Thursday, February 18, 2010

Does the Judiciary Need UMNO Youth to Defend Its Credibility?

More than 50 Australian MPs last week lodged a formal protest over the trial of the former deputy premier which began earlier this month, urging Malaysia to drop the case and saying it would hurt the country's image.

A few more countries have spoken up against an alleged political trial against the top opposition figure, Anwar Ibrahim. The latest to have spoken up is John Kerry, a senior US senator.

These statements were made amidst a growing criticism of a lack of transparency and fairness in the trial. A few injustices should be noted e.g. the moving of Anwar's trial from a lower court to high court, refusal of prosecution team to share list of witnesses and crucial information with the defence team and unfair media coverage on the opposition leader.

Earlier, the court of appeal has ruled against Anwar to dispose the charge claiming that two medical reports found no conclusive evidence of penetration on the complainant.

The fact that Anwar is an important political figure in the country, the judiciary needs to be even more vigilant in dispensing justice and to ensure that he gets a fair trial. Given that a number of us already have a problem with the application of law in this case, any attempt to deny Anwar an access to useful and crucial information to defend himself is tantamount to a political conspiracy against him.

This is something leaders such as Khairy Jamaluddin have to accept and learn. If the judiciary is credible and independent, it does not need the UMNO Youth or Perkasa to defend its image. The application of law and process of dispensing justice will help to redeem the judiciary and help to quash any ill intended criticism.

It does not need Khairy or some 300 demonstrators, led by the influential youth wing of the ruling party Umno, yelled slogans and carried banners calling on Australia to 'Mind your own business' during the peaceful rally which lasted less than an hour.

"If you want to ask for a fair trial, OK, but if you're asking us to drop our charges and insinuate conspiracy, then this is something that we have to address," said Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin.

The point is who will the international community listen to; Khairy & UMNO Youth or John Kerry and the 50 MPs from Australia?

Khairy's action in leading the demonstration strengthens the case of a political trial. Worse, it shows that Khairy has wasted his ivy league education for not being able to respond intelligently and civilly to the memorandum.

Will the real judicial spokesman speak out?


Darryl Khoo said...

I view this as a sign that times are indeed changing. In the past when Dr. M was PM, the whole country will rally against all the evil countries who dare to criticise Malaysia. This time, u only see some UMNO members! What a day to rejoice.

Anonymous said...

You think they demonstrate for free meh? Fifty bucks each with breakfast,lunch, a pack of cigarettes and probably dinner throw in.


Anonymous said...

I twat demostrations r illegal..!
How is it that these goons can do it as & wen dey like....???

How about the rest of their frens???
Like eerrrr..... MCA, MIC, Gerakan, Makkal Shakti...

Why u guys so slient arr???

Anonymous said...

As i have said before, this "Oxfart" apportunistic and unethical bum KJ has shown his true self again. This time leading a bunch of racialistic,despicable and nothing to do "zombies" to demonstrate. Street demonstrations are not a Malaysian culture, said PM Najib and that Home Minister Krishammuddin when the Malay writers association and opposition parties demonstrated against the use of English to teach maths and science last year.
And now Umno Youth monkey "king" KJ is telling us that it is Malaysian culture when they demonstrate. By the way, dickhead, don't forget the American embassy, too, as US Senator John Kerry also expressed a similar concern about the trial. You will be so busy hopping around leading a bunch of "zombies" along Jalan Ampang from one embassy to another just to protest against their statements.
This monkey king is back to his usual self. Downright apportunistic, unethical, stupidity and racialistic to mention a few.

Anonymous said...

kj : " if u want to ask for a fair trial, OK ! ..."

Anonymous said...

who is he to speak for the judiciary?

Anonymous said...

Sir, if Malaysians looked backed to Anwar first trial in 1988, one can only conclude it was indeed a kangaroo trial. Look at Anwar black eye incident. Even the then PM said it was self inflicted. Finally all the lies were exposed in court. The truth prevailed. If the then PM can spinned a lie to fix the case, it is anyone guess that it can happen again given the current political sentiments in our nation. The medical evidence presented is now discounted by the Court and the trial resumes. Good luck to Anwar and his legal team