Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MCA is Still Stuck in Politics 101

MCA President Chua Soi Lek wants his party to champion the rights of Chinese Malaysian community. Chua said MCA has been too conservative, which has led to the wrong impression that the party "does not dare speak out".

As usual, the party sends a 100-page memorandum to the PM articulating the needs of the community. Chua said that he was willing to risk being scolded for requesting RM1 billion for vernacular Chinese schools and new villages.

The proposals in the memorandum include:

  • RM15 million in development funds and RM15 million in maintenance allocation for Chinese Independent High Schools

  • Recognition of the UEC certificate
  • Build 10 new Chinese primary schools and identify 15 sites for the relocation of such schools
  • RM500 million for new villages, for local development, and activities to bridge the gap between the government and Chinese Malaysian youth
  • List all sub-service areas that don't require the 30 percent bumiputera quota, and prevent civil servants from imposing this restriction privately
  • Implement a minimum wage for various industrial sectors
  • Set a limit on foreign workers in various industries, based on needs
  • Reshape the subsidy mechanism, assuring that only the poor benefit from this
  • Draft a law stating that marriages under civil law can only be relieved under civil law, thereby preventing disputes arising from religious conversion
  • Amend the Universities and University Colleges Act to allow students to participate in politics, although they should be prevented from holding party posts

The content of the memorandum suggested that Chua and his party are outdated and are still stuck in Politics 101.

Chua should be ashamed of his leadership if he gets a tongue lashing from the PM for requesting a miserable sum of RM1 billion. It is minuscule compared to the PKFZ financial fiasco which allegedly involved a number of MCA top leaders. Ironically, Chua was successful in the party power grab when the incumbent president was toppled partly for his role in trying to unmask those who were involved in the scandal.

MCA should not even send a memorandum. It should send an ultimatum to the coalition government which it is enjoying a cozy power sharing with UMNO. Ignore the Chinese Malaysian community at UMNO's peril.

The items contained in the memorandum had been repeated in many other memorandums in the past. These requests are as outdated as the party, MCA.

If Chua is bold enough, he should demand for equality and justice for all. He should call for the abolishment of 'Bumiputeraism' and not merely asked to identify those sectors which do not require the 30 percent Bumi rule.

We have gone one up. We are beyond the speak out mode. MCA should walk their talk. They should learn to bite and not just bark.

Both Hulu Selangor and Sibu by-elections should give Chua a clear signal to do better than the 100-page memorandum. If MCA is part of the government, why send memorandum to itself? Can't 4 MCA ministers speak up in the cabinet?


najib manaukau said...

What did he do for MCA when he was in the cabinet ? Just give us the details, no point in talking or submission. All talks and no actions will not get the Chinese anywhere, actions speak louder than words come on Mr. MCA President !

Anonymous said...

MCA is a thing of the past and will always be as long as you have 'stooged' leaders like CSL.

Anonymous said...

MCA blog claimimg Lim Guan Eng having an affair read here http://margeemar.blogspot.com/2010/05/yab-lim-guan-eng-having-affair.html#links

maybe said...

I'm appreciate your writing style.Please keep on working hard.^^

looes74 said...

Plus pulling out of BN & become independent

Anonymous said...

MCA/MIC/GERAKAN/PPP/SUPP are all irrelevant to the rakyat anymore. They are just hanger ons to their UMNO masters. What our so called new MCA President proposed for the chinese community should have been done years years ago. His proposal will certainly end up in his UMNO masters rubbish bins.
I really pity our OKT. He is one politician who dare to expose those corrupted and greedy big white sharks esp in MCA regarding the PKFZ scandal that involved Billions$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ comp[ared to just 1 Billion he asked.
But, alas he was kicked out and abandoned by those powerful big white sharks. Seems that the PKFZ scandal will be closed. Any politicians who want to bring scandals to the open will be literally shot and buried.
This is Bolehland.

OBSERVER said...

MCA,just like UMNO & MIC, is a self-serving party.The leaders take care of themself first.Any government goodies,they or their cronies get it first.The rich become richer! As what you(Mr. Khoo)said,the MCA leadership should have put in the memo about the PKFZ scandal be unturned quickly.This scandal is affecting the MCA's image tremendiously!

Anonymous said...

Way to go bro!!!Aptly put!

Anonymous said...

Chua Soi Lek is stuck in the same mud as Ling Liong Sik. Ling Liong Sik said, Chinese were luck to live in Malaysia. Bull!

Anonymous said...

Memo is for wayang to show that MCA does his job for chinese and hence still relevant.Itu saja, wayang mah.


Anonymous said...

maybe if he sold more of his dvds...

Shanker said...


This "memo" just show the level of dump pool that the MCA is presently occupying now. A "sodomy" victim seem to have a better chance of having direct access to the PM; but MCA needs a MEMO??!! After 52 years, and Chua/MCA still can't demand for equal share/opportunity? Maybe Chua should send couple of "sodomy" victims instead; they seem to stand a better chance of having an audience with the PM & the "first lady" then. Or better still, why don't Chua & team just go and consult the feng shui master for future by-election dates, so that they can plan Santa Clause's visit to the constituency ?

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is the best I've seen from you yet!! Whack em hard. We are beyond niceties with these bastards.

Anonymous said...

Who in the world still takes MasturbateChuaAssociation seriously?

pinsysu said...

we all are waiting for GE13 to make MCA completely irrelevant ... we dun nid soiled leg ... we nid bruce lee!

katdog said...

While these are good ideas to fight for (e.g. minimum wage, abolishment of UUCA etc.) the obvious problem is, MCA is supposed to be part of the ruling government. What in the world is it doing in the government all this while???

If it is to be this way, then MCA is just about as useful as an opposition party. It is only 'part of the ruling government' merely in name.

Therefore, given that, you might as well vote for DAP as DAP is championing the same things plus much more (open tenders, local council elections etc.).

What a joke.

Anonymous said...

That golliwog mamak "Zombie" oopps.. Zambry has totally failed to win back the chinese support in Perak since he and his gang grabbed power from the legitimate ruling party PKR thru dubious means.
This bum and his cronies have since tried to portray themselves as multiracial by learning mandarin. Yelp, what progress did they made? Probably gave up by now.
However, this time he try another back door trick by luring our great malaysian "porn" star to woo the chinese. Look, he thought the Perakians are stupid and naive as to let a porn star representing them. Perhaps, i should say we dont mind he entertain us for his repeat performance. Let us remind him and his cronies, we still have not, i repeat have not forget that 3 froggies betrayal.
It would be fun and amusing as we watch your next great move.

Jong said...

That's sandiwara for the media consumption! MCA under Chua obviously know that they have been sidelined in various decision making for far too long already.