Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Why Do Malaysians Migrate? Just Listen to This Deputy Minister

Deputy Foreign Minister Kohilan Pillay had told the parliament that 304,358 Malaysians were reported to have migrated from March 2008 to August 2009.

Kohilan clarified that the number of “Malaysians who migrated” consists of those who are working abroad and registered with the respective Malaysian embassies.

There was nevertheless a sharp rise in the number of Malaysians who registered themselves as having moved abroad with 210,000 of them doing so from January to August this year compared with 94,000 from March to December 2008.

He also said that between 45 to 55 per cent, or roughly half, of the Malaysians working abroad are professionals.

The most common reasons given for migration were better education, brighter career or business prospects and marriage.

Kohilan also pointed out that the government is taking some steps to attract talent to the country, including making it easier for foreigners with desired expertise to obtain permanent residence.

Kohilan, who is from Gerakan, also criticised the Penang state government currently under Pakatan Rakyat, saying that they should stop using the shortage of engineers an excuse for the recent loss of an RM10 billion electronic factory investment and should instead find ways to overcome it.

“Penang should not blame others if there is no investment,” Kohilan said. “What professionals would want to stay there if there is only push factors? There must also be pull factors. They must think wisely and make sure the state also has pull factors.”

Precisely, with a deputy minister like Kohilan we are doubting if the government is serious to reverse the brain drain.

Making it easier for foreigners with the right skills to obtain PR is no big deal. Ironically, many Indonesians with the "desired expertise" were given PR status many year ago. Why didn't Malaysia move up the economic value chain?

Kohilan has the knack to criticize the Penang state government for not being able to guarantee 1,000 electrical engineers but said nothing about the federal government's role in pushing away more than 300k highly skilled Malaysians with its racist policies, tolerance of corrupt practices, incompetency and inefficiency.

In turn, the Penang state government should blame the federal government and the previous BN state government for pushing away all its engineering and IT talents. Brain drain does not happen over night.

If Gerakan did not lose big in the 2008 general election, a politician such as Kohilan would not have being made a deputy minister and a senator. The party was reluctant to put an Indian candidate even in its presumably safest seats. This is what we called racism.

Malaysia must lose such mentality if it wants to keep more Malaysians from leaving.


Anonymous said...

We have been exporting the best of our talents for years.

Soon the Malaysian girls will follow in the steps of their Indonesian sisters - maids to the world.

And for that, we have the NEP and our racists leaders to thank.

Anonymous said...

You r wrong Mr Khoo people migrate to go back to where they belong via eurpe, ,Us or Australia. Good riddance as they r never invited here in the first place. Just look at Switzerland asuumed to be a first wolrd country but deep inside a racist country

Layman said...

This 'backdoor deputy minister' is talking cock.He has no other excuses and so just blame the opponent, just to show he is working for his 'master'.Otherwise,his tenureship as d.minister will be at stake.

clearwater said...

Why do educated Malaysians migrate? To put distance between themselves and BN politicians such as Kohilan in whom they have no faith and for whom they have no respect. If you can't love them, leave them.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

anon 9.55am,

You should check where your parents or grandparents came from. Based on what you have said, you might need to go back to where you belonged too.

PM Najib just annnounced that his ancestors migrated here during the late 18th century. All PMs have non-Malay blood fr Siam, Turkish, Chinese, Indian to Jawa.

Should we pack our bags? Mine were here during the late 18th century too. Some babas and nyonyas were here since the early 16th century?

Want me to buy u some bags? Or book our one way ticket together?

We might be heading the same direction - to Yunnan or maybe Indonesia for u.

Anonymous said...


When he says Malaysians migrates for "better" this & that......, does he mean that our Malaysia's infrastructure "sucks"...??????

Stop giving numbers only. Find out actually "WHY" they migrate...!!!

What talent does he want? Still wanna attract foreigners when speaking English is "weird"...??

Broadband is horrible..!!! Many, many, many complains & still nothing is being done.

Anyway..., what's new..????

So many complains oredy about our public structures, transportation, etc.., etc.........

What's moving...???????

D said...

Thanks Kay Peng for highlighting this issue. I am presently working in Singapore and don't see the need to return back to Malaysia due to lack of jobs that fit my skills.

A number of my schoolmates/friends are outside Malaysia. They studied there and settle down there for years already.

Strangely, the figure 3800 Msians giving up citizenship is a small figure, thought it may be a higher figure considering the good 2004-2008 years of high economic growth that enable citizens to emigrate.

Another Khoo said...


