Thursday, October 15, 2009

Should Ong Tee Keat Stay or Go?

Over the next few hours, some would try to tear each other apart (in the Wisma MCA boardroom) and others would be debating if the embattled MCA president Ong Tee Keat should stay or step down.

I have an advice for Ong. He should ride into the sunset if he thinks that change is so easy to initiate and achieve. His detractors can call Ong a bad politician. I was told that he was too straight forward to be able to lead the party. In the end, the crocodiles have made a mince meat out of him.

But no one can blame Ong for not trying to stand up against his detractors, trying to fulfill his pledge to be accountable to the people on the PKFZ and to try to change the political culture in his party.

Ong must accept a bitter lesson. A habit which tolerates immorality, corruption and tribalism cannot be simply changed once it has been embedded into the MCA culture. Since the 80's, which MCA leader was seen as clean and innocent as a white piece of paper?

Hence, what Chua Soi Lek did - his prowess, his comeback kid stamina and his determination - actually caught the sympathy and imagination from many of his male colleagues. Yes, many men think that having an affair with younger women is a prove of libido. It is a cause to be celebrated and a bragging topic over beer and chivas.

If Ong wants to fight for a change and to convince us that he is serious, he should emulate his opponents such as Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and Anwar Ibrahim.

The Lims and Anwar did not have it easy. Probably much tougher than a simple vote of no-confidence Ong faced at his party's EGM. A number of these delegates care more about their next session up Genting Casino than the outcome of the EGM anyway.

Ong may not like the Lims or Anwar but he should try to respect and emulate the struggle of these leaders who had faced detention, jail term and electoral defeat but came back with even more to offer.

Ong can choose to join the ranks of true national leaders and reformists or ended up as a cry baby or a whimper who walks away because some morally insensitive folks who thought he was not fit to lead them. They were just telling the truth. Many of us won't make the cut to lead the mafias.

Ong should go if he has lost his marbles to continue to fight for what he believes in. I still want the PKFZ to be investigated.


Anonymous said...

should stay n fight,what he gotta lose anyway? make it,be a hero if not can always walk a away n said at least i try..

Anonymous said...

OTK should learn his lesson by now."It is a long and winding road".Not as easy as he sees it before.There is a lot of buayas and piranhas in waiting.Should give him another chance and to close up PKFZ episode honourably.

Anonymous said...

I think otk should resign from the post because he said himself b4 the EGM. As a man of his word he should resign to proved that he meant what he said as a President or he will be looked down as a liar. How can we accept a liar as a leader of a party claiming to represent the chinese

Anonymous said...


SANSIRO said...

Me too. I want PKFZ to be investigated and those who are responsible to face the music. I hope by this time we have a new AG (Malik Imtiaz-maybe!). ONG should be be a leader championing the cause not merely UMNO-Controlled BN Component party.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


To be or not to be
Is the top seat still meant for me
Do I still have the sting of the bee
Or am I just allowed to eat the emperor's mee?

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 151009
Thur. 15th Oct. 2009.

Anonymous said...

To people who has no interest in MCA, most of them care less about MCA, they probably care more about OTK. That also becoz. they wanted to know what happened in PKFZ and OTK give that hope to them.

Putting thing into perspective, many years ago there were a bunch of people chartered to “right the BN by going into BN”, how many succeeded in their mission? Most of them became eunuch to serve the emperor… We still don’t know if OTK is a real hope to expose PKFZ and fight corruption (as he is already MCA’s taiko, a full minister, he could not be eyeing on PM post). Or, maybe a psychology game that put into play by OTK to garner Rakyat’s support in faced of power struggle by CSL (but then, why he needed Rakyat support to fence off CSL, he rather need Tiong’s resource for a sure win on central committee). If OTK can not be a crocodile nor python and neither can he be a zoo keeper, better for him to be out of the crocodile farm.

Malaysia's politic is seriously lacking of accountability. From accountability perspective how could OTK not stepping down?

