Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Will Zulkifli Nordin be Punished?

Anwar Ibrahim said they central leadership council was ‘convinced” Zulkifli’s actions were wrong and pointed out that the party allowed for different opinions and had channels for those opinions to be expressed.

He stopped short of saying Zulkifli Nordin had outright disobeyed the party and left it up to the discipline board to decide the latter’s future.

“We do not want to pre-empt before the disciplinary board meets,” he said.

PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution, however, did not discount the possibility that Zulkifli may be stripped of his party membership.

The central leadership was convinced Zulkifli was wrong but needed 1 month to decide what to do with him.

This is precisely the problem with Anwar, indecisive. We remembered how he wasted so much time touring around the world giving lectures but spent very little time to strengthen and reorganize his party and help forge a new formal coalition between the 3 'accidental' partners.

Now, he needed a month to decide what to do with Zulkifli, a repeat offender. I do not have a problem with an opinionated Zulkifli but not a racist or a religious zealot Zulkifli.

Is Anwar hoping for short-termed memory Malaysians to forget about what Zulkifli had said or done after a month? Is it a cooling off period for an eventual pardoning of Zulkifli until he strikes again with yet another rattling statement or action?


CP Lim said...

Well, certainly hope PKR leadership takes action quickly rather than just give comments. I dont know if I am part of a big group but I can say I'm already quite disappointed/frustrated with the lackadaisal implementation of disciplinary policies within Pakatan. At least that's the image being portrayed here. Time and again the leaders have made big statements about members having to fight for the Cause. Now if you have folks who are consistently whacking you from the inside, then let them be independents. Do you really need that 1 MP who doesn't embody the spirit of the fight to free malaysia from racial/religious politics? Please, make a stand. Do so with grace but please be firm.

Anonymous said...


maverick or double crosser???


Fatimah Zuri said...

Hello Dear,

1. Zulkifli Noordin already won

2. I believe you are "wise" and "old" enough to know why it will take a whooping 1 month for the hearing by the Disciplinary Committee to hear it.

3. Let us be honest here, when Anwar was on the so called "tour", he was actually trying to gain influence and support from world leaders in regards to his Sodomy trial.

4. Do you honestly think he cares about the Rakyat? About PR? lol. All he can think right now is his trial and ways to escape it.

5. Look at PKR focus at the moment, the "ceramah2" being held all over the country, what is the issue? Is it about GST? Is it about corruption? Is it about what PR will do once (God forbid) it comes to power? NO

6. The focus is to make Anwar look like an "innocent boy" and trying to stir the same "passion" amongst the Rakyat like what happened in 1998.

7. Pakatan Rakyat is a joke. It will die once Anwar is jailed. Too many disagreements.

8. Heck, even Anwar does not care anymore.

Fatimah Zuhri

najib manaukau said...

Zul will not be punished, lusty AI aspires to be the first opposition P.M. and that means every M.P. counts. But will he and mad dog LKS see that opportunity in his living memory ? It is about time for these two retire from politics if they hope the opposition will win the next GE.
I will vote for Umno and BN in my next life but that does mean I am going to vote for the above mentioned two leaders.
Surely there are very good opposition leaders than these two lusty and mad dogs, they don't have the look and actions of good leaders.

ycg said...

Is Anwar hoping for short-termed memory Malaysians to forget about what Zulkifli had said or done after a month? Is it a cooling off period for an eventual pardoning of Zulkifli until he strikes again with yet another rattling statement or action?


I'll give you my answer in a month.

Anonymous said...

That's the problem with Malaysian politics!You scratch my back and I also scratch yours.Brothers mah...If you need 1 month to decide on such issues,how can Anwar be entrusted to be the next PM??

Anonymous said...

Today I am convinced Anwar CANNOT be a good leader. If he has no courage to act against a small troll like Zul who is probably an UMNO agent, I wonder what hope we can have on Anwar and PRK.

So we don't need UMNO to destroy Pakatan. Anwar and Zul are doing it.

I hope Zul is sacked today or I am quiting the party.

Anonymous said...

This religious dickhead should be sacked irrespective. Seems that PKR esp Anwar is so weak and indecisive. Zaid comments in MI was right to the core.
If PKR do not sack him now, i mean NOW, a lot like me will not support PKR come any elections.

Anonymous said...

Religion and tribe is the name of the game since the beginning of the human race..

It's the best and final RESORT for any desperado politician.

sON OF rAsputin.

Anonymous said...

what so wrong for you liberals to allow zul to air his views and take whatever legal action to defend his views and committments as long as he does not break the law.
you so call psuedo PKR<DAP<PAS liberals have different value systems when people differ or oppose your views and you all use all form media deceptions to confuse the public.
if you disagree it is fair enough but dont think your almighty views is always correct and acceptable.
first people to learn how to differ is you liberals.

Anonymous said...

I am totally disgusted with the way Anwar handled the Zul Nordin issue. This extremist Taliban should have been sacked long long ago from PKR. If Anwar wants to keep Zul Nordin, then fine, we will give the vote to UMNO instead of PKR. Why bother voting for a mini UMNO when one can vote for the real UMNO?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Anwar has no balls.

Anonymous said...

ZUL MY BOY!! the Arab Christian been using word the ALLAH, MY GOD before the Malaya malays converted to Muslim. What said YOU, YOU Stole the word ALLAH from the Christian

Jong said...

Why the need for 'within a month', to decide? Isn't he a liability enough? PKR should just have given him a 24 hr walking order, just GO, join the Talibans!

This is so disappointing; the PKR Leadership has shown itself to be indecisive and inept. How can they ever hope to help solve national issues/problems when they can't even control that racist brat running around causing kamikaze and antagonising everyone around him?

Anonymous said...

Why punish YB Zul Nordin.
I disagree.
He is the person PKR need most.
Asset to PKR not liability.
Unlike most PKR MP.
Most of them do not have credibilty.

Anonymous said...

indeed Allah is our God. You know it. and let change the first rukunegara. if you are sincere, you should not object.