Saturday, January 23, 2010

Malaysians Wrong to Abandon Country, Barisan Wrong to Betray the People

Second Finance Minister Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah criticised Malaysians who have emigrated, saying it was “wrong” and insinuating that they were betraying the sacrifices of their forefathers.

“You and me, our children, we build our lives here and we have our homes here. This is our homeland. I get very sad when I hear we have people migrating to foreign shores. To me, this is wrong.

“Our forefathers have come here, many years ago, bearing much hardship and deprivation. Why did they endure this? Because they believed that their future generations will reap the fruits of having to live on this blessed land.”

Yes, this was the case until the only ruling regime of this country, Barisan Nasional, insisted to perpetuate its brand of race-based, divisive and irresponsible politics which helped to drive away more than a million Malaysians in a short span of five decades.

More than 60 percent of these skilled Malaysians were driven away by how this country has been managed by the ruling regime. It is safe to assume that more were driven away by the push factor (e.g. racist policies, corruption, mediocre leadership, lack of equal access to economic and education opportunities and bad policies) than a pull factor.

Why should Barisan continue to embrace the old? The coalition has squandered many opportunities to strengthen its partnership and its political influence. Political parties in the coalition could easily abandon race based politics and form a common political party, using the existing Barisan platform.

We would have thought that years of socialisation amongst political parties in the coalition would have made it easier for them to transition to a common multiracial platform. Alas, the answer is no. Race based political parties continue to exist to serve the interest of a few who wanted to become race heroes or to manipulate race for political ascension.

Husni should try to find some political wisdom from his own statement and disappointment. I had met him a few times when he was just a backbencher and held a favourable impression of his humble personality and reasonableness.

If the Barisan regime can govern fairly, transparently and respect our democratic credentials and spirit, many more Malaysians would rather work and live at home. Malaysia is still home to these overseas wanderers.

When I went abroad for my postgraduate studies, the feeling of loneliness and craving for home (Malaysia) was unbearable and sharp. The same feeling is probably shared by many Malaysians abroad.

Husni should remember that one hand cannot clap. In every action, there is an equal reaction. It should start from the ruling regime, Barisan Nasional.

Barisan is wrong to neglect the people. Is it wrong to continue perpetuating its race based politics, neglecting the education system, stunting real economic growth by condoning political corruption, abusing political power, practising divisive and bad policies, promoting ethno-nationalism and communitarian politics and ignoring the need to strengthen democracy.

If the current situation persists, why would non-partisan, helpless and common but highly educated and skillful Malaysians stay?


Anonymous said...

It is always easy to criticize than to be correct. There are reasons why people emigrate, and it is not difficult to know them. Water always find its level.
Do something concrete instead of criticizing

KoSong Cafe said...

My post of an article my Martha Ann Overland on Rajah Rasiah seems relevant to this discourse:

Anonymous said...


NEP is wrong and evil. Discriminating against the non-MALAYS is a BETRAYAL to OUR ancestors. I was forced to leave the shores of Melaka more than 30 years ago to seek my future and has not look back since. I craved to return but to what..........! I did not betray my Ancestor UMNO betrayed mine.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct to say that many Malaysians would not have left if there is tolerable meritocracy.It is a hard decision to make.But Bo Pian!!!Half past six cabinet ministers as leaders,corruption across statutory boards, and worst of all what will be the Malaysia for the next generation????

katdog said...

Is Husni complaining about the non-Malays that migrate or the Malays?

Because as far as i recall, non-Malays have always been told that being allowed to live on this land was a privileged bestowed upon them by UMNO. Non-Malays have been told that this is not their land but they were only living by the grace of UMNO. So if this is not their land then how can they be traitors for moving off to another land?

I'm sure, Husni must really mean the Malays who migrated overseas not the Malaysians. And yes, there is a growing number of Malays migrating away as well.

Anonymous said...

You are right. Who want to leave their own country and wander into another's? In this century, which country's law stated that it is 'ok' to have different policies for their citizen? Would you like to borned in a country that its citizen rights are not equal?
Those who enjoy the rights will not felt it. :) Only those who are deprived of their rights felt it.
Malaysia Can.

cksf said...

dr kkp said:
>If the current situation persists, why would non-partisan, helpless and common but highly educated and skillful Malaysians stay?
Posted by Khoo Kay Peng at 1:14 PM 0 comments

bravo, dr kkp
this sums up the disadvantageds" sentiments. Our foreparents came to seek a better place, the children leave similarly for better just pastures. What is wrong with this?

