Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Malays Can Compete!

I would like to congratulate Wan Saiful Wan Jan for his straight forward article on the NEM, Perkasa and Malay competitiveness.

He wrote:

Dalam kesempatan ini saya sebenarnya mahu mengulas mengenai tindakan pihak-pihak seperti Perkasa dan Datuk Ibrahim Ali yang seolah-olah sengaja mahu menggagalkan usaha Datuk Seri Najib Razak untuk mentransformasi negara.

Saya amat marah dengan mereka ini kerana mereka berselindung dengan nama Melayu untuk menghina dan memperkecil-kecilkan orang Melayu. Dengan bertopengkan nama Melayu, mereka bersuka ria menuduh orang Melayu tidak boleh bersaing dan tidak boleh maju jika tidak dihulurkan tongkat seumur hidup. Lemah sungguh Melayu di mata mereka!

The writer should not be surprised by the action of the opportunists in Perkasa, especially Ibrahim Ali.

Politicians like Ibrahim Ali need a weak and meek Malay community to help them stay relevant in politics. A weak and meek Malay community needs to look up to people like Ibrahim to protect their rights and interests. Hence, Ibrahim and his gang will do whatever they can to convince the Malays that they are weak, meek and ought to be protected.

People such as Ibrahim are the biggest hindrance to capacity building and civilisation of the Malay community. It is timely for the Malays to dump leaders like Ibrahim. In the globalised world, the measurement used to measure a Malay and a Chinese or an European is the same one. The world will respect those with the right ability, skills and contribution.

Malaysians regardless of race should put their own personal development as the top priority and not colour of skin.

I applaud Wan Saiful for saying NO to opportunists such as Ibrahim Ali. Of all the people, a Malay like Ibrahim does not need any protection or special privileges. Help and assistance should be given to the needy ones.


Osama said...

No matter how much you assist and povide to Abraham Ali, it will never be enough, he has such a huge stomach, big head, but unfortunately his pea sized brain is located at the place where the sun never shines! And they will continue to utter excrements! Useless Perkasa, always manipulating the Malay race for their own benefits!

Now they talk excrements again, wanting to take action against MCA and Gerakan! Podah, bodoh! If you have a stupid leader like Abraham, you will have stupid followers! Please show us what kind of "action" you can take against MCA and Gerakan! We just want to see how stupid you can be!

Perkasa, if you are the real champions of the Malays/Islam, why are you not protecting the Malays from gambling which had destroyed so many families? And heard that sports betting license will be given to the old towkay of Abraham! This will bring utter miseries to millions of Malay families, but, to protect the towkay of Abraham, he is keeping quiet!

Remember, one of those who held the keris, was the one who reportedly approved the sports betting license during his last days in office and it was reported even a deposit was made. It takes a true Muslim like Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to prevent sports betting as he knew it would hurt the Malays, but, now, our PM is too weak, and that man is back and sports betting will be very well on its way, and another generation of Malays are going to suffer!

Perkasa, is gambling for Malays halal? It is haram in Islam, but, is it halal if Perkasa says so? Jawaplah katak oi katak! Is Perkasa bigger or Islam? Katak oi katak, you had been silent for so long on this issue! Are you not the champion of Islam/Malays? Jawap lah!

Lai said...

Wanting to take action against Karpal Singh? Wants to divert again? Rakyat tak bodoh lagi. Just look at those in Perkasa, resembles the Abraham guy!

Do not have to work, use Malays as their capital and continue to live the easy life with tongkat of course! Just look at their belly, does such parasites ever work?

It seems in Malaysia,you need not have to work, only you dare to provoke and work for UMNO Baru, you will be well taken care of! Talking of politics and laws, those people were not even borned when Karpal was actively participating in politics and law!

Really a shame to all Malaysians, and that is Perkasa or Perkosa!

Anonymous said...

Well done Wan Saiful...! I applaud you.

But then again... our PM said these Perkasa goons are not extreme...

