Saturday, February 20, 2010

Federal Arrogance

Kelantan Umno chief Mustapa Mohamed last night insisted the state is only entitled to compassionate payments rather than oil royalty demanded by its PAS government for energy extracted miles off its coast.

This statement coming from one of the more moderate voices in UMNO reflects the arrogance of federal government. This is another example of encroaching and overarching federal power over states. The answer is more decentralisation from the central government.

Interestingly, Mustapa's statement contains two major socio-political and moral flaws. First, almost all tax revenues go directly to the federal coffer. It is almost impossible for the states to initiate their own development programmes. Development projects are mostly led and sponsored by the federal government.

Second, there is no federal government without a collection of states agreeing to form a federation. Hence, it is morally and politically wrong to term the oil royalty payment to Kelantan as a compassionate payment. It is morally demeaning that residents of Kelantan need to be treated this way by the federal government.

Mustapa argues that the 2005 oil discovery falls beyond the 3 nautical miles stipulated in the 1974 Petroleum Act and agreement between the state government and Petronas. Hence, the state is not qualified to ask for any royalty. This is a warp logic which depends on a legal interpretation of the contract. Legally, I do not know if Mustapa is right. But it is wrong in the spirit of the federation and national building.

This points to the next question; what has the federal government done to the oil revenue if it does not intend to share it with the states?

If Kelantan's compassionate payments are not related to the oil royalty, why other states especially the poorer ones e.g. Kedah, Perlis, Pahang and others are not entitled to the same payments?

Mustapa is trying to imply that only BN ruled states deserved to be treated with dignity. Others are subjected to the compassion of the federal government.

It is silly and wasteful for the federal government to take up full-page advertisements in Malay newspapers to explain the oil royalty issue. If this is not political arrogance and a lack of sincerity, what else? The money should have been used to help out poor folks in Kelantan.

Similarly, the federal government should also cut its useless PR spending if it intends to allow its supporters and machinery run wild to tarnish its image internationally.

Ironically, this regime is also trying to lecture others about separation of power. It has been defending and helping institutions of other branches of power e.g. judiciary, police, armed forces, MACC, syariah courts etc. to justify and to cover up their weaknesses and mistakes.

If there is a real separation of power and if BN understands what it means, can't these institutions stand up for themselves?

Sensing a permanent lost of appeal of non-Malay BN component parties, the coalition is now trying to lure individuals, organisations and NGOs into the family.

BN should try to become a friend, a fan and a supporter of real democracy. It will find a lot of like minded friends on the same platform.

This government should really pause to think of the outcomes of its dangerous politicking and political games. Can the Malay Muslims be really proud of this Malay supremacy and overzealous Islamic government?

Decades of race affirmative action favouring the Malay-Bumiputera did not help to alleviate the social status and capacity of the community. Moreover, overzealous actions to protect and defend 'Allah' or God makes us wonder who is the real God if even God needs protection from these people. Are they giving Islam a good name?


Anonymous said...

These are the usual sickening bullying attitudes and behaviours of arrogant leaders of our beloved country

Anonymous said...

i wonder if the same zealots would dare to utter the same, which is "if you kelantanese dont like it, you all can leave"?

this is a hopeless arrogant govt. initiated by the bigot and racist Mahatir and continue under Najib. Is that 1Malaysia, Najib?

looes74 said...

Khoo Chai,
Now you know why it's meaningless of haranguing LGE's government on managing Penang. First of all, most money collected goes to Federal, very few comes back to the state
If you subcribe to IT'S ECONOMY, STUPID!, UMNO is using the same old tactics against all opposition states. Heck, it's been successful all this while. Of course, it's up to you & I to see that UMNO's evil scheme does not come true.
Tell you a secret! Singapore kenna expelled because of federal arrogance too! And now Singapore has become economic powerhouse. Even Brunei would not have a part of Malaysia. You know most people in Brunei there is Melayus

Khoo Chai,
Frankly, no point being neutral. Get rid of UMNO the menacing evil before we carry on with the rest.
Like Nazi, it must be destroyed

Anonymous said...

Tho' we may deem it wasteful, all the PR spending is designed to ensure some payouts (leakage) for their friends. Every Malaysian PM has done it, guised under 'explanation' programs. Then, money is transferred to PR firms & friendly NGOs to conduct rakyat 'friendly' programs! THat's what you get when you put monkeys and gorrillas into govt!

Any decent man will know that this money is better spent on welfare programs, but UMNO only wants to look good in their papers. So they must come out with such 'explanation' programs so that they can go on stage to speak and take pictures and show the whole world they have gone down to the 'field' to see the rakyat!! That's UMNO's way.

I honestly can't see them winning the next GE, unless my fellow countrymen are blind and/or deaf to the core!! So, let them make more mistakes, give them enough ropes to hang themselves!!! I guarantee you the GST and blunder with tiered petrol pricing will lose them the populace vote!

Anonymous said...

thanks to these what u call arrogant leaders for what our country are today.

at least better than the neighbour.

i wouldnt risk my vote to those PR guys.

Anonymous said...

Kelantan Umno chief Mustapa Mohamed!! The statment he claims, shouldn't he represents the people of Kelantan to fight the best right for the people? Seems like he is representing UM--NO than the people! think about it..... Malaysian politicians, like him, always confused! So, Kelantan people, or to all Malaysian, choose your leader wisely....

Anonymous said...

I am just amazed at your patience in explaining the obvious to certain people. I have long given up hope. They know what they are doing and they are doing it with eyes wide open.
The straight talkers are losing this fight. It is so obvious.
The only hope is retribution and I am not even sure it works in our lifetime. Believe me.

wiZsurf said...