Anonymous said...

Not unless the present govt is changed!You think UNMO will change overnight after so many years of their race-based rule?

charleskiwi said...

So Husni is admitting his forefather immigrated here from a foreign country ?
In other words he is telling the world he is a pendatnag and so were his ancestors. Three cheers for the honesty !
My children all immigrated some years back when they could not get admitted into M.U. to do the courses they wanted even though a few colleagues who got far worse HSC results than what they got were accepted to do the courses my children applied. They did not apply for any scholarship which they all knew would be a waste of time. I had to beg and borrow to fund their further studies.
They were rejected to enroll into the varsity not because they had worse results than their class mates but solely because they were non Malays. But they were all Malaysians but were they regarded as Malaysians !
To day they graduated and became the top professionals in the disciplines they studied very successfully I might add.
In recent years Malaysian government, on several occasions, sent delegations to plea to them to return to serve in Malaysia. In the process they even offered them hips of incentives. But they are mindful of what happened to their applications to enroll into the varsity, and with so many Umno leaders calling the non Malays pendatang and should therefore return to China.
Most of all they know they will have the frustration to report to a half cooked Ketunan Melayu as their boss. They now have the pleasure of people of several races reporting to them instead.
See the different of working in Malaysia, Husni, and who was and still is responsible for all their ill treatment. Our ancestors chose to immigrate here but when we were granted the citisenship we were not told that the non Malays were and still are treated as 2nd or even 3rd class citisens. Nevertheless it is better late than never. My one wish now is that all non Malays would leave the country and let the so called Ketunan Melayu try and run the country. What a shamble it would be !

Anonymous said...

Obviously this Hanadzlah chap is talking through his arsehole when everyone knows that his party UMNO's racist policies are driving people away, even Malays who believe in meritocracy. He should not try to please the Najis by following the example of his boss to insult the intelligence of the people

Richard Cranium said...

Permit me to recount an incident my son told me about his history lesson.

His teacher mentioned that in an hypothetical civil war, he believes that the chinese will leave to go to Singapore. And he also said that when the hypothetical war ends, he and his friends will wait at JB and shoot all the returnees.

What a wonderful way to teach History, huh? omg, we are fvked.

Anonymous said...

i don't think the Second Finance Minister Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah was talking to people like you. It is more likely he was talking to the malays, who do make the bulk of emigrants from Malaysia.

As far as he, or any BN politician is concerned, the faster the non-malays leave the country, the better.

Anonymous said...

By his own reasoning, does it mean that our forefathers are also wrong to migrate from their country of origin? One reason people migrate is to move to a better country when there are no future in this country. When there is a change of poor leadership than less people will migrate. It is that simple.

Anonymous said...

This Ahhuna together with all the goons in BN, i presume is still slumbering after he left all the shit everywhere. Educated Malaysian don't want to be surrounded by shitty race base politics, corrupted to the core government ect. Baru nak sedar kah!

Anonymous said...

I am an accountant and had come over to Australia and started a new life here for family. I had worked in Australia for over twenty years serving this country faithfully in different capacities. I am fairly happy here and had established a good network of friends. Although I still consider Malaysia home and had gone back regularly to visit families and friends, I must say that my decision so many years ago was the RIGHT one. I have NO regrets whatsoever.

It is true my grandparents came to Malaysia and strived very, very hard and made a good life for us. However, under the NEP and other government policies, we experienced the gradual decline in our family’s ability to progress or even maintain the families’ financial situation as Government policies are all stacked against the Chinese. We did not get involved in politics nor wished to build our family’s wealth through political connections.

When I left Malaysia over twenty years ago, many of my friends questioned me of the wisdom of leaving “a good and responsible job, family and many, many friends (including bumiputra friends) and familiar surroundings”. I also gave up my investments in cocoa estate and other land. It was not an easy decision. What surprised me is this. The many friends who questioned me when I left Malaysia to come over to live in Australia, have also migrated to Australia, when they finally realized how frustrating the government’s policies were.

