Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another Dr M's Absurdity

Years of living under Dr Mahathir's absurdity had created all sorts of ridiculous slogans, unrealistic grand visions, skewed social agenda and biased race supremacy.

Mahathir had tried to build a modern Malaysia based on petroleum dollar, race affirmative action, communitarian politics and authoritarian leadership. The outcome is obvious; Malaysia is a laggard.

Brains and funds have continued to flow out of the country. The current uproar on the use of 'Allah' by Christian bibles and publications is a prime example of the country's priority.

Race tensions remain high and extreme race organisations such as Perkasa and many others continue to jump on any opportunity to create a ruckus and to pressure the government to keep the wedge between Malay Bumiputera and non-Bumiputera wider.

Malaysia is not only losing its attractiveness as a FDI destination, losing its brains but also its prestige and allure as a successful and progressive multiracial nation. Partially, this is a result of a nascent and under developed civil society or a silent and non-responsive Middle Malaysia.

Yet Malaysia's losses, brains and funds, are treated casually by the present government whose policy direction and political model were largely moulded from the Mahathir era.

Mahathir's rule had the most significant impact on the attitude, mentality and approach of current Barisan/UMNO leadership and its followers.

It seems the grand old man of politics has created yet another absurdity by claiming that the 9/11 attacks in the United States, that killed nearly 3,000, was staged as an excuse to “mount attacks on the Muslim world”, saying killing as an excuse for war is not new to the US.

“In September 2001, the World Trade Centre was attacked allegedly by terrorists. I am not sure now that Muslim terrorists carried out these attacks. There is strong evidence that the attacks were staged. If they can make Avatar, they can make anything,” said Dr Mahathir.

By equating the movie Avatar to the staging of 911 terrorist attacks on US has finally confirmed that Dr M's opinions are best left to keep him company in his old age than for mass consumption.

If Dr M has the evidence, he should have not have taken almost a decade to announce the conspiracy. As an ex-PM and a UMNO strongman, his latest allegations may create yet another round of illogical and unrealistic reactions from the community which may turn to sour the relationship between US-Malaysia.

We have had enough bad news with the use of 'Allah' row and do not need another controversy from Dr M.

In his twilight years, Dr M should focus on how to address the souring race and religious relations in the country. He should have advocated for a truly united, fair and just Malaysia.

Foremost, he should have taken more cognisance of his own legacy and try to salvage whatever positive contributions left so that the society can remember him more favourably.


Anonymous said...

May I repeat again and again - I WISH THIS OLD GOAT DROPS DEAD TODAY and be curse as the people did to Augustine Paul.

Anonymous said...

In Malay, its called 'Nyanuk'

Anonymous said...

Opening of a real Pandora's Box you mean!!!

Joshua said...

Dr Khoo,

There is a proverb in the Bible that says not to answer a fool's folly lest we become a fool in doing so.

I wouldn't say TDM is a fool but the supply of foolish statements from him is perhaps more publicised given his status.

Bloggers should continue to put the pressure on the current PM and his government on how they will resolve the Allah crisis and the church attacks.

That is a challenge for these half-baked politicians and I am sure they are following the debate on the blogosphere to check the pulse and sentiment of the rakyat.

They have lost Round I - High court ruling and Round II - church burning as a result of political instigation and the government's unhappinness with the verdict.

Let's see what is in store for Round III because Round IV is clearly the change in global perception of Malaysia as wanting to be the most radical Islamic nation despite its multi-religious, ethnic reality. Capital flight and the sinking of 1Malaysia?

Mahathir bin Babi said...

911 was staged by the Americans themselves????


I wonder whether is this OLD FOOL gonna say the PEPPER SPRAY ATTACK he deservingly got several years ago was staged by HIMSELF???

If yes, this OLD IDIOT should have used a GUN instead of PEPPER SPRAY. I reckon it's time for this OLD ARSE to "SHUT UP" or "BE DEAD".

Anonymous said...

This mamak kutty is opening big foul mouth again. Already one and half leg inside the coffin, still blaring like a dead chicken struggling.
Hope someone cover his foul mouth with sand and give a final kick to his arse. RIP.

najib manaukau said...

What does he know ?
He thinks he knows everything yet he knows really next to nothing except how to 'take' money from corruption. Anon 312 wishes he drops dead to day, he is not the only one there must be millions of them in Malaysia alone. I had and still have the same wish too since the shenanigan became the P.M. and I am sure there must be millions of them like me. He was lucky his heart lasted the pepper spray on him but don't push your luck too far the next time round.

