Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Rise of MCA Crocodiles

The before the dust of EGM clears up, some of the MCA leaders are already gearing up for another battle to wrestle the crown from the fallen leaders, Ong Tee Keat and Chua Soi Lek.

The two most obvious choices are vice-presidents Kong Cho Ha and Liow Tiong Lai. Others include Ng Yen Yen, Tan Kok Hong, Wee Ka Siong or even Chew Mei Fun.

However, should party elections be called, other former top MCA leaders like Dr Fong Chan Onn, Donald Lim Siang Chai or Ong Ka Chuan are likely to join the race to fill the leadership vacuum.

Chua Soi Lek may also try to make a comeback.

Too bad. Whoever leads the party will not be able to excite the Chinese community. The new leadership will still need to explain to us how it intends to handle the PKFZ fiasco. It has to explain to the people why its delegates did not support the endeavour of its party president to address the crisis.

Any attempt of the new leadership to sweep the PKFZ fiasco under the carpet will be dealt with severely at the next general elections.


Anonymous said...

No candidates are even close to being an inspiring leader to lift MCA out of the ruts.

Anonymous said...

Liow & Kong plus those in the CC do not have the balls and experience to stand their ground when they deal with UMNO. All of them are guaranteed "YES-men" and only capable of polishing shoes if they are selected.

Its unfortunate that OTK got voted out while CSL is tainted and not accepted by Chinese rakyat to lead MCA.

It will be indeed a nightmare that those MCA zombies (eg Ong Ka Chuan,Donald Lim, Fong)who lost their seats in the last GE are now licking their chops and hoping for a resurrection ie comeback. If this materializes, you can bet that MCA will be buried for good in the next GE.
Most right thinking Chinese have already ignored and abandoned this MCA party since the 12th GE. Good riddance and may they kill off each other in their internal struggles and back-stabbing.

Voice of the Oppressed, Suppressed said...

If Malaysian vote with their feet as they did in Bagan Pinang, I am not really sure about your last sentence.

abdulhaleem said...

Why is that nothing seems genuine in this country anymore? Every single things seems like come in a package. Hidden Agenda. Sigh!!

bob loh said...

The situation of the BN component parties, whether it's MCA,MIC or Gerakan, all suffer from the same causes. Before March 08, most of the component party leaders with the exception of maybe Ong Tee Keat were all YES men. UMNO very was happy. The Rakyat was not. That was why we voted the way we did. Ignore the BN logo.
After March 08, the leaders of the component parties became very vocal because they realise where they have failed. Now UMNO is not happy.
Suddenly everything is very racial.
Until there is genuine and sincere effort from the UMNO leadership to share power and be fair to all races, very soon the component parties of BN will slip into oblivion because they are no longer relevant.

Anonymous said...

As usual, MCA needed a split character leader, one character to fits into Umno’s BN, the other character to fill the Chinese community’s expectation. Most Chinese hated corruption* (note*: they hated corruption b’coz they are contributor, if they are receiver that maybe not perceived as corruption anymore), but all wanted equal opportunity among races and etc..all in all, they expect the MCA leader to have the moral courage to voice out the community’s concern. Then Umno’s BN needed MCA leader would able to explain to the Chinese community not to tolerate but accept ‘ketuanan melayu’, NEP and other inequality as 1 Malaysia.

Most of the past president of MCA will only need skewed character to fit into Umno’s BN, they will explain, appeal to Chinese community and sometime become the saver to the problem crated by Umnos’ BN, and they survive. After 308 election, MCA party election only need one character to win presidency that is ‘dare to talk and dare to angry’, during their campaign their main credit to win the leadership is the past record of how dare to angry and how dare to influence* Umno (note*: influence is not engaging a direct talk, influence need art of body motion and language, and they fail miserably with PM AAB over this). OTK and CSL probably win over their personality on this personality.

So, the MCA leader must equip with 2 type of extreme character to fit into the picture now. MCA leader need ability like upper body to move along with Umno’s BN (to get a safe seat during election) and lower body to move along with Chinese community (to stay relevant to the community). If the upper body is one direction and lower body in another direction, the body splits. If the body skewed too much to Umno’s Bn direction then they lost their feet and root during election, if the body skewed too much Community’s direction they lost their head even before election. In safe side, most leader will protect the head and scarify the feet, wouldn’t you?

Anonymous said...

that's why i say u all freakers who called for otk's resignation shall bear the burden of pkfz scandal for generations to come.

i agree to disagree; but what the heck, i hope you and your future generations will enjoy carrying this financial burden because u allowed it.


Anonymous said...

Other than OTK, it does not matter whoever leads ,as MCA is as good as game over. I supported opposition last GE and thinking of supporting MCA with OTK on the helm in the coming GE, however EGM has changed all that. What a waste.

Anonymous said...

does it really matters anymore?

Anonymous said...

Why did the delegates reject OTK who tried to expose the PKFZ corruptions? If I am not mistaken he was the first MCA president who dared to take the risk. I am baffled.

Something must be wrong somewhere.

Anonymous said...

It is time for all race-based political party to go, be it MCA, UMNO, MIC and all others. There is no more "races" for any of these parties to fight for anymore. After all, there is only Malaysians.