Let me explain why I gave up a good job, valuable investments and uprooted myself and my young family and came all the way to Australia and started a new life in this foreign place. I occupied a responsible position in Malaysia. Life was “good” and we enjoyed a reasonably comfortable and contended life-style. To cut a long story short, I was subjected to all the sickening policies and discriminations described in the article above. I was deliberately “by-passed” in my promotions even though I met all the qualification requirements except for the fact that I am Chinese and not a bumiputra. I saw all the signs and things were coming to the surface that the Malaysian government was hell-bent to discriminate against the non-bumiputras. We spend a lot of time analyzing what the government policies were all about and what opportunities will our sons get to further their studies and get ahead in life. It seemed EVERY aspect of life in Malaysia – from education to jobs, to business (big, medium or small) are restricted for us Chinese. We feared for our sons’ future in Malaysia. What chances do they have under the stifling restrictions the Malaysian government deliberately enacted against the Chinese. Personally, I encountered so many incidents of open discriminations that I just lost hope in Malaysia and decided to leave.

I have three sons and two of them are now specialist doctors in Australia and the youngest is doing very, very well in the commercial sector here in Australia. They studied hard and now they worked hard and are rewarded accordingly. They can go as far as they want and as hard as they worked. They get ahead without all the artificial man-made barriers and restrictions that were deliberately put there to hinder the progress of the non-bumiputras. Often, I asked myself, “If the Malaysian government had treated us fairly, my three sons would be serving the country where we were born and bred. However, the NEP and other discriminatory policies left me with no other alternative but to leave and prosper in another country.

I know it is sad that so many talented Malaysians had to leave our own homeland. It would be “sadder” still if the Chinese had remained and suffered such injustices because of all those race-based policies that the government imposed on us. Maybe the Second Finance Minister, Ahmad Husni Hanadziah should reflect on this. What will he do if he is a “non-bumiputra” and had to suffer all these discriminations for the past thirty to forty years under different UMNO Prime Ministers. Will he stay or will he leave. For many of us, enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he was right on our forefathers contributed their hard work; but for what? My late father termed himself as a "Third Class" Malaysian citizen (during the colonial days, Orang Puteh is first class, Malays second class and the 'lain-lain' were third class". I do not believe in that until I grow up, obtained my tertiary education overseas and went back to "survive" a couple of years in Malaysia.

The country is filled with talented population, capable and dynamic. However, the government is corrupted to the core and beyond help.

Who with the right mind will stay back and fight for Ketuan Melayu? Malaysia is yet to recover from the recession from 1997 and now the Government is putting on GST. This is a big Joke! Everyone except the cronies suffer in the case, living cost keep on rising along with the crime rate and now extra burdern on the "designer" GST Tax.

It is not the "pull" or "push" factor, to the majority it is the "disgusted" factor. There were the AP Queen issue, Mongolian being murdered, patrol price hike, corrupted police force, murderous illegal immigrants, discrimination on education and scholarship, pollution and limited future for young children; who the hell wants to hang around and face the music?

For those of you who is not able to migrate due to certain factor, make sure you get five to ten friends to vote the corrupted government out the on the next election. Otherwise, you and your future generation is going to face a very bleak future.

Wish you all well, hope that one day you will join us in UK, Australia, USA, New Zealand and Canada; where you and future generation will live a meaning and exciting lifestyle.

Tunggu apa lagi?

Anonymous said...

This is another attempt at Malay 'upmanship'.
This bodoh sombong fellow not only does not know how much the non-Malays had contribute towards the development of the country before but TODAY.
If not for the economic acumen of the Chinese, who will pay taxes for the Malay civil servants or even provide jobs for the many Malays in Chinese owned companies.
Does this idiot know that it is the Chinese who are propping up our economy.

inspirasi said...

the BN r totally aware of the repercussions of their apartheid policies...the brain-drain of qualified ex-true-blue rakyat who have been victimised by the masters illegal and unscrupulous antics (NEP etc)...

if anything...this is the desired outcome for the BN as the bulk of the brains drained are non-malays who are deemed threats to the country anyways...

why on earth would a malay with full privileges to education and employment be even tempted to look anywhere else...malaysia is heaven on earth for them...

unless these malays have the foresight to see the erroneous policies to be not only unfair and destructive to the is in fact the vast majority of the 'ordinary' malays themselves who are being victimised...

it is WRONG for non malays to leave the is more WRONG that BN have created a climate which is fast becoming unbearable for the non-malays to live in...


unfortunately, those who have left or are planning to leave have no faith that things will improve in the medium long term...

if anything...things are looking to get worse...what with the religious fire-play inciting emotive reactions which can only lead to bloodshed...

it is WRONG to leave our beloved country...but leave we must...

our forefathers have done it leave their homelands armed with their skills and drive to create a future for their future generations...

they did just that in malaysia...only for that future to be stolen from them (and us)...

the sooner we leave to start afresh in countries where there is meritocracy, where hard work and creativity is acknowledged and rewarded...where our children have equal access to all the facilities and chances to succeed as their hosts...

we will never have that in malaysia...

the sooner we leave the sooner we can start to build for our children a future...confident that that freedom will not be stolen from us as it has been in our ex-home malaysia...

