Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kamalanathan Needs More Than PR Skills to Win

BN candidate for Hulu Selangor is a PR thorough breed. He embraces all and accepts all. He said this at a political rally, "P. Kamalanathan menjelaskan, beliau tetap menyokong pendirian Perkasa kerana percaya setiap individu mempunyai hak untuk bersuara."

Kamalanathan should be clearer with his stand. The support he has for freedom of speech is different from his support for Perkasa's stand. He can defend the right of Perkasa to speak up but he has no business to defend the right winged group's position on non-Malays.

Perkasa's wisdom is a mirror image of Ibrahim Ali's. I guess it will take forever to convince and educate Ibrahim that the weaknesses and failures of the Malays are not caused by the non-Malay. Ibrahim's inability to offer solutions to empower the Malays is a major failure of Perkasa.

Kamalanathan should know what is wrong with Ibrahim and Perkasa. It is possible to defend Perkasa's right to speak up and at the same time disagree with the group's stand.

The problem with a politician like Kamalanathan is he is probably a chameleon. He is everything to everybody but a nothing when comes to pure political principle.

I went around Hulu Selangor yesterday. It was pouring quite heavily. It is clearly not a MIC fight but a battle between UMNO and PKR.

Najib and Muhyiddin posters outnumbered the candidate's.

There is also a lack of enthusiasm from both sides.

Perhaps the voters are tired of rhetoric and empty promises. Malaysia, it is time to demand for better representation.

Reject Racism!


Anonymous said...

It will be a pitiful result if people in Hulu Selangor voted this guy to Parliament.
A typical Pak Turut and no way he will dare to be the voice of the people.
When meeting him in Hulu Selangor, this looking confused MIC UMNO select candidate is either a great pretender or a plain dunggu but for sure this guy will pee in his trousers when encountered by their big brother UMNO.
So sorry for Hulu Selangor folks, the power is in your hand and the choice is yours.

Anonymous said...

Khoo, I have mentioned before in the previous blog that people like Kamal will do everything including selling their soul and integrity for selfish gains.Look at how he kiss the hands of DPM!What does it say? Total submission! No backbone to stand upright!!!

pinsysu said...

kamlanathan is a PR spy planted to ensure a PKR win & dat's why he 'supported' perkasa's stand to guarantee a complete swing of non-malay votes to PR since the malay votes could be split 50-50. he's a chameleon alright ... & the best part is mooheedin is not aware of tis. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Nasir Safar - Your ancestors came to Malaysia as beggars and prostitutes - oops sorry!

Mohd Nor - You should be grateful to Malays for offering you citizenships - oops sorry

Kamalanathan - I support Perkasa - "oops sorry"

Me: Khoo, you are an idiot - oops sorry

Me - Mohd Nor is a 'pendatang' who must be grateful to Indians and Chinese who worked hard to pay his salary - oops....

fiona said...

Narrow-mindedness thwarts acceptance of new ideas, says Maxwell..

Kamala does look like a potential leader..in our quest to achieve 1 Malaysia, we know the hurdles ahead of us. When an Indian defends a Malay organization, it seems that we are one step at achieving this.

I am proud that BN shows that it is a party for all, while we know, UMNO has better chance in winning in Hulu Selangor. If I were to be PM, I wouldn't want MIC to defend its seat there. I will only think of winning the seat, that is important right?

However, out of respect and tolerance, all components unanimously agreed that MIC should be given another chance.

BN must ensure that they walk the talk, no more talks of races.

bennyloh said...


Joshua said...

"I guess it will take forever to convince and educate Ibrahim that the weaknesses and failures of the Malays are caused by the non-Malay."

Did you mean to write the above sentence or was there a typo error?

The weaknesses and failures of the Malays are NOT caused by the non-Malays.

In fact, they allowed the NEP to sustain the weak ones and in the process, weakened even the efficient and smart Malays into complacency and rent-seeking businesses.

Joshua said...

Apart from Kamalanathan's half-hearted attempt to white wash Perkasa. UMNO knows they have created a big mess with Muyhideen's freudian slip of the tongue about Malay first, Malaysian 2nd.

Another bit mistake of UMNO/proxy bloogers is to make the ’sin’ of drinking alcohol an election issue in Hulu Selangor.

1. A large % of Indians have no problems with drinking a beer or two.
2. While Christians generally avoid alcohol, they will sympathise with the first person who publicly repents of his sins. Guess who?
3. Muslims know there is hypocrisy in taking a holier than thou attitude. No man is perfect except God himself.
4. The vast majority of Msians respect leaders who are humble and are ready to confess their mistakes unlike the batch of leaders we have in UMNO. (anyone recall Tun Mahathir being apologetic for his mistakes or Najib for the mistakes of departments under his purview e.g. MACC, Defense ministry, etc?)
Pride comes before the fall and the humble shall inherit the earth.

