Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chain Up The Submarines

DAP’s Lim Kit Siang today called on the government to release a full report to the public on the missing Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) jet engines as it has seriously damaged the Najib administration’s government transformation programme (GTP).

The New Straits Times reported that the RMAF had in fact lost two F-5E engines from its Butterworth base between June and November 2007 and only realised it in May the following year.

A police report was only lodged three months later and it was reported that a brigadier-general and 40 personnel from the RMAF were sacked late last year over their alleged involvement.

This incident and a lack of action is not only damaging to the GTP but to the leadership of Najib. It was obvious that the theft happened during his tenure as the Defence Minister. Not only that a report was made so late, there was also a cover up of the theft.

Such action is going to create a lot of doubt about Najib's ability to govern transparently.

It is worrying to note that those who were allegedly involved has only been sacked. The was no court martial and no just punishment been meted out.

The best thing for the prime minister and ex-defence minister to do now is to stand accountable for the incident.

Maybe RPK should have stolen the submarines instead of insulting UMNO, Najib and Islam. It is more lucrative and safer dealing with the submarines.

What else can go missing in this country? Bung Mokhtar should take up extra security for his sultry new wife.


Anonymous said...

Najib already cuci tangan (wash hands)...........Who cares? It is public money, not Najib's :)

bennyloh said...


Anonymous said...

From the start, every decent person can tell that the case was covered-up by the Defense Minister at that time the engines were stolen.

Worst still the thieves were not even court-martialled but quietly let out to retire without a slap on the hand & with pension to boot!

This case along with a string of other high profile cases like the hi-jack of the Perak state government and the bribes related to the Scorpene subs shows that the person behind all these cases is a person who will go to great lengths to lie to cover-up for his actions.

It just shows that this so-called leader of Malaysia does not practice transparency and accountability in his work. What he espouses in his speeches is pure high octane rhetorics;all words but no substance. Can we the rakyat trust this man to lead Malaysia ?

wong said...

i just brought a new thicker chain and a beeper for my bitch, am getting another for my rambutan trees..i dont feel safe anymore ..next they be saying our sub went missing...this is malaysia bodoh

Anonymous said...

NO wonder the zzzzpm took over defence mentri to stop inquiry !?

Anonymous said...

cuti...ooops , curi curi curi 1malaysia !

Jong said...

Is the zzzzPM washing his hands off too? He was the Prime Minister when the theft 'was discovered a year later' in 2008.

Yeah, Najib kept it under wraps so that his chances of getting to the PM seat won't be spoilt by this high-level theft; as they say, it's the public money who cares!!!

Malaysians should demand to know why no 'court marshall' to bring those involved to justice? This is no ordinary theft, it's
betrayal of a trust, faith and confidence, it's TREASON!

Anonymous said...

More spice here.It's not 1Malaysia but 1st Malaysia.Going into the Guiness Book of record being the first country to loose not one but two jet fighter engines.
Come to think of it, MAS and Air Asia may have lost some too and covered up.If I am the CEO of Airbus, Rolls Royce or McDouglas, I will stike off Malaysia as a candidate to build my engines.Thats for sure...

Jong said...

Khoo, ..err sure the submarines are still there and not only the top casing left floating on water surface? The rest of it equipment etc below water may have been gone too! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

First it was one
One fighter jet engine
Now two engines
Two fighter jet engines were lost

Any more!
Yes, one more.
This part and
that part
of the fighter jet engine
Several parts were lost.

What else can go missing?

Where are the submarines?
Where are the KDs?
Where are the trucks?
Where are the guns and granites?

Do you know where they are?
Do you know where we are going to?

Malaysia Boleh said...