Anonymous said...

Sekarang baru tau dan merasa.
Please keep on migrate and don't forget to take all your money along.
We are define as pendatang

Anonymous said...

How long is this "bodoh bodoh sepat" going to last ? Why don't these pollies just be honest and state the causes and not pretend to shed a few tears and blame the "disloyal" non-bumis. The "disloyals" were not born to be kicked around and to serve the ungrateful bumis. They will not put up with that and they don't need to. Until the bumis are brave enough to admit and to correct the stupidities of their policies that lead nowhere, "disloyals" will keep on leaving. Over the years I have encouraged many to leave and have welcomed many to MY new homeland.

The umnoputras are digging a grave for malaysia which the "disloyals" are not prepared to jump in.

Good luck malaysia, I won't cry for you.

Anonymous said...

Ahmad Husni,Don't try to be stupid.You know very well that why Malaysians migrate.There are thousand of reasons for them to leave this country.Go and tell your colleaque that CORRUPTION is very wrong,and why they still do it????.Corruption is a SIN and they still do it.

Anonymous said...

We must never forget that our forefathers also missed their homeland, mainly China and India very dearly, but made Malaya home so that we could have a brighter future! It's really the dirty politicians since Tun Razak took over who tried to change the history of our Nation!

Anonymous said...

At least Husni is not wrong in this context. He is not right either. He should have checked through the words uttered by his very own party politicians himself.

There are many instances of racial cries against the non-Malays that "if you don't like it, you can always leave", brandishing a keris and wanted to soak the kris with bloods....blah,blah, blah...

Now this Husni turns his word around accusing those who leave are not patriotic.

Come on! Make up your minds, UMNO what do you want? If you want us to leave, say it loud. If you want us stay, say it loud too. You cannot just brandish your racial weapon chasing people to leave, while calling them traitors when they leave.

Anonymous said...

Usni's forefather came from Indonesia to seek a better life for him and his children.

Project IC witness Malaysia's love for traitors from pilipin and indonesia. millions of citizneship was given up to encourage ppl to be traitors and share our precious resources.

Usni, you thick head, your forefathers are traitors and your party simply cannot live without traitors.

go jump off twin tower!

telur dua said...

The guy is nothing but an UMNOputra taking cheap shots at victims of his Party's racist policies. Like he has any moral authority to do even that.

The real traitors walk the corridors of power in Putrajaya, dumbo! They are also evil.

Anonymous said...

It's such a simple situation -- Who are the ones leaving Malaysia? HUGE HUGE proportion of them are Chinese and some are Indians. Any Malays? NONE! (none here doesn't mean zero but more like a totally imbalanced ratio, like for every 1,000 Msian Chinese outside Msia, there's 1 Malay outside Msia) Second question -- Why? For Malays -- simple! Becos they feel protected by racial based policies in Malaysia, and truth is also, they won't survive outside of Msia (think China, US, HK, UK, Australia, Japan, Canada, Spore, Taiwan as examples).

For Chinese, it's very simple, they're smart and hardworking PLUS another fact which is not often highlighted -- Malaysian Chinese are being ACTIVELY recruited by other countries, at ALL LEVELS (ie from primary school age (7yrs) in education ALL THE WAY UP to as working professionals) ALL THE TIME, for the past 15-20 years -- and what does the Malaysian govt do/think about it? Nothing of course. In their silly short-sighted immature minds, that's PERFECT, more Msian Chinese leaving the country means more Malays left in Malaysia, so that's a very good outcome.

Who really likes the actual assessment -- Malaysia today is DOWN and BEYOND REDEMPTION -- the rot is completely set in and irreversible. Politicians (all of them, Umno, MCA, MIC, Keadilan, PAS etc), police, legal system, are in for the money, short-sighted and scariest of all, totally inadequate. Just look at current issues in the country -- all RIDICULOUSLY SHALLOW and laughable, especially in the bigger context of key world issues. Other aspects, security, REAL economy, social, have deteriorated and worse still, STILL deteriorating -- Why? simple -- becos of the vicious cycle due to having money-minded people in the govt (whoever that is or will be).

