Sunday, April 18, 2010

NEM & Hulu Selangor: Chinese Voters Easily Sweet Talked?

We have heard of such statement so often in the past. Today, LDP President VK Liew said that the New Economic Model (NEM), unveiled by the prime minister last month, will be a pull factor for the Chinese voters towards the Barisan Nasional (BN) in the Hulu Selangor by-election.

Previously, most of Barisan leaders had praised UMNO President led policies but with very little success to show. Dr Mahathir's grand Vision 2020 had lost its steam with less than a decade to go. Malaysia is anything but close to becoming a fully developed nation and creating a fair, just and harmonious Bangsa Malaysia (Malaysian race).

Ironically, Mahathir had helped to launch the right-winged Malay organisation, Perkasa, and is now being used as a poster boy by the group. He had warned the government to pay heed to the group's demand. If Mahathir is siding with Perkasa, we should know by now how lame his Vision 2020 is. The group is only good at blaming others for the failure of the Malaysia community but has not been able to provide solutions and answers to how the affirmative action could fail the Malays. Why the income gap between the rich and poor Malay is growing larger?

To Mahathir, his flip flop on the affirmative action puts him on the same pedastal with Abdullah Badawi. Mahathir is a worse hypocrite than his appointed successor.

Mahathir describes those who advocate the removal of affirmative action policies that benefit Bumiputeras as selfish. It would be more selfish to weight down the community mindset to continue to be dependant on its political masters in UMNO. This is another form of slavery, a mental one.

Past policies announced by UMNO prime ministers had suffered the same fate. Most of these policies sounded good on paper but can never be implemented. Barisan leaders such as VK Liew should have enough reasons to doubt the sincerity of NEM. Najib has been doing more flip flops with the NEM compared to other PMs. At least Mahathir and Abdullah did not flip flop on theirs.

Najib is probably feeling very upbeat after his meeting with US President Barack Obama. This meeting is not going to translate into any popularity gains for him. In fact, he should learn from the lesson of Obama leadership. Obama is now facing a daunting task to walk his talk. His talks sounded like flowery garden.

Najib must walk his talk to increase the nation's per capita income, reform the affirmative action, combat corruption within his administration and end institutional racism in the country.

We need to know the outcome of PKFZ investigation, the VK Lingam scandal,the formation of IPCMC and the abolishment of ISA for a start.

Real reforms mean more than just flowery talk. VK Liew should be so gullible. He and other non-UMNO leaders in Barisan should learn to ask tough questions.

Otherwise, he thinks Chinese voters in Hulu Selangor are fools who can be easily sweet talked?


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Osama® said...

VK Liew, go fly your kite. Do you think the Chinese are fools? Hello? This is the days of internet and technologies, where information are available at the tips of the fingers.

Najib had from day one of his administration, from 1Malaysia to Juara Rakyat, till today had not done anything concrete. All talks and no action only. All slogans, 1Malaysia? But, not wrong to say "I am Malay first"? Hypocrites! And do you think he dare to implement the NEM? Go talk to your LDP folks. At least your predecessor has the guts to take on the power that be, but you? You are just another parasite.

Najib has got to look at Perkasa, TDM, Muhyddin before he can do anything, get it, Liew? But, Najib would not care a damn about LDP and you, when they can just ignore and dumped Samy and MIC. You? LDP? Apa itu? Jangan memalukan Rakyat!

Anonymous said...

This VK Liew is from the boondocks. He is so gullible. NEM is not even a govt policy yet. It is just in the design stage. The actual policy may be just a watered down version of the talk or worse- a continuation of the hated NEP.

1 Believe it when I see the actual thing. I dont think the Chinese in Hulu Selangor will be this gullible.

Anonymous said...

AGREED...Mahathir is WORSE than Pak Lah.

Hmm, how can this Mahathir conveniently or intentionally forget his ROOTS (his forefather hailed from INDIA - Barry Wain's book, Pg 5)? Why he is supporting PERKASA and not HINDRAF??? I AM CONFUSED...

Anonymous said...

What have you to say about the BN candidate Kamal bin Nathan who agrees filly with Perkasa struggle.

Now tell me, which idiot will give his vote to the BN moron.

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Anonymous said...

NEM must fail so we will revert to the old formula

Anonymous said...

This Najib meeting with Obama is more of a publicity show than anything else.I do not see any business deals being sealed(which normally the businessman would like to get it done in front of the heads of states during visit).The NEM,so far sounds big,but still blur blur

Anonymous said...

Aiyah Khoo.What Kamal/Liew/Mugilan is signing up to now is to prepare their own path to become a Datuk and a senator or MP job lah...
Sell their souls to the devil also can mah!