Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Nazri's Selective Judgement

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nazri Aziz has come out in defence of the Home Ministry’s move in appealing to the Court of Appeal over the controversial “Allah” issue.

He said that High Court judge Lau Lee Lan, who made the ruling that Catholics could use the word “Allah” in their weekly publication Herald, was wrong.

Nazri asserted that the judicial review was supposed to be on whether the Home Minister had the power to impose the ban, not on whether non-Muslims should be allowed to use the word “Allah”.

If non-Muslims are allowed to use the word 'Allah', what is the right of the Home Minister to impose a ban on the word? A ministerial directive must respect the constitutional rights of the people. Only an UMNO government would insist on a non-contestable ministerial decision.

No thanks to Dr M, the absolute ministerial power should be curtailed and made more accountable and responsible.

Nevertheless, Nazri's selective judgement is worrying. If Justice Lau was wrong in this case, what about the Perak power grab? Were the judges wrong too?


Jong said...

Again, another UMNO politician wants to claim rights of ownership; he's feeling so insecured and lacks confidence in his faith that his Allah seems so fragile.

Anonymous said...

Something tells me that much of these happening is pre-planned. When I first read this rabid article by Rizuan Tee, I told my friend that it is a precursor to some religious matter that will crop up to distract the attention from problems like the lost jet engines, PKFZ, RPK etc which are plaguing Najib. It never failed, using religion and racism to distract our attention when they want to divert attention. Let's not lost sight of it.

Anonymous said...

That is the kind of message he send to the Polis Raja Di-Malaysia, you have all the right to pull the trigger, do you need to pull the trigger is secondary question.

Earth Man said...

Ya ya ya,selective judgement when compared to the Perak case. Be gentleman and said things in the right perspective and not what favours your side. It is a pity human race are quarreling over religious issues when religions are supposed to inculcate harmony and lovingness among races.God(who ever you are)please save these human souls!

Anonymous said...

This Nazri guy is a fence sitter! Can go either way.Never trust him.

Anonymous said...

Trust these guys to be consistent and fair- don't hope. Again this is not a religious issue it's dirty politics played by none other that umno itself to divert the MANY issues surrounding them. Just watch Friday after prayers, bound to have demos, etc. Salam.

Anonymous said...

Media, journalists, editors, people…do not be distracted with this Allah issue.


Keep asking what happenned to the MISSING jet engines.

Keep asking what happenned to Teoh Beng Hock.

Keep asking what happenned to little girls gone missing.

Keep asking why was Altantuya bombed to pieces.

Keep asking why the country is in fragments the day Najib announced his 1Malaysia.

Keep asking, keep asking, keep asking, you fools!

Leave this Allah issue to Allah.

Anonymous said...

Ask Taib Mahmud, chief minister of Sarawak who studied at St Joseph's secondary school managed by the La Salle brothers and many malay muslims who had benefited from been educated in mission and or other christian schools if they ever felt confused, mislead or influenced by Catholic or Christian teachers? Many malay muslims were able to recite christian prayers and even put some christian students to shame by scoring 1 for bible study and yet none of them were ever converted to christianity.

I was told that even PKR president and Anwar's wife went to convent school and many more malays as well if they care to stand up to speak about their experience in attending mission schools. Have they ever been influenced to becoming or be converted to christian? NONE...soooo what 's the fiasco? It is nothing but UMNO political agenda to split the malays and create chaos in the minds of muslims and malays who allowed themselves to be bought by UMNO dirty money to the sake of their own political survival.

Anonymous said...

Two staff have been reprimanded for stolen engines.

Ironically, the then Defence Minister was "forced/willing" to resign. Guess what, he had been promoted to the PM instead!!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Father, please forgive them
For they know not what they do
So that none may be damned
For those told what to do so

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 060110
Wed. 6th Jan. 2010.

Anonymous said...

Who ask you to vote us ? You ask for it !

From now on we wont entertain you but not until the comeing GE you can see our smiling and caring faces again at the Market place ,squatter, religious gatherings ,charity venue , old folks home where you can see our "love" grows.

Bye till then.

Anonymous said...

Islam is the Official Religion and being an Islamic country, an any challenge to undermine this status should not be allowed. This is part of democracy, ask the Europeans

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


How not to confuse
When glaringly refuse
To now allow public use
Of what has been in use

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 070110
Thur. 7th Jan. 2010.

Jeremiah said...

The Allah debate not only opens up political, judiciary and religious issues, it can become a major philosophical enquiry into the nature of man and his search for spiritual truth.

Some are only interested in finding spiritual fulfillment in something that is not the truth.

Read the post:

Anonymous said...

who is undermining its status !?
Rukunegara very 1st principle since 1970 states : 'Belief in God/Tuhan' :
NO NO NO mentioning of Allah at all !