So for Husni, crawl out from your shell (if you want to) and go find out what's happening in the country and the world. For all Msian Chinese, the old Msia is gone -- forever. Forget about the current Msia, it will DEFINITELY disappoint you. Move on. Get out to brighter, better opportunities outside Msia, especially in Asia, the future is outside the country. And to all companies/governments/schools/industries all around the world, esp in Asia, GO FOR the Msian Chinese; they're intelligent, hardworking and smart and totally unwanted by the govt in their country. They are easy pickings and what's more, good value also! What more can one ask for really--

cksf said...

Anonymous said...
>As far as he, or any BN politician is concerned, the faster the non-malays leave the country, the better.
>1/23/2010 7:06 PM

Yes, the bn govt is not worried of the mass exodus of nonmalays tomorrow. bn has a vast battery of selfish,opportunistic, intra-ethnic-destructive nonmalays who were formerly pengarahs promoting the malays, sending the malays for scholarships... Not to worry, now all the govt pengarahs are malays. The former non malay traitor pengarahs retire in malaysia and are now advisers/assistants unseen to the many glc's. Bang your balls, guys

Anonymous said...

Bagus, Padan muka!!!

Anonymous said...

Richard Cranium said...
Permit me to recount an incident my son told me about his history lesson.

His teacher mentioned that in an hypothetical civil war, he believes that the chinese will leave to go to Singapore. And he also said that when the hypothetical war ends, he and his friends will wait at JB and shoot all the returnees.




cherasusie said...

my views,

smart malays are leaving coutry to escape the grip of ever growing religious fanatism.

non malays leaving the country because they don't feel good staying here anymore.

if intelligent and progressive malays left the country the turbaned ones would take control.

if all intelligent chinese left the country who would do business with the chinese in china, hkg, taiwan and all the chinese around the world...can the malays replace them and do business with foreign chinese? if not, then, who brings money into the country? wise, the indians, can the malays replace them to do business with indians in india and those around the world.

may be indonesia is a big market...but then better start treating their citizens here better now!!!

if no non malays doing business, could malays bring money into malaysia as much as the non-malays, to develop the country? pay the civil servants, upkeep the palaces etc?

may be they do, after all they have the skill of collecting tolls, digging oil and count the taxes collected from the non-malays.

after malaysia became a 100% muslim country, they would be no more problems? malays would be happy ever after? no fighting, no corruption, no murder, no robery, no rape?

no more pork eating non malays, no more dirty babi, malaysia is cleansed, malaysia would then become mecca of the east for all muslims, billion would zoom into malaysia, bring untold riches to malaysia....

right, all you ungrateful non-malays could go to hell... malaysia doen't need you, also the hypocritic arabs who frequent bukit bintang and genting highlands also no need to come. only good and god fearing muslims are welcomed

yeah, the term bumiputra could be discarded since no more non-bumi...

If the turbaned-malays couldn't decided on a new name for malaysia, i have an about ku-ku-land or my-my-land to exert ketuanan and as for the citizen, i leave it it to you to decide but i do like kukuchai...hihihi.

Anonymous said...

Addition to what I wrote earlier at 9.14 pm

I believe in the 70s after 513 it was malaysian govt policy to harass as much as it can, it's non-bumi citizens overseas in their dealings with the govt. to indirectly force them to give up their citizenships.

A simple request from me to renew a passport resulted in at least half a dozen letters to and fro in a totally unnecessary manner to frustrate and test your patience.One of the letters stated that my children overseas would be counted as malaysian Chinese students overseas and would therefore deny other malaysian Chinese in malaysia their chances to go abroad for their education or something to that effect.I suppose they were trying to have a quota system. I woke up to their game and told them to f..k it and to return my documents. I have never regretted doing that. MY NEW COUNTRY has been much better and kind to me and my family and I will be first at the frontline in it's defence.

To all those who are still contemplating,leave now ... in a plane. Don't come in an overcrowded boat. Malaysia does not want you even if she needs you, don't delude yourself.The umno bumis will milk you for what you are worth and make use of you but they will not thank you. Umnoputras prefers to see the bumis poor than you rich. Recent events should clear your doubts about this 1-malaysia. Don't wait to see your daughters as maids in the Philippines !

