Monday, January 11, 2010

'Allah', Malay Supremacy & Islam Misunderstood

The protest against a controversial ruling allowing Catholic weekly Herald to use “Allah” in its national language section reflects an inferiority complex of the Malay Muslim community in Malaysia. However, the community is not to be blamed.

There is a need to look deeper into the protest to find out why some Malay Muslims, including educated urban professionals, are reacting antagonistically against the sharing of the use of ‘Allah’ with those of the Christian Catholic faith.

Ironically, the Malay language had borrowed the word ‘Allah’ from the Arabic language. It is used by Arabic speakers of the Abrahamic faiths, including Christians, as a reference to God. There were historical claims that the Christian community in East Malaysia had used the reference long before the formation of Malaysia.

Although local publication of Malay language bibles were not encouraged in the country and most were taken in from Indonesia, there was never such a big reaction against the use of ‘Allah’ until recently when the government refused to renew the publishing permit of a Catholic newsletter.

Instead of joining the blame game, it is pertinent for us to seek to understand what triggered the protest. The prime reason is the decades of intertwining between religion, race and politics.
The arson attacks on churches and a few demonstrations around the country reflected an eerie similarity to other political protests and demonstrations warning against questioning the Malay supremacy. Here, the protesters have warned against challenging their religious supremacy and exclusivity.

Is there a zero sum game in the use of ‘Allah’ between Muslims and Christians?

Why are Muslim Arabs able to accept and share the use of ‘Allah’ with those of other Abrahamic faiths but not some Muslim Malaysians?

The main cause which has triggered the protest is the race affirmative policy practised by the current government. It is unfortunate that the Malay supremacy concept propagated and implemented by the ruling regime is also trying to make Islam and the use of ‘Allah’ an exclusive domain.

For the protesters, Islam is synonymous to Malay supremacy. It has to be exclusive and above the rest. This perception is both misguided and un-Islamic. Islam is universal and inclusive. It is compassionate and not hostile.

The current political culture practiced by the ruling regime has proven many times to be both divisive and regressive. Malaysia’s nation building under the Barisan government is just mere rhetoric and a lip service. Consequently, it is so easy to trigger an emotional and hostile reaction to something so basic and menial.

Another prime reason for the protest is the inferiority complex of some Muslim Malays. The lack of confidence in their own Islamic faith is reflected in the argument that the use of ‘Allah’ by Christians in East Malaysia may generate confusion amongst Muslims and spark unnecessary apostasy.

Muslims who are well-versed in their Islamic faith can distinguish between a bible and a Quran. They are wise enough to differentiate and respect the use of ‘Allah’ by followers of other Abrahamic faiths. It is equally baffling to suggest that the use of ‘Allah’ may encourage apostasy or weaken their Islamic faith.

Christians and Muslims in this country should have rejoiced for calling God by the same name. Both religions accept the concept of an all encompassing God.

It is obvious that a court ruling on the ban of the use of ‘Allah’ in Malay language Christian publications will not appease everybody. This problem can only be resolved using a socio-political method.

Hence, the right remedy to address this issue in the long term is to end racial politics. It is unfortunate that a serious national debate on how to end racial politics has failed to materialize even after experiencing some negative repercussions of it.

Malaysians must come together to end this ethno-religious political hegemony and work on a more inclusive and civilised politics. Until and unless, we can improve interethnic and interreligious understanding in the country Malaysia may suffer serious and irreversible destruction to its social fabric and its international standing as a successful multiracial and harmonious nation.

Politically, the hapless Barisan coalition should take a proactive step to disband all race-based parties and form a common political platform which truly represents all Malaysians. There is no reason to hold on to its current post-colonial race-based political model which is outdated and outmoded except to satisfy self gratification of some leaders who wanted to become race champions.

The proponents of race supremacy are the most misguided and unproductive lot in the country. In the knowledge world, those who want to use hereditary as a differentiation advantage can only be regarded as parasites in their society.

Hence, it is time to call an end to the politically constructed social contract which has created brick walls between communities in the country. The reminder to non-bumiputras to be grateful for being granted citizenship and a right to live in this country is an insult to nation building. Such a post-colonial thinking must not be allowed to dictate our interethnic relations and nation building agenda. The only way to end this archaic and destructive socio-political model is to reject racial politics.

