Monday, November 23, 2009

MCA After UMNO's Intervention = Lame

The ongoing leadership fiasco in MCA is both self-inflicted and unproductive. It is difficult to imagine how the party can walk tall after the intervention of UMNO leaders.

First, it is a political problem created by MCA leaders. The leadership had wanted to implement reform by putting the party on a higher moral ground. This did not work.

It was supposed to promote a birth of new MCA. New MCA the party is no longer since the leadership has decided to accept, reinstate and recognise a so-called 'tainted' leader.

The party leadership can no longer walk on a moral high ground. Some leaders in the party led by the embattled VP Liow Tiong Lai are accusing the leadership for being undemocratic and unprincipled.

It was indeed a high stake game for the president, Ong Tee Keat. This episode serves as a good lesson for him. Know thy self, know thy enemies. A hundred battles and a hundred victories.

How much does Ong know his strengths and weaknesses? Does he appreciate his supporters and be grateful for the support he received when he promised to walk his talk on the PKFZ scandal?

It is a promise he cannot walk away from and hope to receive the same degree of enthusiastic support in the future. I had said earlier that the scandal will either make or break him.

However, it is not clear if Ong can win the war. He may have survived some battles and may yet lose the war.

What is clear that if MCA leaders cannot resolve their own problem and require the intervention of UMNO, it will limp out of the fiasco. It will not ever walk tall amongst the Chinese community again.

As a party, it should focus much of its time and effort to reexamine the relevance of the party within the larger political milieu.

What is obvious is that Chinese Malaysians are more supportive and receptive of a non-racial political model. This is a natural reaction of any minorities in any societies.

Not wasting its time on petty and unproductive squabbles and power struggle.

With the intervention of UMNO, neither Ong-Chua nor Liow-Wee would end up as winners. Both factions are losers. Both factions will be rejected by voters.

What is the aim of capturing power and losing influence?


wong said...

sort of funny...the chinese can run corporations..manage business ..but need some bigots to tell them what to do.i guess these nca leaders are already brain dead.

Anonymous said...

Let's see MCA wiped out in the next GE. Only then will they realise that there is really nothing to fight for. UMNO will no longer allow them to stand in Malay majority areas and they will lose their pants in non-Malay areas.

Anonymous said...

The stupid ba&*&*d Liow started this. I hope he can see the result of his work. His name shall be in infamy along with the roast pig and fried noodle.

Anonymous said...

What matter most to them is that their pay roll continue whatever outcome it is.
CM is the word to describe- Cari Makan.

This one is off-topic.just check if these blogers can be pooled under one roof as they share common interest in championing the issuses of the race.Tiagarajen , S.Jayathas, Naragan...

As one can see they occupied most of the space in the top in blogs daily and it wud seems more accesible to pool their voices under the same roof.

Anonymous said...

Liow is doing this to cover his ass in the on-going PKFZ fiasco as he was the political sec to previous Transport Minister, Chan K Choy. He has privy to the docs that Chan K Choy signed and therefore is implicated in the PKFZ fiasco.

Wee's objective on the other hand wants to helm the Transport Ministry not only because he has a degree in this but also has a business that is related to transportation. Also a close buddy of Tiong fler, many thinks he is his proxy to cover the PKFZ case.
Above are just observations from a bystander but you can draw yr own conclusions.

Anonymous said...

If only we know what motivates Wee,Liow & Chew to pursue their objectives of removing OTK. Financial gains or threats?

To ultimately remove the only person, OTK, who is keen to expose the wrong-doings at PKFZ, and now the double-tracking fiasco? When he goes, all VVIP's linked to PKFZ can then sleep in peace?

Anonymous said...

The party is impotent but it still has plenty of assets for those in power to play with... it's all about money...

Anonymous said...


Tuesday November 24, 2009
DPM: MCA has one week to
resolve crisis

Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has given the rival factions in the MCA seven days to agree on a formula to resolve the party crisis. “If possible, I want things to be settled before the Prime Minister comes back from his overseas trip on Dec 1. This is the KPI that I have set," the deputy prime minister said.

Ha ha ha!

I thought KPIs are on performance to serve the people. But it looks like now settling party squabbles is a KPI. Sh@t!

MCA MCA MCA. sigh!

How low will you go?

Not a single credibility is left.

Shame shame shame!

All because for the post of ministership.

That's where the pot of gold is. Remember it's fool's gold!