The reason is very simple. No faith in the system and government. Despite being a so-called developed country, we are still backward in governing...WHY...GREED & POWER. For this I managed to find work with a Singapore GLC working overseas and not only enjoying my work but being treated equal as well. Will I come back one day.... maybe but I am not putting my kids back and encouraging them to study abroad and find work there as well... like someone has said...I LOVE MY COUNTRY...BUT MY COUNTRY DOESNT LOVE ME.... I will still come back to vote every year though

Anonymous said...

"Kohilan has the knack to criticize the Penang state government for not being able to guarantee 1,000 electrical engineers but said nothing about the federal government's role in pushing away more than 300k highly skilled Malaysians with its racist policies, tolerance of corrupt practices, incompetency and inefficiency" Kohilan is playing politics for his masters. If only he can see, be grateful and thank PR instead for his position today.

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't love their birthplace and tanahair if given a chance. Do you think migrate is so great if not becoz of the pushing factor? After migrating, you are bombarded with a whole new set of problems which are not fun to deal with. But staying at home means another set of bigger problem, for ourselves and our children.

Ever since migrating, I have been looking for opportunities to come back. Most of the time the plan will hit a wall due to some weird policies or whatever. I think the GLC would hire someone in this order of preference; malay, muslim from other countries, caucasian, finally malaysian chinese/indian.

Over the years, has been witnessing US-based MNC gradually shifting their contract manufacturers from Malaysia to China or Vietnam. Singapore is fine becoz they gradually moved up the value chain with new area of growth. But what is the value proposition of Malaysia in order for foreign investment to come in, and for its own people to excel within the country? What's left when the petroleum are drained out?

Sorry I am very pessimistic with the state of Malaysia 5-10 years down the road.

Anonymous said...

Mr Khoo u r still confused, najib ancestor is from the Nusantara, this is where the Malays r. But u r from another continent, called China. So stupid laa dis cinaman. Baba in Tanah Melayu r overstayed illegals protected by brits, so they r also not welcome here. in fact we actually were hopeful the chinese support for chinpeng to come over so that will be good reason to also review citizenship of chinese again

Anonymous said...

STOP talking rubbish here..its well noticed that all "HAK ISTIMEWAH MELAYU" is pushing all non melayu out frm this country and its trying to get rid off all non islam/melayu. the HAK ISTEMEWAH is given to bring up the standard of malay...but how about INDIANS? but today i can see its being used for their own benefits.

Anonymous said...

This Kohilan fella is totally incoherent. That is the problem with useless Gerakan backdoor ministers.

Anonymous said...

Sad to say that me and my wife are also planning to migrate. In between us we have picked up 7 tertiary qualifications, including those from ivy league universities such as Cambridge. The Malaysian government has made life hell for the both of us and is punishing me for marrying a non - malaysian. If malaysia keep's fiddling around with its society it will never progress. It might even cease to be the "hero of the third world". If you do your research, Malaysia is rated as state which is "at risk" of being a failed state. I only pray that someone can buy over my business and property so that i can leave this country as soon as possible

Anonymous said...

it was not easy to leave the country just like that. if it was not the next generation, Malaysia is a definate best place to stay. anyway, someone and something just screwd up the whole nation's fundamental, by from knowing it, ignoring it, discovering it then to re-covering it. tell me how far this country can go?

many countries look ahead, but this country looks backward....

these people leave this country with sad sad feeling, not an easy decision to make for them...

Anonymous said...

One point that I would like to add is that the Labour Ministry would most relunctantly control or cancel migrant unskilled workers' permits because the $$$ involved is just too big.Assume RM300 to approve a ligal or illegal worker, you do your maths!!!

Anonymous said...

everybody talking mirgate. this only happen in chinese and india. first come in mind they don't mirgate back to motherland china or india. just take euro, aus & usa. some even stupid take singapore. singaporean always say bad about malaysia education. who build singapore. all import from malaysia. Malaysia is the best. be cool and think. visit all the place you will find Malaysia is the best place to stay. Don't take pilitic. Politics play alot emotion.

ex-gerakan said...

Kohilan is just there because there is not many Indians in Gerakan that are willing to polish the shoes and carry the balls for Koh Tsu Koon.

For your info, he is just there to warm up the seat for Lim Keng Yaik's son Lim Si Pin, who is the current youth chief for gerakan.

Anonymous said...

Although the Government has repeatedly emphasized the importance of ethnic solidarity, or even to strengthen the unity of all ethnic groups, in the grounds of the implementation of national service programs. But the secret is not the official bodies which only interested of both sides who continue to play the game?

