Sunday, December 13, 2009

BTN Debate Can't Be Stopped

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak wants all quarters, including ministers not to prolong the polemics on the National Civics Bureau (BTN). He said he himself would evaluate BTN’s training modules and arrive at a decision on them later.

The prime minister should take note that it is not possible to stop the debate on BTN. What he should do is not to display the I-know-best attitude but to listen to all quarters. After all, the taxpayers are paying more than RM74 million annually to run these racist courses.

Najib should take cognisance that the dawn has set on race based politics. No race should lord over another. It is time for this country to embrace all its citizens and other talents too who want to be part of our initiative to make Malaysia a successful nation.

Any attempt to delay, prolong or defend the BTN will not be taken lightly by Malaysians who just want to throw racism out of the window.

We have had enough of the polemics of NEP, Bumiputera quota and other affirmative actions which did not really help the needy ones. These policies were used and are still being used to benefit the politically connected and the privileged.

Recent scandals such as the PKFZ, the Shah Alam hospital etc. are examples of the failure and abuse of race based policies.

The results - foreign and local investors started to shun investing in this country. Second Finance Minister Husni Hanadzlah had sounded the alarm bell in a speech recently.

UMNO, MCA and MIC collective political fortune and support can only be recovered through the ending of race based politics. This may sound far fetched but the 308 general election was taken the same way too.

Again, Najib's role is to listen and help to address the problem. He should not attempt to stop the debate. Public discourse is part of a healthy democracy.


Jong said...

Issuing a GAG-order to stop public discussion will not work. Why? It's no more a secret and citizens are angry and annoyed. We want this UMNO government to dismentaled.

Spending RM74 million a year on tax-payers' money to run this UMNO's racist propaganda machine? That's blatant abuse of power and irresponsible use of public/tax-payers money and it has to stop, now!

Where are all the leaders of BN component parties? Why are they keeping so very quiet and not making their stand for or against BTN? We want them to speak up loud and clear as they did during election campaign! ...waiting.

Citizen said...

Najib said he will meet up with the trainers of BTN.Can we know the composition of these trainers(any non-malays there) and what is the guarantee these trainers will not resort to same brain washing.Who is to constantly check whether they are going the right path.

ServeFirst said...

Couldn't agree more.

In a democracy, it is important that the government must listen to the rakyat. Just like in brain-storming sessions, the rakyat's feed-backs are inputs for leaders to map their strategies to serve them based on their needs and reasonable expectations.

Suppressing or stopping comments, negative or positive, from pouring forth will work to the detriment of leaders of the day, whichever side they may be from. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Priorities first mah for Najib!There are 2 important,desperate items he must resolve.Bala and government funding.Even PKFZ and MCA takes second stage.Where got time for BTN? Shah Alam hospital?
Cabinet reshuffle? etc. etc....Take a good look at Najib in his face these days,he is not in control of himself! His cabinet especially DPM is not performing.All he delegates to them comes back to him. No options to replace or reshuffle!!!

Anonymous said...

Let’s do a reality check on the up-side and down- side of this Ketuanan Melayu policy.
Plan A
To continue the KM policy, these are the potentially negative outcome:
• Fair-minded Malays who do not believe in this are leaving the country.
• Non-Malays are fleeing the country in the knowledge that they are no longer treated as equals.
• Funds and skills depletes as a result of the human resource exodus.
• Existing foreign investors are nervous about the political instability that might potentially plunge the country into civil war and contemplates relocating their businesses.
• Existing local investors, especially non-Malays, see a similar threat.
• Potential FDIs see a similar threat and drops Malaysia as their investment priority.
• Quality of education continues to decline due to selective admissions to university.
• Quality of business management continues to decline due to selective appointments.
• As the economy continues to stagnate, more and more Malays depend on the government for employment and survival.
• Civil service keeps on ballooning burdening government expenditure to critical levels.
• Corruption increases due to weak disposable income.
• A weakening ringgit affects importers as they are paying more, while exporters are receiving less.
• No workable economic master plan to regain confidence of both local and foreigner investors.

Plan B
To scrap the KM policy, these are the potentially positive outcomes:
• Malaysians will come together in unison to reclaim our fearsome reputation as the “Asian Tiger”.
• Those living, studying, or working abroad will return to help rebuild the economy.
• Funds and skills return to strengthen our global competitiveness.
• Existing foreign investors gain confidence and continue to invest further due to political stability.
• Local investors repatriate their foreign investments back to Malaysia.
• Potential FDIs see Malaysia as a viable choice.
• Quality of education improves as only the best are admitted. Foreign enrolments increase as we become known for excellence.
• Quality of business management improves as only the best are employed.
• The economy recovers, and less Malays are dependent on the government for employment.
• Civil service manpower declines as more and better paid jobs are available in the private sector.
• Corruption declines due to high disposable income.
• A strong ringgit benefits importers while exporters receive more value for their products.
• A dynamic master plan achieves the full potential of the country’s natural, financial as well as human resources.

foo wy len said...

Well said Mr Khoo, but that's all it is, just talk. Start laying the foundation for level play in the coming 13-GE.Say with the EC for a start?

Anonymous said...

From day 1 i have the impression our PM has practically no substance at all. He is only good at just talk n talk but zero action. Our country is already in the same category as Indonesia, Myammar, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. At the rate things are going, very soon repeat very soon we will be worst than them.

Anonymous said...

Good response, KKP to Najib's take on the BTN. The instant I read his response, I felt like telling him, don't patronise us, Mr PM. Why should we stop debating about BTN just because you said so?? If he, Najib, wants us to stop criticising BTN, then be transparent, show us in print the modules and live videos of the classes in action. Allow participants their camera phone, recorders to record whatever they want, let them take home the papers and materials and soon enough, if everything is above board, people will stop talking.

Anonymous said...

No surprising that Najib wants everybody to stop the debate of the BTN. After all, he certainly thinks that his decision, action and his genes is Superior compared to others.


Anonymous said...

Just because it is becoming a hot issue, all must stop talking about it. In fact, there must be more disscussion so that a good solution can be found. Malaysia is matured enough to take the bull by the horn, not by making everything under OSA ans ISA.

Anonymous said...

B-end has an ingrained habit of preferring the use of top-down management approach started by the racist Dr M.

The I-know-best attitude will not end as these power hungry politicians has no other alternative except to use the rule of force to hold on to power.

Discourse is out of the question for these tyrants as to them this would meant that they have to share this power with their opponents.

This can be seen in the many oppressive acts that exists in Malaysia. Only when these acts are abolished, then you know that these tyrants are open for discourse. If not, then just dream on. . .

Anonymous said...

omar goh something juga has condamned
dis course which he attended b4 man !!