Monday, December 07, 2009

A Talented Lass: MyStarz LG's Nashrin

Boyish Nashrin was born in Seberang Perai, Penang 20 years ago. He had joined the audition of MyStarzLG season 2 in Penang and was selected as one of the final 12 contestants.

This was his first experience joining a singing audition and yet he managed to make it to the finals. Nashrin came from a musically inclined family. His father was a singer in a band and had trained him to perform in front of “live” audiences since young. This has helped Nashrin to eliminate stage fright that freezes most of the contestants during the competition.

Nashrin had achieved a great success in his first singing attempt mainly because he was selected by a panel of professional jurors as the Best Performer for 3 consecutive weeks during the competition.

However, he was defeated by another songstress, Wana, based on sms voting from viewers nationwide.

Nashrin was featured in Wana’s debut album and he will be performing a duet with Wana for a song entitled “Ingin Bersama Kembali” at the year end countdown concert. The song was chosen as the background song for a TV3 program called “Singgah Sahur”.

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jokersland said...

This sms voting is truly a waste of money.I've seen some of my friends wasting thousands to support for their relative in the astro competition because they are from the rich.It's just make the telco company richer. It's very unfair to the poor contestants.Why don't these monies channel to help the less unfortunate?