For example, under the Prime Minister department Biro Tatanegara were exposed to the extreme brainwashing of the young people. the non-indigenous described as 'outsiders', has repeatedly stressed Chinese is the master the country's economic lifeline. This kind of 'Malay supremacy' brainwashing not only for young but there are many civil servants have been victimized. Read more

najib manaukau said...

Just ask yourself why are 600 over Malaysians leaving this country every day ? The Chinese Malaysians are being asked so often to go back to China by the half breeds, who are pendatang themselves. Most of all not allowed to do courses of their choices in the local varsities amongst the many other anti non Malay policies.
So every day the non Malays, mainly Chinese, now are taking these pendatang's advise and are leaving this country.
At this rate there will be very few, if at all there are any non Malays left in this country !
What kind of Malaysia it would be without the non Malays especially the Chinese ? Who is going to run the commerce ? May be they can bring in more Indonesians if those that came are insufficient ?

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Anon 3.23pm,

Nusantara? The last I heard the Indonesians were trying to burn down your ass. They even told the world that you stole their culture.

What Nusantara? Tak malu ka?

What about Turkish, Chinese, Indian, Bugis, European, Siamese and whatelse mix blood among your leaders?

We are all human unless you are the kind who don't think and reason.

Melayu Jati Malaysia said...

Anon 3.23pm is just another typical ignorant but arrogant asshole shaped up by some BTN-like people.

They always portray themselves as championing us the Malays, but in actual fact, have their own greedy interest at heart, even if it means betraying our own people or Islam.

And sad to say, most of the people running our beloved tanahair are like that!!!

Meanwhile, to all fellow Malaysians, please bear with them for the time being as a true breed of Melayu jati (from the silent majority) will emerge soon to put a stop to all those nonsense by these wayward so-called Malays.

Gratitude said...

Let us not feed the trolls and make racist comments here.

We have to accept that people migrate only when they feel there are better prospects elsewhere. You can be pro-BN or pro-Pakatan or whatever other goons you want to be politically aligned to, but the hard facts are clearly shown that the politicians are juz interested in taking care of their sorry arses at the expense of ruining their country. How to manage the country or be an effective opposition when childish pranks and policies are handed out out almost daily? The goons who shout in parliament are no better than the apes that swing about in their constituencies.


Anonymous said...

Why would want to listen to the Kohilan deputy minister fella. His name already tell you he is incoherent.

H J Angus said...

In the late 70s, I moved my family down to JB from KL as I got a job with an MNC in Singapore.
A few years later, my wife who was working with a stat body also got a job with an international bank in Singapore.
All my 4 children graduated from Singapore or overseas universities and now only one is doing a job attachment in KL but that is most likely a temporary arrangement due to the global economic slowdown.
One daughter has settled down in Canada and other has PR in the UK. We don't expect either to return to work in Malaysia and I don't think they have registered themselves with the Malaysian authorities.
What I need to do is try and convince the eldest daughter in Singapore and the son in KL to register to vote - the problem is that we never really got them involved with the racist policies of the BN.

telur dua said...

Who is this Deputy Minister who got in by default? Gerakan just refuse to die. All they know is nitpick and spew nonsense.

We must make sure we bury it in a 10' hole in the next GE.

Nic Holas said...

Sadly, after 52 years of Merdeka, there are still racist bigots who tell the Chinese and Indians and Portuguese and what have you, to return to their 'homeland' everytime a nationalistic issue crops up. What's the purpose of the Federal Constitution if not to guarantee our rights as citizens of Malaysia?

We all came from somewhere and have resided here in this peninsula of many natural resources. If not for the Chinese and Indian labourers who were business minded, would M'sia progress to what she is today? And these are the same races who are always victimised in 'national' policies which seem to assume that the Malays still need their crutch. When to remove this crutch? Is this a permanent paralysis or a temporary one?

Anonymous said...

He is a useless Gerakan back door deputy minister. What does he know?

telur dua said...

There is not a greater ungrateful bunch than this UMNO led Gomen. They happily take your money and spit on you in return.

They have no honour.

jokersland said...

Mr. Kuailan,
Malaysia now is becoming one of the net exporter of best brain, and become a net importer of brain dead. My niece who is conducting an interview for a MNC who wish to employ bumi IT engineers a few months back. To her horror, those graduated from overseas on JPA schorlarship can't even understand simple IT questions in English.How on earth they get their degree from? In the end can't get anyone for the few posts.

charleskiwi said...

