Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lessons From Hulu Selangor

I was amused when several people including some leaders in Pakatan had predicted a comfortable win for Zaid Ibrahim despite an apparent lost of steam in the coalition since 2008.

I was asked by several reporters on my prediction. They were surprised that I did not hesitate to give BN a slight advantage in the by-election.

Here are several lessons from the Hulu Selangor by-election:

1) Choice of candidate: Zaid is the right candidate for urban seats where there is a higher appreciation to his principled stand on several issues including judicial reform, abolishing ISA, good governance and others. It is okay for Zaid to be a little bit more remote and distance when dealing or interacting with urban voters who would have respected his space. In a semi-rural seat such as Hulu Selangor, a more effective message would be development, jobs and their livelihood.

In this case, Selangor MB Khalid could have done more to assure the voters of the state government's commitment and plan to develop the area and build new economic activities. Pakatan's ruled states remain quite hazy about their socio-economic plans apart from making several populist policies e.g. free water and free money to old folks etc.

2) Defections do hurt: Defections amongst PKR leaders and members do give a wrong perception about the party. Voters who voted for Barisan may not have a choice to vote for a party they deemed falling apart. Who wants to be put at the mercy of the ruling government? A large number of Hulu Selangor voters especially the Felda settlers are dependent on the federal government for aid and assistance. PKR needs to use this setback to look at their candidate selection process, recruitment and promotion process. Ex-leaders such as Zahrain, Salehudin, Zulklifi and others have an axe to grind with the party. These leaders are often unprincipled and self centric. They can flip-flop on their political stand if their personal demands are not met.

3) A lack of leadership for the Indian community: Hindraf started Makkal Sakthi with a bang but soon after the 2008 general election fame and power got better of their leaders. When the dust settles and real face exposed, this movement was nothing but a collection of self-interested and arrogant leaders. Factions within the movement started to break up and lost their direction. They should have used the opportunity and momentum to help alleviate the community into mainstream development. Indian community is seriously in need of real leadership and not self-centric and egoistic leaders who cannot speak the language of reason and hope. Both PKR and DAP Indian origin leaders had failed to provide a strong leadership to the Indian community and voters in Hulu Selangor.

Too much attacks and rhetoric on Najib and Barisan do have a saturation point. The point was reached at the last general election. Pakatan cannot continue to bank on the weaknesses of their opponent to win elections.

PR leaders must learn to walk their talk and not just mock others who did so but on the wrong path. At leaders they have tried walking.


Anonymous said...

Sad to say that the Indians today in Malaysia really deserved their marginalised plight.You have leaders in MIC and Hindraf who used rhetoric to win over supporters only for their very own agenda.History is repeating itself.To all the mamaks,I say blame yourself for what you are getting now and the future of your children.

Anonymous said...

It would be foolish for PR to continue relying on protest vote. The reason why the Chinese is behind PR is not because they don't like BN (they have passed that stage long time ago) but because they are not pleased with BN policy. The time has come for PR to come up with attractive policy to attract Indians and Malays and I agree with Khoo, lack of a strong Indian leader is a cause of concern.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with your piece.

It's just sad that there wasn't more solid plan at hand to convince the maj malays in hulu selangor about the various possible improvements. Instead, why must PR stoop to such level as to exchange verbal abuse with BN. That's BN's job and it would backfire on them eventually.

In regards to Felda settlers, I wouldn't blame them for still supporting BN. In a way, BN holds them hostage in terms of the amount owed to them from selling their lands. There's no guarantee of them getting what they are owed if BN goes down. Mentally they are in a dead knot.

If PR can find a way to get them out of this predicament. It would somehow work to a win-win situation for both?


Anonymous said...

whitewashing the promises made by dap and pkr to hindraf ,the kampung buah pala issue .all of those promises was a big fat lie.

yet,you too arrogant anf fathead to said that out loud but instead put the blame on hindraf leaders.

Did you support Hindraf on November 2007? Did you fight from the indians before 2008? NO! you are just blind by own prejudice towards the indian community .

this "reject racism" is a line suited according to your needs.

[ the 3rd PARTY ] said...

Most of them still giving textbook excuses after defeated..sigh.
My curious and good-hearted to find out :
{{Will rakyat vote for selfish political where they will :
no.1 do every efforts to shut you up for making complaint;
no.2 humiliating you;
no.3 threathen to "pecah lo kepala" when you voice a different opinion!! ???
read out more at

>> http://jp3rdparty.blogspot.com/2009/09/pakatan-rakyat-do-you-really-care-for.html

and >> http://jp3rdparty.blogspot.com/2009/09/alarm-to-dr-xavier-adun-exco-of_20.html

and >> http://jp3rdparty.blogspot.com/2009/10/pakatan-rakyat-able-to-crackdwon.html

and finally this >> http://jp3rdparty.blogspot.com/2009/09/pakatan-rakyat-jp-complete-version_17.html

...then we might know why they'r falling now.

Anonymous said...

They makes the difference.
They still love ummm-nooo. So dont complain too mcuh when you are mistreated. It's just like a girl who was mistreated by the boy friend for ages and still go for him.

That's why for generation they are still crying that they being marginalised.

If they are not happy with opposition they dont have to vote anyone and just stay at home.

But, sorry to say that they are naive to come out to vote for the devil just to show their frustration.

You Ask For It..When you will ever learn ??