It is timely to establish an interreligious dialogue to help promote mutual understanding amongst different faiths. A small misunderstanding such as the use of ‘Allah’ can be discussed and resolved through a dialogue.

Previous attempts to hold such gatherings had faced hostile reactions and protests from the same culprits who protested against the court decision to reverse the ban on the use of ‘Allah’ by Christians.

Similarly, they had wanted to promote Islamic supremacy over other religions. This is not only detrimental to religious harmony in the country but also to the reputation and sanctity of Islam.
Malaysians must stand up against these protesters. It is only when the silent majority speak up or we will not be able to protect our rights from a small band of aggressive self-centric protesters.

We cannot depend on the current regime to defend our constitutional rights or multiracial harmony. Malaysians regardless of faiths must stand up to demand this country being run the way it should be – a harmonious, just and prosperous multiracial country.


cksf said...

dr kkp said:
>We cannot depend on the current regime to defend our constitutional rights or multiracial harmony. Malaysians regardless of faiths must stand up to demand this country being run the way it should be – a harmonious, just and prosperous multiracial country.
Posted by Khoo Kay Peng at 11:13 PM

dr kkp has to be rhethorical/dialectical "walk the talk" to avoid censor/ban/isa.

remember minister of education khir johari who advocated the interracial marriage of malays, chinese and indians?? ---he was kicked out of cabinet.

kj is a foresighted man who saw the solution to the malaysian problem via intermarriage.

the may13 sequel fractures the unity compounded by malay racist supremacy making inculturation now a dead horse--- mca, mic did nothing.

it is this malay superiority complex (dr kkp- check your use of the terminology on inferiority complex ;-))that anything/move to "threaten" the malay supremacy, the general malay groups go amok.

during the last 50 years how many malays apostate? the malay govt cannot allow this.

this is the rub.

Whack_Job said...

Race based politics is here to stay. Both the PKR and BN are in essence racial based coalitions. In BN, they have distinct Malay, Chinese, Indian and the East Malaysia race based parties. For PKR, they have DAP which is in essence a Chinese and Indian party, PAS a Malay party and PKR, which is increasingly becoming a Malay party.

What is scary for Malaysian politics is, BN is aware of its racial nature and the problems of racial political parties yet unwilling to change. PKR on the other hand camouflages as a "one race" party but beyond the veil lies the same race based parties BN is structured around. And both sides are taking Malaysians for a ride. When it comes to Malay issues, we see UMNO, PAS and PKR on the same side. When it comes to minority rights we see the same Malay parties standing opposite DAP, MCA, MIC, and not side by side.

Worst still is how both sides lie to win votes. PAS will sweet talk everyone until they lead. PKR will continue to promise the sky until their Generalismo becomes the PM. DAP will continue to hammer on minority rights to the detrimental of national unity.

UMNO will continue to rely on desperate measures and push even harder to the far right. MCA and MIC will continue to make empty promises to the Chinese and Indian communities relying on Chinese businesses to do their bidding.

So in the end politicians play their games and continue to get rich while the average Malaysian wonder aloud "what the hell is with this Allah issue? I lost my job, I have a family to feed, loans to pay and children education to consider. Yet we have less subsidies, stagnating income levels, deteriorating education, rampant corruption, rising crime rate, rising medial costs, etc. Where is my elected rep?!"

backStreetGluttons said...

As usual , your article strikes the right cords accurately. But the problem as we probably know lies in the fact that our current PM is badly tainted and this R & R ( race & religion ) thing is his last & final ammunition which he will use desperately N deviously or death shall befall him at lighting speed.

zozdaniel said...

Malaysian leaders are concentrating tremendous resources on partition politics since the era of Dr M, and making Racial Supremacy as the guiding post for whatever policy of actions in the daily life. This propagation of distorted fundamental universal human right practices was arrogantly breached without giving a damn care of world observer views because of the presence of black gold in the country, oil. Industrialisation, modernisation and world trade become secondary to them due to the abundance of oil then.

Just look at our neighbour who were fare behind us economically then. Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and even Cambodia, they are progressing economically at a very fast pace. We are in a situation, economically and politically similar to Phillipines, a country in DISARRAY, politically and physically stabbing here and there.