Anonymous said...

And I wish the wishes of Anon 3:12 that "THE OLD GOAT DROPS DEAD TODAY and be cursed as the people did the Augustine Paul" COMES TRUE!

Anonymous said...

Mahathir is a danger to humanity

Anonymous said...

I agree with this oldman. I AGREE that he has caused malaysia much grief and suffering due to his policies. I too agree that he has made a mockery of all that is going on with the court of laws. I Too agree that he must be held accountable to all that he has done. I too agree that he needs to face his sins before he departs from earth; hopefully very soon.
i too agree the country is crumbling and in shambles because of his decades of politicking and decades of supression.
and finally i believe he is gonna have one FIRST CLASS ticket to downunder.

pinsysu said...

the trouble of old age for him is dat he thot he put in a thousand-yr old wild ginseng to concoct a yummy tonic but alas, he put in a stinking dead rat into the pot bcos of his failing eyesight ... sheeesh!

Anonymous said...

If stupidity can be awarded a Degree, this old fart should be awarded PHD. When is he going to shut his gap when only shit comes out when it is opened. This guy must have double asshole.

Anonymous said... the church was burnt by christians la !

btw, 8 arson suspects were arrested & the 1st ONE was badly burnt !!

Anonymous said...

I believe that the 'staged' part is kinda true. it is part of US conspiracy.. want to know more, go download september clues.. and those who do not believe it will have a clear idea of the incident!

James Q said...

Actually, if we care to thnk about it, the Mad Hater is a most pitiful bugger. I say this because at his age when he is about to go meet the Lord who is going to judge him, instead of being filled with peace and goodwill, he is simply full of bitterness (not being in the driver's seat anymore while Lee Kuan Yew still is), hatred (for Jews, Indians and Chinese, etc) and full of shit.

niakong said...

Where's ISA when it is needed most???

Anonymous said...

Can someone use Santau Angin on him and all his kin, as well as Najib and UMNO? Knock them all off once and for all!

Anonymous said...

Instead of behaving like an elder statesman, he prefers to continuously make absurd, ridiculous claims, but what do we expect from someone who is so skewed in his head? He even thinks he's a thorough-bred Malay! And he went on to propagate a biased race supremacy.
Remember Hitler? Ah, next he'll say the Holocaust didn't happen... Ah, crazy ole man... He should just buy a big bike and ride in the country side... Safer to all of us!

Anonymous said...

USA and the Jews are always the punching bag for Madey !!

did he not mention "The Holocaust failed as a final solution" .. a solution for what ??????

Once a racist always a racist !!


Anonymous said...

TDM likes to make controversial statements to create confusion and discord among readers to gain cheap publicity.He is obsessed with this practice.Just yesterday, he mentioned that 500-700 full lorry loads of sand goes into Singapore daily! If you take 600 lorries and 10 mins of process time, it works out to 100hrs per day! Sampai Tua la.....

Anonymous said...

Why would any decent thinking human would want to invite this senile old fart to speak.

Each time he speaks he makes himself a laughing stock.

Comparing him and Nazri,do you see any difference in these two fools???

Anonymous said...


cksf said...

dr kkp said:
>keep the wedge between Malay Bumiputera and non-Bumiputera wider.

the chinese are selfish, arrogant, suspicious and intra-thnic-destructive. - the indians insignificant. the makmak takes advantage of this to create the chaos.

Anonymous said...

A Sarawakian Says: Poor TDM was a Malaysian hero no more and is a bitter old man who has not been able to accomplish his mission. He has my sympathy but there are many cursing him strongly. May God forgive them and TDM. May his wise daughter help him in his old age and advise him to relax and spend time, more time, with his grandchildren. TDM, please make life easier for all Malaysians, especially the Prime Minister. Thank you Tun.

Anonymous said...