Anonymous said...

i do believe this defect is cause vote buying. my relative staying there. and told us BN is offer them RM 500.
and my colleague got offer at KTM station RM250 for voting even he/she is not from hulu selangor

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


It's possible to lose at the poll
And still gain respect for the soul
Not due to heavy prices paid at the toll
But the solid principles and ideals freely sold

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 280410
Wed. 28th Apr. 2010.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.56, U said it all! At the end of the day, U elect the govt. and u deserve whatever they dish out to u. So dun complain about anything else! The mamakthir has even told us clearly enough that u deserve the govt. that u voted for! As 4 hindraf, whether it is a protest vote or whatever reason they come up with, PR should continue doing the right thing 4 all Malaysians in a fair manner. No color differences!

Anonymous said...

If PR wants Malaysian or even Indian votes, they must deliver!!! After Mac 2008, what they have done so far??? They even can control their own MP/ADUN. Why they didn't do anything in Kg. Buah Pala? Why they didn't allocate land for Tamil School in PR rule states? How come Kedah state goverment can come up with some stupid policies and PR not doing about it? What are the development plans for these states? Why you need to keep racist MP/ADUNs in PR? And my last question: Why is Anwar's cross-over plan is HALAL and BN's is not??? Sendiri mahu ingatlah!

Osama said...

Annonymous 11.44 am

The election in Hulu Selangor has conclusively proved that Hindraf is no longer a factor in Malaysian politics.

Despite the fact that MIC stationed members to stay with the families of Indians for a whole week prior election, to guard them from straying to the opposition, many in the estates voted PR, and are grateful to PR. Well, of course those in Hindraf would like to say that PR lost a significant percentage of Indian votes. The question here is, how many Indians registered in Hulu Selangor and voted in 2008 are still staying in Hulu Selangor? How many returned to vote on April 25th?

What has Hindraf done so far after March 08? Their leaders were offered to contest in winnable seats but they declined because they do not have confidence in their ownself. Now that they see PR having so many seats, they are jealous.

Kampung Buah Pala? How many so called Indian activist actually know where Kampung Buah Pala is? They are just riding on the bandwagon to fool innocent Indians to benefit and enrich their ownselves. Do they really understand the issue of Kampung Buah Pala? The majority residents are happy and had voiced so many times that they are very grateful to the PR led state Government, but, these so called Indian activists are plain jealous and envious of the windfall of the KBP residents. Who in their wildest dreams would imagine that they will be compensated with a double storey house worth 650,000 now but will be worth 850,000 when ready? Just read how happy those Kampung Buah Pala folks who had accepted the State Governments offer in CJ.MY. Ah also read the Government efforts in CJ.MY the building of Indian schools for the community. By the way, squatters are illegal anywhere in the world, and the land had been sold by the BN led Government.

These dunggu Indian activists are all out to exploit and manipulate the poor Indians. Building schools? Please visit the estates in Hulu Selangor first. Help the community, build them affordable housing and get them jobs first. If they do not have jobs and proper housing, can they afford to send their children to schools? Building schools now for the Indian community, will not benefit majority Indians, but to people like Annonymous, and a select few.

To sum up, PR is absolutely correct not to entertain a party like HRP as we are moving away from racist politics. They should not be allowed to be held at ransom by anyone. As the results in Hulu Selangor had correctly shown, Hindraf, HRP is totally irrelevant! Good riddance to filthy, stinking rubbish.

Anonymous said...

osama ,
you write about moving away from racist politics. one can observe ,if one is honest ,that pakatan rakyat supporters have blame the indians .writing sentences like indians are like that and this,some are outright racist to the core.Now ,who is the racist here? hence,the hypocrisy which dwells within the pakatan rakyat .On kampung buah pala,you only have talk about one side of the story.there are many questions left unanswered.The only person i trust who blogs or comments when it comes to KBP issue is Anil Netto,the only person whom had the guts to questions the state government while other so called bloggers who fight for justice? kept their mouth shut instead defend the all of lge actions.

Osama® said...

Annonymous 4.49pm

Dear Annonymous,

I concur with you that there are many Pakatan supporters who are quick to blame the Indians without really understanding the situation, and without the statistics. Just like UMNO Baru blaming the Chinese for the unconvincing victory despite the huge amount spent.

There are always such people, we need to definitely steer clear of racist politics in order for us not to be divided and ruled.

There is one horrible example in Anil's blog with his sickening comments blaming the Indians. These are sick people and there are many who are worse than Katak King.

With regards to KBP, do you not agree that the majority of the KBP folks are extremly happy with the compensation? Please refer CJ.MY and see and hear it from the horses mouths. Those activists are really only fighting for their own cause. They are extremely jealous and envious of the villagers windfall. You need to understand that those activists are out to exploit and manipulate the poor Indians to enrich themselves like what MIC did. They can see the MIC is weakening and they are fast to exploit the situation. KBP folks need to thank the PR Government, which they did, had the Government been under the BN, they will not allow you to create so much trouble and the KBP folks will never dream of getting their compensations.

After all, no matter what, we must agree that squatters are illegal and it is just unbelievable, that squatters are given double storey houses. Have you heard of illegal squatters being given double storey houses worth 650,000?

Anil gave exemplary coverage and always is fair in his reporting, but, even too, he has to agree that the squatters are extremely lucky that the State is under PR, had it been under BN, they will be just chased out with no compensation. Under UMNO Baru/BN ordinary folks like those in KBP has got no chance, and the land was sold off by the BN Government, please note, ownership transferred, do you think they will compensate the folks with a double storey house each?

Cheers bro, together we can make a difference.

PAS for All, Salam Reformasi!