Unfortunately the black gold is depleting, thinning and tailing at present time. The realisation of the diminishing gift of god by the government comes too late, and the panic button sets in.

Racial supremacy and religious intolerance become the tools to maintain their political survival.

Tengku Razaleigh's orservation on the oil curse seems so true.

Anonymous said...

There are Christians today who want the church to give up using the word 'Allah' for national good. This I think is stupid and dangerous.
Then tomorrow UMNO will decree that the words Esa cannot be used by Christians as he is a Muslim prophet and that he cannot be allowed to hang on the cross.
So do we take away our crucifixes and call him Jesus in Bahasa too?

mae1000 said...

It is wrong to say that Malay Language 'borrowed' the Word 'Allah' from the Arab. This shows your lack of knowledge about Quran, Islam and Muslim.

Quran, the source of Islam, clearly mention that Allah is the name of the supreme being, the God. It is a specific name of God. For man to embrace Islam, he proclaims 'There is no God but Allah'. This is one example. There are many more in the Quran.

Islam does not start during Prophet Muhammad times. In the Quran, Islam started as early as the human beings itself, ie from Adam and Eve. The language of Adam and Eve is not Arab. So do Moses and Jesus do not speak Arab, but Quran says all prophets since Adam knows the name of Allah though they are not Arab. In the Quran, the general word for God as spoken by Arab is 'Rabb'.

In the Quran, it is told that Allah sent prophets from time to time to make correction on man's faith. Many people, over time, get astrayed. misuse of Allah is one of them. Some people use and equate Allah with idols. This is wrong. That is why Allah sent prophets to remind people of their mistake.

When Malay language use Allah, it is not borrowing from Arab. It comes with Islam when Malay people embraces Islam. And Islam does not means Arab. Allah is made known to mankind since Adam. Only Islam made people know that the name of God is Allah. That is why Malay people insist that Allah is for Muslim only.

Why then Arab Christian also use Allah ? When Arab Christian use Allah, it does not mean they are correct. Bible is not originated in Arab. Arab bible is only a translation from English bible. English bible does not use Allah, because English christians does not recognise Allah. English christians use Jesus or God. When English bible is translated into Arab, the Arab christians translate God as Allah. This is a wrong translation. They should use Rabb. Being christians, though they are Arab, they dont know what is in the Quran. So, they use Allah, and Arab Muslims dont prevent Arab Christians from using Allah. Non-prevention by Arab Muslim does not mean Arab Christian is correct. This is a mistake by Arab Muslims for not correcting or preventing the Arab christians from using Allah. Arab Christian dont know that for English christians the word Allah means 'moon god'.

In the Quran, there is a verse mentioning that Arab does not mean more Islamic than the non-arab muslim (or something like that), so please dont refer to Arab as if they are the are the true muslim.

Anonymous said...

"...they wanted to promote Islamic supremacy over other religions." And then you go on to imply that this is not what Islam preaches. Well Mr are engaging in wishful thinking. This supremacy over all is what they ARE preaching! There are enough ayats in the Koran to scare the shit out of you. YOu should listen to the preachings and sermons. Do you live near one of the loud speaker mosques? They are quite open about it. Kindly go monitor for a week. Whether it is Christianity of ISlam they have a jealous god at the center. Worship me to the exclusion of all or else! That is where they are so popular. You can justify your horrible actions in the scripture.

Fdz said...

"Why are Muslim Arabs able to accept and share the use of ‘Allah’ with those of other Abrahamic faiths but not some Muslim Malaysians?"

Correct me if im wrong.
the word 'Allah' has never shared by Muslim Arabs. There's a difference with the term 'Ilah' or 'Elah' compared with 'Allah'. 'Ilah' or 'Elah' means God in Arab whereas 'Allah' means 'Allah' (there's no translation)

The Christian Arabs used the term 'Ilah' or 'Elah' simply because it means God in arabic language.

The argument for the current issue is that since Arab Christians have been using the term 'Elah', so when translated to Malay, 'Allah' should be used which is inaccurate.

'Ilah' or 'Elah' refers to God but 'Allah' refers to 'Allah'.

Anonymous said...

I agree, you are right

Dr`Joe said...

Totally agree. Only in Malaysia we have these debates while the rest of the world does not have an issue. Even ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) welcomes the court's decision.

Anonymous said...

