Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yes, Manoharan, PR is No Different From BN

It is all about race, race and race and in this case it is about Indian, Indian and Indian.

Kota Alam Shah assemblyperson M Manoharan said the Pakatan government should have rewarded the Indians the most. His reasoning was that 'they are the ones who contributed to the coalition's huge win in the last general elections'.

He chided Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim for only having one Indian exco in the government leadership lineup.

"The government is supposed to appoint two Indian excos. Instead, they only gave one (to Dr Xavier Jayakumar)."

Can an additional exco post help to reduce the crime rate amongst Indian youth, eradicate poverty and improve per capita income of the community?

It is all about position, position and position.

Yes, Manoharan, with an assemblyman like you who only knows how to champion racial interest the PR coalition is no different from Barisan.

What about the interests of Malay and Chinese voters who voted for you?


khoo said...

Without the support of other races, the indian would not have won any state or parliament seats.

Sometimes, it made me angry with a few of these indians demanding these and that. I am sure the majority of other races felt the same.

These indians and I hope they are the minority, should compare what the pakatan government has done for them compared to the BN government.

With their racial thinking, more and more people would be fed-up with them.

Anonymous said...

Well said, this bugger is no different from racial politics in BN. Ever since released from ISA, Manoharon had targeted some positions. Firstly, he blasted speaker Teng for wearing songkok, as he demand for the post. Now, he aims for exco post. Manoharon is scoring own goal like Hassan Ali. DAP should refer him for disciplinary action as Pakatan moving towards a cohesive partner.

PR Man said...

The revered Mahatma Gandhi once said, " we have enough for everyone's needs, we do not have enough for everyone's greeds", Is that clear, Mano?

Please understand that your outburst does nothing to help the PR Government, you are now in the Government, why can you not work from the inside? Does your outburst solve any problem for the Indians? Why don't you voice your disgust at the police action, who shot dead five Indians? Why? You seek cheap publicity for the Indians and to antagonize the others who voted for you, do you think it will do you any good? Who helped your wife and family during your detention? Only Indians or Malaysians of other races as well? Think before you speak and kindly do not hurt those that had assisted you in so many ways. You will never realize how much this means because you are out now.

I think you should get to be more focus in your desire to represent the Indian community, who, in the PR are getting better than under BN. Why are you shouting your throat hoarse, at the PR Government which are still in its infancy, and of which you are one? Remember you are shouting at yourself as you are in the Government. Why had you been quiet despite 52 years of marginalization? Remember, Mano, if you fight on the platform of race, all right thinking Malaysians will desert you in droves.

a Malaysian said...

U are no better Khoo...The momment Manoharan said it; you went on about Indians .... Cpme on guys cut out the charade! I don't agree about dividing the exco seats by race but can u honestly say it was not done so?

Anonymous said...

I think it is better to be with BN with this latest outburst from another rascist from PR. At least in BN they dare not voice their displeasures so blatantly because of big brother.

Fight the big brother, Mano, why are you picking your own to fight with?
Part of the conditional release?

Anonymous said...

i am sure yb mano is just playing politics a bit...

he's dishing it the way umno dishes out the 'malay agenda'.

still, i personally thought it's in bad taste - the way he presented his views.

but the concerns remain valid, albeit in a narrow way.


jamos said...

If every leader in the PR coaliton is so entrenched in fighting selfishly only for their own race, just wonder where PR will be heading to. Your guess is as good as mine, DOOMED. Isn't it self-defeating by scoring own goal to let the BN have the advantages to gain back the support they lost in the G12? Therefore, PR house-cleaning is a must. Self-interest representatives and leaders should be rooted out first to enable PR garnering more confidence and support to put up a united formidable front. Save all the energy and stay 'focussed' to only what it matters most, that bury the divide & rule regime of UMNO/BN once and for all. When this objective is attained, negotiate and work amicably within PR coalition (then as a federal govt) for whatever needs among the races in the context of Bangsa Malaysia - the 1Nation, 1People and 1Voice. This will ultimately benefit everybody irregardless of race. In turn, the whole nation will be uplifted and progressed in every aspect of people's life socially and economically. Thus, having all that the Vision 2020 will only be within sight and achievable.

Anonymous said...