May the most transparent and Malaysian first (ethnic 2nd) man win the Hulu Selangor election.

Anonymous said...

Righteousness in the heart produces beauty in the character.

These days VVIP does not mean anything to us anymore and in fact an honest citizen earns more respect.

Sometimes just dont understand why one can stoop so low to kiss tainted hands for a few dollars more.

Are we in the Era- Shoot the wise and pray for the wicked ??

Fart-Chamber Supplier.

Anonymous said...

How not to defend Perkasa, it is his Bread and Butter, man!
This "dark skinned Melayu" will make or break, riding on the coat tail of UMNO. He is fully aware, MIC is dead and gone!
Like all sniffing dogs from the component parties of BN coalition, they are not ashamed or unapologetic if seen licking the balls of their UMNO masters!
Definitely a by product of that "semi value" anaconda arrogant and egoistic guy. How can the people of U. Selangor to have such a unethical, dog lapping and double tongue self claim malay represent them??????
Vote PKR!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

“Everybody has the right to defend their own race but they should not be extremists,” Kamalanathan declared.

Excuse me, Mr Kamalanathan, there is a HUGE difference between defending your race and attacking another race. And why don't you exercise your freedom of speech and follow your own statement by telling PERKASA straight in their faces: "YOU SHOULD NOT BE EXTREMISTS?"

This is the kind of official spin that attempts to diffuse and dilute the real issues facing Malaysians. The people of Hulu Selangor need to wake up to the reality that it is not the bread and butter issues such as street lighting, food on the table or economic development that threatens their future and their children's future.

The real threat to their future is the people and mentality behind PERKASA that aims to perpetrate institutional racism against other races for the benefit of one race. Is the NEP a defense of Malays against encroachment into their "priveleges"? Or is it supposed to be a defense of the poor, regardless of race?

All eyes should be on Kamalanathan and see how his UMNO advisers guide him through the inconsistencies, contradictions, lies and cover-ups of his own coalition party.

If PRK can highlight these national issues instead of bread and butter issues to the people of Hulu Selangor, then they truly deserve to win.

Anonymous said...

Anyway, can someone please point out to Kanalanathan and the less alert public this point:

Supporting the freedom of expression of any party/organisation is different from supporting their views.

For example, I support the freedom of expression of the Nazis, Al Quaeda, Communists, etc if they reason out their views calmly in a public forum.

But this is different from support their views or their actions to destroy other members of society.

Of course Perkasa is not advocating violence, just racism that can lead to violence.

Anonymous said...

How not to defend Perkasa, it is his Bread and Butter, man!
This "dark skinned Melayu" will make or break, riding on the coat tail of UMNO. He is fully aware, MIC is dead and gone!
Like all sniffing dogs from the component parties of BN coalition, they are not ashamed or unapologetic if seen licking the balls of their UMNO masters!
Definitely a byproduct of that arrogant, greedy and big mouth "semi value" anaconda guy from MIC.
How can people of U. Selangor to have bum like this representing them!!! Kick this 2 headed, self claim melayu and dog lapping bum out before more indians will suffer.
Vote for ZAID/PKR!!

Anonymous said...

It shows clearly that this DARK SKIN "MELAYU" Kamal bin Nathan is a candidate of Umno, not MIC. The way he acted like a lapping dog to Perkasa/UMNO shows that he is obviously targeting the 53.9 percent Malay votes instead of the 19 percent Indian votes. That jives with PKR's campaign that says that the contest is actually PKR vs Umno.
My conclusion is that the dark skin "melayu" is a tool of Umno, and Umno is determined to capture the 53.9 percent Malay votes, whatever it takes. That means Indian issues will drop out of sight for 'Kamal bin Nathan'. That also means Umno runs his campaign and tells him what to say to the Malay electorate.
The foregone conclusion is that if this self claim dark skin melayu wins, the rakyat esp the indian community can rest assure Ulu Selangor will be the same as it was 53 years ago, if not worst. So vote PKR!!!!!!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

umno is bribing all over town just to make sure their kamal boy will win. Is this the type of politics we want to see?
Only a rotten corrupted govt will bribes in order to fish votes.

Kamal is lacking of principles and shown to be without a backbone.
A very typical lapdog (in our political scene)
While Zaid is full with changes and will stick to his guns.
Zaid was proven not to be a yesman while he was in umno and will not kowtow to his boss dollah badawi then.
This Zaid is not a bootlicker.
What Malaysia needs are politicians in the like Zaid.
We need more Zaids
We have too many lapdogs and bootlickers in Parliament.
Go and vote for Zaid.

Anonymous said...

well ,at least ,kamal is trying to bring people closer instead of people like you ,whom like to label "us and them" .just like the racist stench from the pakatan supporters makes reject racism a total farce.there is no moral high ground on bith sides .