Friday, November 27, 2009

We Need Better Ministers, Not Spin Doctors

Rais urged local public relations practitioners use blogs to compete with local bloggers who spin stories on all sorts of issues. “If others can spin, why can’t we?” he asked.

Yes, it is true that some bad ministers need more spin doctors to cover up their mess and mischief. The problem is we (Malaysians) are paying for both.

The sad part is some issues cannot be spinned regardless of how big the paychecks these spin doctors are getting.

We have helped the federal government to foot more than RM20 million for spin doctors. But there is nothing these high flier and fat paychecks spin doctors can do about the slide in the nation's economic competitiveness, corruption, education, skilled labour force and other relevant indices.

P. Gunasegaram opines: No sir, Minister. We don’t need better spin doctors.We need better information, communications, and yes, culture, too, in all the things that we do.

There is nothing these spin doctors can do to undo the PKFZ financial disaster. Can they spin off the losses and financial liability faced by the people?

There is nothing these spin doctors turned bloggers can do to demonize the 'real' bloggers if they merely asked for accountability and transparency over a number of issues e.g. VK Lingam, Teoh Beng Hock custodial death, Altantuya murder, PI Bala testimony, questionable privatisation projects, land grab scandals, Penan women rape cases, deaths in detention, the AG's report on financial misappropriations and others.

We do not need more spin doctors but ministers with better senses and intelligence. Ministers who are clean, transparent, efficient and honest do not need these spin doctors to win a few additional votes or to stay in power.

The 'real' bloggers will voluntarily promote good governance and good leaders. Why pay when you can get it for free?


Angry Citizen said...

This Rais fler,he is already passed his generation and ask him to fuck off.He should not be appointed a minister in the first place. Don't understand why Najib choose him.

wong said...

najib choose him because anak yatim is stupid n offered for us to smash his form of distraction ..maybe anak yatim has some grip over najib "night out" at port dickson ..anyone care to elaborate?

Anonymous said...

Is he condoning spin doctors ?
Are they presently "spinning" but just not good enough ? I thought they should be giving us a clearer picture and the truth to counter the spin? Why spin a spin further ?Does our Minister Rais know what kind of message he is telling all Malaysians ?

Jong said...

Our need does not mean they have! ..sad truth is "good" ministers are rare commodity these days and BN don't seem to have any around. It's torturing, we must spin them all off next round!

blue said...

with below statement from Minister, It is stupid and immoral. Minister should not encourage this at all and should educate the citizen. It is too shameful we have 4th world ( degrade from 3rd)mentality of government. Even secondary school student know what is the right things to do on this. I feel sicken we pay the salary to such idiot.

Anonymous said...

A real stupid comment from a minister. We need good govenance not good spin doctors. Most of the bloggers comments are more accurate and more honest that the politically controlled mass media. Is he saying that politician can be corrupted and that employ a good spin doctor to hide. I hope he is not too stupid to see that.

najib manaukau said...

Can Rais tell the people why was the Menganakau (Indonesia) house built in the middle of lake garden in Seremban ?
Was it a reminder of the roots of the Malays there ? Surely that would make them pendatang !
He was the MB of N.S for sometime !

Anonymous said...

I am very sorry to say that such clean and honest ministers have not been born yet in Malaysia!

telur dua said...

Rais urged local public relations practitioners use blogs to compete with local bloggers who spin stories on all sorts of issues. “If others can spin, why can’t we?” he asked.

That is exactly the point. UMNO/BN has been spinning their whole life. As if not enough, they also resort to indoctrination via the sick BTN.

With all the resources and 'experience' they can't even do a proper job. What a @#$% disgrace.

zozdaniel said...

These bunch of fellas are up to no good in spinning our minds sideway and intoxicate with estasy. They don't care the hell of the destruction to the social fabrics in advancement of our society.

Chuck them into the jumbo laundry drum lace with TROJAN powder and spin to scrub out those dirty and hellish stains cultivated over the years.

They should rightly be hanged to dry from the neck. Malaysians should hang then before the nation is further destroyed.

Ting said...

MANY years ago, Datuk Rais Yatim was remembered for burning his bridge with Umno and its leaders.

Anonymous said...

Rais aka Minister of Gasing :) He is assuming two posts in cabinet.

I don't really understand why Malaysia needs spin doctors in the first place??????

As long as the politicians and ministers and cabinet members are in DENIAL, Malaysia does not need any spin doctors.

If you resist to admit (i.e. strong self-denial), there is no need to spin the stories............

Anonymous said...

This Rais anak Yatim is a fascist, an opportunist and a slime ball all rolled into one cow-dung.

Everytime he opens his mouth - everyboby knows that only pus lies between his ears because his foul stench can be detected a mile away!

Anonymous said...

Why is this country being run by kampung idiots? They can't think and they talk rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Khoo,
Why don't you do us a favour and find out how much investment Dubai World have promised for Iskander?
It could be interesting!

Anonymous said...

If others can spin,
If others can spin,
Why can't we?

If we can spin,
If we can spin,
Why can't I?

If I can spin,
If I can spin,
Why can't they?

If they can spin
If they can spin
Why can't you?