Sunday, May 30, 2010

End of the Road for Samy Vellu - A Wake Up Call for Indian Malaysian Community

MIC's Samy Vellu is behaving like an old, weary and weak lion waiting to be challenged by the next young leaders in his pack.

By sacking his secretary-general Murugessan, his action is pushing himself to the brink. The expulsion of Murugessan shows how insecure Samy is about the prospect of losing power. Unfortunately, the MIC chief is losing goodwill and respect faster than he could imagine.

The sign is clear and it shows that the Anti-Samy protest (GAS) has the support of some higher echelon in the country. If not, the group's gathering would have been able to obtain a police permit to gather and condemn a leader of Barisan component party.

Vel Paari's apology to UMNO was an attempt not to further anger some factions in UMNO who may want to oust his dad.

Samy is a politician who has outlived his time. Dr Mahathir had given him a good advice - do not overstay his usefulness. But Samy must do better than Mahathir in preserving his legacy after his retirement.

MIC is a party in decline. The state of MIC mirrors that of the community. Indians in Malaysia are a neglected lot similarly other minorities are often not featured or considered in any mainstream development.

The fate of Indian Malaysian community lies with the mindset of the community itself. They should start to exercise their democratic rights by choosing good governance over some lame communal promises made by any politicians.

A lack of political awareness amongst the Indian Malaysian community is a sad thing. The community needs something which none of the political parties in Malaysia is able to deliver - some direction, leadership and sincerity in putting the community's needs, issues and insecurities in the right perspective.

How long since have we heard of any Indian Malaysian who had excelled in a certain field since Dr Jegathesan?

This is a wake up call for the community. It is time to break out of their communal shell.


Anonymous said...

Ouch! Ur comment bout lack of persons after Dr. Jegathesan is unbecoming.

There are numerous Malaysians who are of Indian/Sri Lankan descent who are leaders in their field.

It so happens becoz they are not of a race and/or religion that attracts journalists, but there are many class leading Malaysians of Indian/Sri Lankan origin out there.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

It is better for sami to stay on.
We need his "help" in the coming general election ( can be anytime )

"How long since have we heard of any Indian Malaysian who had excelled in a certain field since Dr Jegathesan?"
I can name one and that is Vk Lingam.

It is best for the Indian Malaysians not to support single race base political parties . Most of such parties are failures.
PAS realized it and they are now open to all Malaysians.
We are all inter related in some ways or another.

Let sami keeps his presidency.
Let him holds onto his lifebuoy and drift to nowhere.

Anonymous said...

This is 1 time I support Semi value, not the hand and butt kissing Indian farts (GAS???) from Hulu Selangor.
Mugilan, Kamalanathan etc can go and join Gerakan or convert and join UMNO.


Anonymous said...

The Indians ore either too stupid or too frighten to fight for their future.

Anonymous said...

First MCA, now MIC.Struggle for POWER and $$$$ REWARDS.......

Anonymous said...

He should leave gracefully singing the oldie-MY WAY.

Regrets , I have but too few to mention....

Leithaisor said...

Is there not something very wrong when a political party's president can simply kick out anyone he chooses to kick out without any hearing or at least the endorsement of some high level committee (like the CWC in MIC)? And if the president also has the power to appoint anyone he chooses to the cWC, what check and balance is there?

The president becomes like the feudal lords and kings of old, whose word is law, and whose summary execution orders must be carried out without question, no?

Such power vested in one person surely gives rise to questions about absolute power corrupting absolutely (re: Lord Acton). And fears of the person becoming a dictator simply disposing of any challengers by the simple means of kicking him put of the party.

Even if the president is downright corrupt, anyone trying to legitimately bring it up in the party can also be similarly kicked out.

Is there any justification for such powers to be vested in any party president in this day and age?

Anonymous said...

That "semi value" guy, still think that he owns MIC. One has to look at the overall indian community welfare today after 52+ years will know what has this "semi value" guy did. In fact, he milked the whole poor indian community high and dry. Those greedy parasites who hang on to him have no compunction at all to their own community. As long as their pockets are full, who cares la.
Anyway, MIC is dead and gone since that "semi value" got kicked out in 0308 by his very own community. But his face is so so thick and ego as high as the sky having the cheek to say that he was trying to save MIC from being destroyed. He is still in dreamland. MIC is dead and gone, what to save la????????

Anonymous said...

In the corporate sector, people have to retire at the age of 60, sometimes even earlier, for by then these people are considered over-the-hill and can no longer cut it. The retirement is often mandatory but, we can be sure, in many cases non-voluntary.

Unfortunately, in politics there is no such policy. So, what we see is that people in their late 60's and even 70's still strutting around as Cabinet Ministers. These decrepit old geezers simply just won't go away on their own, and in the case at hand, we see this fellow fighting tooth-and-nail to cling on to his post.

It is deeply disappointing that these last-gasp, fossilized old relics just don't seem to have the self-awareness and humility to vacate their seat in order that a younger, more dynamic, capable, and higher educated, person could have a chance to serve the people and take the nation to a higher plane.

By hanging on to their positions stubbornly when it is clear to everyone that they have already outstayed their usefulness and effectiveness, these decaying, putrid derelicts are inflicting a grievous injustice on the younger generation of leaders who are kept waiting in the wings to take over. In the meantime, the nation and the ordinary people suffer from a lack of progress that they otherwise would have enjoyed.


Anonymous said...

I think there are still some towering Indians out there, especially in the legal arena etc. How about Ananda Krishnan? The 2nd richest man in Malaysia.

But we get your drift on the state of Indians as a whole in Malaysia.