There is no end and never will there be an end to this argument with this ignorant 'Melayu' who pretends he is Malay.
To settle the issue once and for all times have a DNA test to show this ignorant bastard and all those who claim to be Melayu are indeed Melayu.
I said this before I will be more than willing to pay for the test if the DNA test shows they are indeed pure Malay and not of mixed blood. If the test shows these idiots are not pure Melayu they must pay for the test.
Both of us must provide a Banker's guarantee (any International Bank and not Malayan Banking) to demonstrate our sincerely !
But please be warned it is hard or very extremely hard to find a pure Malay to day !
Very simple just a DNA test will settle the right and the wrong. Come on take the challenge and put your money where your mouth is to stop this argument once and for all. Come on bastard !!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Khoo,
Two reports in The Star this morning made me wonder.
1)DPM announced Malaysia to start Teachers Education Benchmark,so that all countries will get the chance to learn from us on how to improve primary to tertiary education!
2)Johore MB Ghani stated that Iskander have received RM51b investment.40% local and 60% foreign.Next line he states that Johor received RM8b in FDI.
Is this scary enough coming from leaders formulating on policies???

Anonymous said...

I have migrated to the UK where I am now working for an MNC and I am treated equally and respectfully by my colleagues. I have had enough of the racist policies of the BN govt and the loser is the Msian govt itself. I now pay my taxes to the British govt when I could very well have worked in Msia and paid my taxes to BN. So, it's BN's loss. And they are trying to attract us back ? I say tough luck !I shall not return to work in Msia until and unless the racist policies of the BN govt are abolished and every citizen is treated equally before the law. But I always come back to vote in order to support the opposition. Hopefully when Pakatan comes to power one day, I will return to work in my beloved country.

My advice to overseas Msians- do come back to vote at the general elections held every 5 years to help Pakatan capture more seats, more states, and possibly win federal power.

Anonymous said...

I am a bumi from KL a very qualified professional. I left Malaysia to live and work overseas as a PR since 1988 because I HATE THE FUCKING CORRUPTED UMNO-BN LEAD REGIME. I willI return home when this God damn regime is permanently and completely erased forever from the surface of this earth till doomsday.


Anonymous said...

I feel as Chinese, we are merely tax-payers, the government is racist.

Just one example.

Only a bumiputera company is allowed to participate in tender for projects.

Anonymous said...

i have a real case here. It happens to an indonesian chinese. he was born in indonesia, and his mother brought him over to malaysia at 3 months old. and his mother, due to her ignorance(not educated) did not register his birthcert correctly. He grew up here , studied in local university and became a professional. Tried to apply for citizenship for many times and years. married to a malaysian wife. now , because of the birth of the two children, decided to migrate to australia. His first choice is always Malaysia.
Now , he is not coming back anymore, cos too fed up and hurt over the issue.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how certain immigrant races today tell other immigrant races to get out of 'their' country.

Once upon a time in Penang, several UMNO branches in the Tanjong Division conducted their meetings in Tamil, their division leader then was a Tamil Muslim and most of the branches in the city were headed by Tamil Muslims. Today, their descendants tell the immigrant races to go back to their home country. How strange indeed.

Anonymous said...

Gavin, your article is not exhaustive enough. It cannot in any way justify the real reasons behind Malaysian's migration. Do you migrate?

The government's policies may appear racist but the beneficiaries of these policies also include Chinese and Indians. Look for example the PKFZ issue, how the three cukongs fight over this matter, threatening to do this and that. They are non Malays.

Please do not attribute the problems to racism only. You are also a racist because you support chinese vernacular school.

Nobody said migration is good or bad. You implied only the bad things because you always think negative. There are also positive aspects of migration.

Don't forget that approximately 3000 ex-Malaysians also have given up their citizenships. Most of them are BOC from Pulau Pinang. They never believed in the Malaysian Constitution.

You should blame the Chinese who supported BN. Malays have swung their votes.

Fakhrur Bukhary

Khoo Kay Peng said...


Ask those who migrated if you want the real reasons. Then, do not ignore them. A sense of denial is not what this government needed.

Second, the issue of brain drain is still very serious although I have not migrated. I plan to put pressure on our politicians to end racism.

Third, please show me which part of my statement supporting vernacular schools?

I would like to see a genuine effort to create a single school system without having to blame these vernacular schools as cancerous like what the 1Sekolah folks did.

I don't think supporting mother tongue education is racist. Are you saying that you do not support your own mother tongue education?

Migration is not bad for those who migrated. Otherwise why would they done so? It is bad for this country - losing talents, skills and investment.

