Monday, January 04, 2010

Quarrel Over God?

The Home Ministry has filed a notice of its appeal at the Court of Appeal against a High Court ruling that allowed the Catholic paper Herald to use the word “Allah” to describe the Christian God in its Bahasa Malaysia edition.

It will also file an appeal to stay the execution of the Dec 31 court decision that has angered many Muslim Malaysians who feel it can confuse them and affect their faith.

Only God knows how these Muslim Malaysians can be confused by the use of "Allah" by others to describe Him.

How can a person's faith be so easily affected? Only God knows...

Calling God by any name means love, inclusiveness, forgiveness and divine.

It is a shame that we quarrel over how we should call Him. Is this a sign of growing conservatism in Malaysia? UMNO has protested against the court's decision to reverse the ban. UMNO, UMNO and UMNO again...Why must this party be associated with all the bad news?

Malaysians should focus on corruption, rising crime, abuse of power, arrogance of power and fame, racism and the environment instead.


Anonymous said...

I can bet with you that the court of Appeal will reverse the verdict against the High court.This i believe is the secret weapon against any unfavourable decisions made by the high court.It is a joke on our judiciary and Malaysians are fed-up of the reverse decision everytime the High Court made a unfavourable decision against the government.

SANSIRO said...

Bro. As long we have the majority who read mainstream media, I guess we will not move into substance. We will be hooked to non substance like this forever. Anyway - I decided to be back home and fight.

Anonymous said...

But let me make things clear. If Allah can be used as a reference to God in Herald, then Allah can be used as a reference to God in Catholic Churches.

The preachers of Christianity and those who serve God must acknowledge those who praise Allah as their sons of God as well, no ?

Then perhaps we can move around, including the compounds of Churches, saying or shouting "Allahuakbar", no ?

Muslims can actually go around teasing the Christians on the use of "Allah". Anyone can also walk in to Churches and legally chant Allahuakbar.

Christians must accept that "Hey, he is singing praises of our Lord." No ?
Read here

Anonymous said...

A Bigot is a bigot. The fact that it's sensationalised over the media controlled by the government it says a lot about where the bigots come from. For them to be so insecure and show it on TV raises doubts about a lot of things. Well the learned and educated people see it clearly.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Dont give God a bad name.

They are always confuse over many things and blame on others.
They always make noise for the sake of making noise just to make their presence felt.

Forgive them for they know not what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

Whatever name you call HIM , God is well pleased that his son remembering HIM.

Children of God.

lleekh said...

By now it should be clear to all that if there was a god and he is as powerful as claimed to be then he would have not allowed these petty quarrels to continue. Common wake up, look into the hubble telescope and stop thinking that your navel is the centre of the universe!

Anonymous said...

UMNO is a master of creating fear. Instilling fear among the Malays would cause them to run to big brother (or father) UMNO for protection. Fear is UMNO's best weapon to garner Malays support eventhough it is unfounded.

So it is not surprising when race, religion, economy, education, language etc. are used by evil UMNO to win votes at the expense of national unity.

Never trust UMNO, not now, not tomorrow, ... not even if the world is going to end.

zozdaniel said...

How can we create oneness, or for that matter, the evolvement for true meaning of 1Malaysia? Every slogans seem like fake and bluff because there is no inkling of wanting to bring Malaysians to be together!

How are we to porclaim that GOD IS GREAT, when the mere mention of gods name by different groups are going to create havoc in the Malaysian society.

Where then do the national leaders stand? Instead of bringing the groups to be together, they take this as an opportunity to Champion their narrow thoughts, so that they can portray themself as a hero to these masses in 4th world groups!!!

Where is Malaysia heading to, or how will the foriegn investors gauge upon the safety of their intended investment? If we assume the adjudication for safety mode of Malaysia in the mould of Moody or Standard and Poor, the country will be easily tagged as DDDCD. CANCEROUS!!!So, will prudent investors sink their dollars here?

The national leaders do not give a damn care to propel the country's economy to better health because they are hell bent to preserve their political survivor in the face of current swell by the opposition Pakatan. Current issues on Allah serve as an opportune time to create and instigate partitioning and realligning of the Rakyats on narrow thoughts.

Bet you, the issues of ALLAH would be a long propanganda fight in the court, and is much welcomed by the Rascist Bigots.

wong said...

this is joke of the year..when did god, tuhan allah need man to protect? if so..then these are not made to serve one rule of other...have we go mad?

Anonymous said...

"UMNO, UMNO and UMNO again...Why must this party be associated with all the bad news?"

