Friday, February 26, 2010

Is the Federal Government Acting Like a 'Godfather'?

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah says the federal government is behaving like a “Godfather” in refusing to pay oil royalties to Kelantan.

It is odd for the federal government to take up advertisements in newspapers to justify its compassionate payments to the state. Tengku is right to point out that the federal government receives its power from the 13 states. Without a federation of 13 states, there is no federal government.

Tengku Razaleigh said the Federation of Malaya Agreement was signed in 1948 while Malaysia was formed in 1963, and a review was overdue.

“The Federal Government is behaving like a Godfather even though their power comes from the 13 states,” he said in likening Putrajaya’s heavy-handedness to that of the head of a criminal organization.

Tengku Razaleigh said he was moving to establish a bi-partisan Federation Caucus in Parliament to examine ‘unhappy’ federal-state relations, including the dispute over oil royalties.

Tengku's effort should be supported by all parties who want to see a better and more equitable and just governance in this country. It is time for a review of unfair and imbalance state-federal relations. There is a need of decentralisation of power from the federal government to the state governments. Each state should be given more power and jurisdiction to plan for its own socio-economic development unlike now.

It is obvious that Kelantan and previously Trengganu were treated like beggars. Such treatment is totally against the spirit of federalism.

Muhyiddin Yassin has questioned Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah’s loyalty to Umno and accused the Kelantan prince of trying to confuse the public over the oil royalty dispute.

Sadly, Muhyiddin is the one who needs a lesson on loyalty. Tengku is patriotic and not blindly loyal to a political power which abuses the federal constitution and the spirit of federalism.

It is time for the government to walk its talk on "1Malaysia: People's first, Performance now" pledge.

Muhyiddin's statement appears to put political loyalty above people.

The federal government should focus on facilitating state governments to develop and to grow their economy. Not trying to frustrate them by putting the regime political interest above the people.


Anonymous said...

Well said Khoo. I suggest more people come forward to support Kuli before he is demonized by UMNO.

As for Muhyiddin, he is a washout, a gutter politician and greedy country bumpkin who still lives in the cave.
He is not fit even to tie Kuli's shoe-lace.

Its not only the Federal govt which is bullying the states. Even the Police and MACC are bullying them as though they are minions.

Anonymous said...

What is the difference in 'Godfather',Dictator,'Tai-Kor'
If you want to do anything in the country,get my permission first.If you want money from the Govt.make sure you count me in.So says BN/Umno..
I am surprised with TR.With all the bad remarks said about BN over these months,he is not leaving Umno.He wants to get disciplined and kicked out or he still believes there is a silver lining for redemption!!!

Anonymous said...

Of course. The FED is Don Corleone !!

Anonymous said...

Ha, you actually believe the rhetoric:
"1Malaysia: People's first, Performance now"

Action speaks louder than words...the Govt can say whatever they want, in the end - the rakyat can see what the Govt has DONE...

Watch the UMNO in-fighting escalate>>> N v. M&M... And as usual, the rakyat will be the collateral damage. Sigh...

Anonymous said...

No, you are wrong... Muhyiddin is right bcoz he is EDUCATION Minister. He knows many things la!

Anonymous said...

KU LI is probably the only voice of truth and conscience left in Malaysia. Our politicians are selfish and pursuing their own agenda > National interests and her citizens welfare are irrelevant in the overall scheme of the politicians agenda. Corruption is so rampant in this country. We have a failed education system and a stagnated and low wage economy. EVen the MALAYS are leaving this country as stated by KU LI in Malaysian Insider. THis is an indication that the rot has already set in at all levels in this nation. Decline in all spheres can be seen and felt everywhere. Our leaders are still spinning in the media to perpetuate their hold onto power at all costs. Our social cohesion and fabric is in tatters. Our Nation is run on auto pilot with out a clear purpose or direction.