Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Now We Know Why PKR Did Not Take Any Disciplinary Action Against Zulkifli Nordin

Seven PKR MPs came to the defence of fellow MP Zulkifli Noordin after party vice-president Sivarasa Rasiah implied that a warning for members to toe the line was aimed at Zulkifli.

The “Group of 7” MPs defended Zulkifli, saying that the remark by party adviser and Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was only a general statement which was not targeted at any specific individual.

Zahrain Mohd Hashim (Bayan Baru), Wee Choo Keong (Wangsa Maju), Datuk Kamarul Bahrin Abbas (Teluk Kemang), Abdullah Sani Abd Hamid (Kuala Langat), Mohd Yusmadi Yusof (Balik Pulau), Azan Ismail (Indera Mahkota) and Adb Aziz Abd Kadir (Ketereh) gathered at the Parliament lobby yesterday where they challenged Sivarasa.

Did the seven challenge Zulkifli when he distrupted the BAR council forum, gave extreme statements on race and religion etc? Zulkifli had attempted to table several Private Member’s Bills, which were apparently not in line with party policies, and had not consulted the party leadership. One of the bills wanted an amendment to the constitution to strengthen Malaysia's Islamic status.

No, because Wee said Zulkifli had the right “to speak and say what he wants”. Just what he did when he went to the police on the Selangor exco alleged link with the underworld but DID NOT file a police report. Wee, why?

Zulkifli represents PKR and his party is part of PR. What he says has an implication to the coalition.

If Zulkifli can say whatever he wants, PR politicians should not make a fuss about what UMNO leaders say in the future.

How many of the seven should be allowed to keep their seats in the next general election?


Anonymous said...

Get lost Wee Choo Keong !! you are really a shit stirrer !!

'Group of Seven must be axed come PRU13'


Ah Beng Crosby said...

How many of the seven should be allowed to keep their seats in the next general election?

My answer? None of them. Fact is anyone associated with Zulkifli Noordin.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to vote for BN becoz
of PKFZ, massive wastage and corruption.

At the same time I'm having second thoughts on Pakatan becoz of antics of certain leaders including this episode.

I think I better destroy my vote.

Anonymous said...

If it is a choice between these 8 jokers + you know who from PAS, I would rather just stay home and let the country continue to go the BN way since PR cannot even come out with some serious candidates.


Jong said...

I had always said PKR is a real shitpot and it's overflowing! Most of all problems facing Pakatan Rakyat comes from direction of their camp!

Trouble with PKR is, there are more generals than soldiers - indisciplined, irresponsible, and everyone wants to be boss and 1 among them stands out like a sore thumb - "Mr know-alls" amongst them who behaves like a bumbling idiot, always to the media ahead of his boss each time contradicting and embarrassing Pakatan Rakyat leaders!

Start weeding Anwar before we weed you out!

Anonymous said...

Good! At least we know who are these potential "frogs" as they have exposed themselves.

Time to cleanup for next GE.

Anonymous said...

Zulkifli said he rather chose Islam than party. I think he should join ABIM or JAIS or some Islamic NGOs! Get out of politics for the sake of multiracial Malaysia. Or best, Taliban!

wong said...

we definately not voting pkr ..24 votes is not much..but it time to sweat them out...

Anonymous said...

if you have the likes of Zulkifli Nordin and the seven PKR elected representatives in PKR it is the beginning of the end of PKR as its is people like these who stir racism and will never be able to get the peoples confidence. Zulkifli and the gang of seven should never be elected in GE13

TOOLAN said...

Looking at the bigger picture......I think come next GE, PR is on shaky grounds!
I voted oppositions because I do not want race/religion base politics/government but looking at how things are going in PKR/PR.....they are not so different after all from UMNO-BN.....and if DSAI can't control his "MPs", how can he expect the rakyat put their faith in PR government?

carboncopy said...

G7 to G0 :D

Anonymous said...

Zul and Wee should NOT be allowed to stand under the PKR banner in the next GE. Better sack the idiots.

Anonymous said...

Destroy your vote ?

I think sometimes its about choosing the lesser evil.

Detroying your vote is an act of evil

You can defeat evil by doing more evil

Kstria lalat hitam

Anonymous said...

Wee and Zul are ring leaders with their own interest a priority. If you join a party you toe it's line, simple as that. But whats coming out of these 2 are simply the other way round. I bet if these 2 had stand as independants then and now, they wouldn't have got a thousand votes. Yes, who the heck do you 2 think you are. Especially Wee, to see you hop somewhere else doesn't suprise anyone, for you have done it before. You seem to be unable to co-operate with any leaders.Look at your own history. Get the next ticket to the moon, you probably be fine there.

Anonymous said...

C'mon, whether general or not, the message is "toe the line",no need to mention names. You know, I know, Anwar know, all PKR members know, who doesn't know.
Siapa makan cili, dia yang rasa need to shame that person.

Anonymous said...

Get Wee Choo Keong out for good! He is leaving for MCA if the Liow Tiong Lai gang wins! Good for MCA, let him create further mess in there. LOL!

What happened to his Mosquito DP? Already forgotten ah, saudara WCK? You lost your deposits a couple of times while contesting Bukit Bintang, right? You though the rakyat voted for you during the last election? Wake up from your slumbers! Last time the electorates voted for the party and not the candidates, and that too you won by a miserable 500 votes despite the canvassing of support from top PR leaders.

So much to tell of you WCK, please bring your struggles to MCA.

Lee SH said...

Other than Anwar and wife, PKR should have more leaders like Nurul, Zaid, and Khalid

Alex said...

