Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Single Stream School System & Malaysian Hypocrisy

Dr Mahathir is not wrong to suggest that a single stream school system can help to promote unity and racial integration.

He said that Malaysia is unique because it had multiple school streams but other countries had only one.

The ex-premier should be reminded too that Malaysia is also unique because it had so many race based political parties but other countries such as US, Canada and Australia would not even tolerate race identification and discrimination.

Dr Mahathir should blame his own policy and his party for discriminating and amplifying racism in the country.

The outcome: Two bright students Daniel Ibau and Marina Undau were denied places in the matriculation programme just because they were not Bumiputera enough. Many more had suffered the same fate.

Dr M should not just preach but he should walk his talk by telling his party leadership to turn multiracial because it will be good for unity and racial integration too.

Otherwise, it is better for him to realise that we are growing really tired of his hypocrisy.


Darryl Khoo said...

I'm not being racist here but, in the first place, why matriculation? Matriculation was introduced to enable the bumi to have backdoor entry to the universities, while the non bumi have to struggle through the Form 6.
If the government is sincere in promoting meritocracy, they should just have one level playing field to promote healthy competition.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir walk the talk, and the same with all the other UMNO leaders ? Yeh right, when pigs fly !!!

Anonymous said...

Using the analogy of the snake with a forked tongue, we see that with one side of the mouth these people attempt to lure foreign tourists to come to Malaysia to spend their money by claiming that Malaysia is truly Asia and extolling the diversity of its people, cultures and customs, and the rich rainbow offering of food, dress, and festivals.

But, with the other side of their mouth, they insist that for unity and integration, a single school system, one language, and one national culture is imperative to unite all Malaysians. As if life is so simple and straightforward as that!

The South and North Koreans speak the same language and they are of the same racial stock. Yet that did not stop them from fighting each other viciously. The Pakistanis speak the same national language and they share the same religion - the Religion of Peace. Still it hasn't stopped them from gleefully bombing each other to kingdom come. And there are plenty of youngsters who speak Bahasa Malaysia fluently, better than their own mother tongues, but who find that they are marginalised and denied scholarship opportunities because they happened to be of the "wrong" ethnic group.

Recalling the parable of the Arab and his camel - first the camel requested to have just its head inside the tent; then it wanted to put its neck in; soon it maneouvred to have half its body inside; and finally the story culminated with the camel fully inside the tent and the Arab himself ejected from it as the tent was too small to accommodate both together.

Can a person be faulted if he fears that, first it's a single language, then a single school system, followed by one culture, and finally one religion; and any deviation from this forced uniformity will be met with Taliban-ish intolerance and savagery?


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


To share
What's close to my head beyond hair
Giving me the chance my views to air
With my personal thoughts to bare

To care
For all those who love me
Eating with me rice and mee
Even without meat from hare

To dare
Share with others what I believe
Knowing it may help others to relieve
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To glare
The obvious social injustices and wrongs
Lending a voice to those who aren't strong
To gallop faster than any stallion or mare

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 041109
Wed. 4th Nov. 2009.

lleekh said...

Lets have 1 stream, 1 kind of school. We should be unbiased and go for only the best type. Which is the best type of school available in the country today? Answer is: Jenis Kebangsaan Schools! We therefore should abolish the sekolah kebangsaan. Rename the Jenis Kebangsaan as 1 Kebangsaan School. So lets have 1 stream of schools only! Only the best for Malaysians!!

Anonymous said...

I only have one question. May I know where Tun Mahathir's grandchildren are schooling? Actually I would also like to know where all the Cabinet Ministers and the royalty's children are attending school.

nckeat88 said...

I think everyone in Malaysia are being racist. For once I agree with Dr M suggestion. Even Dr M's suggestion is not pure single stream school system. His suggestion is to get different stream of school system under a same roof. But because everyone especially those who run the Chinese schools are so paranoid of Dr M's suggestion, any good suggestion will be viewed with prejudice.

Let's face it. Every Malaysian are racist especially those involve in politic. Some suggest we should follow the Singaporean single stream system. The problem is if the language used is BM, this will be viewed as attempt to eliminate the Chinese and Tamil system. But if this schools are run with English medium, I AM VERY SURE, lots will abandon the Chinese and Tamil and even BM schools and there will be hope for unity.

Anonymous said...

your article did not explain your position.Are you supportive of the single stream school.Yes or No answer would be sufficient.Need not be going around bushes

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Anon 4.15pm.

