Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Meet the GlamAmbassadors!

If you are in Penang, make your way to the Queensbay Mall on Christmas Day (25th December) from 2pm to 6pm. Look out for pretty GlamAmbassadors wearing this t-shirt (picture) and approach them for a chat about the concert.

If they like you, there might be some special Christmas reward for you.

Other appearances:

26th December (8pm to 12pm): Upper Penang Road
27th December (3pm to 7pm) : Around Gurney Plaza & Gurney Drive

Talk to them...I am sure they would be glad to fill you in with some updates on the concert.

Visit GlamBrands for more information about the year end countdown concert @ Queensbay.

1 comment:

Mr. X said...

just curious, are you a politician or are you a glamourman?

btw, any dispute 'kliko' is our grando daddy?

ho ho ho