To the chinese and Malays......who condems the INDIANS,,,How many of you have ever spoken up for people. To the chinese, who as afar as they are concerned, as long their rice bowl is not disturbed they will not do anything. Tell me something, the law clearly says no one is guilty until proven so...In this case the 5 killed cannot defend them. I just wish the 5 killed was your brothers....wonder what your reaction be. All you CHINESE & MALYS are so bloody blind....when ANWAR can be framed who are these chikos.How can they defend themselves. Khoo Kay PENG!!!You have just proven yourself to be an educated idiot...Can you please tell me an instance where a MAlay or Chinese MP have spoken on the ongoing marginalization of the Indians. GO FUCK YOURSELVES.

Anonymous said...

Another idiot PR wakil rakyat so called...
Go ahead and work closely with UMNO for all I care Mano heran the idiot.
I think you Mano heran deserved the ISA!!!

Ex Malaysian said...

How can we progress the nation if everytthing and policies have to do with RACE, RACE and then RELIGION. Thats is why ex Malaysians are all fed up with these backwards mentality. To be really honest I do not have confidence in the future of Malaysia; if you are not BUMI.

najib manaukau said...


Please for crying loud look at the Indian population and then asked for rights accordingly and not for rights of a majority.
If you are genuinely looking after the interest at heart and not your own interest !

Anonymous said...

If PKR is no better than BN, then Manoharan is "NO" better......

Those that has been in power for 50 over bloody years....., were the Indians any better compare to "now"..?????

Only now that "there is" PKR recently, Mano wants to compare to 50yrs of BN..!

Go find out what's the "root" cause of Indian's situation.

Better do that than complaning "should" have this & that, "why" not this & that, "deserves" this & that......

Has he forgotten that the Malays, Chinese & Other races contributed to PKR's win also..?

I think "no" need to look at the "root" cause lah.....
Manoharan's attitude says it all.....!!

Anonymous said...

Just what is wrong with all these Indian leaders? They all want to copy Samy Vellu. Just a bunch of shit stirrers with bloated egos and self importance. Overnight they want the country to be run by Indians and yet, they were treated like dirt by the BN all these while and yet didn't make a squeak. So Manoharan, what have you done for Indians since elected?

Anand said...


I am an Indian. I feel very disgusted with this Indian leaders who are fighting for the positions.

Instead of asking for the position, he should ask the Selangor govt to help the poor regardless of race to buy houses cheaper. As we know now we have a price for Bumi and Non Bumi and a rich Bumi can buy the house cheaper than a non bumi labourer.

These leaders should fight for that. They also should ask more allocation to fight the gangsterism which is starting at school level. Make more allocation to do more social programs to educate the kids.

Most of the kids fall to bad habits because of the environment they are living. Should think about how to change the environment.

Darryl Khoo said...

What is happening now cannot be avoided until we totally discard the racial mentality of all politicians. We have been so effectively divided that whatever we think, we think in the lines of racial tones, just as PR r still acting like the opposition in states where they form the government.
Time will tell whether we can shed this mentality.

Anonymous said...

These Indians should realize that without Chinese and Malay votes they would be nobody today.

Without the DAP and PKR they can never dream of becoming lawmakers.

The Indians via the MIC had all the positions in government but what did the Indians get in return.

I suggest Manahoran and the other Indian leaders just get out of Pakatan and join BN and remain as beggars and get shot by the police.
Note: I am also an Indian.

colorless said...

Manoharan....If you are not in government now, you will still be rotting under ISA

camcamni said...

Guess we are going to see another Independent BN-Friendly ADUN in Selangor soon.
Mano is trying to be another Indian maverick harping on racial lines. Probably he wants the positions badly as a reward for his incarnation in Kamunting or he could have been indoctrinated by BN while in Kamunting and will soon be BN-friendly and so will go on more tirade to poke at PR Govt in Selangor.
I dare DAP to take immediate action against him but knowing the situation, DAP will just keep quiet and give reasons like he was just speaking on his own personal views which does not represent DAP's views.....blah...blah...blah
WE had Hassan Ali, Zukifli Nordin, Wee Choo Keong and now Manoharan.
Maybe Mano is influneced by the Mano character in the High Chapparal tv serial show?
Guess we have to rethink on how our votes will go come GE 13?

Anonymous said...

You have got this terribly wrong, while I could have appreciated a moderate review, your extreme view puts you very close to bigotry.

Many people forget that the Chinese always had it good and have a tacit understanding amongst their community to keep things within their community. That is why we now have the Malaysian economy divided into two large pies of the Chinese economy and the bumiputra/ Malay economy within the Malaysian economy while the others have make the best of the crumbs that are left in the economic pie.