My article did state my agreement with Dr M. It was in a plain and short sentence - first sentence.

Do you agree that all race based parties should similarly be encouraged to go truly multiracial?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. KKP,

Your first sentence did not reflect your position and you know what im talking about.You are mere agreeing with Tun suggestion but not your position. Please stop playing with the words.I would appreciate a simple answer Yes or No...

And for your question, I do believe in multiracial parties.Being a Malay working with the Government of the day, Im sick and tired of hypocrites and prejudices be it in the public or private sector.We are all racist I dare to say simply from our up bringing. i had an exhilarating experience in this matter.When I was in Uni Malaya, my former girlfriend was a Chinese..we went out for almost 2 years.The girl family knew about our relationship and the rest I think you know how the story still all the community still have that racist sentiment and I dare to say that now I married a Chinese with 3 beautiful kids

Anonymous said...

There are many hypocrites in UMNO and no doubt the biggest one is the Mahakutty. Talk about single stream in schools but never say anything about their Mara colleges, SAR, UiTM etc. When Tan Sri Khalid proposed to have just 10% non malay students into UiTM they make helluva noise. Is it the chinese/indians who don't want to mix with malays or is it the other way round?

Anonymous said...

Hai yah, you can have 5 different streams also useless, if the teachers in the first place are dungus and the school syllabus has been dumbed down to such a stage where we have useless subject like Moral Studies as a test subject. I say Moral Studies as a dumb subject because when you have such fantastic MEMBERS OF PARLIMENT LIKE BUNG MOKHTAR showing the johnson clap in parliment and other M.Ps shouting 'Keluar', 'Bocor' and Perak Speaker being dragged out and roughed up. IS THIS THE FINE EXAMPLE the government is setting, with all the corruption & incompetence shown? When the BN govt has no morals, what more to say, BTN, HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THAT MAHATHIR?
I say you don't need to reinvent the wheel, Go back to the 1970s, Syllabus, Have National type primary schools, with english as a medium of education, those who want Malay as the medium of education than go to MALAY SCHOOLS, do it like what we had in the 1970s and 1980s.
Mahathir is the reason why our education system is messed up, He was the education minister who started the whole shebang slide down the slippery slope of dungu teachers and graduates. All this from his silly policies. Well whats so difficult, get teachers from India to teach in English, if those dungus in the ministry of education's will wake up than maybe we got a chance. LOOK AT SINGAPORE, WHY THEY CAN , WHILE WE CANNOT, is it the have something extra in their water?

zozdaniel said...

I fully endosed the idea of eliminating Race Based Parties. By going on such path, then the principle of ONENESS can be achieved.

Whatever slogans, such as 1Malaysia will not have any meaning bdecause the First call for National Unity since independance has yet to be answered.

The national leaders just need to put their little finger to their heart and ask, DO WE REALLY WANT NATIONAL UNITY?

I for one thinks that all theser slogans are FAKE, BLOODY FAKE!!!

Just look at the speeches of our Ministers when attending the Non-Malay forums as compared to the case of forums in the presence of the Malays!!!

If national unity is to be followed through and true, since the days of national independance, why then do we have to REPEAT the call for national unity after 50 years?

Such inconsistencies and false pretense coming out from the mouth as compared to that ingrained inside the Racist brains have been the MAIN cause of the Fractioning Malaysian society.

Malaysia got so much to gain if the rakyats can be moulded into ONE, in persuing a truely common goal of pushing the nation for a truely develop nation from the efforts of the common people called Malaysians.

Now point that little finger in the direction of Najib, Mohideen, Hamidi and Hishamudin- look clearly into their face, ask yourself, do they really want a truely united Malaysians?

Anonymous said...

One stream with with English as the medium, Malay and Chinese as second languages - a resounding YES . (the Singaporean system)

With Malay as the medium, English as a second language and Chinese almost non-existent - a big NO !

Anonymous said...

The only way we will successfully have a single stream school is when we abolish race based politics. Children(irrespective of race) are being brought up to be racist both in their homes and also in school. So let stop pretending and ask ourselves whether we are willing to look at ourselves as Malaysian first.

Richard Loh said...

Malaysians need to play a part in running the country and not just leave the politicians to do whatever they like.

You Need To Get Involved, Know What Is Happening & Going On In Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Anon. 5:51 PM said:

There are many hypocrites in UMNO and no doubt the biggest one is the Mahakutty. Talk about single stream in schools but never say anything about their Mara colleges, SAR, UiTM etc. When Tan Sri Khalid proposed to have just 10% non malay students into UiTM they make helluva noise. [In fact, the students themselves staged angry, aggressive demonstrations against the proposal.]