I remember when Najib returned from Copenhegan,reporter asked for his comment on this matter and he just shrugged it off saying what is there to comment since it is in the hand of police investigation.Now I tend to think his remark is fishy and especially this theft happened during his tenure as Defence Minister!Why only the case being discovered almost one year later and police report make after 3 months?God blessed Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

How not to lost not 1 BUT 2 military engines when Bolehland was under two great "guys" one a sleepy, flip flop, lame duck and aimless while the other "no action but just talk only, c4 material and apportunistic. Two was just right, together they whispered to each other, "one for you and one for me".
It is amazing two military engines can disappear under the very nose of everyone in a so called "highly guarded" area. And it took more than a year, repeat more than a year for those "ministers" to wake up and take actions. ALL I can say is that we rakyat can kiss that $100M or more goodbye. By now i am very very sure those big ferocious sharks again have wiped out all the evidence and came out with some small sacrificial lambs to take the blame. They would also have already planned all their possible moves couple with the help of our so called "fair and just" judiciary, the end results. Few unknown small fries got the blame, no further actions and case closed. How great to be in Bolehland.

Anonymous said...

are all the wheels still there ...sure !?

Anonymous said...

As a retired army officer, the pertinent question is why there is no court-martial as well as board of enquiry on all aspects of this theft !!! What a joke that these people were just sacked. It is a mockery of the Defence Ministry to have delay the reporting of this highly explosive incident unless the Air Force Chief or even the Armed Forces Council receives implicit instructions or orders to delay this case until ..... such time. Moreover, those top brass including the Defence Minister should have resigned to save the Armed Forces and the Government the embrassment.

Anonymous said...

Brader!!! what was published in the paper was all rubbish but just a diversion making thing sound so sensational. And some characters were tarnished and made the scape goats.
Pity those who were dragged in but unable to retaliate due to clever manipulation!!!
wow!!! Fantastic Malaysia Boleh. Probably the Chief of Defense Force is an idiot and clueless guy or he has something to hide. Or he was guilty concious!!!

artchan said...

Chain up the submarine? Thse bastards will even steal the chains. Nothing is ever safe if we have fucking bastards crooked to the core taking care of govt property.

Anonymous said...

Jibby's X'mas wish this yaer....

" Oh Santa, pls bring back the missin jet engine lah...tolong"

telur dua said...

When they can even get away with murder what is two F5 engines?

They like to accuse others of being traitors, anti-this and anti-that when the real traitor is staring at them in the mirror every morning.

Even Somali pirates have more honour because they do not rob and steal from their own people.

We must take a solemn oath here and now to kick out this bunch of bastards in the next GE. It is the only hope for this country.

Anonymous said...

First of all, have a Blessed Christmas all Malaysians.

When I were in the RMAF (air force) more than 10 years ago, I am already shocked to realized that the original (snap-on) tools purchased with the respective fighters were 'replaced' with 'Diamond' (China's brand) in the 90s. But, I could not imagine even the engine could be the next.

Sigh, what is going on with this country.

We need to put a STOP to all these blunders or else, we will be The Philippines or even Zimbabwe in the matter of years.

Make sure each and every one of us make the correct decision in the next GE.

Anonymous said...

Kids stuff..
I only stole 100 but he stole 270you know.

Kid , why didn't you say anything about him stealing 270 ?
Oh , if nobody know just keep quiet lah. I must take care of my backside ma.

I am sure other kids you know are on stealing spree too but why you pick on him ?

He looks sleepy and more ugly than me and how come now he stay in a bigger house than me ? Samore I heard his relavtive(high ranking govet minister) want to give him another much bigger house in KL.

He is getting more and more each day but doing nothing so I cannot tahan lah.

Like this also can ?

Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact ,our morality is rotten to the core.
People will worship you as long you are rich and powerful.

It does not matter how you get there.For the past 50 over years
we were taught how to steal without shame.

It's now or never. Forget about the BE-End judges,you will get disappointment after disappointment.COA is the word..Let the Rakyat be the real judge come the next GE.

Kaotim justice.

Anonymous said...

you guys can joke about it but malaysia is front page news yet again ....

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Imagine two engines gone missing
Without any chance of ever kissing
Though you can hear the sound of hissing
Made by those still busy with their pissing

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 261209
Sat. 26th Dec. 2009.