Friday, January 08, 2010

Church Attacks Are Disgraceful!

Three churches are believed to have been attacked in the last 24 hours in the Klang Valley - the three-storey Metro Tabernacle church in Desa Melawati, the Assumption Church in Jalan Templer, Petaling Jaya and the Life Chapel in Section 17, Petaling Jaya.

Those who committed the arson are non-believers but misguided religious fanatics or simply troublemakers. Their despicable action should be severely criticised by all Malaysians regardless of faith.

Similarly, I hope that the Christians would not retaliate to these attacks by force. Let God do the punishment.

It is a shame that the Prime Minister had said that the government cannot stop people from protesting. He said this at a time when this multiracial and multireligious nation is depending on his leadership to help mitigate the issue. He acts like a weak and helpless PM.

Malaysia is yet making news globally for the wrong reason.


Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...




Anonymous said...

What do you expect when an organisation operates by members of family ,Ah Kong , Ah Ma , Uncle ,Nephew , Aunty , In-Law ,relatives ,son of my father , .........?

Others die standing lah , it's a family affair ma. Not happy u leave lah.


Anonymous said...

A sincere apology from him will gain back some respect from the people. As the Head Honcho of Malaysia, a weak statement from him is the same as saying that I am helpless, you can do what you like. Please resign gracefully and let someone with better statemanship quality and authority take over. Otherwise our country will be going to the dogs.

Anonymous said...

Christians are peaceful and religious people. They are not shaken by the well organised incidents in KL and PJ. It's not surprising that they will pray for peace and not retaliate to such meaningless threats.

Sadly, today's incident will go down the history books as a blackmark in this multi racial country. Let's call it the "Black Friday". International news agency such as BBC UK are already making wide coverage on this issue. Malaysia is indeed a pariah nation run by gang of mafia politicians who deny any involvement and are doing so to stay in power.

Jon Richards

Stanley said...

By saying he can't interfere with them protesters, further proves our PM Najib is a hypocrite. 1Malaysia, 2Standards.

Now lets see how efficient PDRM is at nabbing these vandals. No, terrorists.

Only in Malaysia, the name 'Allah' is used for political gain.

Anonymous said...


Modus Operandi of the no.1 Idiot.

It is that obvious.


cksf said...

dr kkp said:
>Three churches are believed to have been attacked in the last 24 hours in the Klang Valley - the

the attakers are amokly AFRAID.,

cksf said...

dr kkp,
the editors of the catholic herald is at ARUPE, at the xavier church, opposite KWSP,jalan gasing.
the amoks got the wrong targets LOL

tamyantat said...

I agree to your very frank and honest opinion, Mr Khoo. What is our PM doing at this very moment of time when he says: "The goverment can't do much to help or to protect the people from protesting. Wht is his role as the PM of Malaysia. What did he promise to the multiracial and multicultural society like in Malaysia? Wha is the real objective of 1Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

The people behind Friday's shame are the Umno racists and ministers who have lost in the 2008 elections.Give some thought,it is obvious who these people are.And PM have no control over them or dares not confront them because of the ground support they muster.These same group will continue to stir up sentiments until they are restored back in power or racial anarchy.Najib knows.

cksf said...

dr kkp,
this jan8 attack is a pale mirror image of may13- only property loss.

najis could easily explain that the christians provoke the sensitivities of the malays and may declare another emergency repeating his father's head of another noc.

there are many fridays to come.

Anonymous said...

Najib is still trying to sell his "1 Malaysia"....dah tak boleh pakai dah,Najib !!


Jong said...

What out the two cousins who will tango till they succeed, yeah provoke!

I dare IGP Musa Hassan to put those two under arrest for instigating rowdy protests, thuggery and instability of nation's internal security and risk of lives of its Christian minority! No one is above the law.

Anonymous said...

UMNO reared and coached the wolves then it released them. Now they shout 'wolf 'wolf'.

Any efficient police force would have been provided with intelligent reports prior to such attacks. Looks like PDRM has no intelligence.
I am also sure no arrests will be made.
Why?. Because they know who released the wolves? They own the wolves.

Anonymous said...

its all engineered by UMNO right wingers. what can Najib do?

what we can do a sordinary citizens is to kick out the corrupt UMNO in the next election.

Sharizat, you defending them? may be, its best that your family spend more time raising cattles. afterall, RM250m has been entrusted by the Govt to your young kid to manage cattles. I just love to see what comes out of it.

let them continue with their nasty behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Now the IGP tells the church to "get their own security". Really don't know why I pay taxes and the police salaries for WHAT? BTW, I am neither a Christian nor Catholic - it does not matter...this is an EMERGENCY. The police can have hundreds of them to prevent and break up peaceful protests yet does not have manpower to temporarily beef up security in 262 churches! Don't know what to say on the current IGP, sigh...

Anonymous said...

That day was called 'Black Friday'. Many people are not aware that in other countries such as Eqypt, similar incidents took place. You torch me, I torch you. Difference? They don't set fire on religous compounds. And rest assured Malaysian Christians will never retaliate.

Jon Richards

Anonymous said...

Any migrants that challenge Islam and Malay should not be tolerated

Anonymous said...

Leaders must be resposible. Especially after uttering irresposible and impotent statements. Denying responsibilities after damage is done is a coward.

Jefus said...

The Allah ban is unusual in the Muslim world. The Arabic word is commonly used by Christians to describe God in such countries as Egypt and Syria. The confiscated Bibles came from neighboring Indonesia, an overwhelmingly Muslim country.