Is it the chinese/indians who don't want to mix with malays or is it the other way round?

The above comment by Anon. 5:51 PM hits the nail right on the head which is why it is necessary to reproduce it here.

People can see from this very clearly, with no room for any further doubt, that it is the Malays themselves who strongly resist mixing with the other races.


Anonymous said...

Why is it that people from the early 50s and 60s can mix so freely with one another? We know we are different but no racial discrimination and slurs.

Nowadays racial polarization is the norm; hardly you can find school children of different races mixing with one another.

One of the reasons, I believe is the education system in the country. It sets to try to unite the people but truly has veered into ineffectiveness.

If the present powers at hand cannot perform then we should let the new coalition from the alternative government, take over the administration of the country and set all wrongs right.

The next GE is the best platform.

Danny said...

The claims that Singapore Government closed the vernacular schools and have a single school for all are completely wrong

1. Intake in chinese school started to drop drasticly when parents saw that ENGLISH education led to better jobs. The Singapore government only closed the chinese schools when enrollment became negligible. Nanyang Universdity was closed because with the feeder primary and secondary schools were no more. THERE WAS NO COMPULSION. The choice was by the parents.

2. There is NO SINGLE SYSTEM in Singapore. The Malays can and still choose to study in MADRASAHS. Only not too recently the goverment compelled them to teach English, Maths and Science in addition to religous lessons and Arabic. This was because madrasah graduates couldnt find jobs

In conclusion it was the parents who closed the chinese schools while even today the Malays can isolate themselves in Madrasahs

Anonymous said...

Ignore this corrosive fork tongued evil old man with the selective memory who was the single greatest destroyer of unity and racial integration in Malaysia. He served only his own agenda which was to stay in power at any cost. History will not be kind to him no matter what spin is put on his so called achievements by his apologists.maevo

Anonymous said...

He is not called "forked tongue" for nothing.

He is a master of deception.

Lee SH said...

The unity problem is created by politicians. The only solution to unity is to clean and wash up the brain of these politician.

Alex said...

The question is will the matrikulasi, MARA, UITM and the other mono-ethnic schools of the Malays join the single stream education system? Why discriminate against Chinese and Tamil schools only? After all, nobody is stopping Malays and Indians from enrolling in Chinese schools.

Who is stopping Chinese and Indians from enrolling in matrikulasi, MARA, UITM, asrama sekolah? Racial discrimination and ketuanan Melayu special rights.

That said, can we even trust them to be fair in the single stream school? Even now, national schools alos everybody can see what is going on. No need for me to elaborate so long, since my father and relatives are all national school teachers, and they have a lot to say on the subject.

We'll leave it for another day. But mark my words, try to touch the Chinese and Indian schools and there will be widespread protests and instability. Don't stir the hornets nests. Don't question the constitution. (Nice to taste your own medicine, UMNO?)

Anonymous said...

As usual, this mamak has no shame and can't even see what he has done to the nation!
He can only point his finger out and does not see the rot on his three other fingers pointing to himself.
When is he going to drop dead and spare us his torment once and for all?
Malaysia is really cursed with this mamak born into this country. We would have been many many times better off without his 22 years of mismanagement, corruption and pretence.

mycuntree said...

"When is he going to drop dead and spare us his torment once and for all?"

Yes, I'm in full agreement with this Anonymous's sentiments of MM.Don't you just wish he'll have a HA yesterday!

On hindsight and with so much more information than we had in the past, this MM has actually done more irreparable damage to this country after just over 2 decades of his rule than the combined rules of the Portuguese,Dutch or British has ever done to Malaya or Sabah and Sarawak in the past.

God must save this country by putting him away for good.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese have got the Chinese Immigrant Schools and the Malays have got the Malays special rights or privileges for accepting the Chinese Immigrants to become the citizen of Malaysia (other countries?..Hell their people will grant citizenship to Immigrants THAT EASILY)....
Now the Malays do not want or are forced to revoke the Malay special rights or privileges, in return the Chinese's citizenship should also be revoked! No more becoming Malaysian, no more schooling in Malaysia, no more having whatsoever rights in Malaysia..GO BACK TO THE LAND WHERE YOUR FOREFATHERS HAD BEEN DISOWNED AND STARVED TO DEATH, AND THAT LAND IS CALLED CHUNG GUO!