Saturday, March 27, 2010

MCA Elections & Disunity

All three presidential candidates in the MCA party elections had claimed that they can unite the party but differed on who is going to lead the process.

MCA fued was so bad that former president Ong Ka Ting had decided to make a rare comeback by participating in the presidential race. Ka Ting and his brother, Ka Chuan were finger pointed as the main culprits which led to the sacking of Dr Chua Soi Lek from his deputy president position and the party.

Ka Ting would have created a better a legacy for himself by staying out of the race but contribute by rallying support from other party veterans to help mediate the party rifts. It is difficult to reconcile Ka Ting's decision to contest the president position with his intention to unite his party.

His detractors had criticised and questioned his intention to contest the position and claimed that Ka Ting was nowhere to be seen during the leadership feud.

Incumbent MCA President Ong Tee Keat, who was regarded by his detractors as the worst MCA president, has made a similar pledge to help unite his party. Tee Keat did not draw up a “cai dan” (menu) and get his supporters to contest for all positions because he wants to unite the party later.

Ironically, his pledge is hampered by a confident factor. Can the MCA delegates trust his ability to unite the party because his leadership was seen as a seed of disunity and power struggle between him and Dr Chua Soi Lek?

Tee Keat's strategy of not naming his team has weakened his election strategy. He had employed the right strategy for being factionless and unhampered by political baggage at the last party elections. Running as an independent candidate again would open up a question of his ability to get leaders of other factions to accept his leadership and work with him again to restore the party's unity. His GUP was a failure and it was rejected by more than two thirds of CC members.

Chua Soi Lek appears to be the front runner in the race. His sex scandal would not play a central role to his nomination as a presidential candidate. However, Soi Lek suffers the lowest public ratings for his leadership of MCA. The fortunate thing for him is the public are not voting for him to become the next president but the 2,300 odd delegates.

The margin of support received by Soi Lek in the past several party polls will not decrease or increase by much. His support base is probably the most solid amongst the 3 candidates.

Both Chua and Tee Keat have complimentary strengths. Chua has a solid internal party support but Tee Keat enjoys better public perception. However, the election of any one of them is not likely to help revive and restore the fortune of MCA. Chua's public perception and his sex video scandal was a political end game. It may not be so for his career in MCA but can he be reappointed as a cabinet minister?

Tee Keat's victory may not be decisive (more than a simple majority). His reelection may be achieved within a fractious party landscape. Can Chua, Liow and Ka Ting factions accept his leadership?

Moreover, it is best for Ka Ting to remain in retirement. His decision to contest the leadership position makes him just another candidate and his defeat will destroy his legacy. His decision to accept responsibility of the 2008 general election setback was applauded. The applause may turn into jeers and boos on Sunday.

What MCA need is fresh faces, untainted personalities and transformation leadership. It is time for a leader who can help to transform the party and maybe end its racial political model. MCA can be more embracing by accepting other races especially in urban areas.

The contest for urban multiracial support is still wide open. Malaysians yearn for a trustable and solid non-racial party.

Qua vadis MCA?

More on MCA elections tomorrow:

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Anonymous said...

ong ka tin got legacy meh?

Observer said...

Either Ka Ting or Chua winning will just create more controversy and further weaken BN

Anonymous said...

My personal perception is none of the 3 'qualifies' as MCA president.
1.CSL being tainted will always be a puppet to the ruling party.
2.Ong KT track record would disqualify him.
3.Ong TK fails to manage his central committee during his one year term.How can he represent MCA to face the ruling party.
Whoever wins, it will be like politics in Thailand now.Red shirts & Yellow shirts... No compromise.
It is unfortunate that MCA positions are used as the sprinboard to the 'lucrative' ministerial post.Too much is at stake lah!
You will have a lot to comment on the next episode after this Sunday.
Enjoy your week-end.

Anonymous said...

Ong Ka Ting is legacy is just like his policy - kata nothing.

Anonymous said...

My family cried to sleep last night knowing so many good sincere men in MCA are standing up to offer themselves unselfishly to be voted to help us chinese.Thank you all MCA

cksf said...

dr kkp said:-
Qua(sic) vadis MCA?

luan xo, luan tong.
is the name of the mca game. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Most interest if Chua wins if politically the PM can appoint him as a cabinet minister after his 'past'

It seem more selfish of Chua to put the PM is this position.

Due to Malaysia's conservative views if Chua does win, he would not be made a cabinet minister and #1 will be a slap to his ego but more importantly #2 will weaken MCA as the President is not a cabinet member which shows that once again reinforce the MCA leaders have lost relevance and do not really care about the party more a power struggle for their own interest

Anonymous said...

Old Bird (Lao Chiao) Wins. Cool and Calm. All 3 not good leaders but Chua better than the other 2.

OTK's arrogant style (really hates to see his smiles) militates against him. He keeps on painting a so-called clean picture of himself. So clean ah? See how he bears grudges.

Hope Chua will shake up The Star and throw out Clement Hii (the deputy executive chairman), Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai (the group chief editor and recently promoted executive editor) as well as that woman Linda Ngiam (Star's MD) and bring in outsiders.

Remember how The Star seems to play up the Chua sex scandal stories?

Anonymous said...

Im glad that CSL elected as MCA leader. HE really a japanese star. cos he got his Own NV. muahaha.
1 MALAYSIA , 1st sex president of MCA. we want to see this MCA party will flatten in next GE.

Anonymous said...

As far as rakyat is concern, none of the candidates in the elections are qualify to represent the chinese community except maybe Ong Tee Keat. AT least he got the guts to step on corrupted and unethical politicians and greedy tycoons in BN and MCA.
As usual, people who do the rights things in Bolehland get bashed left right and centre. Poor OTK got booted out by those powerful corrupted politicians and tycoons.
With the new "kids" on the block, the final nail was hammered into the coffin. MCA is as good as gone.

Jayenjr said...

Dear Khoo

You know what's the interesting thing in this whole MCA election thingy? None of the candidate - not one, addressed issues such as Perkasa, Nasir Safar, GST, NEM, Teoh Beng Hock, progress of PKFZ, Awang Selamat, Utusan. In other words, none of the contestants appear to have what it takes for them to stand up to UMNO's hegemony. Now, isn't what is needed from MCA? Isn't that the aspiration of the majority of Malaysian Chinese? So Chua's president now. He may be a tough cookie in his own right, but he ain't no immovable force where UMNO is concerned. Coffee shop talk is that UMNO/Najib are pleased with Chua's appointment. If that is true, then no amount of MCA AGMs will solve the core problem of UMNO arrogance & hegemony. As such, as far as I'm concerned, this AGM was a waste of time for the rest of Malaysians who aspire for change. Change ain't gonna with the present leadership.

pinsysu said...

pls do not criticize the dead ... it's disrespectful ... juz stay a minute of silence will do.