Think about it, why should not minorities (Chinese is not a minority in Malaysia)in Malaysia be given opportunities. Why shouldn't the Chinese economy be dismantled through regulation and law when we demand the bumi economy to be dismantled. Of course the Chinese on your site will not like this posting becoz it is revealing another part of the Malaysian problem. The minorities do not forget, we are simply wanting to take one step at a time.

There are bigger issues once the Umno/BN issue is resolved, its not the end of the line.

Anonymous said...

indian and chinese fate in malaysia are same.
i found indian community are demanding. they poor, they blame government. if chinese poor ? blame who?
we all have to workhard to earn more money so definetly the lifestyle will upgrading.

Anonymous said...

Shut the hell up Manoharan.
It is you who are no different from BN, with your need to define everything in neatly drawn racial lines.

And yes, I'm of Indian origin. But Malaysian first.

Anonymous said...

Mano you must be one who will be jumping to UMNO/BN come Jan2010.

You are now making statements to start the ball rolling.

If you are confident of what you say then resign from your state seats and we will see the results of the by-election.

Enough is enough of the likes of you who talk shit.

Go serve the rakyat in your constituencies.

Ah Beng Crosby said...

Found in a Year 4 work book of BM, multiple answer question authored by a Malay female. Question,"Mengapakah polis menangkap orang it". First multiple answer said it loud even though it is not correct. A. Orang itu berbangsa India. I kid you not. The workbook was publised by Tunas Pelangi, part of the Pelangi group, the workbook used by Year 4 students. The fact that this sort of mischevious statement made it to the print amazes me. Young students being programme subconciously to stereotype certain race, this is so unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Can we (Malaysian) just stop referring one Malay, Chinese, Indian, Bidayuh, Iban, Punjabi and so on. What ever the politicians' do is for Malaysian.

This is bloody racists if one still have the mindset of I do this for this particular race. Grow up Malaysian.

amoker said...

I was helping out the urban Indian poor and make effort to help out the indian estate workers when i was in Port dickson. In university, set up a special tuition for Indians and Malays. I am chinese, if you care. Mano can speak but it is the small actions that go accross the racial divide that is more important. Not positions. He should think like a leader now instead of an opposition.

Anonymous said...

I am an Indian, but I am not supporting Mano's claims. At the same time if you think employing one's own race as racist then I would say most of the Chinese in Malaysia are bloody racist.

Anonymous said...

Ah Beng Crosby,


Can you please scan that and put it up on the web!!!

You can upload it to and post it back here!

Anonymous said...

Obviously, Manoharan is not ready to be a public servant!

Make it be known that whether it's BN or PR, people like Mano should not be elected into office!

Ah Beng Crosby said...

Anonymous at 1.57pm. Send an email to me, I scan it and send to you on Monday next week.

penang mari said...

the chinese are actuly the most racist person in they pretend not being one...they hide their true color under merit etc. The malays are jz protectng their rights to get special treatment. But the chinese are so much greedy that they wan to hav evrythng...jz go see any new company set up...even if it is MNC the chinese mk 90% of this could happen? they wun giv any job to non Chinese...they wil open up the 10% just to cover their racist thinkng...dun believe me, come penang. big MNCs but jz see urself who controlling in evry department. Ofcourse the malays wil feel thretnd. the indian...go to gomen oso cannot...private oso cannt...

Anonymous said...

And without the support of the Indians the others would not have won their seats.

This is all about race and quotas. Since when did that change?

Crime was once the sole preserve of the Chinese on the streets. They have moved on to commiting more grevious offences which are harder to trace, more sinister and with front men which make their participation more obscure.

At the end of the day it is about race. A bit like Singapore.

BTW you cannot get away with a shallow disclaimer as you have placed on your site saying "comments posted on this blog do not represent the view (which should read 'views' )
of this blogger.
Gopal Raj Kumar

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Gopal Raj Kumar,

The disclamer is meant for a reader like yourself who are keen to see everything in racial perspective. Yes, Malaysia today is all about race and quota but it does not mean that it is acceptable.

Who is more shallow? A blogger who believes in freedom of speech or a blog reader who insists on name calling and racism, and wants the blogger to be held responsible for his post?

Anonymous said...

Most Malaysians who think along the lines of race, race , race are mostly by BY PRODUCT of venacular schools. The eat with their own race, talk with their own race and when in the company of other race talk in their mother tongue amongst themselves. Do they know it's rude to do so ? Most cases they don't care.

