Thursday, April 15, 2010

APCO & RM76 million: Barisan Should Pay for Its Own Bad Behaviour

Barisan government had paid US$24.2 million (RM76.8 million) to APCO Worldwide, the international public relations consultancy, to help spruce up its international image.

Some of Barisan ministers, especially Nazri Aziz, had praised APCO for a job well done. They credited the agency for helping to arrange the meeting between US President Barack Obama and PM Najib Razak.

The question is should the government pay a ridiculous amount of money just to arrange for its leaders to meet up with the US President and top leaders from the super power?

At this point in time, it is money poorly spent. If Barisan is so concerned about its public image, it should just stop perpetuating its ethnoreligious politics. It should start to treat all races with respect.

It should leave religion to the people and not trying to politicize and nationalize it.

It should get rid of leaders who are insensitive and racist. Noh Omar should be given a stern warning for showing his disrespect to Malaysians, especially Chinese and Indian, by asking them to be grateful for their citizenship. This statement is so outdated. We may need to run a background check on Noh to find out where his ancestors came from. It is possible that he is a 'pendatang' (migrant) too.

Why must we help Barisan to pay RM76 million and more to correct its own bad image? Barisan to correct its own bad behaviour or risk being voted out in the next general elections.

For a start, this blog would like to urge Hulu Selangor voters to support Zaid Ibrahim for his track record in political reform and his stand against the use of ISA and other sedition laws.

Zaid's stand against racism and race supremacy should be lauded. He should be given a chance to take his stand and political principles to the parliament.

Straight Talk says: "Support Zaid Ibrahim for Hulu Selangor"


Anonymous said...

The person who control our purse strings will be sure to use our money for their own purpose. This have been going on for so many years. We must put a stop to this abuse and misuse. Yes vote for Zaid.

romerz said...

Hear! Hear!

Anonymous said...

As expected our most holy clean ultimate defender PERKASA chose not to whisper a word on this israeligate(RM27million),PKFZgate (4 billion),undived sub.,Toyol mahligai,Teoh death,...don't tell again this is the chinese fault.

Anonymous said...

If Najib is so keen to meet Obama, he should approach Anwar to arrange for him. With his connection, I'm sure it's no sweat for Anwar to do just that. Najib should be reminded that the money is the sweat and tear of the rakyat and not his father's.

najib manaukau said...

Umno are always paying for their presidents who want (Malaysian P.M.) to meet the U.S. Presidents starting with shenanigan Mahathir, it is public knowledge , they paid 'hips' just to get to meet and shake their hand the U.S. Presidents. Why on the one hand shenanigan Mahathir is always criticising how bad the U.S. are and yet when he wanted just to share the U.S. President's hand he is wiling to pay million to do so not to mention flying all the way to U.S.. Why ?
Theses are real hypocrites or is it because the money spent is not their own but it is the Malaysian money. Also the P.M. and their family get to fly round the world at our expense. What a shamble Umno is !

Anonymous said...

To the people of Hulu Selangor,I have this message:Zaid is a real man of principle and justice.He could enjoy a wonderful life by playing to the gallery in Umno/BN as a minister!! Only a landslide victory for him will endorse the fact that Malaysians are educated,mature and wants reforms for a better future.

Anonymous said...

I will go for Zaid anytime although he is from Malay ethnicity and I am a Chinese. I could not find any other noble candidate than him. Yes, we should support Zaid Ibrahim!

Anonymous said...

Hidup Zaid !! Hidup Rakyat !!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Voting for the bn is the same as giving your vote to perkosa.

niakong said...

This coming by-election may end up like the most recent one in NS where BN won.

You see, in a by-election like this, the whole of BN machinery and funds could be mobilised to focus on just one particular constituency, promising all the goodies to be delivered to the constituents. Who would resist such offer at the receiving end? It's not greed. It's the fact that a bird in hand is worth two in the bush!!!

Do the constituents not have conscience and interest of the nation at heart??? I believe they do. Otherwise, the last political tsunami would not have taken place at all. It's the fact that the outcome of such by-elections would not change a bit the present political landscape. They're insignificant. They're no barometer whatsoever on the acceptance and endorsement of any one party by the constituents.

The constituents are likely to reap from anyone whatever they could as much as possible in the by-elections before kicking the buttocks of the party that they detest most out in the next GE that really matters!!! Such is a logical move.

So, i hope that PR would neither be disheartened if it loses nor big-headed if it wins. Just continue serving the people diligently and the final verdict shall be delivered by the people accordingly in the next GE!!!

Btw, whichever self-serving kataks thinking of jumping, please do so quickly. Opportunity doesn't knock twice, just grab the $$$mil offered to you and you can retire rich. And stop being a liability to the people who voted you in.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong to pay to meet Obama. The benefit that Malaysia get in terms of trade and image worth triple the money paid. See what happen to Iran, if you don't bodek US, you are going to suffer. Anwar did the same thing to get sympathy for his causes.

Anonymous said...

There are two distinct classes of men - those who pay taxes and those who receive and live upon taxes. - Thomas Paine

Anonymous said...

Bring along photos of Mahatir and Sons' houses, show to Hulu Selangor residents, after 40+ years shouting how bad their lives had been, now father and sons are billionaires living in Palaces while the residents still remain as they have been for so long.
This two-headed snake must be exposed.
So is UMNO's duplexity in handling our daily lives.
Enough is enough.
We must put an end into this rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Mr Khoo, the Question not asked.."What is the role of the Ministry of Information?" Are they incompetent or should we close it down and outsource managing information to private companies? Did the Director General of the Ministry kick up a fuss? What say the elegant Minister. Did he know? DId anyone threaten to resign? We know somebody who would...Zaid Ibrahim.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck the BN simply spent the money(which are collected from taxes)than spent it on public uutilities for the betterment of every citizen.What those so-called experts(of the govt)are doing?The think-tank of the govt must be useless now.Fuck the BN! Vote them out in GE13!

najib manaukau said...

May be Umno should pay for a make up artist to have Najib's and all his ministers' face changed !

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


We have to admire any person with honourable guts
Who refuses to be intimidated and get into a rut
Who believes in professional freedom and not outside nuts
who values work ethics without being imprisoned in any hut

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 220410
Thur. 22nd Apr. 2010.

Anonymous said...

many ignorance Malaysian still idolized BN especially non malay,to them Malaysia still a wonderful country to live,work or business, they don't care about politicking,corruption,abused of power or human right,they more interested in how much they earn by day end... NO!??

Tax Payer Funds said...

All those comments made are valid!!!

This is another examples, how BN use our (tax payer) money!!!

Please stop them (BN) by supporting PKR's Zaid Ibarhim!!!

We have given BN many chances (> 50 yrs) and there is no major imrpovement in our living standard, except the RICH become super RICH and POOR become super POOR!!! Let us give others (Barisan Alternative - PKR), to prove themselves.

We have spent RM 76m to have a "hand-shake" but no funds for SME Corp (agent of MITI) to help SME business by providing grants or incentives to SME business.

Where are the allocation of RM 350m made in 2010 budget for SME Corp???

Why SME Corp rejected Genuine SME businessman grant application?

miraclediagnosis said...

goverment funds have been heavily cut off between 50-80 % in somes sector,with the reason economic slowdown..but looking at the way this BN leaders pouring money for political purpose make me wonder ,whose money are they spending? stop giving false information through media regarding economics status we are not going to believe you.

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought, recently the govt sold their 1Malaysia bonds to the rakyat and to China, bringing funds in to the govt, where has it gone?

Suddenly can splurge so much on by-election....