Friday, December 11, 2009

Khairy's Mission Impossible

Despite numerous calls from student bodies and the opposition urging the government to abolish the controversial and 'racist' Biro Tatanegara (BTN) programme, Umno Youth head Khairy Jamaluddin said such a move was 'impossible'.

"I don't think it's possible (to abolish it) because it's a government agency whose job is to instill patriotism among the youth.

"But at the same time, every government agency including BTN should make an effort to update their modules to reflect the '1Malaysia' concept," he added.

Since when did we expect UMNO to bow to the wishes of those who wanted BTN to be scrapped? UMNO is a race based party. It is the party duty to promote its race based agenda. It is suppose to sound like other extreme organisations which had used the same method of promoting race supremacy. Remember the Nazi's Aryan race?

Shamelessly, Khairy should not speak and decide for all Malaysians if the BTN should go or not. Even if it is a government agency why can't it be dismantled? Even a government can be changed. This possibility looks like the only option if we want to enable wholesale change in Malaysia.

Next, the duty of a government is not to instill patriotism. Governments like North Korea, Cuba, China and other authoritarian African nations may do so but not a democratic government like Malaysia. This government should focus on governance and development.

Then again, what can we expect from Khairy's UMNO? What else can UMNO do? Just take a look at its bloggers, newspapers, TV stations, leaders and supporters. They have lost a sense of reason and fairness.

No wonder the economy is faltering, the education system is in a mess, the public institutions have lost their credibility, corruption scandals are aplenty and politicians are going berserk.

If we cannot get rid of BTN, can we get rid of a politician like Khairy? Mission impossible?


Anonymous said...

Mr Khoo,
It's all about money and allocation. So much money is involved in BTN. Very soon you will realise that indoctrination actually starts young, in the kindergarden. Lots of money will be allocated for "high-end" government paid kindergarden. Starting from the dept with the most money, Bank Negara.

pinsysu said...

get rid of BN federal gomen - restore true democracy - restore law & order in the country - restore the econmomy - get rid of BTN - get rid of khairy - restore racial harmony.

Pakcik said...

If the govt has good governance and care for the youth(like you have the Rakan Muda),there is no need for the BTN to teach them patriotism.This is wasteful of public money!If what Khairy said the BTN is good for instilling patriotism in youth,why there is still this mat rempit abound and snatch thieves.He should contribute ideas how to solve these society menance.

Anonymous said...

Well, i think, UMNO is still DOMINANT IN MALAYSIAN POLITICS. WHY? Is becaused of the political systems in place all this while since the independence days. As KJ says: Why shall we questioned UMNO? Anywhow, they are still the force in Malaysia. They are the MAJORITY. Nor mather how much we say or do, we will be SHUT UP OR worsed still, PUT UNDER THE DRACONIAN LAW, ISA.... WE SHALL ALL FIGHT FOR THE ABOLISHMENT OF THE ISA... Than everbody will be FREE TO SPEAK WHAT THEY BELIEVE AND NOT FEAR......

Jong said...

So this former 4th floor mandur, the publicity desperate belligerent isn't giving up that easily, eh? They say he's Mamakutty's political son, he's looking more like it!

Good try KJ, let's see if Mamakutty will give Najib the nod for your ministerial appointment.

Anonymous said... is impossible for barking dogs to stop barking on the streets.....any day once these barking dogs turn into mad dogs....ppl know how hit them with stones and finish them....

Jong said...

oops, sorry typo error:

#..the publicity desperate belligerent SIL isn't giving up that easily, eh?#

Anonymous said...

That Kera is not fit to comment anything.He is worth to be a leader for the jungle Beruk.
Talking cock most of the time. Menang Rembau pun undi pos. Well known Wakil Pos.He political carrier is gone by next UMNONO EGm. Mammu Kutty would have been now start to campaign for his baby mammu to be the next Youth leader or even Deputy President.

Dont dream rembau , even you get a chance to be a Manterii pun not long.Not surprising you support the BTN cause u said the Hindraf rally participated by a group of :Beruk:. We dont forget that.

Any The Hindraft also tare of in peaces now.Its split to many self oriented movement.

Anyway Mr Khoo,
I wonder why the Human Right Party which is lead By Uthayakumar has a blog column but not open his blog for commenting purpose.Its irritating and not worth reading if they cannot except comments from readers.Im an Idian and wants to comment on that blog beacause some time they put cock articles.The HRP and other Indian race base Party still dont get the picture of accept the fact that the Indian community cannot even win one DUN seat if they contest on their own.Every time condemming the Pakatan Indian MPs.cock heads.

Anonymous said...

Lets be honest to ourselves : UMNO is the supreme law in the country, why should they ever bother with your goodness opinions,suggestions whatsoever.They speak you listen and carry out their instruction.Dont try to be funny talking back.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the many rebutts Mahathir is getting from the present Government recently,I am not surprise he gets a ministerial job soon during the reshuffle.The PM is desperate as he do not have a strong,loyal and trustworthy team!

Anonymous said...

Khairy oh Khairy

please grow up

David suratman

Anonymous said...

This is the malaise and tragedy of dUMNOputras..they rather wantonly waste good money to create disunity (then spend more on 1crap Malaysia), than to channel it for the benefit of the rakyat

angela ooi

Anonymous said...

This Oxfart bum open his foul smelling bug mouth again. You know, whenever he speaks, ox fart comes out. As bro Lim has said, this bum is a disgrace to Oxford.
A real treacherous, cunning, materialistic and egoistic bum in UMNO.
Just looking at him makes one puke. How can Bolehland progress with unique specimen like this.

Anonymous said...

I too agree with comment 9.02, why is HRP not opening up their comment .
Rights ? I support wholeheartedly the work done by HRP to inform us about the going on with the malaysian indians but i dont know why they are hitting below the belt on PR MPs.
Damn it HRP/hindraf, I support you but you have to work hand in hand with PR to achieve any tangible results.
Maybe they are eying the seats held by the indian MPs.
Machas, open your mind. You guys got a common enemy ,so, combine forces lah machas not irritate people.
If you guys act alone, you are good as history.

Anonymous said...



You & the rest of Malaysians don't know how he thinks & what comes out of his mouth arr...?????

One must save one's position to be able to climb the ladder to the top, one day.......!!!

My saying, "not" Confusics...!!!

Anonymous said...

hey, he'll be a deputy mentri soon under a lady !!