Thursday, December 17, 2009

Transfer Season in Malaysian Politics

Today, I was asked by a foreign reporter about several politicians changing camp (party). The new kid on the block, Parti Cinta Malaysia, has netted two new members.

An independent Sarawak assemblyman Gabriel Adit and ex-Gerakan veep Huan Cheng Guan have joined the newly formed party.

Coincidentally, Parti Cinta Malaysia was formed in Seberang Perai. Huan is a close aide of a controversial Sarawak politician who is said to be the main backer of PCM.

Huan said Gerakan has become irrelevant in Penang. He chided Koh Tsu Koon for failing to retain the Batu Kawan parliamentary seat. Huan lost the Bukit Tambun state seat quite badly too to a PKR unknown too. Another pot calling a kettle black?

Maybe, the "eat, drink and be merry" Huan is good for a peace loving party like PCM.

Malaysia has really gone way ahead in the transfer market for political parties. The democratically elected government in Perak was a victim of the transfer market.

Later, Selangor was hit with the same fever.

If you cannot become an international footballer, why not consider being a politician. Some transfers in Malaysia were reportedly worth millions.

The best thing about politicians is you can continue to play the game even after the age of 80 years old. Some veteran players above the age of 80 are still active, kicking and politicking.

Apart from the speculation part, I told the reporter that PCM is not even worth to discuss. Politically, it does not even have an agenda. My prediction is it will lean towards the BN or whichever winning coalition.

Malaysia Boleh!


Anonymous said...

It is a well known fact internationally that in a corrupt country, the politicians will be handsomely rewarded.What do you expect?

Voter said...

If this party(PCM) has no agenda of its own, then it should be called "Parti Cincai Malaysia".The word 'cincai' in Hokkian(local dialect) means "anything will do".So if you hold a 'cincai' ideology,then this is the party for you.

Anonymous said...

This PCM sounds like a real orgy camp!! I guess it's real master is 1man trying to keep the puppets in case the real actors don turn up for their slotted shows. What better way is to keep spares, like he did with HINDRAF??

Anonymous said...

Transfer fees? How much to pay for transfer fees?
Losers have low value; winenrs fetch better prices!
Beckham, Ronald, Rooney, for example have high values because the can score goals!

Losers have to beg for transfers; and hope to get some value: prices at the Sunday night-market.

Now, MCA is in a no-man's land: 13 want to resign; the rest have not resigned. Why should elected members resign? " A bird in the hand in worth two in the bush" . So, why should they release the bird and try to catch the bird again? Very silly, right? Of course, if transfer fees are given, then they may consider resigning! What is their worth?

S.H. Huang

Anonymous said...

Even a political-reject like Huan is leaving Gerakan. It merely goes to show the depth Gerakan has fallen under the eunuch Koh Tsu Koon.

Anonymous said...

PCM. I hope this is not the political wing of Party Communist Malaya.

romerz said...

Written on 10 September 2009.

Anonymous said...

PCM = Parti China Mari