Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nothing New in the New Economic Model?

The New Economic Model (NEM) will not abolish bumiputera special rights, but will lay more stress on inter-communal cooperation, the Dewan Rakyat was told today.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz said such cooperation will be on political aspects and business promotions.

If what Nazri said is true the government should not call the much anticipated plan, the New Economic Model.

There is no economic in the model but only politics and promotions. UMNO's inability to address serious socio-economic issues will be severely tested when the NEM is announced by the PM at the end of March.

I had warned that NEM may be a kiss of life or death to Najib's political career. In the past, initiatives to foster better inter-communal cooperation in the economy had failed largely due to the abuse of NEP.

An equal business partnership can only be fostered through value added and synergistic relationship. Sadly, a large number of inter-communal relations were "Ali Baba" centric. Non-Bumiputera businessmen were attracted to build relations with Bumiputera businessmen who had been given NEP privileges by the government.

Hence, what Nazri mentioned about building inter-communal cooperation cannot work and prosper if there is no emphasis on real partnership.

My expectation for NEM to turn out something real and sustainable for the economy is reduced to a rock bottom low after reading what Nazri had said in the parliament.

With such a leadership mentality, be prepared for more slogans and empty talks. Don't hope for more jobs, more opportunities and a more dynamic economy.


Anonymous said...

hey, you believe that all the while, too bad.I think believing a damn single word will make you die.

Anonymous said...

I would presume that any economy will have to be supported by a reliable and honest public institutions.
Corruption, religious bigotry and racism cannot help prop up an economy.
NEM will be another UMNO document - of the malays, by the malays and of the malays.
But they will say its for all races. Bull shit.

Jayenjr said...

Dear Khoo

You know what the hype on this NEM reminds me? It's kinda like the time when many of us were waiting in anticipation for the new MACC. Well, now that we have seen what MACC has turned out to be, my advice is: don't hold your breath for NEM. Simply for the reason that the country needs real structural reforms, and not just gloss applied - which is what Najib has been doing from Day 1 at Putrajaya. And anything that has UMNO written all over it, is utterly incapable of being reformed. At least until they are sent to the political wilderness.

Anonymous said...

New packing old content. Chinese use to say "change the soup but not the medicine".

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

It is just another new name for an old game.
Re naming the NEP into NEM.
Same thing as avoiding the "babi" but eating the "khinzir" is an okay.

The NEP was suppose to last for 20 years. Mic and Mca have a lot of explaining to do. As they are signing parties to the NEP agreement.
BN broke their agreement.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, have to say all these to keep his rice-bowl mah!!!

ravin perumal said...

Nothing will change. These people are like drug addicts and NEP/NEM/... is their drug. Its not so easy to let go after being intravenously fed billions of dollars for the last 30 years. They can reword it to anything they want but the substance will always be the same. The only way to get rid of this dependency is to to get rid of UMNO/BN at the ballot box. There is no other solution.

Anonymous said...

And they call it what...?

1 Malaysia...!!!

And they say most Malaysians understand the concept.
"Spoil the child, spare the rod"..!

Guess they'll never learn "how to" better themselves.....

I really pity them.
What Perkasa said must be right. "The Chinese might take over...!!"

No special treatment was given yet they make it BIG time yah......!!!

Anonymous said...

NEM is a signal to pack the bag and leave. Who want to live in this stinking place?

Anonymous said...

"NEM will be another UMNO document - of the malays, by the malays and of the malays."
No, It's .... of the Umnoputra, by the Umnoputra and of the Umnoputra.
The ordinary Malays & the PAS/Opposition Malays didn't get those business partnership benefits.

Anonymous said...

Fuck la tokkok betula

Anonymous said...

New Economic Model is a merely NEW NAME, not a new model.

It is like you call a Tiger the Big Cat!!

Chong said...

Dear Khoo,

How can you believe the minister talk, they always flip flop in what they are talking. Now you see it, suddenly you don't. What NEM, ABC OR XYZ, all same. It's just like NEP, the content are same, only the word change only.
If BN talking about Barang Naik harga, then you can believe them becauss they are BN, B for Barang and N for Naik harga.....

Anonymous said...

bangun dari tidur, jangan mimpi lagi.jangan percaya lagi sepatah perkataan.