Friday, February 12, 2010

PERC & Muhyiddin: A Pot Calling a Kettle Black

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has dismissed a report by Hong Kong-based Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC), which claims that Malaysia is veering to­­wards instability, as “nonsensical.”

Muhyiddin said the report ap­­peared to be part of a hidden agenda to destabilise the country.

“It has obvious ulterior motives and we do not need comments from those who know nothing about the country. They must be talking through their nose.

Muhyiddin's immediate response to the PERC's report is equally nonsensical. It appears that Muhyiddin know less about Malaysians than the PERC's consultants. What is so elusive about Malaysia?

The government that Muhyiddin represents should respond more intelligently by correcting details and allegations in the report. There is no ulterior motive. Malaysia is not even a regional powerhouse which is worth undermining unlike China, Japan or India.

However, the PERC report will be used by investors as a guide to prioritise their investment. Muhyiddin's wild criticism of PERC will not undermine its credibility but his less than intelligent respond, bordering name calling, will hurt Malaysia's reputation as an emerging knowledge economy.

“The fact is that Malaysians are happy and are not facing any major disaster and there is no racial trouble or war among us,” Muhyiddin told a press conference.

The report did not claim that there is an ethnic war in Malaysia. The fact is an armed ethnic conflict is not a probable reality. Reasons: the armed forces are dominated mostly by a single ethnic, Malaysians who are frustrated with growing racism are leaving instead of fighting and ethnic threats are only coming from a small group of elite minorities.

How is Muhyiddin so sure that Malaysians are happy especially with a mediocre economy which does not create enough opportunities, growing inflation, deteriorating public institutions and separation of power and a country continue to bleed talents and investment?

PERC's report claimed that a group of elite minorities were dominating the national agenda to the extent that it was hurting Malaysia’s attractiveness to investors. Is this statement not accurate? Perkasa and a handful of other racial and religious NGOs are dictating social development in the country. Unfortunately, these organisations know more about threats than dialogue.

Among the developments that caught its attention were the theft of military jet engines; the detention of terror suspects from a num­ber of African and Middle East countries fol­­­lowing warnings that Islamic militants were planning at­­tacks on foreigners at resorts in Sa­­bah; renewed ethnic and religious violence that included arson at some churches and desecration of mosques; and controversy over the integrity of key institutions like the judicial system.

The government should respond by taking a firmer action on political corruption e.g. PKFZ and the AG's report, worsening inter-ethnic relations, religious spats and others. It should send a thank you card to PERC for being a sounding board to Malaysia's growing pains.

We should we listen to? Muhyiddin or PERC?


Anonymous said...

Well, is there any surprise the way he responded. Typical Umno warlord response "bodering on name calling" as you describes it. They think through their mouth and not their head. Some people might use a more colourful description.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, Muhyiddin response is rash, immature, and childish.No tact and no standard to be a DPM.Anyway, no problem la Khoo,wait Najib will say that Muhyiddin press statement does not reflect the Government's stand lor.

James Q said...

Typical of many Umno/BN so-called "leaders" who seem to suffer "Emperor's New Clothes" syndrome, i.e. suka sendiri bohong sendiri. This is why after March 8, 2008, they still refused to wake up to reality.

Anonymous said...

UMNO leaders never accept any negative comments, surveys or reports on Malaysia.
Either they pretend to be blind or attack the reports.
But then, who cares what Muhyiddin says. All that matters is perception and the international committee and foreign investors rely on these reports not Muhyiddin's rebuttal.
In fact, Muhyiddin stance will drive them away even further from Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

This response by Muhyiddin reflects the kind of intellectual substance that the man is made of. He should have countered, point for point, with concrete facts and figures instead of just rubbishing the PERC report.

Anonymous said...

Muhyiddin's knee jerk, immediate response to PERC's report is reminiscent of that minister in Saddam Hussein's cabinet during the Iraq war.

Do you remember that guy standing proudly in front of the TV camera in his spick-and-span uniform, and declaring confidently that the US army was being routed by the great, heroic Iraqi forces and that thousands of American soldiers were killed when in fact just behind him, on camera, viewers can see victorious US soldiers and army vehicles rumbling down the streets of Baghdad!

Led by Clowns

Anonymous said...

Muhyddin is the typical kampong minded twerp who got a position that only a mutt like him can sit on the chair of N0.2 because the real smart Alec will not get that at all & speak his mind & actually perform to the RAKYAT.

He has displayed his sickening biased character while he was on a trip in Turkey, with his sly slithering bunch of croonies clearly seen & watched by a business friend whilst he was on his trip to promote his electrical wares all by himself with no help from this TWERP at all because he was merely "NON-MUSLIM MALAY" & was no invited to the function at all is enough to speak a thousands words what we are facing here after 50years ,, its worst than meets the eye & I am watching all this crap daily so what new? The racial divide is getting so horrific ,, what do we do? Well, I will hope we will lash back soon & is able to stand up for our rights asap!!

Muhyddin has never displayed any intell

Anonymous said...

God help us if and when Muhyiddin becomes the next PM. Run. Run as far and as fast as you can.

Anonymous said...

Was the last sentence REALLY a question?

Anyone with a little IQ or knowledge will know to listen to. UMNO politicians are still living in pre-Internet era.

Anonymous said...

Have u heard how the bunch of morons in office discussing amongst themselves how to "NICK OFF MORE $$$"??? More to take is on d drawing board so to speak & shopping in London is the favourite spot for all of them & yet they behave like PARIAHS back on homeround,,why?? The world bank gave $100MIL for any deserving "creative or for R&D" recipients ,, where do u think this $$$ went to ?? For over 4 years i have been waiting for the funds after I attended talks & phone calls ,, it landed me in cold storage & the funds was already spread out to as many as they can find to "give out" but not to deserving real talented & creative recipients ,, was so clear. The one particular "recipient" was a lad from a telco company who was nothing but a absolute brag & was also a sly slithering snake amongst non-malays to gather "info" to know what was going on . He manged to "collect" at least the $500k (the millions was shared)for his turbo engine he dreamed of. What paper work he submitted??
The paper work that was submitted by a Raymond was virtually "stolen" by the Ministry of defence when he submitted to them for viewing which was the most idiotic thing he ever did of course ,, then again ,, we pay a real hefty price for being too open & honest.
Cradle Invest program was "shut down" for another called CRADLE INVESTMENT,, THE BEST COVER UP U CAN FIND IN THE CROOKS STRATEGY.
Imagine d staff of this CIP actually saw what was going on inside & this person finally could not tolerate all the crap happening in this company & having to witness non-malays being sidetracked, quit!!
This guy that sits on d hot seat (reeks of bad breadth)got the gall to tell u ,,"WE CANNOT GURANTEE U WILL GET THE APPROVAL COZ THE COMMITTEE..." HAH!! BAG THE BUCH OF MORONS!! Amongst us at the meetings of creative designers & inventors we have known who this buch of IDIOTS are & we all know we are hitting the wall asking for funds provided by world bank but these VULTURES dont think so. U tell me where do we people go from here for $$$ to make our creative designs come through??