Thursday, December 10, 2009

The 'Foul Word' & a Dirty Dozen

Gerakan advisor Dr Lim Keng Yaik has called on all party members to speak out against Malay supremacy, even if it lands them in jail. If speaking out against race supremacy can land a person in jail, this country is not better than some of the most autocratic regime.

Dr Lim is an experienced politician. He is still the man behind the bamboo curtain of Parti Gerakan. He should know that shadow boxing is both tiring and useless. He should advice his party's leadership to send an official note to UMNO to ask the latter's stand on 'ketuanan Melayu'.

The chief of BTN and a bunch of UMNO top leaders do not see anything wrong in promoting the concept of 'ketuanan Melayu', worse using the taxpayers' money.

Dr Lim should walk his talk. He should ask his party to leave the coalition if UMNO cannot accept equality for all. The art of making some noise but condoning this 'foul word' and behaviour (NEP + racial discrimination) will not make his party look any better than the Dirty Dozen (other BN component parties) who are still being led by the nose by the almighty UMNO.

Describing it as a 'foul word' in politics, Lim said 'Ketuanan Melayu' or Malay supremacy should be resisted even if it is espoused by Umno.

Dare Gerakan resist Ahmad Ismail? Guess what? UMNO has reinstated him after serving less than a third of a 'bogus' suspension. He is unrepentant and unperturbed. He has called for Gerakan leaders blood. What can senior Lim or his junior do?


robin hood said...

At the very least, mr. saliva king should wear some pampers instead of urinating uncontrollably in fear all over the place.

wong said...

koh has sold his soul...he look so innocent petite , fragile with that deceiving plastic spectacles..dr lim should call for party referendum to sack koh...why is so so obedient? he has a bundle of much if koh worth?

Anonymous said...

This is the political culture and mentality of all non Malay BN politicians.Dr.Lim is not alone.He is an antique and irrelevent.Just look at the present crop.Why the silence from Mr.Koh? The outspoken Mr.Ong and the actor Mr. Chua! Mind you, the latter is suppose to co-ordinate and promote harmony within the groups.
Maybe by being silent, it is as good as agreeing KM is racial!

Anonymous said...

Dear Khoo

"He should advice his party's leadership..."

advice should be spelled as advise in the above sentence !

Grammar Watcher

Anonymous said...

More exciting things yet to come. I think many of us are actually enjoying all these unfolding drama.....MCA, MIC and now Gerakan. Now that this belligerent low life animal is unleashed, KTK has another thorn up his nether region. But then, I don't expect him to do anything or say anything. Maybe he will tai-chi this to Teng or the Gerakan Youth. Notice some Gerakan Youth people standing side by side with those thugs burning LGE pictures at the Dewan? The same thugs who tore up KTK photo last time.

Jong said...

HahaHHa another mid-week entertainment, his saliva can fill a Chinese tea-cup! Why 'nerves of steel' now on retirement eh? Or is it Tok Guru Nik Aziz's prayers answered to awake those lapdogs?

Where were you Dr Lim, when that UMNO foot-soldier Ahmad Ismail and his bunch of thugs took your successor Koh Tsu Koon's pix and destroyed it right infront of cameras and every tv news station repeatedly showed the video footage in news bulletin for days?

Anonymous said...

Hype, hype, hype....

this is TYPICAL BN politics AT IT's BEST!!!

Gerakan AND the DIRTY DOZEN will never leave BN.....everybody play their part in this 'game'....or in malay, WAYANG!....Have seen this ENOUGH!!!

The MIND!!!

Orang Gaji said...

Please explain what is 'Ketuanan Melayu'?If it means 'master of the land',then no wonder they(UNMO flers)are so arrogant!But then if you are the landlord,if no body wants to reside in it and develop it,it is as good as useless.Do not also think that supremacy means you are entitled to everything that others plowed with sweat and life.It is no different than a barbarian act.Please remember we(the 3 major races)fight for independence and it is enshrined in the constituitions that every citizen in this country are equal in every rights.Of course,you have the malay reserve lands and our system of monarcy rule,that we understand and we are not fighting to take away from you.In this modern age,it is survival of the fittest and do not expect 'giveout' without labour!Otherwise the country will go bankrupt and in the end you and me will suffer!Just like what said before,we may be exporting our people as maids! Just reflect how much of our currency has depreciated against others(theUS$,S$,B$,HK$,NT$,J.Yen,AUD)and even the INDONESIA RUPIAH which has appreciated 15-17% over the last one year!

Anonymous said...


What the bloody hell is UMNO trying to do? How can Ahmad feller be reinstated with his racist attitude like that..?

Why isn't our PM & DPM telling them to just "Shut Up"..??????

Think what? Other people got no feelings..?? Expect others to just take it..??

What so great about this "foul word"..?????

What has it brought them arr?? Who are the ones getting richer?? Who has the "highest" rate of corruptions & other evil things????

Also using "sin" money for their life style.

Shucks..! I can go on & on.
But people with brains like that will not see that the World "is" round.....!!!

Anonymous said...

Dr.Lim, why don't you become the first person from Gerakan to speak out against 'Malay Supremacy' ??

takut masuk jail ke ??


Anonymous said...

Let him speak and we will be entertained. Let enjoy the show.

Anonymous said...

Lim Keng Yaik should direct his advice to his chosen successor, the eunuch Koh Tsu Koon.

KTK really is a " sia sui " to Chung Ling High School and to Penang.

Just look at the demands of that racist Ahmad Ismail and KTK response to it.

No balls.