Malays swung their votes? The last I checked, BN got more than 55% of Malay support and counting. Chinese supporting BN is less than 35% how else you think pas and pkr can win in mixed seats?

Anonymous said...

Why migrate? What is the meaning for bumi and non-bumi? Why this will appear in this country? Ask yourself!!!

why other country when you grant their PR, you are entitle to enjoy all the benenit same as citizen!!!

We are the M'sia citizen, but we cannot enjoy the so call bumi benefit??!!!

Anonymous said...

well, here is the stories. chinese leaving because of the government and their own people to be blamed as well. Because chinese is very unfriendly human and like to cheat. I am ashamed of myself to be chinese! Malays and bumi leaving because top management people only care themselves and don't help their people as promised before election! Indian might be worse among us, no money and no power, definitely should get out from this cruel malaysia! You people should think of urself and don't always blame this and that! I might go back to UK because one is I have my own people because very sneaky and government in corruption!

Anonymous said...

first of all, i am chinese. chinese is very sneaky, selfish and like to cheat human in the planet, do u think should chinese get the same benefits?? Ask yourself when u go out from your house, how many things you talk big and lie in a day to your friends and even your relatives???? If bumi don't get some benefits, I believe they will come to rob and kill you non-bumi because their childrens need to eat! My opinion is everyone should try to be generous and giving! Malaysia is nice country to stay just people is 3rd world mindset!!

ChongYew said...

Actually i think most of the non-bumi's problem is with the bumiputra claus.

We have always been using a problem to cover up another problem.

Can we just get rid of the bumiputra and non-bumiputra tagging? Just plain warganegara for all will actually get rid of a lot of negative feelings.

When people me a non-bumiputra, i feel sad. I feel like im been called Grade B (those you get when you buy eggs). Then the people or more precisely the government that condones this tagging to exist in 2010 are giving statements on papers whether to punish the CHINESE for not voting for BN as a token of appreciation ? Not logical i feel.

What will the bumiputra tagged people feel if they were labeled 2nd grade by someone and forever called that way because of the tagging system. Its not like i can change the tagging by studying hard and working hard. I will always be a non-bumi.

If it was to help the poor malays in rural areas. I think it does not make any difference to erase that MALAY word and just say, HELP POOR in rural areas (even though grammatically wrong).

Or maybe its a sinister plan to oppress people that are not the same race from the bumi tagged people ? Make them poor so that they can be hard labour!!!

No more of this i think. Its making us a more racist country. Thats why you need to spend so much money to do all those 1 Malaysia shit. It all came from the long overdue british tagging system that needs urgent removal for future purposes.

They did this because they know that those foreign businessman are greedy and will oppress other races.

But times have changed. Education (supposedly) have improved to teach the younger generation a better social toleration to live together as living things.

Or maybe the whole plan is that, they dont want us to live together ? Want us to keep debating about racial issues for the past 50 years so that they can always come up with idiotic slogans and projects thats supposedly are bring us as ONE but virtually does nothing ?


Anonymous said...

Can we just study and copy how and what Singapore does ?? We are just a river apart for christ sake !! wake up dude !!!

Anonymous said...

Malaysia and Indonesia should really follow Singapore. Otherwise, it is just a matter of time before every single chinese and indian people leave both countries to somewhere better.

Anonymous said...

I am not a Malay, Chinese, Tamil or Borneo native. I belonged to a very tiny community that has no political ambitions in Malaysia.I believed that I was felt that I was a Malaysian first. I did not think about a person's race.

I hold graduate (British and local) qualifications. I ran a professional business in KL. The Chinese only came to me if their own people could not do the job. The Malays that came to me did not have money to pay! They wanted it for free or would pay me after they became a MP, senator or ADUN! I could not get any commercial or government linked work because I was not a Muslim. I was in fact asked to convert by one guy and marry his sister within 5 mins of meeting him. He would then guarantee me all the bsuiness I needed. Needless to say I had never met the poor Malay girl.

I said "No, thank you" to him. In the meatime my skills were decaying and I was worried. I postponed any idea of marriage and left a year later to work for a western government that gave me a job,and later a scholarship for post graduate study there.

I enjoy a great lifestyle, live in a multimillion dollar home that I bought with my earnings, my kids go a wonderful university, etc although I still have to and work hard every day. Mostly I am free and equal citizen of my new country.

Migration is not a piece of cake.It is very painful. You lose your support systems, friends, familiar things and a part of yourself when you do. I only did it out of desperation. But for me at least it was the right move. My family and I will always live in our (new) country.