Care to comment Wan Saiful..?

Anonymous said...

Well said Khoo.I strongly support your statements.Ibrahim is the brand of Malays that have been enjoying handouts and are afraid of losing them now.

najib manaukau said...

If the so called Malays want to continue with the give aways and privileges by all means. Give them all they want why waste every one's time teaching them what life is all about. Despite the head start, how long only Allah knows, just let them continue to take what they want. See what will happen when the oil has run out.
Why bother teaching them how to be independent and let them stay where they were. It may seems unfair but that is what they want.
This way they were never learn how to stand on their two feet, they can continue to run 50 meters only in a 100 meters race and "think" they have won. What life is but an illusion !

wandererAUS said...


Anonymous said...

And Ibrahim Ali will always bring out May 13th issue and recently kiss the keris to tell others to shut up or else. I think the world must carve out cocoons and a special place in a corner somewhere in Antartika for people like him to live!

He is the antithesis of 1Malaysia if that slogan is real.

pinsysu said...

yes! dear Malay brothers & sisters, it is time you ditch the UMNO-tongkat & soar like eagles! dun let UMNO-Perkasa undermine your faith & capabilities!

Anonymous said...

People like Ibrahim Ali,who talks very emotionally,is not a rational guy.A wise man and respected talk with wisdom.But this guy is shouting his lung out just to get attention.Sad that Malaysia has nurtured such breed of human beings!

Anonymous said...

It is not us you must convince. It is your fellow Malays in Putrajaya. They are the ones who are "defending your rights" to be stupid and to be weaker than the others.

As long as you have a crutch you can insist all you want that you can run but what kind of idiot is going to believe you?

ajoyly said...

Originally this was a response to Dr. Azly Rahman's posting ' From perkasa to pekasam -- with bonus Bob Dylan song and Mongolian music ' ,

Why 1Malaysia/Bangsa Malaysia? Because all races in this country can identify with it. Therefore a common identity.

What does this phrase ' melting pot ' mean? A pot where all ingredients can be put in, like beef, potato, carrot, chilly tomato, pepper, salt etc..

The purpose is to mix and cook all these. And what would come out from this mixing is a pleasant and tasty dish.

From this analogy, the creation of this nation should be done along the same line. The mixing process is the uniting of all races to create a national identity Malaysia/Bangsa Malaysia.

This country is a melting pot of all races, Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan/Dusun/Murut, Bajau, Brunei, Iban, Melanau, Bidayuh etc. and why should not these races be combined to produce a common nationality.

Is it wrong to do so? Why must the unity of races be politicised? Shouldn't it be considered a civil development. And to be out of bounds for both the Ruling and Opposition Political Parties.Let it be a people and citizen oriented movement. Therefore no race should be afraid of being overwhelmed by another. Afterall, it is only an exercise in human relations.

That is so. But it is the basis of how unity is created in a nation.

A high mountain can slide down and crash if its base is faulty.

In the same manner when organisations like Perkasa create a sense of fear in Malays that the other races would bully and financially take advantage over them. It is like saying that Malays are weak people and can be easily influenced

This line of argument is wrong and insulting to Malays especially their dignity, ' maruah '. After forty seven years of independence, a big Malay intelligentsia has been created whose intellectual capacity are as good as the Chinese or Indians.

Or even better. And can easily compete in a level playing field. So what is Perkasa talking about, protecting the rights of Malays and so forth !

The educated Malays know their rights. If Perkasa have to teach them these, then Perkasa is telling them that their qualifications as educated people are questionable.

It is tantamount to Perkasa questioning their dignity, ' maruah ' as Malays who are knowledgeable. Usually,intelligent persons do not need an organisation to potect what are rightfully theirs. They know what they are?

Perkasa is therefore irrelevant to modern Malays who are more outgoing and global. While Perkasa wants to teach the ' katak dalam tempurung dan sentiasa terancham ' philosophy.