Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Brain Drain Debate Rages On

The blame game continues: Penang CM Lim Guan Eng argued that the NEP has failed to address hardcore poverty. He said it only benefits a select group of people to the detriment of non-bumiputeras who then take their expertise elsewhere.

A potential emigrant Natasha Adnan said "“It is very depressing to be Malay now. Everything about the Malay identity is disappointing, because other races view us as helpless and incompetent... a sort of backlash from the NEP."

A migration agent Robert Chelliah sees as a slight but rising trend of young Malays migrating. “Young people today plan their lives wholesomely, and will move to places where they feel award them more life opportunities,” he said.

Indeed higher salary packages and job satisfaction are the reasons cited by Chelliah's younger clients, regardless of ethnicity. He said they tell him of a sense of “hopelessness and stagnation” and the existence of a “glass ceiling”.

What is obvious is this old Malaysia must transform into a new vibrant, colourless, democratic and just Malaysia which offers a better quality of life to all. Nations no longer compete against one another. The competition is between cities.

How are Malaysian cities faring? We have to admit that none of Malaysian cities are registered as among the Asian most vibrant. KL is in a mess. Second tier cities such as Georgetown, Ipoh and Johor Bahru are not comparable to even third tier cities in China, Japan, South Korea or Australia.

Apart from the declining manufacturing and services sectors, we have not grown any other new sector which can provide a wider spectrum of opportunities to our people.

Malaysia's dilemma is deep and serious. It takes two generations of good leadership to pull this country back on top.

The road to recovery is a steep one. The first question we should ask is if this nation can even stop the slide? Like what Robert said, most of skilled Malaysians migrated for better career and life opportunities. We must be able to offer Malaysians these opportunities back home if we want to talk about a serious brain gain initiative.

Stop just feeding us more slogans, brainless statements and arrogance.

However, it appears that none of our politicians can offer us any solution. Sadly, Malaysians continue to depend on them for everything.

Be more proactive. Talk to your neighbours, colleagues and relatives. Better still make some friends not from your own community and share with them your concern.

Be an agent of change!


Anonymous said...

The umnoputras knew about the brain drain decades ago nothing new to them.
Doesn't it dawn on you this is part of a bigger scheme of things to reduce the non malay non muslim population? Otherwise why they don't care about bright talented non malays leaving our shores but showed concern when malay ones leave?

Anonymous said...

Yes, CHANGE WE CAN, the only choice or hope is 13th GE. Got for it.

Anonymous said...

No hope lah! Very susah to stop the slide with all these incompetent & corrupt officers in place.From top to bottom you know!You think you can take away their rice-bowl? Even if you remove them in the next GE,what alternatives do you have?Is there a guarantee the next guy won't take? Maybe take more??

Anonymous said...

Reading that article about those cowhead protesters from the Malaysian Insider really makes me depressed! What more can any 30 something professional do, other than contemplate moving on elsewhere? This once beautiful country has truly gone to the dogs!

Citizen said...

I want to be agent of change by saying" Change to a new alternative govt in GE13!"

amoker said...

Totally agree. As long as UMNO is around, we would be lower and lower in rankings.

Anonymous said...

As a father of 2 kids in a national school where we do get to see race-profiling in some matters can be depressing when my kids asked WHY we can't but they can,i sometimes feel i fail my kids by allowing the authorities/government bullying us .As minority,we already expected no scholarship or help from the government and private colleges are milking money from the poor and disadvantaged.A few hundred ringgit scholarship with big mock-up cheques for press release is sickening really.Is there any hope,Khoo?

Anonymous said...

The shit is too deep. Talking to neighbours, colleagues. relatives? Buang current man.