Mr Khoo,
This is a ploy by Najib and his gang to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.
The message to the Rakyat and Opposition that if there is any attempt to throw them out,anarchy will be the consequences.Secondly, this problem currently have taken the limelight away from all the other issues like the C4,PKFZ,Missing Engines etc etc....
Very clever move indeed!

Jason said...

The "Allah" issue is politicised by the ruling government in order to fan the racial and religious sentiment among the Malay Muslim.
Unfortunately, the UMNO leaders forgot that they managed to stay in power after 2008 GE because of support from the voters in Sabah and Sarawak.
The Kadazan and Iban who profess Christianity will feel hurt in this issue.
I hope they will stand with us to oppose regime UMNO in the coming election.

ajoyly said...

Agreed, things cannot remain as they are. Changes must be made. The foundation of this country must be to, 'think Malaysians' and to put into pratice 'equality and justice for all'. Not merely lip service but real action.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid you are the one who misunderstood Islam.

As you see, they claim that their "Allah" is not the same as other people's "Allah".

That is to say, "Islam" in Malaysia is not the same as "Islam" elsewhere.

There was never any minsunderstanding. As "Islam" in Malaysia, aka UMNO's flavor of "Islam", stands for Racism, Chauvinism, Repression.

Anonymous said...

Superb article. Unfortunately I don't see this happening for the next 50 years. Yes I too think that the silent majority ESPECIALLY the radical new-age Malays should speak up against these protesters BUT there was already a threat by the PM that the govt will not hesitate to use ISA against anyone in this situation. This is a clear warning to the public especially to those who plan to retaliate against the kuno Malays.

CITIZEN said...

After I read your article,I gather the followings:
1.aggressive self-centred protesters.
2.using race and religion supremacy to achieve self interests.
3.use of hereditary as a differentiation advantage.
4.parasites(which I hv used B4 in yr commentary).
36 years of racial discrimination(the NEP started in 1974(correct me if I am wrong))and with so much of natural resources(given by the so so god),look how our country economy performed compared to peers of this region.Change is MUST!

Anonymous said...

Who the hell are you to talk about Allah, Islam and Malays?

You want to keep playing with fire?
Sure, it would be our pleasure because alot of us are angry and itching to teach those who climb on our head a lesson.

Anonymous said...

Allah® is a registered trademark of UMNO® (M) PTE LTD.

Anonymous said...

True enough. With or without realizing, these are the things that hamper our nation to develop. When a society practices superiority in religion or race, spoken or unspoken; no good will come out of it. That explains enough why Malaysia is stuck in a rut for the past 20 years compared with countries like Singapore and South Korea. Look at our industry; look at our entertainment industry; to what standard we are now?look at our sports industry, what had happened? look at our economy; how far we have gone to knowledge based economy? we are still depending heavily on foreign investment and natural resource while other advancing countries are into k- based economy. all because of brain drain; lack of recognition, fair chance; religious and racial tolerance. And all because of our failure to truly unite as Malaysians.

Leithaisor said...

Not only did the non-Muslim folks in what is now Sabah / Sarawak use "Allah" long before Merdeka, according to historical records, Islam itself was only founded about 600 years after Christianity.

The Arabic word "Allah" had been used by non-Muslims long before there was Islam.

But in Malaysia, there are some who seem to be more Arab than the Arabs, more Islamic than others in the Muslim world. If they are fanning emotions and flames for less-than-religious reasons, they should be mindful that they are using God / Allah. Do they delude themselves that there will be no price to pay for such a misdeed?

There are many Malaysians, be they Muslims or non-Muslims, who are honestly passionate about their religion and are rightly fervant about adhering to what their religion teaches.

If there are those who are out to exploit this passion and fervour for their narrow, twisted political agendas, I think they should be punished for their wrong-doing against the rakyat, the nation and God / Allah!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

'Hi, Dad!'

Do we need to play a new version
Of 'My Dad is better than your Dad!'?
Without any fear of confusion and conversion
Let us acknowledge in our own chosen ways our Dad

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 120110
Tue. 12th Jan. 2010.

knuff said...