How can an elected representative from any of these parties not bias when come to issues regarding their own ethnic group? If so they will not be able to serve the interest the general public fairly.

Funny how our PM is preaching 1Malaysia while all these race-based parties remained, splitting Malaysians. There is no 1Malaysia, maybe 56Malaysia.

Sometimes I wonder what MCA is for nowadays, besides the leaders still fighting to grab power within their own party.

Anonymous said...

Crocs or not.....
Have they look into the Chinese community's well being, problems, etc......???

All we hear & see are their MCA "dramas" only.

Please lah...! OTK & CSL, ask yourselves "WHY" have your own delegates voted the 2 of you out..?

Stop blaming 3rd force, G-force or whatever crap...!!

The way these 2 have behaved thinking what they did was "right" & always "tarnishing" & dragging its members into their own agendas.

Who wants these personal nonsenses? That's why your "own" MCA people don't want any one of them.

"These ARE what your MCA delegates wants. OUT with the both of you....!!!!!!"

Get it..?? Pack up & go....!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is sad in most Asian countries that entering politics is a business venture.A small investment upfront and reaps the profits later on.Typical Chinese (Hokein) thinking " Jiat Par Eng"
Eat full and free.These will be the leaders lining up......

Anonymous said...

I do know Kong well as local but he is close to lossing his MP post winning only by 50 votes majority, thats becoz of the postal votes. As the town is also a Naval Base town.
But ask any locals..he is brother to very big local taiko. remember the issue of few MCA members involved or associates with black society. Anyway, he lacks intelligent.


MCA(Malaysian Care Association) said...

You are right Mr.Khoo. As I commented in your article titled 'In Frame:MCA in Dilemma'.The PKFZ scandal must be made known of its outcome to the people, otherwise who ever lead MCA is meaningless.

Anonymous said...

This is what the next president will say, "MACC and the Government taskforce are investigating the PKFZ. They are serious about it. I think let MCA solve our main issue which is to unite the party and make it relevant to the public at large" The prophecy of Ron, Kuala Lumpur.

Anonymous said...

It's rather like rotten meat to cook your curry. It leavs a very bad taste in the mouth.

Anonymous said...

If Liong and Kong ascend the throne without any election , MCA will implode with infighting and backstabbing .

If elections are held, the 'kiong-si' aka chinese vampires (those MPs that were kicked out (ie OKC, Donald Lim etc ) during the 12GE will be resurrected!

Either way, MCA will implode as all of them are only interested in power and grabbing bread crumbs thrown to them by UMNO.

The Chinese rakyat now could see the true picture of these power hungry politicians who are more
concerned with their own political future rather than being selected based on merit and democracy.
May MCA be wiped-out in the next GE.

Anonymous said...

Every Chinese knew MCA was despised bcos of all these shameful opportunists who pretended to want to serve the community>in actual fact they just want to serve their own pockets and never give a damn about MCA or chinese future .These so many shameful bastards dont even know how to write the word "shame" in chinese.Umno now realised the malays are not stupid anymore to fall for their tricks.But these MCA-rejects still think the chinese are real stupid to believe their old tricks again!GET LOST ! donald,dr fong,kahchun,CSL,chaiho,and all president-wannabes.You guys did nothing for us except to entertain yourselves those years.

Anonymous said...

Chua Jui Meng must be regretting now !

Anonymous said...

What rise or fall of crocs? All MCA fellas are crooks (I prefer crooks than crocs) and has always been waiting to be the big boss. My neighbour who is not even a branch chairman (he's just a strong supporter of MC Eh) got 1 acre of industrial land (practically FOC) when his boss lost the GE12 election. The boss was promoted to a scandalous place in Klang (near West Port). This is MC Eh.

I have no sympathy for OTK. He should have known better when he took the money from Tiong. Not bad money for less than a year work.

Richard Loh said...

Take the poll:

Is UMNO A Racist Party

Anonymous said...

it is unexpected to see even the NGOs are throwing their support behind OKT and urging him to stay put. If he were to stay put I think many old hats, self interest persons will vying for the post.

Anonymous said...

What have the other CC done to prove they are worthy leaders? Their betrayal only reveal they cannot be trusted. Hope there are still upright members around to fight alongside OTK as he can't fight alone. He needs the members to support him in rebuilding the party.

Charisma is superficial, people want justice.

MCA Watcher said...

Dear frens,
MCA OTK word cannot be trusted. This we now know.

Anonymous said...

All the vultures are circling overhead. Those who have made their bundle like Koon Choy, Ling have retired into the sunset, but somehow their actions have come back to haunt them. As for Liow, its his turn to make hay while the sun shines, only that he is too hasty. Already he ahs gotten a free car, but he's a cheapskate and too greedy to accept such a small gift. So this is MCA. Go to hell MCA, along with your delegates and CC. You are just selling the Chinese.


chong said...

malaysians senang lupa. asalkan ada gula bagi di depan mata, perompak, perogol, pencuri, pembunuh pun, mereka akan pilih.

jadi, tak payah risau pasal pengundi. asalkan dapat kuasa & top post, semuapun akan ok kemudian.

that's malaysia boleh.