Thursday, October 22, 2009

Royal Commission of Inquiry for Teoh Beng Hock's Death?

Here is another probable outcome should a RCI is formed:

The government has said it will not prosecute a lawyer who featured in a sensational video where he appeared to broker judges' appointments.

The decision to drop the most controversial VK Lingam case as revealed early this week by the government has drawn sharp criticisms from the legal fraternity as well as politicians.

Those who are calling for yet another wasteful, irrelevant and non-productive RCI, they should instead participate in mass voters' registration activities and make sure that these newly registered voters come out to cast their votes in the next general election.

Vote for justice. Vote out abuse of power. Vote out corruption. Vote out racism.

Vote for your future and the future of your children.


pinsysu said...

agree with you totally ... do our small part to get more eligible voters to register for nxt GE. You are 1, I m 2, he is 3, ... and together we will be millions. It is time for a new gomen for a new awakening. vote the BN gomen out!

Anonymous said...

Aiyaa what for ah, Khoo? Last time Royal commission on lingam also nothing one,so why waste money on another one.In the end also not enough evidence, so close case.Just accept itlah,it's like that one here.If you dont like it you can always migrate what,nobody forced you to stay,said those warlords.

Anonymous said...

RCI - Royal Commission of Inquiry

RCI - Royal Circus Investigation!!

There's no more law in Malaysia.. All are jungle law with those berok leading Malaysia towards Hell

Anonymous said...

aiyaa what is the use, najis is najis and he is not going to open up and maybe when he does c-4 may just be waiting lah. mahlaiseeyah has gone to the dogs badder you migrate while you can or god help you.

Anonymous said...

vote BN out? that easy meh, not in our lifetime lah maybe our great grandchildren la if we plan to stay that long in Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Agree totally that Malaysians should encourage those who have not registered as voters to do so with only 1Aim and that is, vote out UMNO and its BN cronies come next General Election.

They have been in power for more than half a century and have been promoting racial and religious differences. They simply cannot shift the current polarisation onto anyone but themselves!!!

All these RCIs or agencies or whatever will not help us.

So, tell your friends of all races, relatives and even your enemies to vote out the current ruling parties.

Anonymous said...

sigh only if I could get my 'DJ' to register as voter.. but he's a dog.. but I dun see that should be a reason.. even MCA prove to be one..

The way those MCA dog act really want to make me puke!! The worst sandiwara this year.. Last year award winner was lingam's case..

By the way, there was a case of suicide by a girl in KL recently involving a police inspector which raise a lot of question.. she girl jump off 18th floor from a condo and the bf police inspector was in the condo at that time.. Can anyone make a follow-up on this case.. pity that girl.. another case involving PDRM personnel which goes unnotice

Li Huat Chai said...

So annoying, all hide under Anonymous, so scared...

Najib wont C4 u la just by making a few comments.

Do u have balls or no balls ?

Becos of fearing this fearing that, no wonder BN is still ruling . Sigh !!!

Anonymous said...

Someone should archive all these 'events' in a short summary tabloid for easy reading.I am sure it is way pass the 200 mark during the last 5 years.The present and new young voters will then be able to remember come next GE.Modus operandi of Govt is to drag, adjourn,confuse until case gets bored, forgotten and NFA status.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


When you want to put any matter to rest
You must try your best to engage the best
Checking from all angles close to the chest
So that nothing is left to speculation in jest

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Mon. 26th Oct. 2009.