Anonymous said...

Just to be fair, next time elect a SIKH instead. What does Mano say than ?

rainstorm said...


Why can't you just look NOT at the race ? It doesn't matter what race is the exco lineup as long as he/she is capable of running it with true transparency, integrity & honour. After slightly more than half a century of independent, you still talk about race !!!! Sigh !

Anonymous said...

Penang mari, if you set up a company, you hire who first ?
Honestly answer, okey. If you feel comfortable with your own race and you want to help your own race, you hire them first, correct. A lot of small and private company thnk along those lines. Very difficult to find company with a good mix of races. As for MNCs, who are the real bosses?
They hire on the basis of qualifications and also language profiency. If you see there are a lot of one kind of race in a MNC, next question is asked
a) nature of business
b) Qualifications
c) language profiency

Then you know why there are more of certain race than the other.
I don't believe you have enough experience in terms of doing research work. Leave it to the experts okey .

Wizzerd said...

With statements like wonder BN is gaining ground and PR is in shambles.
More positions in Exco means not racist, no position means Selangor state govt is racist. What kind of warped thinking is that.

I am a Chinese, I don't mind having non-Chinese exco members if they are genuine, honest, competent and transparent compared to a line-up of Chinese who is corrupted and incompetent bunch.

Anonymous said...

khoo,you are just a bigot, that's don't try to act as if you are colour blind.the majority chinese in this country have not moral high ground to point fingers at any race.

anon 9.40 am ,well said.the problem here is that,malaysian chinese will never admit their mistakes.oh!do you know that the triads hire small indian gangs to do their dirty work(a lot)?also,they are starting to hire africans now.

Lee SH said...

There is no place for racial and religion politics in Malaysia. We should despise such politicians irrespective of BN or PR alike. The way to go is to take care of the poor not by race, colour or religion.

limisscaredofkoh said...

Ha Ha.

Its si funny when racist Ah Bengs scream racism.

Hey Khoo Ah Beng your hero Lim Ah Beng Guan Eng took money from the rich developer and caused the destruction of the LAST Indian village. So please spare us this color blind bull shit you're spewing-lah.

You people are the real racists.

najib manaukau said...

If the Chinese businessmen don't hire chinese where else can they go ? Pariah Mahathir got millions of Malays in the civil service, who is the real racist ?

Anonymous said...

Anon @9.22am, first question I ask-
You ever admit mistake or not ? People got say you stubborn and always think you are right or not ?
I don't need to ask race to draw this conclusion. There is plenty in every race lurking around, making stupid statements like yours.
Reading from the way you write, I can say you are one very stubborn, petty, narrow minded and cannot accept feedback type of person. Ask your personal friend.

Anonymous said...

anon 11.16 am,maybe you should look at mirror first.

Logger123 said...

Mano did the right thing by voicing out his concerns. The thing is to debate his perspective, rather than cloud the whole issue with the racist paint.

Khoo, you maybe a Chevening Scholar and may rightly have myopia from the list of academic collections that adorn your blog, similar to the list of Datoships and what not that adorn our politicians. So do take a walk to the slums of the Indian dispossessed created from urbanized rubber and oil palm estates. Live there for a week and understand them.

And talking of racisism, where was your shrill outcry when Lim Guan Eng publicly said that a Chinese was needed to head the Penang Municipal Council, so as to represent the population better? A Malay fella lost his job and a Chinaman sits there now as the MPPP head.

So where is this goddammed Malaysian Malaysia and meritocracy that DAP was lip syncing about? The entire Penang exco can't even string a proper sentance in English (that too heavily accented with a vernacular accent)with the exception of LGE and the Prof.

Take a walk in Malaysia, away from your Menara Gading.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.03am,
"siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas"
Some people see their face in the mirror everyday and they only see skin deep only. I advise don't see mirror, ask your friends and family. They best can describe us. This is great opportunity for you to see yourself for who you truly are. The fact you cannot accept my advise to check with someone regarding your character goes to show cannot accept feedback one. Very stupid statement to check mirror when cannot check anything.
Another matter, your statement cannot pakai because most politicians (of all race) never admit wrong. So you draw conclusion from what logic ?

Anonymous said...

anon 10.31 am,
i really think you should look at yourself first before throwing insults at people comments .great way to get one's opinion across.the manner you write ,clearly show your mindset.