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


What is there still to prove
When there's enough evidence and proof
That by being publicly arrogant and aloof
One will soon find himself without any roof

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 151009
Thur. 15th Oct. 2009.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

a week earlier Liow Tiong Lai was urging all and sundry to support his boss OTK.

now he is urging his Boss to resign and is not interested in becoming OTK deputy...

so now it is proven MCA members are only interested in upgrading themselves..

General Liow Tiong Lai ???? MCA Boss..????

Anonymous said...

OTK did the right thing to call another EGM to decide on fresh party election. Let the members decide.

CW Ye said...

I think you are spot on. There is nothing much really that Ong can do now in MCA.

Stay or go frankly speaking does not make any difference. If Ong thinks by staying he can change the mindset of MCA members, he is too naive. No one question his intention but I think the fat lady has sung.

Talking about Anwar and Lim. Credit must be given to where it is due.

We know what Lim went through all his life fighting for a better Malaysia. In between enduring imprisonment at several occasions, but he keeps going. Anwar after his fall our with Dr. M, the struggle has been legendary. There is no need to mention here, everyone knows about it.

The results are finally starting to show for Anwar and Lim. However, the fight is definitely no over, in fact tougher. Most Malaysians I think are quietly happy for them. Quite frankly, if not for them there is no chance Ong can dig so deep into the PKFZ scandal.

If Ong is seriously thinking about continuing to fight for a better Malaysia, he should do like what Chua Chui Ming is doing, join PR. As smart as he is, he should know he is going no where in MCA. But his fighting spirit and leadership quality are badly needed for all Malaysians. By moving to the other side does not mean that he abandon ship. On the contrary, he will really be able to shine on and fight for what he really believe in, that help to create a better Malaysia.

I urge Ong to think hard about the whole scenario. In my opinion, MCA is everything that Ong should despise, judging on how he fights in the PKFZ scandal.

Time to move on...

Anonymous said...

Further to bangsa Cina malaysia's comments, now this Liow got Deputy President post and changed his words. Now this SPINELESS Liow said CC does not want EGM. Might as well say I do not want EGM or our gang does not want EGM.

Anonymous said...

With hindsight, we are smarter having learnt from the event that had happened. However, the wrong turn taken at the start has been relevant to the present disarray in MCA today. If OTK had been standing on neutral ground and with strong charisma, he would have accomplished his mission and gain respect from the members. His problem with CSL was created by the side he has chosen to fall in line knowing well how the sex scandal got started in the first place. Why pick up the problems of another's doing or be a preacher of morality? If CSL could have such strong support to come back to MCA as his deputy, he was forgiven by the members,if not all of them, at least a half.If CSL is a problem to the party, the day will come for him to leave. The one who cast the first stone was killed by the same stone which boomeranged.

Anonymous said...

Someone said that when you look for a leader you must have the three important Cs

1. Competent - OTK (Check)
2. Character - OTK (Check)
3. Chemistry - OTK (?????)

Ngeh Ngeh Lai - cannot one....

Anonymous said...

PKFZ: Najib has already removed Ong's power to investigate PKFZ by appointing a committee to do it. As for Ong, his "supporters" have been quick to desert him, and instead they are quickly lobbying for his position now that they can smell blood. Well this is politics, and there no such things as "friends" in politics.

Anonymous said...

Farewell MCA, finally after 50 years, dead.

Anonymous said...

Ong T K must stay and fight. A leader must be made of sterner stuff than just throwing in the towel because of vote of no confidence.
There is silver lining in this crisis. Now he knows who are friends and who are foes. The wolves in sheepskin are flushed. The fights are simpler when the enemies are not inside the perimeter. There is no fear of friendly fire. Just blast them to hell.

Anonymous said...

OKT stay or go are not mean in MCA may be become lose for MCA if he stay because nobody chinese will vote MCA only MAC member will vote themself. If he step down may be have some will back to MCA vote.
Next year may be he will sack OKT because PKFZ issue by the MCA member as same like Dato Chua and then come out EGM metting again. Why waste money? Think MCA Think. You all waste rakyat money? OKT should not stay.

Anonymous said...

The EGM has voted clearly that they do not want both Ong and Chua, who should pay heed to this clarion call for them to leave the power tussle.

Let the CC decide on who is to lead the party in due course.