@Anonymous 10:36am

who started this fire? It's BN or more specifically UMNO! This has been a non issue all these years. But once UMNO opened this can of worms, there are really no winning on any sides. To ask the malay speaking christians to not use the word Allah is the same as asking english speaking muslims to not use the word Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful but instead use Lord Most Gracious Most Merciful. This is really a non issue is people like YOU who's playing with fire by not fully understanding the bigger picture. Islam does not belong to Malaysia, to Malays, or even UMNO. Islam is for all in this world, and the world has NO problem with this issue!!!

mae1000 said...

Why dont you ask Christians in Malaysia to use 'Alah' instead of 'Allah' because that is the way how christian in Malaysia pronounce it. You ask any Muslim in Malaysia how he pronounce 'Allah' and then ask any christian how he pronounce 'Allah'. Sure you will find clear difference. You will find the pronouncement by christian will sound 'Alah'.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mae1000. And Khoo, it is evident that you have limited knowledge of monotheism and if you don't know... please go and learn. Please don't be a blind leading a blind.

Anonymous said...

err...whatever is happening is working right?....nobody is talking about jet engines anymore

Anonymous said...

I'm in my early 30's, hope to live until I'm in my 80's God willing so that I can see Malaysia celebrate it's 100th birthday. Who knows, some of my grandchildren might marry a malay. Then I hope to tell them that once a long time ago, I would have been called a migrant or 'pendatang' but you would have been called bumiputra. Me the reason you even exist was told that I don't belong. But not now, things are different now...Hopefully I'll be able to tell them that.

Anonymous said...

I'm a catholic and I don't agree at all that catholics should use the word 'Allah' when saying mass in malay. How do I explain to my children the difference between the islam 'Allah' and the christian 'Allah"? there are laws protecting and preventing Muslims from converting to other religion but there is none for other religions converting to islam. What if my children decide to convert to Islam because they think as christians we are worshiping the same god as the muslims? There should be a clear distinction between Islam and Christianity.

Anonymous said...

Mae1000 just came up with the best compromise for this! Pls publicise this in all blogs and we can go back to living in peace.

Anonymous said...

All these are the results of the Ketuanan Concept which gives Malays and Muslims the courage to trample on our rights, to ridicule us, call us pendatangs, to demolish temples ,ban the Bible and burn churches ... and enjoys protection for their actions.

Anonymous said...

The whole issue is being politicised, I don't believe that a person's faith can be affected or altered by just a "word".
Why can't the PM explain the word "Allah" like many of the bloggers do? Our PM's explaination would be very effective in diffusing the tension (if there is any at all!) but he choose to keep quiet as if nothing has happened! It really make me wonder whether he is a PM or just being there for show and glamour!

michael said...

Mae1000 comment includes fictional myth. Alike with UMNO's Home Ministry Sec-Gen who thinks he understands better than Arabic speaking moslem and our apple/orange neighbour. Others make mistakes, but UMNO people always correct with twisted different "pure" version for political expediency.

Fourteen centuries ago, the word "Allah" was already in common usage in Arabia region to denote deity or god. Hence it was also borrowed by Muhammad when he refer to his version of god. It is not a personal name of his god. Also there is no "sensitivities" or "tolerance" over the usage of the word "Allah" because the speaker knows their language origin.

Four centuries ago, the malay language borrowed "Allah" to mean "God", and has been in active used without any anger, terrorism or sensitivities in malay speaking region before the ill-advised intervention by ex-Home Minister Syed Hamid.

Christian Bible is not originally in English. The Bible various books are mainly in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. It is translated according to the users' mother tongue. God is Dios, Dio, Dieu, Gott, Kami, ShangDi, Diyos, Bhagavana, Chua, Allah etc in Latin, Italian, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Hindi, Vietnamese, Arabic etc versions of Bible to make its message accessible widely.

Hence in translating the Bible to Kitab, the common used malay terms are "Allah, Tuhan, Tuhan Allah" for the English words "God, Lord, Lord God, Sovereign God, etc" according to the context and weight of that particular verse. This translation was done centuries ago. It is not just "tuhan" and never "dewa". Recent translation kept this usage because it is what malay speaking people understand. Only now it is available more easily in many formats, media and on the Internet.

Imagine Malaysian Home Ministry banning the use of "Allah" by malay speaking Malaysian non-moslem. You cannot obtain from Indonesia any material using this word. No songs, music CD, bibles, books, newsletters, etc for personal use. This loss of freedom is against the Constitution. Local Islam Departments want to dictate that the certain words in Malaysian context are exclusive.

