Thursday, December 17, 2009

Joker to Hero? Another 1Malaysia Miracle...

Yes, it is a miracle. Nazri Aziz has transformed from a 2009 Joker of the Year to an almost Hero for taking on both Dr M and Utusan Malaysia on racism.

Remarkable! This man was credited for his 'suicide' comment against Teoh Beng Hock and his criticism against the Bar Council's suit against the government for the detention of 5 lawyers who were on duty.

He condemns Utusan Malaysia for its “outdated” racist propaganda, saying the Umno-owned newspaper must accept that Malaysia is a multi-racial country

I fully support his criticism against the racist newspaper. I applaud his change of behaviour. We should give both PKR Anwar Ibrahim and Khalid Ibrahim the same benefit of doubt over their BTN expose.

I would like to urge Nazri to go a step further. Quit UMNO, a race based party, and join another multiracial party of his choice in BN.

He could urge Najib to open up UMNO to other races too.


bennyloh said...


Anonymous said...

People like Nazri will not go far. Only people like Munkeedin and the big mouth gagap also the end name is Din can go far in UMNO.
So what we need just kick BN/UMNO out of the sight!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Khoo,
I think it is too soon for you to glamourize him.He is putting up a show for his 'boss' for all you know.The BTN issue involving TDM and UM is a small matter compared to the country going bankrupt, the BN coalition going tatters and the PKFZ fiasco.I do not remember Nazri commenting on these matters.

Anonymous said...

Khoo are u so naive thinking this fler would do such a thing ?

think again he will do more stupid stunts next time around.

This fella ? Seriously?

Anonymous said...

you are right when you asked him to join another party in BN.....this man cannot be trusted to be in the opposition ranks.

The MIND!!!

Anonymous said...

He(Nazri) is smart guy!He comment like that just to show he is a righteous man in BN(whether the BTN and Utusan will heed his advise is another matter).He will not quit UMNO bcos then he will be no more minister and there goes his fat income.

Anonymous said...

Just see if this "good cop, bad cop" thingy turn out to be really a good cop. Time will tell.

jokersland said...

This chap is truly a joker. His mood change very fast. Sometimes make me very headache with all the nonsence statements and sometimes is very daring to admit what is wrong. Anyway kudos to him for he is the only one in the cabinets who dare to comdemm Utusan, BTN & TDM.

Anonymous said...

At last, one of the MPs have woke up. We hope whatever he have said and criticized esp on that IBM(International Big Mouth) mamak kutty and that garbage reporting media are sincere. He is behaving like an MP should in a multi-racial country like us. Hope he will keep it up and make this country a better place for all. Frankly i believe most non malays agreed and willing to help the poor malays. but there again there are also plenty of poor non malays that needed help too. Its not an easy job being a MP.
It felt real good at least Nazri gave a shot and pumped some sense into those racialistic politicians and media.
Keep it up.

Jong said...

I may not like Nazri Aziz, but put it this way, he may have had enough of those racist remarks and hate brewing from UMNO in the name of Ketuanan Melayu/Malay Supremacy.

It goes to show the guy still have some good basic human values left and I'm glad for him. The truth is out and UMNO should be condemned. It's time to drop their racist indoctrination program!

Anonymous said...

Yes it is indeed shocking to hear Nazri's recent comments. Then again, he is not known for being consistent and a swallow or two does not a summer make.

So, I am not holding my breath. Unless his consistency is maintained and he put his words into solid actions, we should treat his recent comments as temporary madenss.


Anonymous said...

could it be Najib and Nazri strategies to 'pump-up' the blood pressure of 'Madey' and to coz him 'kaput' !!

Another Conspiracy

ah long said...

bely good start from the botak .. but we shall see in months to come whether he will stick to his words ..


niakong said...

Yeah, like what most people think, i've reservation over this character called Nazri.

But let's give this man credit where credit is due. At the very least, we could kind of indicate to him which is the correct political path that he should take in order to gain popularity and support from the people (people = eligible voters of Malaysia; not eligible voters of UMNO).

If his thinking and principles are constant and are as righteous as has been shown in this case, i guess he has what it takes to become the next PM of Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

I really hope this guy will not be a Joker to Hero and back to Zero.

Anonymous said...

This Nazri guy vacillates from being a bad cop to a good cop.

If he can continue to stay on as a good cop, he will be loved by the Rakyat.

Otherwise, I will just dismiss him as missing his menstruation for 2 months....a case of PMS lah. So, he was cranky with that nyanyuk old man called mamak kutty.

PMS = pre menstrual stress, usually associated with women. But, some men get it too :)


Anonymous said...

if malays r ketuanan melayu, then y they need the NEP

telur dua said...

This is what I call survival instinct.

He knows his days in UMNO/BN are numbered. So, he'll talk some cock to sooth the anger of the people and maybe get on the good books of Pakatan. Very clever.

We must be more discerning. This is what we must do:

1) Treat him as a comedian who provide us with comic relieve.

2) Pakatan should never take him in under any circumstances.

3) By his words and behaviour in Parliament and on Lingamgate, he has done irrepairable damage to this country. We must kick him out in the next GE.

He is a hypocrite through and through.

Jong said...

Yes, "HOPE" is the right word. Whatever it is, whatever will be, will be. But let's not forget and be appreciative of the fact that Nazri Aziz had for the past weeks been singlehandedly speaking out against that hypocrite Dr Mahathir whom he aptly called "father of racism" and those three despicable racists at Utusan Malaysia.

Did Nazri get any support Malaysian Indians, Chinese, Dayaks/Ibans, Kadazans from MCA, MIC, SUPP, PBS, Gerakan or even PPP? None came out to support Nazri, guess they have either lost their tongues or their spine!!!

Time to go for change, change the government, kick BN out then there is HOPE!

Viktor said...

Nazri reminds me of a biblical story when saul became paul.

UhmmNO THANK YOU!!! said...

No thank you, Nazri, I ain't buying the wayang. He is trying to portray himself as being a nice guy after his ultra stupid comments on TBH and the Bar Council issues, among many others. Yup the BN clowns have set new levels of stupidity and woe to all of us Malaysians if we continue to empower these greedy, dishonest, evil idiots to run this Nation. That itself certifies our own stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Does not matter if it is a white cat or black cat, as long as it can catch the mouse, it is the cat that people want. Keep it up Nazri , speak without fear or favour, thsi is what people want, like the true politician Dr. Tan Chee Koon.

Anonymous said...

pig climbing the tree !

Anonymous said...

Admittedly this guy has got balls and can lead in future.Would you like to have the list of ball-less BN guys?Its more than 80% of them with MCA MIC Gerakan dll topping 90% of this list.

Anonymous said...

you are a real cina sudah lupa. nazri used to spew racist remakrs too. typical lalang to support at your convenient and not for principle sake.

Anonymous said...

Never believe or trust UMNO! Its leaders have mastered the arts of deceptions. 'Sandiwara' to them is like 'makan nasi lemak'.

What have you to say about the following?
a) the Peace Agreement with the CPM.
b) the rotation of the Chief Minister of Sabah.
c) the oil royalty agreements with the relevant states.
d) allocation for the maintenance of heritage sites. Malacca was given its share but not Penang.

Anonymous said...

racism/unity doesn't seems like the real big issue but racial politics and corruptions are... 1malaysia seems like a platform for the rakyat to concentrate on national unity, divert our attention in other words so that the practice of corruptions can be done comfortably... scrap 1malaysia now!