Saturday, December 05, 2009

MACC Chief Ahmad Said Hamdan Resigns, Thank God!

Malaysia's corruption index had plummeted. MACC was embroiled in so many controversies including the custodial death of a political aide, Teoh Beng Hock.

It was reported that his 'spirit' is now 'haunting' Plaza Masalam. Guilty conscious or superstitious, who knows?

An interesting question points to the second autopsy results done on Teoh's body. A new report/finding will be submitted at the inquest when it resumes shortly. Could it be linked to Ahmad Said's early departure?

Could this be a pre-emptive move by the government? So many questions, so few answers...


Anonymous said...

It makes no different. MACC will remain as it is.
The only way out is to place MACC under the parliament nothing short and there is no option.
Surely you know why people abuse the power!!! Never trust people whoever they are!!!
In GOD we trust!!!
We need CHANGE!!!

Anonymous said...

mr khoo,

"easier for expats with skills...."

but then, why impose rules on malaysians (non-bumis) who has the skills and money to leave? isnt it counter-productive to the attempts to lure talents?

may be its best for malaysians to migrate first. then it will be easier for the second generation will come back to work as expats and not discriminated. howzat for 1Malaysia?

William said...

He is probably trying to escape Teoh Beng Hock inquest where new evidents will be reviewed shorty. I hope that he will not be released from his sin by quiting.

Anonymous said...

ahmad said resignation...

1) teoh's spirit haunting macc? yes.

2) pre-emptive move by najib son of razak? yes.

3) 2nd autopsy report has damning evidence? yes.

but most importantly,

4) najib son of razak and his band of pirates will not get away with this. bala/altantuya will hammer the last nail into the coffin.


jokersland said...

Mr. Khoo,
Don't rejoice first. Most of the time they will put up another stooges to replace the old. We must wait to see whether this new MACC boss is ready to walk the talk first.

Ting said...

So many questions, so few answers?

No, no! It should be :

So long questions, so short answers!

Desmond Thia said...

If the 2nd post mortem confirms that TBH was murdered, the MACC top boss must be charged accordingly.Takingly retirement as subtle way to escape responsibility and accountability has been too commonly used by these little napoleons to avoid their due punishment.

Glam said...

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Anonymous said...

There is nothing ti rejoice with the early retirement of the Ahmad Said fella. There are many things he has to explain. He must be hounded to explain all the things he did not do. I hope the ghost of Teoh Boon Hock will help. Hound him and his family until he confess.

Jong said...

Quiting his job does not mean this UMNO lapdog escapes responsibility for the death of opposition politician Teoh Beng Hock. Ahmad Said Hamdan must be made accountable and answerable to the Malaysian rakyat, no ifs no buts!

The inquest into TBH's torture and murder whilst in MACC custody revealed the dragging of feet by govt authorities concerned rather than initiating more thorough investigation into the case. The inability to find a DNA match from among those 157 swabs taken from people working in MACC did not seem to amuse the Malaysian public and concerned Malaysians find their insensitivites most unbecoming and appalling. Even attempts by govt controlled mainstream media/tv to call TBH's death a "suicide" do not seem to work anymore in this day and age of internet.

Kugan's death by torture and beatings while in police custody and the C4 murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu allegedly at hands VVIP in the government are some of the gruesome murders that encapsulates the brutality of this UMNO regime.

We, concerned Malaysians demand punishment not coverups! It has to be done.

Anonymous said...

He quit so that he could be scot-free!

Anonymous said...

Somebody died .... murdered .... a precious life was taken.

Somebody did it .... whether an individual or few persons ... whether unintentionally or not ...whether DNA match or not ... still a precious life was taken away .... murder or man slaughter .... still a crime.

Resignation or Sack = Loss of one job temporarily.

Murder = Loss of one irreplaceable life permanently.

Justice demands that the guilty ones be brought forward & served with due punishment according to the law.