Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mobs At Work in Malaysia

Pig heads were reported found at two separate mosques near here this morning and comes just days after about a dozen fire-bombing attacks and acts of vandalism were perpetrated on Churches and a Sikh temple in the wake of the “Allah” controversy.

Mosque officials found what appeared to be two wild boar heads wrapped in plastic bags and surrounded with Ringgit notes around 5.30 am this morning.

The two mosques targeted were the Masjid Jumhuriyah in Taman Dato Harun and the Al- Imam Tirmizi mosque at Taman Sri Sentosa.

Attacks on the places of worship were conducted by extremists and not followers of the two faiths, Islam or Christian. Followers of the two Abrahamic religions should understand that they pray to the same God. Both religions preach peace and harmony, not bigotry and hatred.

To these extremists, a minority in our society, they should not expect to derive any gains from their despicable actions. Malaysians are growing in maturity and are able to identify the real motive behind these attacks.

We should stand up against these extremists. Reject them if they are found in political parties, put them behind bars if they are mobs and remember to appreciate our intertwined destiny as a multiracial nation.

Many nations craved for our diversity which could be tapped to turn into a social and cultural vibrancy.

Alas, we have neglected our gift and wasted too much time on some petty things and sectarian squabbles.

Perhaps, it is time to really kick out racism.

The root cause of these problems we are facing is racism.



Prime Witness said...


2 pigs somehow roamed into 2 mosques. These 2 pigs then saw 2 plastic bags & started to put its' head into the bags. Somehow, someway the pigs' neck snapped & broke. The head was stuck inside the bag, while, its' body ran away. These 2 pigs are SUPER PIGS. They can live without heads!!!

It's a blessing instead!!!

Anonymous said...

No Khoo, I dont agree with you that racism is the root cause.It is more the political play on racism that is the main root cause!

Anonymous said...

Let us all pray that All Malaysian keep a cool and clear head and do not fall into the trap of the few out to cause trouble. Keeping Malaysia peaceful is the responsibility of all Malaysian.

Geronimo said...

Why wild boars when the non-Malays especially the Chinese can obtain the domestic pigs so easily from the wet market? To get wild boars, one need to get to the jungle or forest to find them. Troublesome isn't it when their cousins are easily available in the wet market.

pinsysu said...

cow heads, pig heads, wat is really important to Msians NOW are COOL HEADS!

Anonymous said...

I think we need to correct, its wild boar's (babi hutan) head and not pig (babi/kinzhir) head.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. No to racism. Not to Utusan. No to UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. No to DAP aka CPM