Anonymous said...

What is happening now in MCA is an obvious consequence of the PKFZ scandal( Mother).The dirty linens.double tracks,toyota mpv...etc. etc.( Children).The REAL battle is behind the scenes and is very very ugly.The key word is SURVIVAL.Whichever party(s) looses it will be devastating! As the Cantonese calls it "Hum Ka Chan"

Anonymous said...

OTK, CSL, LSL, WKS & CMF are all acting like kids.

1st, OTK and CSL fight each other till EGM 1010. After the result out, both just ignored it like playing sand at the beach where u just need to flaten the sand by your hand.

Next, LSL and group try to get rid of their 2 taiko so that they can replace them. But, situation change bad after OTK sacked 10 committees from the top management.
So, WKS & CMF no choice have to cried in front of all malaysians in order to attract attention from his big taiko, UNMO.

So, UNMO step in and ask for new election? what will the MCA "kids" do next?

So, this is the way of a 60 years old party internal fight, like kids?

Dear Johor MCA supporters, after the whole malaysia chinsese rejected MCA, see what happen to MCA that still fully supported by you? Acting like kids, fight for post, that all MCA can do........MCA top leaders are all shamed to the MCA founder group.

Anonymous said...

This clearly shows a complete let down to the Malaysian Chinese community.

Still playing political taichi.

This time using the fast taichi movements because Master Mayuddin says so.

The next GE can also be fast coming.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long it will take before the president of MCA brandishes a keris and vows to bathe it in Chinese blood?

Anonymous said...

The Ultimate Winners :- People or Beneficiaries Linked to the PKFZ & Double Tracking Rail Project>

Why are the people involved still SUNBATHING in Australia? Alzheimer Disease is Rampant with Past Leaders.

The MORAL OF THE STORY :- Do Not exposed anything coz You'll be Killed!

OTK sorry lah this is called SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. To Kill a Mocking Bird!

Fatty Judas Wee Wee; Medusa Char Bihun; Brutus Liow Liar are the Ultimate Lame Ducks Taikos.


As for US just relax & enjoy the Show. We know who will be Annihilated once GE-13 sets in.

Anonymous said...

I am not a member of MCA but I do concern about the survivor of MCA in BN. Unless the Malays are willing to reject UMNO, and the people in Sabah and Sarawak reject BN as well, otherwise we can't ignore MCA position in BN. If the Chinese reject MCA while the Malay support UMNO, our country will become Malay=ruler, Chinese=opposition.
We need leader like OTK to stand up to the corrupted politicians regardless from MCA itself or UMNO. If we leave it to the crying baby like WKS and CMF, the Chinese community will shed more tear in the future...

Citizen said...

This is a dog-eat-dog world.Politic is being played dirty by these flers.If you are real politician,stand up to what you have uttered and you will stand tall.

Anonymous said...

MCA will "go the way of the Dodo". Race based political entities are anachronisms and cannot represent an inclusive Malaysia in the 21st Century.

Malaysian political ideology has evolved and these political entities are dead ends.

Anonymous said...

Umno NOT MCA Represents the Chinese in Malaysia Now. Find out more here

Anonymous said...

MCA & the Chinese community is doomed!
MCA cannot even settle its own internal problem, how do we expect it to settle the problem of the Chinese community??? No confident vote for MCA.

Jong said...

The Chinese community don't care, not bothered and they have given up on MCA long ago.

Frankly I think they should appoint Muhyiddin Yassin the obtrusive idiot as its President, guess it will solve things then!

Anonymous said...

One can only wonder about what is really going through the minds of the feuding factions within the MCA when they allowed UMNO to be involved in an internal party conflict. Such a loss of face will not sit very well with the Chinese community as a whole. Whoever wins this conflict will face the horrifying task of begging the Chinese community to support the MCA in the next GE!

Anonymous said...

Chinese community and citizen right was doomed a long time ago. esp during LLS reign. For 20 years we gradually lost the right to higher eduction, doing business and many more, simply, because MCA who claim to represent the Chinese Community in Malaysia, has no objection to any of the lobsided policies.
Now someone up there probably find it hard to deal with a stubborn OTK, hence find it hard to control MCA, what next? your guess is as good as mine!

Anonymous said...

MCA is nothing but a bad replica of UMNO. They never took the general Chinese interest at heart but only serves up their cronies, just like UMNO. So one would expect UMNO to have gone through similar experience.

