Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Energizing Penang

R&B Prince Tank

An unusual energy is going to hit Penang tomorrow night at around 9pm. Guess what? Taiwanese megastars, Power Station & Tank, are arriving in Penang tomorrow to prepare for their exciting countdown concert @ Queensbay Mall.

Their concert is expected to start from 10.30pm and will last beyond 12am countdown. There will be an eight minutes firework display.

If you are in Penang and want some good 'Rocking' fun, join us at the Energizing 2010 countdown concert. Its FREE!

For more information, visit GlamBrands.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Khoo,
Missed your posting on the new year party concert as I was working OT for the past weeks.

Is there anyway that I could get 2 tickets so I could bring my girlfriend to the concert?

Thank you

BH Nang

Khoo Kay Peng said...

sure, bring your gf and come to the concert. its free!
if you could get me there, i will pass u the VIP tickets

Anonymous said...

Mr. Khoo,
Thank you very much! I will search high and low for you on that day!

I am sure my girlfriend will be very happy about it.

Happy new year! Just in case I don't get you to wish you personally!

BH Nang