This mamak fler still thinks to be a hero amongst his own faith.If he got wisdom, he should try to promote interfaith/interrace harmony instead of criticising other.A man of his age should talk with wisdom.The only conclusion is he is becoming more and more senile!

drMpower said...

some here called u as 'Dr. Khoo'. it means, either u are the real MBBS doctor who saves lives, or a doctorate degree holder.

either way, it means u are smart. and of course u blog in english, so u must be very pristine in english.

well, dr khoo, lets us read again what mahathir had wrote on that 9/11 'stage' again.

he mentioned about serious doubt, and specifically typed 'strong evidence'. he, the real deal Dr Mahathir, however DID NOT type A I believe 9/11 was staged' .. or any word that might point to him accusing the US to stage such horror incident.

let alone he has whatsoever evidence etc etc.

of course, u will not retract whatever u mention in your blog. because u are a very proud man. even tho it is very clear that you misquote him, nevermind u WILL not retract.

too bad ur bad feeling upon him has blinded u altogether. mentioning about what u felt 'police state' or 'non progressive country' or 'whatever it is, just confirm that u dont like that man.

regardless of what he had done.

that one (ur hatred feeling), no rocket science / phd degree to see its obvious.

Anonymous said...

He survived 2 open heart operations in the space of a few days. Surely he must at least realize that God is merciful to him to allow him time to right the wrongs that he has done. Sadly,he is not on that wave length.

Anonymous said...

He not 'Nyanuk' as much as he's bigoted and hateful. A demagogue who found fertile ground in umno.

bow said...

This senile old fart can become a made in Malaysia comedian any time soon, USA government doesn't claim 9/11 terrorism as the handiwork of "Muslim terrorists" and carry out attack on Muslims. What is this senile old fart talking about.... he must be reading too much into Osama's Al Qaida propaganda web site other than the straight talk web page of yours...that is how he come out with all these hate speech on USA... .lol!!!

Anonymous said...

This Evil Indian turned Malay monster will burn in hell. He has a heart made of stone.
Malaysia will be peaceful when he dies. Even the worms will not eat his flesh.

Anonymous said...

All of you miss the piont.If US can make Avatar they can fake 911. If they can fake 911 can they can burn the churches in Malaysia too. That's what the mamak is getting at...But then again if he can out smart US to figure out all these...why Malaysia is still in the Bolehland..

Anonymous said...

Hangover effect from watching Avatar-3D? His children should stop him from watching it in 3D - make OLD man hallucinate!

Anonymous said...

I came upon your page as it was linked from another. As an American, I cannot tell you how disgusting it is to hear your former prime minister utter such hateful words - to even suggest that the events of 911 was staged by the American govt for sinister reasons. A cruel and bitter man like Mahathir would never understand how 911 brought tears to the entire US on the very day it happened, caused by some very hateful Arab terrorists who felt they were the chosen people to carry out a jihad against innocent men and women. An inhumane person like Mahathir would never understand how it feels to see your loved one leave home in the morning for work to never see them again, knowing that they were either crushed under tons of concrete or charred as a result of massive fires at the WTC. In the end, no matter what excuses Muslims want to give to justify the heinous acts by these Islamic jihadists, fact is, they did it for they were cold-blooded killers who felt their religion gave them the right to destroy others. They are no different than the Christian crusaders in the medieval era who killed and justified their murders in the name of Christianity. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it.

To call Mahathir's words as any other but hateful and despicable would be to justify the unjustifiable. Mahathir's comments about supporting the Holocaust shows how cruel and ignorant he is. The Holocaust was a demonstration of how cruel human beings can be to another fellow human being. It is a black mark against human civilization. Regardless of whether Mahathir personally likes Jews or not, the act of gassing and the attempt to annihilate an entire race is anything to view lightly. No matter what your race or nationality, the Holocaust is a chapter in human history that we should all be ashamed of - for those who carried it out, for those who allowed it to occur and for those who supported it and continue to support it like Mahathir.

thinkAgain said...

haha! i must say who still doesn't believe 9/11 was staged was a complete ignorant fool. gods name try do search on the internet and youtube you will find lots and lots of facts and videos about it.. And if you think all the stuff on the internet are faked you are a double fool for choosing to believe the US and their politically controlled Mass Media.

Do some research before try to show your wisdom...fool..

Anonymous said...

Damn it! And I thought Avatar was real! I thought Pandora exist! I thought I could become a Na'vi! Damn it. Its all a lie! It was just a movie! Wait... That doesn't sound right...

Anonymous said...

Then again, I think people should at least have the decency to give the old man some respect. For all his failings, and for all his mistakes, you've got to give the man credit for what he's managed to do with Malaysia. His record is undeniable. Under his steward, Malaysia prospered. The man's not perfect and he's old. But 100 years from now, the only thing people will remember is how he transformed Malaysia. The same way how history remembers people. So call him senile, call him old man, call him "mental", joke about him, whatever, but give the man the respect he deserves. Don't go overboard. The man's been through more than most of us will ever experience. Not supporting or praising him, just trying to encourage some proper mannerism.

