we may lag behind Vietnam soon, as can be from seen from history.By the way, where is that fler Dr.Ridzuan Tee going to say abt this Isa's case?Now this involves UMNO, so what you going to say DR.RIDZUAN TEE!!!!! comeon.........be a true human and do not hide under somebody skirt!

Greenbug said...

Kay Peng, I have stopped laughing when I read that our broadband is rated 48th out of 66 countries.. in fact I cried when I thought that in the 90s we launched multimedia superhighway corridor and laid hundreds, if not thousands, of kilometres of fibre ooptic cable too on all main roads. To me, none of the PMs are better than the other, they are all from the same factory...

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Nothing will be achieved with Najib as with Badawi. We desperately need a total revamp of our economy, we have to start soon, and yet we have not heard anything of such, not even a slighest hint on the deplorable state of our economy, from him thus far.
His major focus so far has been taking over Perak, next Sel, next?????

Anak Perelih said...

sentences "PM Najib is better than his predecessor Abdullah Badawi" is a hanging one... coz better here is better in what area????

Anonymous said...

By the same logic, Chin Peng should be given a second chance too. Beside we are a party to the agreement for them to return to society. We must keep our side of the bargian. If the ceasefire agreement was not sign, than we could still be fighting the communist now.

David Lee said...

.............remember he was not elected by the people(rakyat)....but pre-arranged again by so call AEMNO...so .....what do you expect...ah??? its time to cut all this passing baton full of shit.

Anonymous said...

Dear ANON of 5:06 PM:
2nd Chance only for UMNO member lah! If you are from opposition, you get thrown into jail even if you are innocent!
And Khoo, I think LGE meant Najib is better than Badawi at fighting the opposition parties, and NOT a better PM.

Anonymous said...

This clearly comes to mind that slogans and empty rhetorics do not bring us anywhere. Could we say that the nation has been taken on a ride on public relations manouvrings over the years?

Now the tortoise is overtaking and winning the race, while the overslept rabbit,awakened, is happily boasting about how fast it is running - on the spot.

Anonymous said...

Actually Malaysia is running very fast......into a deep shit hole.

Anonymous said...

Who's laughing at Vietnam? Was surprised to see so many of them at Oxford and Cambridge. Vietnamese will roll over Malaysia lah, hands down.

Anonymous said...

It's confirmed ,corruption is just a "technical" crime, according to Najib.

Next time when you are caught by the cops for breaking a traffic rule, your technique of talking to the cop is important to avoib getting a summon. Don't say "Berapa duit bolih kautim?"- wrong! too direct, no "technic",could land you into futher trouble. Say "Latuk, bolih tolong kah?" -very polite , more "technical".

The badges they wear with the slogan "Saya Anti Rasuah" are misprinted. The stupid Bangla workers, their bahasa not up to par,not knowing 'anti' is not a Malay word. There should have been an "N" in front of the 2nd word. Another "technical" error !.

In the future,all banks are encouraged to hire ex-con,who served jail time for armed robbery, as in-house security guard so as to give them a 2nd chance, in line with UMNO's policy of giving crooked politician a 2nd chance to cheat us.

Anonymous said...

What crap is PM telling in his speech on 1Malaysia, 1Region and 1World. There goes his theory or parroting ideas from his speech writers. There are many socio-economic problems in the country that need pragmatic solutions than to talk about unity of the region and the world. It is a great idea of changing to 1world but just a dream I had last night. He is not born great; he has not achieved greatness but have greatness thrust upon him by UMNO. Sad to see some idiot trying hard to be a sage.

Burung said...

Never underestimate the Vietnamese. Remember that they beat the USA in war! The Americans dropped more bombs on Vietnam than ALL the bombs dropped by ALL the countries in WW2!