Monday, November 09, 2009

Thanks to Nazri For Showing Us How a Morally Deficit Government Can Be Legal

Nazri Aziz said that Lingam's alleged brokering of judges may be morally wrong, but there are no specific laws against it.

"His actions can undermine and erode the integrity of the judiciary, but things must be viewed from a legal perspective...moral and legal must be separated".

Nazri's twisted logic is worrying. If Lingam's action can undermine the integrity of the judiciary, there should be enough legal ground to deal with his alleged misbehaviour.

At present, the perception of the judiciary is already teetering on the brink of collapse. Flip flops and inconsistencies in judgements are pointing to possibilities of poor judicial appointment and selection process or outside interference.

Lingam's action had eroded public's confidence in our judicial independence. Something has to be done to address the erosion of confidence. Lingam must be investigated and those who were allegedly involved in the controversy must be scrutinized too.

Is Nazri finally agreeing with the rest of Malaysians that the power grab in Perak is immoral but not illegal?

If moral and legal are totally separated, we might as well take compassion, principles, good values and integrity out of human beings. Is our politics amoral too?

This is not the kind of politics we want.


Anonymous said...


Get rid of them in next GE!

Victims risk their life to nab thieves are facing murder charges whilst snatch thieves risk their life for money and 2-year jail term.

No wonder many prefer to be snatch thieves!

Anonymous said...

Are we ever surprised anymore?

Anonymous said...

hey are we chinese malaysian or malaysian chinese? what's d diff

Anonymous said...

this is Bolehland they can do whatever they wishes.... what can we do ya....?

kangks said...

Sometimes I wonder why we need so many ministers to waste the taxpayers monies. Even the August House also need a minister just to arrange the table and oh ya don't forget to switch off the lights.
With this kind of statement, it's really an insult to the RCI and to His Majesty.

Anonymous said...

Does it also makes sense that this "moral & legal" thingy should be applied to Datuk Anwar sodomy case...????????

Or "acting" stupid & forgetful gets one off the hook...??? U know people with "sudden" memory loss....!!

Eerrr.... what's the name of these viruses call arr...??

We got H1N1, Cancer, Aids, etc.., etc....
All the virus & diesease got "names".

Anonymous said...

Dear Khoo, I think by now you should come to the realisation that morality and ethics have no place in Malaysian politics. It just topics which taught but not not practised.
It's purpose is only to bring a person down for political expediency. Eg. MCA's entertaining melodrama. CSL indiscretions which was unacceptable is now acceptable .... and now the judge brokering episode which has made a mockery of our judiciary is not impt 'cos the characters involved have been embarassed enough by the RC. (that is their punishment!)

That is Malaysia Boleh for you.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of what the PM said and promoted about doing things politically, morally and legally correct.

If NAziz is interpreting things his way, then the PM should take a second look at his KPI.

The meaning behind the PM's assertion is that the 3 aspects are inter-linked and can't stand alone without the other. It is like sitting on a 3-legged stool. Which leg is more important than the other?

Maybe NAziz is playing musical chairs with thinking Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

I'm amaze he could keep a straight face when he announced this!
The core framework of a justified government:
Upholding of Justice
to name a few

None of these can be seen nor heard of from the current Government Administration.Malaysia is a laughing stock to the world for electing unqualified immoral leaders.Hence v put him up there!
Imaging in a seminar,a hall with PhD audiences listening to a 5th grader speaker applausing his comments.
That's how i c Malaysia.
Wake up VOTERS! Vote for MALAYSIA not your race.

telur dua said...

Why is this guy going out of his way to make excuses for VKL's misdeeds?

Anonymous said...

Chinese Malaysians chiang hua yu first and everthing else is secondary.

Malaysian chinese speaks english chinese malay and some tamil.