Bassilius Nassour, a Greek Orthodox bishop in Damascus, Syria, called the Malaysian government's position "shameful."

"It shows Malaysia to be a backward, pagan state because God teaches freedom for everyone, and the word 'Allah' is for everyone," he said.

Well done! Fantastic leadership!!

Anonymous said...

I say its you..! You say its me...!

The buck doesn't stop there...!!!

1Allah, 1Malaysia..!!

What's next lah...???

Anonymous said...

This is not about religion but the challenge brought about by the minorities, read chineses against anything Malay and the Malay institution.So whatever that is challenge by the minority has a hidden agenda , to destroy the Malay identity.

Anonymous said...

This is the results of UMNO racist politicians and their garbage reporting media UM actions the past months. That PM, DPM, and HM must resign if they have dignity and integrity.
Quote from one blogger:-
"When a party president for more than two decades had said that his own party Umno is a racist party; Najib, what have you done to help erase that negative perception from the mind of people outside of Umno? Nothing.

Instead, we witness one incident after another which remind us again and again that Umno is getting more racist each day. The cow-head incident, the handling of demonstrations, the calls for 'bakar gereja', 'pendatang', etc.

You need not have to say that Umno is not racist. Just act to prevent these racist acts and refrain from being seen as blatantly condoning those acts. The resources and power are available and in your hands."

Richard Loh said...

Maybe this is their pr-apco strategy, and it backfire. Now running helter skelter with more new slogan, what is the name, juara something and umno for all and what not...Still want to believe in and have faith in umno/bn? The decision is yours, everyone...

Please read the two speeches by PAS and umno Presidents one day after the Church bombing and the protest at the mosque and take this poll:

Poll : Which Party Do You Trust And Are More Sincere When Talking About Islam To The Non Muslim Malaysians

Anonymous said...

The Malay identity was destroyed by the malays themselves due to arabisation. No race can challenge the Malay race if they are strong,with all the help given by the goverment they are still left behind, why? because they are to busy crying and shouting like small children when not fed at the right time. Stand up! rise up! once the malays empower themselves then nothing, I say nothing can destroy us!

CH Wong said...

What can we say? The 2 kris cross members are destroying themselves and these incidents are really jokes.

Do they have nothing much to do or is this merely a media diversion? Hey, wake up, look at our socio-economics situation? Lend the efforts to it. Do not be a third world or now been displaced to the fourth world mentality.

This country is deteriorating. Why are they fighting over such matter. The court already ruled such decision and now the 'cross kris' members said it is wrong. Why didn't they say so on the Perak power grab? This is a selective democracy... Why need court and constitutions when 'cross kris' is always right.

1 Malaysia isn't working and I believe it won't. Come on President of 'Cross Kris', show us something tangible.

Anonymous said...

It is so obvious. To divert attention on the negative spot light on Umno-led BN, a distraction is created. Even outsiders in the light of NY times can see it thousands of miles away. No to be exact, a WWW touch away.

These condemned acts have been relayed to all corners of the world. People and leaders of the world will now have a different opinion on many aspects of the nation.

Whack_Job said...

There is a problem with the Malay community... They are mixing race with religion... They think to be a Malay = to be a Muslim. Which is wrong. Race determines culture, identity, beliefs. Religion determines faith. Take the Chinese and Indian communities. A Chinese or Indian can be a Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu, etc. But in the end they're still a Chinese or Indian. Malays on the other hand, seem to think Malay = Muslim and hence get confused. Hence the reason why the concept of promoting a Malay identify is so difficult. They intermix what is supposedly Malay with Islamic ideas. Example dress code. Since when do Malays dress like Middle Eastern? When did the traditional Malay dances, which has been practiced for generations, some even before the arrival of Islam, become haram? Which leads us to the problem with the word Allah. If Malays can think of Malay as a race and Islam as a religion, they will see the Allah issue as being a religious issue, not racial. Instead now its degenerating into a racial issue which is harder to mend because other races don't see religion the way Malays do, and Malays will always think the Allah issue as being a "we vs the rest of the world" when in actual fact, the dispute is at its most basic, a technical issue. Simply an issue with a word and its meaning.

ajoyly said...

In God we trust. And if all Malaysians were to pray, God will surely give His wisdom in how this issue should be solved.

wong said...

the 2 cousins are running this country hand in hand,,,the most dangerous is yet to come out.the military matter of time as last card in the pack...better dont play play some attention on this silent mode...

kopitelp16 said...

PM is Super fast and efficient when dealing with candle light vigils and black shirt protest....

So, it's confirmed, 1Malaysia, 2Standards, 3 A$$holes......

Anonymous said...

The Malay race and Islam is intertwined. In order to be a Malay, one has to profess the religion of Islam. If one profess other religion than Islam in Malaysia, he or she cannot be a Malay. Unlike the Arabs or Chinese or Indians etc. races, the Malays only accept one religion. Malays are one of two races in the Islamic world which indentifies with the Islamic religion only.
So by comparing the Malays with other races such as Whack_Job describes is an unaccurate comparison. If you read history, the Malays converted to Islam en masse, with the Sultanate leading the masses then. When the Portuguese tried to preach Catholicism, it was totally rejected. This is the Malay mindset and it is not the same with the Arabs, Chinese, Indians etc. who can be whatever they want.
I do not intend to offend anyone but this is to clarify the misunderstandings which I have read in previous comments.

Anonymous said...