Friday, November 13, 2009

PI Bala: Hero Or Zero?

PI Bala was hired by political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda to keep an eye on his ex-lover Altantuya Shaaribuu, who was found murdered. No motive was ever established.

Then, Bala made two controversial statutory declarations (SD). The first implicated a few prominent people.

His first SD was announced in a press conference with opposition leaders on July 2, 2008 but a day later, he stunned the country when a different lawyer brandished a second SD that overturned the contents of the first declaration.

Balasubramaniam then went missing, according to his nephew who claims his uncle is now in an undisclosed location.

Recently, he resurfaced to make another sensational claim - he was offered RM5 million to retract his statutory declaration that linked Datuk Seri Najib Razak to murdered Mongolian model Altantuya Shaaribuu.

What spurred PI Bala to disappear and retract his first SD if it was the truth? Fear for his safety or the RM5 million promise? What made him reappear again? His guilty conscience or a broken promise?


Anonymous said...

RPK & Bala were having lunch when the call to Bala came from $osmah`s carpetbeggar. What is more likely is that Najib`s brother, thought he could use outdated tricks from Paremaswara`s day to frighten Bala.

RPK & Bala then figured a way to get as much evidence possible and so now the evidence is coming to surface.

Anonymous said...

I suppose you have to wait for part 2 of his video, maybe he will explain more.

This piece you have written is more sober and very factually correct. Stick to this method and you will not go wrong.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I believe this guy. There are times when people stand up for truth even at the risk of their lives.
Look at his SD in its entirely and I would say he is telling the truth.
Not all human being can be 'caged' and intimidated by the rich and mighty.

Anonymous said...

out of 5 juta, he got only 750,000.00
must be damn mad !

Anonymous said...

Well, obviously he received money to finance his sudden holiday overseas. Just checkup the amount paid to him and by who. Was it really the Carpet company and for what reason?

wong said...

bala didnt get his 5 million, the middle man hijack bala get angry/...bala bala. if u are ac hinese i would undertsand ..but as bala the red nin dian...i just dont trust you.

why now?u ean u were all the way caged up ? when yr nepehw contacted u..u didnt hint anything...u are an old hand private investigator...when all these happend on DSD didnt u seek friendly parties to protect u? ddint u hide yr family>\\another nalla pan...

Anonymous said...

Seems like people 'wanted' to believe him no matter what happen to his credibility or whether he accepted the bribe or not. As long as he can bring down Najib, he is the hero.

Anonymous said...

Funny, a noble-heart-man who supposed to reveal the biggest case involving VVIPs in Malaysia is playing "seek & hide". :)

Anonymous said...

Some commentators talk big. I just wonder what they would do if someone point a gun to their heads, or to their loved ones' heads. Would they then do according to their commands, or would they be suicidal heroes and disobey them.

Anonymous said...

From the way he changed his mind after the first SD, it was obvious that a lot of money was involved to persuade him. His credibility has been damaged. I guess he can be forgiven. How many of us would turn down 5 millions. Is he going to change his mind again if the balance of RM4,250,000 is banked into his account? I wait with bated breath.

Anonymous said...

Some time we need to take all this with a pinch of salt. Now you see now you don't. How much of credibility is left with this guy ???

Jong said...

He 'lelong' his spine for RM5 million and OOPS, did they force this anjing to drink the dirty water? It's all about money isn't it?

I'm surprised he has not sold off his wife and children or has he already? Corrupt scumbags like him that needs no pity, they should be put away for all I care and I shed no tear!

Bala's no ordinary man; he was an experienced Private Investigator and he knew what happened to Altantuya - that she was gruesomely murdered, blasted to bits by C4 explosives sanctioned by VVIP yet, he still wanted to entertain them in game of $chess?

He didn't care whatever happens to Malaysia and Malaysians did he?

Jack said...


You are being very rude. Please do not comment in such a way unless you very sure of what you said.

Kindly put yourself in Bala's shoes. Would you have retracted your first SD if your family members have been held hostage? Would you have accepted the money for your troubles (even if you do not agree with the deal)?

If you cannot do what you preach then bloody shut up! Otherwise I will pray that you are put into the same predicament.

charleskiwi said...

Now we know why the IGP's one year extension was 'given' to him despite his poor performances. A promise is a promise !

Anonymous said...

When u play the game of rugby with the C4 bomb as the ball, u shud know when and how to pass the bomb to someone else and yet be still in the game to be able to score. The way some commentators are commenting shows only how naive they are! Why do u not think that we deserve the govt. that we voted in? Mr. Bala, where ever u are, protect yourself and ignore those idiotic comments about u selling yourself for $!

Jong said...


I may not share your views but that does not mean I don't have my rights to freedom of speech and expression? Too bad I'm not into that 'hostage' story and since I have no real knowledge of it, I maintain my doubts it ever occur.

It had me thinking, this Bala'a no ordinary man. He was a former Special Branch officer turned Private Investigator, one who is trained and tested in psychological warfare - kill or be killed. So he chose to retract his 1st SD, replaced with a 2nd SD and settled to fade away with RM5 million. Now why has he resurfaced, all because of money, the unsettled sum? What do you think, would he have bounced back had they not cheated on him?

Sorry Bala, what took you so long? Don't think you care that truth be exposed and the murderer is having a free-run huh? I see they might have changed the rules; the minute you put your signature onto that Statutory Declaration II, you have lost your self-worth - dignity and credibility. In other words, you are a goner!