Although time and tide waits for no man, time can and will heal.

Time will also tell who the true leaders are and who is truly destined to lead the party.

The problem is MCA has no little time on its hands. The BN parties are desperate about the coming GE.A peep into the crystal ball of PR will tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

All that is irrelevant - just remember 1Malaysia. In short Malaysia for One race namely Malays, period

Anonymous said...

PKFZ,Beng Hock n Kugan cases, the true will not be exposed,that's for sure,wanna bet?

Anonymous said...

Would this MCA civil war degenerate into street fight? Would rival MCA gangs whack each other in the mamak stores?

I love to watch this open warfare. This is healthier and honest compare to the fight behind false civility. MCA called it self a gang or society - tong.

Let us have an intra tong fightt. A Khian Teik and Ghee Hin war once more.And oh, make it a tourist attraction. At least Ng Yen Yen can do some good with it.

Anonymous said...

STAY FOR A GOOD FIGHT (OTK) EVEN THOUGH MCA Heads and members and alike is filled with Opportunist from day one from the likes of Tan Cheng Lock and Son to Lee San Choon, Ling Leong Sik etc . From our Perception OTK will be a man of Principle, He should made up with Dr Chua soi Lek to fight the Mutineers of Liow Tiong Lai. At least he is in the mould of Dr Lim Chong Eu who refuse to kow tow to the Interference of UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Let the MCA live or die with you together with honor. The MCA cannot truly represent the Chinese if the choice of leader is been pressure in by others. MCA must get rid of all laibility leader and groom young hopeful the true Malaysian way. What is the point of MCA when the true Chinese are no more involve in them? Remenber MCA by itself is a strong political party. BN is only a colation, if MCA is a laibility to BN with the current leadership crisis, take leave for the party to resolve it and onlt comeback if it had regain it rightful position in BN

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


"I wonder should I go or should I stay"
Is there still a swan song for me to sing
There're far too many principles that have gone astray
Will there still be any more poison left for me to sting

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 171009
Sat. 17th Oct. 2009.

Anonymous said...

After OTK is gone, MCA might as well be lead by UMNO. I do not think his successors have the balls to stand up to big bully UMNO.

najib manaukau said...

To ensure my ideas are not taken as one sided please be advised I am not a supporter of porn star Chua nor do I support this filthy old man calling himself a doctor. What a disgrace to all the doctors.

What the hell is this Ong guy still hanging to the post as President of MCA ? Surely there are better man who can president of MCA !

The MCA members have passed a no confidence on him, what else must the members do ?
Take and throw him out of MCA highest floor ? The rule was there long before he became the president,yet he is no playing by the rule. If he does not abide by it does he expect other members
to. May be his 'training' as transport minister has taught him to do so.
What a crying shame and he is a bloody shame to the Chinese. Or is he waiting for more free flights on the private jets ?

Anonymous said...

Ong and Chua,

Birds of feather flock together.
It must be the easy corrupted money as cabinet ministers that brought you two guys to fight at each other.
Please remember you two guys will still leave this good earth with nothing just the way you came.

Anonymous said...

OTK should stay on and fight! He is the only credible leader left at this point of time. Looked at how he was made to suffer during LLS's time. How he was sidelined?

Despite the tsunami of 308, he survived in a predominantly urban and intellectualy informed electorates. Despite the 10 million RM allegations against him, he is still the most suitable candidate at this time to lead MCA.

Low Tiong Lai, is certainly an opportunist of the highest degree, and so is Char Mee Fun and co. It is crystal clear now to the public, who is fighting for the party and who is fighting to save their backside and seats and all those perks. Low Tiong Lai cannot lead the Chinese. He lacked the credibility and the leadership quality! It will be good new if LTL is to lead the MCA, as this means more thrashings at the polls and easier days for PR in the predominantly Chinese seats, because to the Chinese, who is Low Tiong Lai? A doze of good luck falls on you PR in particular the DAP if LTL were to be the chief of a sinking ship, for he neither has the credence nor support to pull up this sinking ship and PKFZ surely " kow tim" if he is made the Transport Minister.