Anonymous said...

Mahatir is the avatar of Adolf Hitler.

Anonymous said...

You fellas are such babies.. Israel doesnt want this new pressure group "GCSQ" comprising of Arab States to gain strength. It spells trouble for them. So they brought in the Indian Muslim ( that led UMNO for 22 years or more ) to discredit the launch by cursing and pissing Jews & Americans the world over. It's all sandiwara lah. Kalu tak percaya check the Kerala Muslim and his wife's accounts. All the loot are stashed in Israeli banks lah coz thats the last place the dumb UMNO Malays would look !! You kids, he he he

Anonymous said...

Mahathir said, "In September 2001, the World Trade Centre was attacked allegedly by terrorists. I am not sure now that Muslim terrorists carried out these attacks. There are strong evidences that the attacks were staged. If they can make Avatar, they can make anything." (Malaysia Kini)
Let's be clear. He did not make an accusation. He merely expressed doubt over the incident. The man chose his words carefully (unlike some people leaving comments here). He is still sharp as a pin. Defo not nyanyuk !
And it's true, Hollywood tech is a master at the science of illusion. Also, if u research the Net on this topic, you'll find many Americans now believe 9/11 was a conspiracy. Pls be civil.

|isten from both sides b4 judge said...

I agree with drMPower,12.47am.

Dr. M did not said it was staged (as claimed by the writer).

But Dr. M said "There is strong evidence that the attacks were staged. If they can make Avatar, they can make anything"

I repeat: Dr. M did not said it was staged (as claimed by the writer).

Thus, this article is untrue and void.

If the writer (a Doctor) goes to COURT, he will lose.

-i am anti^mahathir but try to rationalize n be professional in making judgement

najib manaukau said...

A mad dog never stops barking but this mad dog even barks at his own shadow non stop.
He has to be the king of all mad dogs and every time when something is said about this mad dog one will find the postings are so numerous and bet he will surely be an easy winner as Malaysia most hated man in this part of the world.
He will doubtlessly win the title with his legs and two hands tie together.
Hw must also knows this and hence if he cannot be remembered for any good deed (if any) he might as well be remembered for the atrocities he committed in his life time. But don't worry he will always be remembered as the shenanigan of his time.
He is now trying to build a stronger bond with another mad man in Iran in order for him to
have a place to immigrate to continue their barking together .
This is not to mention that it takes a mad dog to recognise the barking of another mad dog.
That sure is a good sign that the end is near for him and the world and in particular Malaysia will be a better and peaceful place to live in. Good riddance !
Nature must have surely made a huge mistake in creating him or is it the mixture of his Indian and Malay blood that went horribly wrong.

Anonymous said...

If one has nothing to say, just keep the fucking mouth shut!!!!!!!!

najib manaukau said...

Anon 9.03,
Do you talk modesty with prostitutes ?
For all the atrocities this shenanigan Mahathir has done, how can you be talking about giving him respect ? The projects he implemented during his time as P.M. were not for the progress of Malaysia but they were for his pocket, his family and his cronies. The bigger they were the more he gets and they too.
Just look at the amount of national funds over the 22 years he took as P.M. plus the 100 billions he took from Petronas. Half of that would have make any Malaysian P.M. looks much greater than him. You don't have to look far, just look across the causeway, when they have nothing absolutely nothing no oil, no plantations and what do they have now.
A first world country with hundreds of billions of reserve, investments world wide and above all recognised and tops in every field.
All these are achieved and developed even though the pariah had banned the export of sands and water to them by this shenanigan because he would look primitive and retarded when Malaysia is compared with Singapore simple as that. The shenanigan and his cronies may use all sorts of excuses in doing so, even to the point of asking them to squad, so that Malaysia will look taller in the eyes of the world. But is Malaysia a first world or really taller with this pariah as P.M. for 22 years ?
The answer is a big NO ! He must be indicted for all the atrocities he has committed ! How could he justify to have the civil service filled with 95% of Malay when the Malay, that is if the figures of the last census are true and accurate and not made up by him and his cronies, is 60% ( just to justify his illusion that they were and the many atrocities he committed in the name of Malays )
of the country's population.
Even if they were true why then the non Malay population not reflected in the civil service ? Aren't the non Malays the citizens of Malaysia ? Is the kind of former P.M. to be respected or even be remembered ? You have to be one of his cronies if you think so ! I could write a whole book about the atrocities the shenanigan committed ! Last but not least how come his multi millionaire son not known for any particular skill or profession become a multi millionaire ? Also why is he, who is known to have a major heart problem, going to London , a major transit point to most parts of the world, every year without fail, when he advocates all Malaysians to look east ?