Wee Choo Keong is a bloody disgrace. What has he done for Wangsa Maju up till now except put his bloody posters up during every festival? The pothole road from Wardieburn to Wangsa Maju LRT has not been fixed for months and it is getting worse and worse. Just ask anybody staying around there. Where is Wee Choo Keong?

All I see is him making noise about triads and defending a Malay Ultra going by the name of Zulkifli Noordin. Still think that voting for these jokers is better than voting for BN? Look what Zul said a while back, which I quote verbatim from his blog:

"Saya juga memberi amaran kepada Majlis Peguam khasnya dan golongan bukan Islam umumnya supaya jangan mencabar hak umat Islam. Kesabaran umat Islam ada batasnya. Kamu mungkin melihat umat Islam di Malaysia ini kelihatannya lemah. Mungkin kamu sedang mengambil kesempatan melihat kedudukan umat Islam yang kelihatannya lemah akibat percakaran politik sesama kami. Tetapi ingatlah disana ada umat Islam yang sedang memerhati gelagat kamu. Kami tidak teragak-agak mengambil tindakan tegas terhadap kamu sekiranya kamu terus-menerus dengan sikap provokatif kamu."

How is that different from the typical UMNO warlord? And Anwar still wants to defend this person! I think Raja Petra hit the nail on the head. Next election we must vote for the candidate not the party. If they put up Hassan Ali again, I will put a big X in the opposite column, unless of course the person in the opposite column is Khir Toyo.

If that is the case then maybe I will draw a big skull on both columns instead.

Anonymous said...

Eventualy, the voters will decide whether the 7 represent 'The Magnificent Seven' or the 'The 7 Deadly Sins' or even 'The 7-Down'.

Anonymous said...

Pakatan faced more troubles from their own men (Hassan Pas, Zul PKR,Wee PKR,Hee Dap and this gang of magnificient 7 cowboys, not to mention the Pas gang which is umno-friendly) than from BN.When Pakatan come close to capture Putrajaya in next election, I bet my last dollar these wild cowboys will frustrate Pakatan from forming government.While Sivarasa was fighting hard court cases for pakatan and Anwar,Hassan was talking about alcohol ban in some stores,Zul was fantisizing about islam under threat , Wee was percepting gangsterism in dap....please grow up Yang Amat Berhormat and STOP acting like spoilt brats.Don't treat us the rakyat like fools.So many of us are more educated/qualified than you.

Anonymous said...

Zaharin Hashim, we know all your antics while heading penangport,
and yet give you a chance. You seem to have gangup with that troublemaker/shit stirrer Wee guy and Zul Nong. Good to You, stay with them. Come GE13, We will surely reward you.

Anonymous said...

One must understand how the political system work in malaysia.If zulkifli nordin is kicked out from pakatan,Umno will exploit the situation.TV3 and UTUSAN will spread venom among the muslim&malay that PKR is no longer fighting for islam
a senstive subject for malays in this country.Can Pakatan win the election with only indian and chinese votes?Just look they are using NST&STAR to tell PKR is a taliban type party.Malay paper hideing this issue.You see the game.The best thing do do is just use your vote to get rid of this one guy only.Some think UMNO is better.Let me tell you UMNO is more evil than PKR as they do things quietly witout telling MCA,GERAKAN,MIC. Who amend 121(1A)?Children have to convert if one spouse convert.Property will be taken from non muslim if one converts,Rehabilation centre for muslims who leave islam .Rembeber Revathy.Wiping for drinking alcohol in UMNO controlled pahang.Let me tell you they are many Zulkifi nordin in umno waiting for bn to regain power to show their true colour.

Tun Faisal Ismail bin Aziz said...

while BN has a challenge to manage success, PR has no success yet, PR stil at the stage of managing d trust fr the people and among the pakatan haram member.. :) - so far they prove they cant be trusted.. :D

Tun Faisal Ismail bin Aziz said...

ha ha ha kay peng, u have to approve my comment first ka? straight talk means people shd b allowed to talk straight la.. :D u hv to walk the talk bro or else need to change ur blog name la.. :)

Fatimah said...

My Dear KKP,

1. Some of your readers might be wondering WHO are these "Group of 7" ?

2. They are powerful people in PKR...warlords.

3. Whether you like it or not they have the PKR grassroot support unlike Zaid Ibrahim or Sivarasa.

4. Once Anwar is gone, these are PKR future leaders.

5. I've written about them in my Part 2 of a two part series in my blog.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Tun Faisal,

Relax lah, you are a full time executive council member of UMNO. Paid well to just main politik. I am running a small biz and can only update and moderate my blog during my breaks.

Worse racist comments from your cybertroopers were allowed here until of course la, the comments e.g. babi, balik cina etc. got basi I decided to stop them from polluting my blog.

U expect me to moderate your post in 2 minutes after you posted?

I need to moderate lah, if not the police will come after me if your bros want to lay a trap for me by posting some nasty and seditious comments just to get me in trouble.

U respect the house rule and you will be welcomed here anytime.

I am non-partisan ma. Just anti-racism and anti-corruption.

Yoto Khir said...

Wee Choo Keong go f#@* yourself. You're a confused person.

Jong said...

Alamak isn't that more than half a century long? 52 years in power and BN is still 'managing' success? What is there to complain about Pakatan Rakyat?

No need to look far, just to the south of our border look at that tiny red dot, once a barren rock. Considering what we are bless with - rich natural resources, vast chunks of land, tin ore, oil & gas and they have none of that, are we truly proud to be where we are today?

Those corrupt morons should count their blessings that there has always been Petronas around to bail them out but it won't be for long now, our oil and gas are depleting soon!