Monday, May 31, 2010

Is Khaled Nordin Prepared to Debate Barry Wain on Mahathir?

Universiti Malaya's Social Behaviour and Science Research Cluster (SBSRC) had organize a forum to discuss Barry Wain's book on Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times.

I had rushed from a meeting KL hoping to attend the forum but was grossly delayed by KL golden triangle traffic jam. Nevertheless, I will be getting a copy of Barry's book very soon. It was a great pleasure to meet up with him and fellow discussants after the forum.

Apparently, an UMNO minister Khaled Nordin is not pleased with the forum. He alleged that certain individuals had used the forum held at University Malaya (UM) campus to attack Dr Mahathir, Umno and the Malays.

Khaled said the ministry had directed UM to prepare a comprehensive report on the forum as it was inappropriate and aimed at destroying credibility of a statesman who had contributed much to the country's development.

He urged universities to create guidelines to ensure that programmes were academic in nature to avoid being used by certain individuals as platform for personal interest.

If Khaled is so sure that Mahathir is beyond any fault, is he prepared to face Barry Wain in a public debate? I am more than happy to offer myself as the moderator of the event. I am sure many of us, Malaysians and ex-UMers, would be glad to participate in highly intellectual and factual debate on the contribution of Mahathir to Malaysia.

Post-premiership, Mahathir is contributing even greater to national disunity by supporting the call of a right winged organisation such as Perkasa which has made outrageous demands in an attempt to derail genuine reforms in the country.

Khaled and his party should be made to explain to fellow Malaysians why leaders and ex-leaders of his party are offering their support and act as a front for the right winged coalition led by Perkasa?

It is arrogant and distasteful for asking a premier university why it should allow a forum such as Barry Wain's to be held in the campus. Khaled should have attended the forum and take Barry to task for 'trying to destroy' Mahathir's credibility.

If Mahathir is really credible, any attack on him will have a disastrous reverse effect. Try doing the same to Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela and other great leaders.


Anonymous said...

haha Mahatma Gandhi great? Nelson Mandela? that just gave me a good laugh. Thanks for the joke

Das said...

Dear Khoo,

Your 1st commentator, if that is to be believed given your own censorship rules in your blog, writes such comments, then he is living in the "dinasour age"! In a age where the internet has become a common place to voice comments, we get these "jokers" who say that the were given a good laugh after the names of Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln and Nelson Mendela are named! God bless the intelligence of such individuals! Here again, let me retriate the fact that in this internet age we have "goons" who can freely post their idiotic comments! Sad to say, after the "irreparable" damage he (Mahathir) has done to the country in his 22 years in power, we have some in the Rakyat who still prefer to "suck up" to him!!!


Anonymous said...

Another cari point opportunity by Khaled lah.Where got guts and standard to face Barry? All half past six talkers!!!!

CS said...

not sure ... but them greater than mahathir that's certain

Anonymous said...

This Khaled bum is one of the mamak kutty cronies during his rule. Now talking shit trying to carry his ex-boss balls after all these years.
What credibility and tack has this bum posses to face a credible writer like Barry Wain? A big fat zero. An ordinary guy on the street can talk and argue better than him. I bet my last cent, the moment he open his mouth in front of the audience, he is so so scare that he will literally shit in his pants or sarong la!
Another typical Bolehland dog wagging bum still trying to lick his ex-boss balls.

Anonymous said...

BUT Khaled does not foam in his mouth !

Anonymous said...

Khoo, no kidding..., i was reading out loud when i read as Mahathir Gandhi... oh what a foul mouth i have..!

telur dua said...

Humbugs always have a leaky defence which bodeking can't shore up. That's why they are vulnerable to attacks.

Since World Cup is around the corner, I took the liberty to use football parlance.