Tuesday, November 10, 2009

VK Lingam Scandal & a Big Cover Up?

Leo, Jayanthi and Sivarasa

Jayanthi LG Naidu, who is said to be the 'key witness' sought by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in the VK Lingam case,claimed that she has been available to assist MACC in their investigations at all times.

She made this claim despite the MACC statement claiming that they could not get a key witness to testify.

"After the announcement (written reply) by Nazri on Oct 23 (that no action would be taken), I called and asked the MACC who the key witness was that they were looking for. "They were unable to answer me," she told reporters at Parliament.

She has made several serious allegations which merit a review or a reopen of the VK Lingam's case. MACC and the government risk tarnishing their image if no probe is taken against these allegations.

Jayanthi's allegations:

1) Lingam and Chin's family holiday trip to New Zealand in 1994 was planned and paid for by Lingam

2) She described how the judgment delivered by Mokhtar Sidin in the Vincent Tan vs MGG Pillai 's libel case was written in the office of Lingam.

3) She claimed that several incidents in Lingam's office where Lingam and other lawyers have also written or assisted in the writing of draft judgments.

4) She had withdrawn large sums of cash between RM100,000 and RM300,000 under Lingam's instructions to be given as 'gifts' to several judges.

Now, who is lying? The MACC, Nazri or Jayanthi?


Shanker said...

"Now, who is lying? The MACC, Nazri or Jayanthi?"

Dear Khoo

Let me attempt to answer the above, by posing this question:-

Which of the three are in a stronger position to lie? If we were to measure each of their odds at lying, wouldn't Jayanthi be in much more riskier position, if she lied? Especially since the other two could easily cover up, compared to her?

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you cover up too if it involves "strings" of elite people that has "GIVEN" you a luxury income & lifestyle.....?????

You wanna bite the "hands.." that has been feeding you..?????

You wanna "risk" finding that person GUILTY & in retaliation all "evil deeds" will be expose...???????????????????????

As for "lying"...,
Some sucker is "trying" their best to make us suckers...!!!!!

"Which we, the rakyat, are NOT...!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Maybe another 'Bala' disappearing case soon!Short cut to wealth and happiness I guess.

true-leaders.com said...

Does Jayanthi have a reason to lie?
Why would she take the risk of going against the powers that be unless it is true?

Anonymous said...

With this revealation from Jayanthi it should have cornered Nazri and gang to open up the LIngam case again. More pressure should be added by everyone on them and see what idiotic comments or excuse he can come out with again.
As for Jayanthi, I think Sivarasa and his people will know how to keep her safe. And my respect to you Jayanthi for your great sacrifice for justice.

Darryl Khoo said...

i must say that there should be more elegance in cover up, with good cover stories and hiding of tracks.
in malaysia, it's the 'in your face' kind of arrogance which seems to say that, "i said it. u can f*** off if u don't want to believe it" kind of attitude. They no longer care about the kind of perception that the public is going to get. too long in power, i say.

Anonymous said...

I hope Pakatan gives her the best protection and she does not end up missing like the private eye Bala.

Anonymous said...

Wait for MACC to goto Putrajaya first before answer this question. They have to consult with their boss there before giving the right answer. Teoh Beng Hock died also, they need to consult Putrajaya before making police report.

Nazri says no case because you don't have the evidence of the cake or show how cake can stuff with 300,0000 ringgit be given to judges or Judges don't celebrate birthdays, so how to have cake??? CASE CLOSE!!!!

It is morally wrong for Judges to eat cake, but legally right to received them according to Nazri.

I also want cake!

Anonymous said...

She will be hauled up by the police or MACC and intimidated. Yes, she too might disappear since the police are in the kidnapping business as well. Thats what RPK said of Bala's family.

Anonymous said...

Dear KKP, now these rogue flurs claim that she is not the key witness.

What kind of human are these?

The longer these gangs are around, the worst this country will fall.

Anonymous said...

Now they say she is not the witness they are looking for! Amazing. Then who is the witness?! Reveal it!

Anonymous said...


the looking-for-man is looking for a man who has disappeared. cant locate him.

ha2, mr taxi licnece. that trick is useless coz it has been used too foten by the cops when they want to lose a case. remember the young chinese boy who died in the hands of a gay sodomist?

Anonymous said...

The Malaysian public is keen to find out how the BN government sweeps all the scandals under the carpet. Will it work and for how long? Another 52 years? Silly!

Anonymous said...


Another cover-up...!

Justice is "blind". But here..???
You can all say whatever & till the cows come home or not......

They "don't" care..! Decision made..!!
That's it...!

Anonymous said...

no way we going to rest our case Nazri you and macc should come out clean tell us who are you looking for if not Jayanti.
so stop playing no play play hug we know you are lying and you day of reconing will be coming when you stand before your maker.

telur dua said...

Nazri talk like he is VKL's defence counsel.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the key-witness sudah been promised
5 juta like bala too !?