Anonymous said...

To be frank MCA is already a lame duck even when they are strong in BN.They should have play their role as a check and balance when they become the 2nd largest party in BN, after UMNO.
During independence it was agreed that malaya will be secular.When Sabah&Sarawak join Malaya it is again agreed that Malaysia will be secular and no state religion in sabah and sarawak.What happen in the 80's when syariah law was upgraded and made superior to civil law.
As a result non muslims lost their rights I know during the 60;s one of my cousin married a malay/muslim girl and she converted to christianity.No issue.Why got 2 legal system now.Non muslims dont realise that a modified form of aperthaid has been introduce in this country.Why MCA has not objected to the ammendment 121(1a) when BN control 2/3 majority.Are they blinded by money and prosperity.This thing don't happen in indonesia(muslim majority state) or singapore.It is a one way traffic here.THIS IS THE MAIN REASON WHY THE INDIANS AND CHINESE ARE AFRAID TO SENT THEIR CHILDREN TO NATIONAL SCHOOLS THINKING THEY WILL BE BRAINWASHED TO CONVERT TO ISLAM eventually assimalting into the malay community.This fear will go if there are also malays who are converting to Buddishm or christianity,etc.
At one time the non muslims are afraid to vote for PAS.Today after realising that UMNO is no different from PAS they have voted for this so called extremist party in Pakatan Rakyat.It is even strange MCA is attacking PAS over islamic policy when it turn a blind eye towards UMNO islamazations.

Anonymous said...

here comes UMNO taiko. 7 days thats all given.

dont like it? you all can leave.

Anonymous said...

So we must screw Ling Liong Sik. I also want to screw the Tan Cheng Lock and Tan siew sin E-diots. These are the true screw balls.

Anonymous said...

I have no hope to MCA, I and group of friends will terminate our MCA membership for good.come next GE, we will give other party to rule this country.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


What a crying shame
With only others to blame
When you can't handle internal flame
That quickly burns away your old fame

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 271109
Sun. 29th Nov. 2009.

penang3brothers said...

Walter Sisulu was a South African anti-apartheid activist and member of the African National Congress (ANC).

He was one of Nelson Mandela’s political mentors and his closest collaborator for half a century in the campaign against South Africa’s racist political order.

While Mr. Mandela was the public face of the African National Congress, by his own account he admitted that he rarely acted without first consulting Mr. Sisulu.


Currently, Malaysia is in dire need of capable, trustworthy, selfless and responsible leaders in the caliber of Mr. Walter Sisulu.

Sadly, nearly every leader of every political party, irrespective of race and ideology, is very much striving towards gaining popularity, solely, for themselves.

Let us ponder on the current situation plaguing the political party of MCA. We just could not comprehend the reason behind all these infighting among its top leadership. For what and for whose causes are these elected leaders fighting for, to the extent of discrediting each other, publicly?

We are left wondering on how one can remain a leader if the very element of leadership is neglected by creating factions among fellow members of the same community in order to pursue their personal agenda?

Leadership requires the maturity to set aside personal differences among fellow comrades in order to achieve common ground in serving those they represent and/or those who look up to them for guidance.

Unfortunately, what we are witnessing now before us is that these so called leaders of not only for the Chinese Community but the entire citizens of Malaysia by virtue of their Ministerial positions in the Government, are allowing themselves to be blinded by their quest for personal glory to the extent of seeking and inviting UMNO to interfere into the domestic affairs of MCA.

The dignity, pride and sovereignty of MCA are not only tarnished but unceremoniously lost and trampled upon in this great calamity. In any trial or tribulation, it is not an embarrassment to have lost, but to loose with our heads down is definitely humiliating. This dark episode in the glorious history of MCA is totally uncalled for and certainly not welcomed nor desired by its faithful members and the Chinese Community as a whole.

To say the least, this is a disgrace to the very community they were entrusted to lead and care.

For now, we leave these elected leaders with a note to reflect upon;

“ What have you brought upon is nothing but self destruction; for we do not have the wisdom to see it otherwise ”

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

can we not vote MCA this coming GE13, will the chinese community take the hard stance ??! sigh...

Viktor said...

If it was the japanese, they would have committed harakiri given this kind of humiliation. Looks like MCA does not have any integrity,dignity and self respect. Perhaps once they come out of this leadership crisis they should just be rebranded as "UMNOCA" = united malay needed to organise the chinese association. ROFL