Mohd Ridzuan said...

I'm seconding the commenters above that differentiate between the arabic word "Ilah" as a general term for God and "Allah" as a specific name.

Technically, Allah refers to a single entity, which has no second, and no equal and cannot be divided into proportions therefrom.

To use the word Allah in place of Tuhan in Christian publication would cause confusion because it's technical meaning has been obfuscated. Especially so when it is used as Tuhan Allah, implying that there are other Tuhans besides Allah.

I commend sensible Christians who would consider the fact that the use of Allah could also wrongly impress upon the minds of their own children the different concept God prevalent in the two religions.

looes74 said...

To add on further to your comments, some of these clowns including MAIS & JAIS have gone forgotten the pandora box that UMNO is trying to open
Yes, I am not apologetic about this because it's truly UMNO's fault. UMNO wanna do a trick just like it's done Razaleigh Hamzah ended in the capitulation of Semangat 46. Razaleigh simply "linkup"
However, this time, it would back fire on UMNO because I can guarantee that UMNO Sabah would lose all seats. Sabah & Sarawak would be badly affected as it infringes Sabah & Sarawak's basic rights
What about international implication? I do wonder all these clowns really understand the implication. Let me give you this example

An Indonesian maid just arrived in Malaysia, taking up employment in a middle class Malaysian. That Indonesian happen to be a christian. She was carrying the bible. It's in Bahasa Indonesia. Everybody knows that Allah is used in the bible.
That Indonesian maid was stopped at Immigration with the bible confiscated. That Indonesian lodge the report with Indonesia Embassy. In the process, Indonesian media got hold the story. With much creativity, Indonesian media start to capitalise & sensationalise on this matter. The rest you guys can imagine yourself
Remember one Negaraku incidence has created a mayhem in Indonesia. What would be the ultimate implication? Or is that what UMNO wants to divert from real issues?
Wag the dog startegy?

I am just highlighting one incident. You know it affects Sikhs too. What if Mahmohan Singh, India PM, come to Malaysia, meet with Najib & somehow relating to Mahmohan's sikh religion, mention Allah......How? Diplomatic Incidence! Can you ask India, 1.4Billion people with 2 aircraft carriers to fly kite
Malaysia is the only country in the world that is having issue with Allah......

There are no alternative....Maintain Status Quo.....That's Allah can be used by non moslems as assured in the constituition of Malaysia. Stick to constitution

Amen said...

All new generation of malaysian was teach & learn in B.Malaysia .by banning the word Allah in general & banning the bahasa Indonesia Bible , the new generation will have a tough time & difficult to become Christian .
Just see what happen in Orang Asli in west malaysia , the new chief orang asli cannot be christian .. must muslim ... but eat ngok ngok !

Anonymous said...

punjabi say something ... Allah . w/o KFC

Anonymous said...

Its a stupid problem with both sides looking at different sides of the coin. One says this is a racial issue, another says this is a freedom of speech issue. One says this is a religion issue, the other says its a language issue. One thinks from a Peninsular Malaysia perspective, the other from an East Malaysian perspective. Hence the impasse. We seriously need to teach people thinking skills and compel every Malaysian an examination testing logical deduction abilities.

Anonymous said...

Official Religion : All religions....Special Rights: All Malaysians....the final solution

Anonymous said...

"In the Quran, there is a verse mentioning that Arab does not mean more Islamic than the non-arab muslim (or something like that), so please dont refer to Arab as if they are the are the true muslim."
Do you have a problem with your comprehension. KKP never mentioned anything that even implied Arabs are the true Muslims. He is merely observing what Arabs do in a similar situation bearing in mind their overall proximity to Islam linguistically and culturally (whether you like it or not), hence the observation.
Your paragraph implies a certain enmity towards Arabs which I somehow felt during my stay in MY and I really don't understand it. The whole post is about some of your shameful Malay social attitudes. If there's anyone you should be attacking it is KKP and his 'truly valid' observation, not Arabs.

Anonymous said...

Listen you idiots, Christians use Christ as their god translated from Cristos (Greek Orthodox) for thousand of years, and never heard of churches here preaching Allah in their prayers, so obvious who is the real culprit here.