Its the party that says its own the use of the term "ALLAH".
An immoral party defending God.

Anonymous said...

Umno wants to score points for the next GE mah!Also to divert the many,many,many hot issues,Umno,BN,Home Ministry,MACC,IGP,and AG is keeping so quiet.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


The universal God truly loves us all
Regardless of how we want Him called
Even though some people have the gall
To refer your name to the justice hall

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 050110
Tue. 5th Jan. 2010.

Jong said...

New year 2010 joke!

To the right thinking matured citizens of the world, GOD, ALLAH or TUHAN by whatever names really does not matter as long as one is true, pure and sincere. It's there in one's heart!

What we see today in Malaysia a political party UMNO feeling so insecured, trying to gain political mileage in the name of Islam/Allah, nothing else.

To The Herald(supported by many Muslims and non-Muslims), it must be a matter of principles, the BULLYING GAS TO STOP and no one has the right to claim ownership of another, not even a word ..."ALLAH".

Anonymous said...

All this hoohah over a word that can be used or not is just a red herring to throw the focus of the rakyat from the depleting economy.

I believe the Government has no bloody clue to turn this economy around.

This is a Government that ONLY knows how to take and take but don't know how to give.

It is a downright pity for the poorer folks. They are going to pay for these WONDERFUL LEADERS!!!

Anonymous said...

These religious bigots have nothing much better showing their religious weakness and wasting rakyat. Now decision has been made by the judiciary and lets move on for more urgent issues like corrutions, crimes, economy etc.....
Please dont make a mockery of our justice again.

Jong said...

oops, sorry typo mistake, should read..

"the Bullying has to stop"

Anonymous said...

You must have noticed by now the government will always loose their first rounds in court and win on their appeals.
They are saying they have justice in the system
that way, we have better brains than that, Najib
the lusty one.

Anonymous said...

ppl, it's a win-win play-play lah :
1st u win in HC, now they win the final in AC ....hehehehahaha !!
Allah is enjoying the malaysian game too !
Dun worry, be happy till 21-12-2012!
Humans Oh humans , never learn, sigh

Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled people (Malaysian of all faith), there is a purpose of creating such sentiment by BN.


God Bless Malaysia

Ikrak said...

I have never like UMNO or the BN government. I am a Muslim Malay. However for once I agree with BN regime.

You see guy the Christians concept of God is that the Father and the Holy Ghost had adultrous sex with Mary to beget his only son Jesus says the Bible. As such the churches believe in a Triune God, God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

We Muslim believe and accept that there is one and only God. And we called him Allah.

So if we allow Christians to call their God, Allah then there will be Bapa Allah, Anak Allah dan Hantu Allah. Confusing to the Muslims and stupidto the whole world.

Why can these Christians stick to their calling of their God as Father, Lord Jesus, Jehavoh, Yaweh which they have done for thje past 2,000 yrs.

The only reason why these Christians are so crazy on the used of "Allah" is an opportunity to use this as a weapon of deception to convert the sick Muslims to their belief.

Anonymous said...

I think they shud worship COA .

Anonymous said...

High Court = Preliminary Court

Court of Appeal = Final Court

Every decision made by High Court will be overturned by Court of Appeal EXCEPT the murder case of Mongolian girl!!!

Anonymous said...

food on the table(economy) is that what we should be talking about. if our PM were good,he should solve the corruption, rising crime, abuse of power, arrogance of power and fame, racism and the environment first! so, think twice our dear PM!

looes74 said...

I suggest that you should read the bible before making comment. Especially on the adulterous affair thingy. Anyway, I respect your right to comment

Being emotional over this matter but I admire Lau's ruling. Guess what would be implication if Allah not allowed to use by others?
I would not be surprised Karpal would do something about it if otherwise happens. You will know why

Anonymous said...

Since when allah is their god?...i tot Ringgit is their god *am refering to umno.


cksf said...

dr kkp said:

>Only God knows how these Muslim Malaysians can be confused by the use of "Allah" by others to describe Him.

iianm the indonesian kitab uses allah?

the punchline here is the ruling govt is so AFRAID that the bumiputra would be "led astray" into the christian churches-- notice the number of malays apostating to become christians during the past 20 years?

>Malaysians should focus on corruption, rising crime, abuse of power, arrogance of power and fame, racism and the environment instead.

yea yea yea, talk talk, talk, does the dominant govt care? blame squarely on dsai failing to deliver. what he did basically is get his daughter and himself as members of parliament. Forget about his "manifestoes"

>Posted by Khoo Kay Peng at 7:11 PM