Things will never improve here and we just learn to compromise, torturing ourselves until next GE-13.

Anonymous said...

bala, 50,000 a bulan for 15 = 750,000
wat patient & silent laa, OK ?

Jack said...


I'll rebuke your statements one by one:

Too bad I'm not into that 'hostage' story and since I have no real knowledge of it, I maintain my doubts it ever occur.
How contradictory. On one hand you have no real knowledge of it, and on another you maintain your doubt that it has ever occurred. Shouldn't you have an open mind (since you have no real knowledge of it) and leave an option that it really has occurred? After all people put their freedom and reputation on the line by registering Statutory Declarations. They go to jail if their SDs are proven to be lies.

Now why has he resurfaced, all because of money, the unsettled sum? What do you think, would he have bounced back had they not cheated on him?
How can you be sure that it is because of the money? If I were him, however principled I am, I will agree to the deal (any deal in fact), get my family to safety, only then plan my next move. If I'm given money by all means I will accept it to show that I am still in the deal and also simply as a compensation for my troubles.
As for when I will "resurface" it requires a trigger. Who is there to help me if I get into trouble? (Where were you Jong?) In this case the trigger is the interview. To answer your questions: I think he never intended to be bought over by the money. He just wanted safety. He "resurfaced" because someone managed to interview him.

Isn't my opinion plausible? In your twisted logic ANYBODY who was threatened, and then given money to go into hiding, then then went into hiding, and then resurfaces is a 'anjing', 'scumbag' and sold off wife and children. This is totally uncalled-for and this is not freedom of speech and expression in my opinion. If you have your way please allow me to call you an anjing too for no good reason. I'll thank you for that.

Jack said...

the minute you put your signature onto that Statutory Declaration II, you have lost your self-worth - dignity and credibility.
Wow! With those strong words can I bet that the godly YOU will not give into any kinds of threats at all?

BTW why do you all all the way think that he signed the first Statutory Declaration for money? Going by the state of the country I'll give him a higher chance of being killed than being given a ransom.

Anandan said...

I think maybe one commenter above is correct: Bala and RPK planned to 'take the bait' so that more evidence can be gathered to finally implicate the perpetuators of the crime.

Which I think is the ONLY way to do it.

If not, they would just discredit Bala and the case would have been closed.

Jong said...


Contradictory? No, I just don't believe him and his "hostage" story. Then you went on to ask and I quote

#BTW why do you all all the way think that he signed the first Statutory Declaration for money?#

- Did I say that, where?

Comeon, you are getting personal, I have a long day and no time to waste with you. Go get some rest, climb your bean stalk!

Bala has made this whole episode public and the public is entitled to comment, query and criticise what his motives are. Let's not assume he is not bright neither are those around him dumb. But he played with fire and he deserved to be scorched and to answer Khoo Kay Peng's question(title), I say he is a ZERO!

Anonymous said...


This Bala bizness might get on our nerves for many reasons, not least because of the politics shit pit we're in.

Bala is now a public figure and as one he'll have to take all public praises and outrage and curses at what's unfolding. What would have happened to our country up to now if no one had said and done what they did? Still as good as 20 years ago with life and death determined by the gomen? Everyone, is entitled to say what they think and it doesn't all mean the right and nice things to say only will give us answers absolutely. The "right" things said may not always solve anything and can make it worse. Those looking looking for answers may even find them in the wrong and nasty things said.

Malaysia is lawless now! And if the Bala case does notr move constructively, we'll be deeper in legal nihilism. The Police won't work, the Judiciary won't work and the PM is still doing the same old tricks against the better population.


Anonymous said...

Must be broken promise. How can you trust with a name like deep pack?

Anonymous said...

PI Bala: Hero Or Zero?
My answer: HERO

1. He was not bought over by money. From my analysis the 5million is supposed to reach him in installments of 50K. (i.e. He got 750K for being in hiding for 15 months). He is willing to forgo the rest of the 4250K. Any commentator here would be willing to do such a thing?

2. He signed the first SD. This requires a lot of courage. Like what Jack says there is a high chance of him getting killed.

Some commentator have been calling him bad names and such. I despise them. They are merely armchair generals and hypocrites. Bala is a HERO.

Anonymous said...

if dia hero , why takut & sign the 2nd & lari with the money ????

Anonymous said...

Q: if dia hero , why takut & sign the 2nd & lari with the money ????

A: 1. He did mention in his interview that he was prepared to face it when he signed the first SD, but he shivered when his family was threatened.
2. I bet he would have done the same thing (i.e. lari) even when not offered any money. Therefore money is not a factor here.

How about his other actions? Do they show that he's a hero or not?

SJ said...

Under stress, people do not act rationally. It is a bit naive to think that Bala sat around pondering what would be the logical and most reasonable thing to do, when he was worried about his family. I notice you did not mention that fact - do you not believe it? Or do you deem it irrelevant?

I think he tried to do the right thing with the first SD, but was unprepared for the consequence. Could anyone have been adequately prepared? Reality is very different from predicted scenarios - the emotional impact cannot be accurately imagined.

Jack said...


Bala is a hero after all now that he resurfaced and bent on telling his side of the story to the world.

I believe you owe him an apology for calling him bad names.

Referring to your "freedom of speech" argument, from the viewpoint of a fair minded person I hope you will not do these kind of actions again. If you insist on doing so then I hope that you are not a hypocrite and do not mind people doing the same thing to you.