They are not only arrogant but hypocrites, liars, thieves and all the things I haven't mentioned and its all because of $$$ & power,
nuff said

H J Angus said...

The federal government is giving the states strong reason to re-examine the very nature of Malaysia's existence.
Instead of making the nation more united, the bullying tactics will cause the weakening of the federation and ultimately some states will prefer to become independent or even realign to another Asean country.
Not easy to achieve but such things do happen.

Osama® said...

The Kelantanese may be poor, but, they are no beggars!

Anonymous said...

While many Malays are still supportive of UMNO (better the devil you know...), I think the major reason we Malays are generally quiet and cautious (except those in politics)are due to a lack of confidence and this generally is related to lack of exposure and perhaps also poor reading habits. Some of us just fight shy of new experiences, perhaps from habits, and thus will forever not have the exposure that are so much required in the current globalised village

But there are increasingly more and more Malays that are the likes of Bakri Musa, Azli, Zaid Ibrahim and SakmongkolAK47 who writes and articulate issues confidently, and whatever their leanings, theirs are a pleasure to read and ponder.

So why is Mustafa Mohd coming up with the advertisements? Those who are reading, can smell a rat, a mile away and very adapt at reading behind the lines. Those who do not, are already captured audience. So the adverts are a waste of time and money. Better face reality, particularly with a more educated electorate

Anonymous said...

Annoymous said....'While many Malays are still supportive of UMNO (better the devil you know...), I think the major reason we Malays are generally quiet and cautious (except those in politics)are due to a lack of confidence and this generally is related to lack of exposure and perhaps also poor reading habits. Some of us just fight shy of new experiences,
perhaps from habits, and thus will forever not have the exposure that are so much required in the current globalised village'.
I wish to call upon this annonymous guy and all OTHER VERY WELL EDUCATED, WELL EDUCATED, LESS EDUCATED TO CALL UPON THE NOT SO EDUCATED AND NOT EDUCATED to not listen to the 'DEVIL YOU KNOW....., BUT immidiately change devils cause the existing devil has caused enough havoc to the Malaysian public. I think enough is enough. Just see, 'lihat sendiri segala kemusnahan, penipuan, penyelewengan dan dusta 'devil you know' has done so much damage to the country, so much so that MALAYSIA has lost it's edge to even VIETNAM, CAMBODIA. Already we are losing to THAILAND and INDONESIA. To SINGAPORE and BRUNEI we lost long,long time ago. It's history. Isn't that ebough prove that we have had enough of this present 'DEVIL'. That's the trouble with most people as they refuse to accept change thinking that it would be worst case scenario the now. But compare SELANGOR, PENANG, KELANTAN and PERAK under NIZAR. It's enough prove that these states are doing excellent except for the lies and frustration brought about by the ex BN people who were in power. They are trying daily through 'Melayu celup' 'Mamak's' ( the biggest and greatest among them are mader ). Mader has got an ajenda cause he wants to make sure pakatan does not rule otherwise his ass will be on fire. So, what have you Mr. Annoymous and the other innocent Malays got to be scared of.'Takut bayang bayang sendiri kot. Come on man get out of the box. We are in the computer age and don't force yourself into stone age otherwise your coming generation will curse you. Annonymous too....

Anonymous said...

Hello Khoo,
What they do with the oil revenues??? Korek, korek and korek.
Now Merican have to go to make way for easier korek lor...
The Government dont know about seperation of powers??Aiyah, why you so naive? If they practice that, mana boleh cari makan la????

Anonymous said...

Everyone can make a correct guess who is going to receive the advertising money. I am remindered of the costly Ipoh signboard.

mae said...

These Chinese are trying to make Kelantanese indebted to them. Don't fall for this trap.

Anonymous said...

Dear anon 1112, the only way is to rid off the minorities. Population will shrink 40% immediately, so less needs and wants. We dun drive bmws and mercs and own big houses. So no difference to our life - like we used to during our childhood - happy thru religious guidance. But of course this dun jive with Khoo Chai thinking hehehe. so he xpublish as this backfires his kiasuism thinking

Anonymous said...

Below are comments from a popular blog sums up what type of politicians running Bolehland:-

"Malaysia alias BOLEHLAND" despite its towering buildings and all the trappings of a modern state, has NEVER risen above the stature of that of a THIRD World country.

1. The Brits gave you guys their model of parliamentary democracy they call Westminster to start with.

Instead nothing grew beyond the trimmings of parliamentary democracy.

Beginning with form without the substance, it was reduced quickly to being the rubber stamp of an all powerful ruling elite whose claim to legitimacy became over the years tenuous at best.

2. The Brits gave you guys the English language to master so its people could be living example of a people once backward but later globe trotting citizens, diplomats and businessmen.

You threw that away and in its place nurtured a false pride in a language not spoken outside its own backyard.

3. The Brits gave you a legal system based on the English common law and a judicial philosophy that meets the needs of a modern nation state; and left behind a quietly functioning civil service that religiously adheres to the doctrine of civil service neutrality.

Today the justice system, law enforcement functions not to safeguard the rule of law but rule by autocrats impatient and determined to maintain their hold over power and with it their monopoly over the spoils of public office.

You have not one justice system but two which are antagonistic rather than complementary.

4. And the civil service?

Pipe smoking, neck-tie wearing and bespectacled anglophiles have been replaced by a group of self serving, religious bigots whose holier-than-thou attitude permeates the ranks of the civil service, preoccupied with after-life issues rather than issues that affect the development of a country once proud to show off her tradition – otherwise eager to please their political masters.