I await and welcome you.

ong said...

If it is wrong for Malaysians to emigrate, does this mean that it was also wrong for our ancestors to have emigrated from their original country?

cksf said...

Anonymous said...
>NEP is wrong and evil. Discriminating against the non-MALAYS is a BETRAYAL to OUR ancestors.
>1/23/2010 4:52 PM

Who betrayed the nonmalays? the malays? It is mca, gerakan and mic who, by allowing umno to bulldoze the nep, that the nonmalays today are in this rot. mamaktir knew the the disunity of the chinese to form the gerakan against mca, hence splitting the chinese "solidarity" and mark this: the chinese politicians amd voters like it !!. Now we have PKR LOL. All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is good men do nothing. The damange is done and nep is now full steam ahead advised/assisted by retired nonmalay-traitor-selfish-arrogant-pengarahs-cameltoes-babachong-hamsapdollah---their children are not complaining ;-)).Today's reading of the bible: Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good. WTF is this? !!

najib manaukau said...

What is this country called Malaysia going to be without the non Malays ? At the rates the non Malays are immigrating I dare not think what this country is going to be in a couple of decades.
The Ketunan Malayu do not have the courage to immigrate or better still shall I say leave their clutches behind. To begin with very few or better still no country will accept them or even provide them the clutches they are used to to survive. They will die or rot without them simple as that.
The Malaysian leaders must have the facts and figures by now and know what the consequences are going to be. As a consequence hey are sending representatives to plea with these pentatang to return to serve in Malaysia, not mention the incentives they are offering, and be called pendatang again ?
Where are all the NEP students they sent abroad ? After so many years since the introduction of NEP, they surely must
have by now these NEP students by the hundred of thousands if not by the millions. Where are they ?
Some Ketunan Melayu will say the less non Malays in the country the better, they should tell this to their leaders or better still tell this to the Umno leaders. Tell them not to plea to these pendatangs to return to serve the country. Don't tell us the grades are sour !
What will Malaysia be without the non Malays ?
Or better still think of the limited achievement Malaysia has to date are achieved with help of the non Malays.
Just look at Singapore with about 80% non Malays what are they now ? A first world country with so many enviable standard of living and education plus with so many investments abroad for their future generations. The future is most assured for the future generations, a country I certainly will like my descendants to grow up in even though I am not fortunate enough to live there myself.
When will Malaysia be a first world country ?
It has almost everything but why is Malaysia still a third world country ? All its wealth is in the pockets of a few Umno politicians a good example is the multi millionaire son of shenanigan Mahathir. Who by the way is now transforming his descendants to become Chinese. His children are already 50% Chinese
with just a little of Malay blood in them. Does that suggest he wants his grand children to be Chinese ? Why I wonder ?

wandererAUS said...

It is not those who emigrated, it was the racist political parties that have abandoned their own community...just to bloat their wallets that caused the migration. Ask these maggots in the BN coalition, how many times have they changed the Federal Constitutions since Merdeka in favour of the Ketuanan race? This is a "hand and glove" operation played by the racist UMNO and his coalition beggar parties, MCA and MIC.
Yes, when you have tampered with my family (my children particularly)future, I am selfish and I choose the obvious...migrate!

Anonymous said...

Under the rule of TDM and Badawi, it was already very bad for the non-bumi,the priviledge were digging and digging and it seems it is not enough then! Now with Najib, trying to tighten a little and limit the priviledge,you dont have to look at the crystal ball to tell you what the desperate lot like,who have lost out in power will do lah!!!It will only get WORST!!

Anonymous said...

Migration is not really an atractive option at the end of the day. You'll never be part of the culture there.

We should stay here to make a difference. Why ignore the 8 March tsunami?

You keep complaining about the NEP and all that. And yet are the Chinese really oppressed? The ones that should be migrating are low income group who live in the inner cities.

The fact that you can afford to migrate without being forced to hand over your wealth says something.

A few words of advice ... some of you who wish to migrate, do not think highly of yourselves.

K Das said...

The history lesson teacher must be empty in head not knowing the real-politic of history. When there is massive exodus of people from one country to a neighbouring one, the latter is not going to take it sitting down as this would immensely affect its stability and strain its economy. When thousands of refugees from the then East Pakistan poured into West Bengal in India because of ‘civil war’, India waged war against Pakistan resulting in the entire Eastern Wing territory being truncated and becoming what is now Bangladesh.