Anonymous said...

George Soros said that 'Mahathir is a danger to Malaysia'. Mahathir's current statement sound ridiculous to most people. Just because he make some correct decisions in the past does not mean that he is right all the time. Is he saying that Bush and Osama are buddys. Crazy idea. However, calling our ex-PM by crude and vulgar names is also a reflection of the character of the person who use those words so freely. The world is laughing at all Malaysian. We can gain our respect by controlling our emotioms.

Jong said...

This "Father of Racism" is at it again! The man is downright SICK and DISGUSTING!

Just ignore him and deny his crave for attention!

Anonymous said...

Dr khoo,

I may not agree with all that Dr M has done and said but put your streotyping view aside. All he said there is a possibility that 9/11 was staged. If u do not agree with what he says this time, just refute objectively, no need for name calling. otherwise like many other commentors here you sound hollow.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Anon 12.27pm,

The burden of proof should be on Dr M, not me. Dr M's allegations, which he relied on some unverified conspiracy theories and the movie 'Avatar', are illogical and unreasonable enough.

Which name calling did you find in my post? I find your response here more offending and hollow than my reaction to Dr M's statement.

Now it is your turn to respond objectively.

Steve said...

This senile old man should be discouraged from going to the cinema - especially to see the movies made in the country he so despises. I could send him my copy of "Capricorn One" which was about a faked trip to Mars. Maybe it would give him the idea of travelling to Mars to claim it for the Muslims, thus solving a problem for Malaysia

najib manaukau said...

There is a saying in Chinese 'Be remembered for your good deeds for a thousand years' but 'Be remembered for ten thousand for your bad deeds'. Pariah Mahathir must know these by now, he wants to be remembered for ten thousand years, that is if he can, that is why in his dying days he is trying so hard to achieve that.
Please remembered the sins you committed will be paid for your descendants. Is that why your multi millionaire son is trying to have his descendants become Chinese ?

Insan Mukmin said...

prove to me that Osama Bin laden was behind Sept 11. when taliban leader Mullah omar said Osama bin laden was not behind sept 11, and asked US govt for proof, the US govt said we do not provide proof to our enemies. Why can't they provide proof? because there is no proof.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir's biggest sin is to resign and allow that good for nothing badawi to take over. Only way now is to create chaos and use the pendatang issue to drive off the non malaysto where they come from

Anonymous said...


najib manaukau said...

Anon 11.35

The shenanigan is not a 100% Malay, why are you having difficulty getting a pure Malay is it to cheer about ? May be you can find a pure Malay after all ! What a sick joke !!
In fact he is in the process of giving his Malay blood away for the Chinese, in fact his grand children are already half Chinese and the other half is Indian & Chinese. So much for the long live shenanigan !
It may very be his great grand children are already Chinese. So much for your cina bukit and keling karam. I have no qualm to have my name published and no just an anon like you and your kind.

albertteo said...

If Dr.M can come out with this concortion, I suspect he was also capable of staging several heart bypasses to get sympathy of the Malaysian public who is in his mind calpable of believing anything he says.
The man has done much to undo what he has done to build the image of Malaysia internationally. In the eyes of the world, they will be wondering how we can elect such a man to be Prime Minister of Malaysia. It must be to do with our IQ.

Ekompute said...

"It seems the grand old man of politics has created yet another absurdity by claiming that the 9/11 attacks in the United States, that killed nearly 3,000, was staged as an excuse to “mount attacks on the Muslim world”, saying killing as an excuse for war is not new to the US."

Only Mahathir will do such a thing as killing his own rakyat to further his own purpose.

Kamarudin said...

To all fellow commentators,pls see the movie 911 by American no lest to understand if what MM said is's all staged to allow American to attack Iraq for oil as can be seen now

Anyone in right mind will never believe what the world is being told by US. Arabs terrorists can never plot something as precise as the Sept 11 massacre. They are more qualified as a stand alone suicide bombers only.