Remember, Rakyat, before he ascends, think about the hard earned money that we earned through our blood sweat and tears to be embezzled off in such a way, and in such an amount! 90% of the Chinese pay income Tax, do you want your monies to benefit a few?
Think again, we suffered and worked so hard to make ends meet but these MCA guys can sniff the $$$$$$$$$$ and are fighting among themselves to get the top seat even before OTK takes a decision.

He lost a vote of confidence, yes, but it takes a 2/3 majority to remove him. If you want to remove him LTL and jokers, make sure you get the 2/3 majority and OTK has got to go.

MCA anyway, is irrelevant, and it is just to pen in a word or two of these opportunistic MCA goons who aspires to be the leader. OTK, has a chance to get more support from the Chinese community generally, than LTL and gang. Be reminded!

Anonymous said...

Very simple...
They "HAVE" been voted out, so just go yah...!!!

PKFZ..?? Why worry??? PM said he's setting up a "special team" to look into it.
Perhaps a "scapecow" thrown in...!!

Would you want to say on when you are voted out by your "own" people...???????

He said he'll resign. Remember..???

Jong said...

It's still not too late for Ong Tee Keat to do a 'last tango' to clear off those opportunistic scumbags like Liow Tiong Lai, Ng Yen Yen, Chew Mei Fun and Kong Cho Ha, then go. That will be most admirable.

If there's a will there's always a way, the depth of Winter you can still force the Spring!

samgoh88 said...


It was previously 'Yes' but now it's 'No'
People who can't read your mind will never know
Whether the weather will be with sun or snow
Until matters come to the stage of open blows

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 211009
Wed. 21st Oct. 2009.

Anonymous said...

I feel that without OTK, MCA may as well becomes the 'dog' of UMNO? I feel that's what UMNO wants since OTK is too out-spoken at this stage. He dares to criticise if it's not in the best interest of chinese and people of malaysia. Since OTK made PKFZ such a big issue until the government doesn't know how to cover it up it's the time to kill the political life of OTK to save all those corrupted UMNO bastards. Don't think that our 'great' PM really sincere in investigating this issue, he set up the committee just to make sure that this issue is well cover up so that high profile politicians would not need to go to jail? If OTK is away, then UMNO can make the useless/Mr yes LTL as the president and whoever is the next follower as the deputy president. Then, UMNO can control this next big party in BN to make sure chinese doesn't prosper. Chinese will lack behind because of those incompetent sort of leader of chinese community. If that really happens, we should just vote out MCA totally in the next election and make them irrelevant at all. I hope that all the chinese will have the brain to do that or else, we the chinese community will be lacking behind.

Anonymous said...

Straight Talk...OTK should stay for Chinese Community. I can see he got do some thing for chinese community. In previous position, he give a chance for chinese to apply the lecturer post in local universities. All we know chinese is very hard to get a post as lecturer. But now we see what all the betrayer do? What Liow and Wee do? Is that the doctor more responsiblity now? The answer is NO. No action taking for those not responsible doctor. Although Wee got position in Education Ministry, but many unfair thing happened. A new chinese teacher without comfirmation in the post as teacher can become National J/U, without enough teaching experince, not fulfill requirement but still can get Guru Cemerlang. Imagine a new teacher can get all this just in five years. All of them just think for their personal agenda. They not doing for chinese, they reserve for their own people ONLY. Never think for chinese community. At least OTK do something to improve our country. As least he think about our country, PKFZ and chinese comunity. Without OTK, MCA just a puppet of BN... ONG TEE KEAT should stay! My vote always for him.

Anonymous said...

Liow Tiong Lai is a person without a firm opinion. So do his group. Just last month they said not agree with the second EGM, and now when got Unity Plan between OTK and CSL, he said want to have another EGM. If this group of people really love chinese community, he SHOULD NOT GIVE problem not MCA in this moment. They are TOO selfish. I think if Liow become a leader, MCA will sink.

David said...

IF OTK is out. MCA is doomed for sure.Winning his seat during the last election shows he had a lot of support from the chinese.Ironically the vanquished so called MCA leaders are planning a no confidence vote at him.The chinese are not easily deceived,they know who is actually the vultures hungry for power in MCA.