You cause an exodus at the risk of paying a heavy price that you would regret eternally. The history teacher and friends (if alive) will certainly be not at the border to shoot returning or turned back refugees because the retaliation will be swift and lethal with the country probably suing for peace and reduced to one third its original size.

Let us get rid of people like the quoted history teacher and strive towards peace and harmony within Malaysia and between Malaysia and Singapore.

Majula Malaysia and Singapore!

Anonymous said...

Non Bumiputeras are treated unfairly, so why should they not migrate to better life and security. I salute those who left and encourage those who has the means and ability to leave. We have five siblings in our family and four has left and now enjoyed quality of life they can never hope to get in this corrupt country dominated by corrupt politicians all arounnd. My children now lives in America and has become American citizens living better life than they can ever hope for in Malaysia. When I was working for the National Airline, I was openly told the Managers position in my department is reserved for bumiputera only. When the Aussies left after the secondment a bumiputera with zero experience was appointed to the Managers position. We all had to carry him and do most of his function. I left the airline and went to work in a neighbouring country and it was the best decision I ever made in my life.
Forget about what your forefathers did, it is useless to think about it, the bumi-policy in Malaysia will always be there and non bumis will forever be second class citizens, so get out when you can and take all you can with you. Malaysia is not worth it, till the corrupt UMNO is toppled forever.

Anonymous said...

If there were no Indians or Chinese in Malaysia or 99% of Malaysia's population is Malay, there will NEVER be any NEP, Bumiputra status, special Malay rights, Bumi quotas, etc nonsense.

But one thing for sure, that is, Malaysia will be the poorest country in South East Asia, poorer than Cambodia because UMNO would have squandered all the resources with no contributions from Indians or Chinese.

Makkal Shakti said...

The problem is that the fellow Malays that live around us shamefully enjoy pathetic, disgraceful and unfair handouts. While their fellow Malaysians pay 6% higher for homes, they get the discounts. I think the Malays with "Maruah" are the ones who are leaving. Because they know, even if they make it out of their sheer effort; people would say that they made it because they were malays.

Anonymous said...

It is so true that many Malaysians are leaving Malaysia, and that includes the Malays. Our country is not going forward but backwards and we can see from the policies that it is not beneficial to all races. Everyday, there is always someone there to remind the Chinese and Indians that they are second class citizens.

I for once came back in 2000 because I honestly believe that my home is in Malaysia but after 9 years, I am reminded that my family and I are pendatang. So all that my grandfather had done means nothing because he is Chinese. I for one have decided to move back overseas. I know my skills would be appreciated there.

gorshan said...

do not expect patriotism in these age of globalisation.

the choice is simple. stay if the environment is conducive for self and family and go if it is otherwise.

no point lamenting or reminiscing over older days.

the government knows what to do to arrest brain drains to greener pasture.

question is does the government has the balls to change the policies and stand up to racial and religious bigotries?

i do not think so too.

Anonymous said...

Don't side track with nonsense like these. There are issues like TEOH BENG HOCK, JET engines need to be solved n much attention. Keep focus.

Anonymous said...

“Our forefathers have come here, many years ago, bearing much hardship and deprivation. Why did they endure this? Because they believed that their future generations will reap the fruits of having to live on this blessed land.”

He admitted that all of us, regardless, are pendatangs. Yet some pendatangs have more rights than other pendatangs...

So these lesser pendatangs prefer to be pendatangs elsewhere as long as they are welcome and treated with respect

Anonymous said...

From the responses here the Malays and non-Malays can never be together because there is no respect of each other. So please non Malays just leave with your money. See I am now in Australia n I'm happy

Anonymous said...

Left Malaysia more than 10 years ago but still go back at least once a year. Every year, I'll catch up with my best friend who's active in MCA. Every year, he will ask me when I am coming back to Malaysia for good. 5 years ago, he told me NOT to come back for good. That's when I know how really bad things are in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

If Husni talks about our forefathers, he should also understand that they left their fore country for the same reason (or not)as they are leaving & migrating to other countries...!

Yes!!! They left their country thinking that Malaysia was the best for them & their future generations. US...!!!

"It was" till it got screwed up...! Weren't the non-malays called PENDATANG?? Now you say they betrayed our forefathers!! And you say it's our HOMELAND...

