Friday, March 19, 2010

One Israel & 1Malaysia = Silly Politicking

One Israel and 1Malaysia. Yes, there is a striking similarity. A number of institutions globally are using One, 1 or something similar as their brand name e.g. One Hope Foundation, One Academy, Packet One etc. but they might not be related.

Likewise, some may be serious about their aim to become no.1 or the top in whatever they strive to achieve while others might just bask in the glory of sloganeering. In Bahasa Malaysia, we called it 'shiok sendiri' (self gratification).

Interestingly, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim had claimed that Prime Minister Najib Razak's '1Malaysia' was a carbon copy of the 'One Israel' concept.

Predictably, the Barisan leadership has reacted strongly against his claims. "It is a serious matter when a Muslim leader is associated with the Zionist. As you know, we support Palestine and we are against the Zionist and Israeli administration".

It is baffling why a politician like Anwar Ibrahim, who claims to walk a higher moral ground, is trying to manipulate the One Israel slogan to score some political points and belittle the 1Malaysia concept. It is equally unnecessary for Nazri to react so strongly against the Isreal government or the Zionist regime.

We should focus on the content (or the lack of it) of 1Malaysia instead and push the government to walk its talk about equality and justice. The government should be taken to task on its intention to retain a race affirmative action on one hand and trying to promote equality and unity on the other.

We should really mind our own business. Politicians should focus on real tasks and not waste their energy on meaningless squabbles and quarrels. There is already enough drama going around.


Anonymous said...

Yes you are correct.Shiok sendiri! You hit at me and I hit back! More often than not over trivial matters.As for urgent pressing issues? Ruling party drags,understanderbly without solution or the opposition lags follow up.Apa lagi?

Anonymous said...

"It is baffling why a politician like Anwar Ibrahim,....."

It's baffling because Anwar is a politician and Khoo is not.

Anwar is playing BN's game on the same turf. Sometimes you need to bend backwards to reach out to the gullible kampong folks which BN is trying to win over.

Anwar can win some brownie points by linking UMNO to Israel.
Come on Khoo, its all fair in love and war.
They have been hitting Anwar below the belt. He is returning it in kind.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree about this point. I guess there are flaws in both sides of the isle and may the side with the less evil win in the next G.E.

Anonymous said...

One has to behave like a fool to talk to fools. Don't you think so? :)

Anak Perelih said...

it's because all these long, UMNO claimed that Anwar has link to Jews and Israel... so now is Anwar's turn to turn the table...

Anyway.. Manchester United membership program is called One United... and since Najib is a MU supporter... my guess is that the 1malaysia concept was created based on One United...

Anonymous said...

"Anwar is playing BN's game on the same turf. Sometimes you need to bend backwards to reach out to the gullible kampong folks which BN is trying to win over."

It's pretty depressing that PR/Anwar has to resort to using these tactics in order to make an impression on the general public and/or "gullible kampong folks". One would've hoped that highlighting BN's bad governance and its minister's uncouth behaviour would be sufficiently crystal clear to all Malaysians.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


"United we stand tall
Divided we fall"
Heed this clarion call
Or have no stand at all

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 210310
Sun. 21st Mar. 2010.

Anonymous said...

The whole being of Malaysia is actually floating on perception,fantasy and imagination, NOT on fundamentals.Look at Vincent Ibrhim pekasa who shouted hoarse that the royal families are under threat must be protected by them,islam and malays are threatened by marginalised minority and must be protected by them...the whole nation is under seige and they must arise as defenders---stupid!Nobody bothers about the sliding economy.

Serious Shepherd said...

It's pretty depressing that PR/Anwar has to resort to using these tactics in order to make an impression on the general public and/or "gullible kampong folks".

"Gullible kampong folks" are also voters although their voices may be reduced not because of the 'marginalized minority' but because of the last persempadanan semula exercise.

Of course they may be given more seats if enough MPs were bought over and BN got 2/3 majority again thus another persempadanan semula would take place where these "gullible kampong folks" would get more seats. With Perkasa, Pewaris et al emphasizing that this and that are under threats (thus they are deaf towards "BN's bad governance and its minister's uncouth behaviour" because they were listening to Brahim Ali's speech)they would vote "with their feet" for BN, thus it is important for Anwar to win them over in advance.

looes74 said...

You should ask BN. Why on earth after so many years Malaysia didn't recognise Isreal when Jordan, Lebanon, Syria & Palestine itself have recognised Isreal diplomatically. Hey, we can recognise Uganda when Idi Amin butchered humogeous folks. How about Rwanda? Don't forget, Azerbajian butchering Nagoroth karabath folks (Mostly Armenians christians).
It's pure hypocrite! BN whack Isreal like nobody business then use Isreal as consultant. What the heck!

Perhaps, Najib can use you instead. You are Malaysians, righto?

infidel said...

One Israel is the Beacon for Democracy where as 1Malaysia, 2Laws, 3Races and 4Holand are the laughing stock of the Universe!

Anonymous said...

How about :

One People, One Nation, One Singapore (written/composed @ year 1990)

Anonymous said...

as a historian you should know that Malays are anti-jews back years ago, since hundreds years ago but now when something sensitive crop up, where will the leaders stand themselves. In the first why elected UPCO. This is not Singapore.

Anonymous said...

anwar punye hobi kot. sambil2 minum kopi.. post kt blog. 1 Israel. hehe. bodo. yg sokong lg bodo.

Anonymous said...

i'm not really a fan of the government, so, maybe i'm quite biased by the fact that anwar said things like that. i don't like it when his flaws is magnified! like 100000 times when other politician flaws are settled behind the scenes. justice? pfft...