Sunday, December 20, 2009

Zaid Ibrahim Should Look at The Implementation Roadmap Rather Than Putrajaya

“The rakyat are tired of racial politics, they are tired of being fooled..I assure you, after this, we will hold our next convention in Putrajaya.”

Zaid, the former de facto Umno Law Minister, said today’s convention was testament to PR’s will to put aside their almost irreconcilable differences to serve the voters by replacing what he called a corrupt BN government.

“We were told that we cannot stay together, the supreme leader of Umno, (former premier) Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said if we are allowed to govern, everything will be destroyed.

“Of course everything will be destroyed, everything about Umno will be destroyed,” he said.

Well said, Zaid. However, instead of looking so far at Putrajaya he should focus on the implementation roadmap of Pakatan's common platform. There are many crucial tasks in hand.

Most of the Pakatan's pledges are not something which can be achieved now. The catch is if we want these pledges implemented, we must vote Pakatan to power at the federal level. Ironically, DAP which supported the local council election and vowed to convince PAS over its sectarian concern is now saying that only the federal government can approve the third vote.

Parties within the coalition still need to put their own house in order before they are deemed fit for power. Errant and irresponsible elected representatives and leaders among their ranks will have to be purged out. We must vote for quality representation and not for their low quality candidates.

Zaid should work on the cohesiveness between component parties. This is a work in progress. In the past, they had collaborated and called off their partnership because they cannot handle defeats. Electoral defeats will be the greatest test of its cohesiveness.

Will the blame game resurface if Pakatan did badly in the 13th general election? Will party leaders start throwing stones at their own glass house?

Big issues which were not addressed in the convention will not go away. Issues such as Malaysia's Islamic state status, Malay supremacy, race based affirmative action, power sharing formula and others will reemerge once the coalition wins federal power. These issues will have to be addressed sooner or later.

Despite Anwar's call for all component parties to break away from their racial shackle, the three parties are still working within their rigid race and religious framework. Anything about pork, beer, sexy dancers, religion or race will still work up some segments within these parties.

PKR is still a party of racial colonies. DAP is Chinese based and PAS is Malay based.

The question for Zaid to ponder is what can really be implemented now? What can PR can give us now bearing the fact that it controls 4 state governments?

Talk is cheap. Declarations are cheap. Voters have learned that pledges may change once power is entrusted to the party making them.

Instead of piecemeal opposition against some policies, why don't Pakatan leaders tell us how they intend to run the economy differently from the Barisan. We need urgent attention here. The Malaysian economy is a slack and a poor performer.


Anonymous said...

Dear Khoo,
While I agree with most of what you wrote, I completely disagree that DAP is a Chinese-based party. It is not.

DAP is being perceived as a Chinese-based party only because UMNO/BN has been systematically lying to Malaysians that DAP is a hardcore Chinese party out to take Malaysia away from the Malays and the Malay folks are falling for it.

Anyone, red, white, black, yellow or green have an equal opportunity to helm DAP and I'm certain DAP leaders are ready, as they always have, to welcome them into the party.

As a personal observation, I feel that DAP should have a Public Relations wing specifically to target our Malay and Indian countrymen and those from Sabah and Sarawak, to highlight the fact that DAP never was, never is, and never will be a Chinese-based party. It is a party for all Malaysians not only at the grassroot level, but at the leadership level. Any one with the right qualities and political conviction has an equal chance to lead DAP.


katdog said...

I think theres not much point in PR reiterating what to do for the economy. Everyone today knows what to do for the economy. The answers are already there. The question is execution and the will to see things through properly.

The problem with BN is they are not capable of executing what is needed for the economy because the UMNO warlords need to maintain their system of generous patronage in order to retain themselves in power.

It's no longer a question of what needs to be done. Its a question of who is capable of doing what needs to be done.

Kapten Kayak UUM 1996 said...

Dear Reader,

As a Malay..., I wish to join DAP..

how yaaa.. ?

But no psychology strength to push myself..

may be someone could me..


Rustam Affendi Abu Rahim

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Anonymous said...

What can PR really do in the 4 states??? A lot of funding comes from the Federal guys.Civil servants same gang.Worst hindering private developments!! I hope the economy can wait until the next GE.

Ah Pek said...

Imagine while you son's enjoying his birthday party with his friends, you came out from no where and shouted "have you done your homework yet?"

Man, you are such a jerk ! Anyway can't blame you , a banana who try to be white, never learn any Chinese manners.

Radinishorny said...

Talk is cheap, while the rest of us are on the streets in campaigns making a difference, you "talk" on your blog.

What have you done? For all we know, you are not even registered to vote.

If you got nothing positive to contribute, shut the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I think I quite agree with the last comment made by one of the readers, "If you got nothing to contribute, shut..." Khoo, you are questioning the pakatan leaders as though they are in power at Putra jaya. You got to understand, the MSM is waiting, yes, waiting especially Utusan to maul the pakatan leaders ideas as soon as they are given birth. The pakatan leaders don't stand a chance. They just can't simply talk when they have no power to implement. So please contribute or just shut up and listen and support.

Aramsa said...


You are kinda rude to Mr. Khoo KP.
Just because you think you "are on the streets in campaign", you have the right to behave in this manner. If being on the street give you the reward, are you saying you can be made the minister as well when the opposition wins over putrajaya. Please think and don't talk nuts. If are an opposition I give you face writing to you here. If you are an umnoputra, i would have ignored you and let you continue to malice and behave in your stupid manner

Logger123 said...

Debate is a moot point in Malaysia.

What Khoo is saying in this article is correct. Tell the rakyat what is the plan to bring in the cash. No money, no talk. Whatever BN is doing today, people still have some money in the kitty. So what has PR agreed to do different from BN, to bring in more money into our individual kitties?

All PR gets worked up is about politics. Like Clinton and before him, Reagan, said, "Its the economy, stupid."

And yeah, DAP is very much an MCA in disguise. Come to Penang and tengok tengok lah.

Lee SH said...

As long as the political party is fighting along racial line, it is clear and no two way about it.

Stay away from racial line, focus on Malaysian. A very high % of people in Malaysia are born here.
Also stay away from religion line, as in Malaysia religion is kind of linked to race say what you like.

Focus on the common ground i.e. to make Malaysian progressive and live in harmony as Malaysian.
In other words Bangsa is Malaysian.