Which is which now? You want us but you don't need us.....!!!!!!!!!

You sad when you "hear" people migrating. They are even sadder to "have to" migrate....!!

You "DON'T" feel how these people felt. Easy said than done.

I am in the midst of planning for migration. Another brain drain yah. Do something constructive to stop it......!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember and met a black banker in an International organisation and he was a Haitian.

He is proud to be a Haitian but have to earn a living in USA.

For me working in overseas ,I was asked my nationality and I said Malaysian Chinese.

The foreigners know I am running away from own country and is never proud about it.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir's policy was to have 100% controls in the civil servant,education of higher learnings,judiciary,security forces,banking system and even the agriculture land banks.

The policy is working until the 1998 asian financial crisis. All the so call Orang Kaya Baru Bumiputra were deep in debt.

Thank you Mr Soros or with out the 1998 crises -do you think we are still around chatting in this blog.

The final solution failed because Mahathir cannot control the capital flights and human flights of the Non Bumiputra to ensure his success of his final solution as stated in the "THe Malay dilemma "

Mahathir does not want you (the Chinese or Indian ) to be around in his Malaysia -Truly Melayu

DO YOU UNDERSTAND ?? or I have to repeat it again

Anonymous said...

Those politicians screwed up our education system and hence they sent their kids to overseas to study.

Why don't they send their kids to local univerisities?????????

Anonymous said...

Chinses by upbringing and culture has nothing in the head but to make money at any cost. So the chineses do not fit in the Tanah Melayu thinking. Even those that hv migrated to say US or Australia the pockets of chinatown being created there are similar to our belakang mati streets or ghettoes, operating at the fringe of the law. Thats what we are as a chinese race. Compare that to Malays - they dun pray at dollar sign and live life for happiness and for God Allah. Indian I think is somewhere in between and is not as kiasu as chinese so they probably be allowed to hang around longer, maybe

pinsysu said...

LOL! this guy is getting really worried lah. all these ungrateful emigrants (me included) are out to spoil their fun ... with all these pendatang gone, all his racist policies become irrelevant. and tax revenue is dwindling bcos these ungrateful emigrants oso take away capital that's badly needed in bolehland. he's saying, hey! u ppl hv tolerated us UMNO for 50+ yrs oredi so u shd be immuned to all these mistreatments ... come on, dun go. goondu!

Anonymous said...

we are descendant of migrants. we are just doing a big favor to our forefathers who migrated to the wrong country. don't you expect us to sit there and let you rob us (and our forefathers' hard work and wealth) under our nose.

Barua Nasional said...

Why Hissamuddin sent his kids to study in Melbourne, Australia?

PMR, SPM, STPM, UM all no good ah... you tell me lah!

Anonymous said...

Blame it on MCA,MIC.They have tolerated these stupid and selfish policies for donkey years until it becomes a given heritage!!!

Anonymous said...

If you read the speech carefully (and how many have you actually did?), the speech is actually ground-breaking. The speech indicates (sending a signal). For the first time a Cabinet minister is actually equalling EVERYONE in the same boat - Malays and non-Malays, and ascribing Malaysia as a homeland for everyone.

Do not jump to quickly. Read carefully what he is trying to say. Be a bit more intelligent and read between the lines. It should be obvious to you why in speeches like this Husni has to say things between the lines and not say it outright. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

@Do not jump to quickly.

I am not interested in listening to political double talk that could meaning different things to different people. I have had enough of that. U.MNO has a long history of such double speak.

I am not interested in reading between the lines, looking for hidden messages that might not be there.

I will read it literally and judge as such.

Ian Teh said...

The reality is that Malaysians live in a country run not by the best brains but by the “correct” colour and creed. If you get someone to do a job not because he is the best person (best qualified) for the job it is a no brainer that the job would not be done in an optimum manner. This is systemic in Malaysia. Healthcare, education, construction, administration, banking and finance, commerce, legal system and law and order – everything you think of, the people tasked with the relevant responsibilities are there mostly on the basis of their skin colour or religion. Is it any wonder that given enough time, you will have crap delivery? That, my dear Husni, is why we left the country. It is a country already in the advanced state of disintegrating and headed for even worse retrogression, simply because the “kera” has the “bunga”. Get rid of the racism and bigotry and in maybe 1-2 generations you can maybe turn things around. Maintain status quo and I can almost guarantee you will continue to see mass migration and certain failure.